Bikini And A Badge Ch. 02

Big Tits

Brittany’s rush of adrenalin was falling from its peak. She was still fuming mad.

“How the fuck did they get so damn close?” She shouted at Dave and Cheryl. “The radar screen picked up the coastline. It should have picked up that fucking boat as soon as it was a quarter mile from shore.”

“Well …………. we weren’t watching the radar screen.” Cheryl replied, her face still flushed. “We were distracted.

“Distracted!” Brittany exclaimed. “You still should have heard the blips. I’ve got the speakers turned up.”

Dave and Cheryl looked at each other trying to come up with an excuse but the pair remained at a loss for words.

“Nice ass.” Dave remarked, staring at Brittany. “Love the black panties.”

Looking down at herself, Brittany realized she’d fought the battle and sped the boat to safety without getting dressed. Embarrassed, she made a halfhearted attempt to cover her bare breasts with her arm. Realizing it would be stupid to cover up now, she stood in front of them partially naked.

“Why don’t you two turn in?” Brittany suggested, starting to get over her anger. “Kent and I will keep watch till sunrise.”

“Sorry. We didn’t mean to mess up.” Dave apologized. “It won’t happen again.”

Brittany didn’t respond to their apology. Crossing her arms in front of her, she looked out into the darkness past the couple. Dave and Cheryl descended to the lower deck proceeding to their stateroom.

“Don’t you think you were a little hard on them?” Kent asked. “They were probably taking a moment to themselves.”

“Moment hell!” Brittany responded. “Those two haven’t stopped fucking since we left the meeting back in Dallas.”

“I’ll put on some coffee.” Dave quipped. “Maybe it’ll help calm your nerves.”

Brittany searched the cockpit for her cigarettes. Lighting one, she settled back on the leather lounge. A few minutes later, Kent came from the galley with two cups of hot coffee. Sitting next to Brittany, he put his arm around her, pulling her in close to him.

“We’re going to need to change our plans.” Brittany muttered. “We need to fall back and regroup.”

“Why don’t you get your mind off this assignment for awhile?” Kent suggested. “We’ve been through alot. We can all use a break, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Brittany replied. “Maybe we should hit one of the ports for a day or two.”

“Nassau would be nice.” Kent remarked. “Always wanted to see what it was like.”

“Ok, Nassau it is.” Brittany responded, agreeing with his suggestion.”

Finishing her cigarette and coffee, Brittany stretched out on the lounge. Falling asleep within moments, she wasn’t awakened till the distant thunder clapped shortly after sunrise. Brittany jumped to a sitting position on the lounge. Kent was standing along the port side of the cruiser looking off towards the west.

“Looks like a big storm coming in.” He stated. “Those clouds are really low.”

“I’m going below and get dressed.” Brittany said. “Get the engines fired up right away!”

Kent didn’t question her command. Stepping behind the cockpit controls, he started both diesel engines, letting them settle into their familiar rumbling idle. Returning to the deck, Brittany glanced at the quickly approaching storm. Standing at the controls, she moved the throttle levers forward, spinning the wheel sharply around till the cruiser was heading northeast. Once the boat planed out on the water, Brittany pushed the throttles levers all the way forward.

“Why the hurry?” Kent curiously asked. “You worried about getting wet?”

“That’s no normal storm behind us.” Brittany responded. “That’s a tropical squall. I don’t want to get caught out on the open water.”

“Oh shit!” Kent exclaimed. “What do you need me to do?”

“Get out the lifejackets, the good ones!” Brittany commanded. “Better wake up Dave and Cheryl too. Put anything that’s loose away below deck.”

Kent ran down the stairs through the living area towards Dave and Cheryl’s stateroom. Finding the two already getting dressed, he proceeded to the galley to put things away.

“What’s going on?” Dave shouted, entering the galley.

“Tropical squall!” Kent answered. “Brit’s trying to make it to a port!”

“Grab your lifejackets just in case.” Kent added, his excitement evident in his loud voice.

Cheryl and Dave hurriedly put on their lifejackets. Neither one of them knew how to swim. Ascending the steps to the deck, they found Brittany at the helm, her hands firmly gripping the wheel. The dark, swirling clouds were approaching faster than the forty-eight foot cruiser could outrun them. The air temperature had dropped to almost a chill aided by the gusting winds.

“Cheryl!” Brittany shouted. “Come over here and take over the helm.”

Cheryl hesitated for a moment before stepping up next to Brittany. Grasping the wheel with both hands, her fingers locked around it tightly.

“Keep it on this heading!” Brittany shouted, pointing to the compass and numbered directional gauges on the panel. “I’ll be right back.”

Cheryl held the wheel almanbahis on course as directed. Looking over her shoulder, she watched Brittany open the hatch to the engine compartment. Within a few moments the cruiser lunged to the port side. Cheryl fought the wheel hard, bringing it back on course. Feeling the cruiser pull hard to starboard, she braced her feet to assist in getting the cruiser headed in the right direction.

“Dave! Dave!” Cheryl screamed. “I need help!”

Brittany pulled herself up from the engine compartment, slamming the hatch shut. Dave and Kent were just coming up on deck. The swirling clouds had almost surrounded them. The rain was coming down in torrents behind them, blown by the heavy gusts of wind. The boat’s speed had increased tremendously.

Brittany took the wheel from Cheryl. Dave held onto Cheryl, trying to comfort her. Glancing down at the twin tachometers, Brittany watched the rpm’s running into the yellow on the gauges. The front of the cruiser was raised slightly upwards out of plane on the rough sea. Brittany switched on the running lights and bow lights. Finding the switch for the flashing beacon lights, she activated them.

The large cruiser was skimming across the water faster than ever, pitching left and right. Watching the radar screen intently, Brittany finally saw the image of land just a few miles ahead. Looking over her shoulder, she could see they were slowly gaining on the storm, pulling slightly ahead of it. The air was warming, heated by the sun not yet covered by the dark clouds.

“We’re gaining on it Babe!” Kent exclaimed, standing next to Brittany in the cockpit.

“You and Dave get ready to tie off as soon as we hit port!” Brittany shouted. “Make sure your lifejackets are fastened tight!”

Passing by two gigantic cruise ships sitting in the harbor, Brittany continued speeding into the Paradise Island marina. Pulling both throttle levers halfway back, she spotted an open berth halfway down one of the docks. Forcing the right throttle all the way back, the cruiser turned to starboard heading for the narrow opening.

A young couple, standing on the back of their boat in the adjoining berth, jumped up on the dock.

“Oh shit, we’re going way to fast!” Brittany exclaimed.

Pulling the left throttle back even with the other, she pulled on both together, setting the cruiser into reverse. The bow of the boat dipped downward forcing Kent, Dave and Cheryl to grab onto something to keep from falling. The cruiser floated up to the dock, gently compressing the rubber tires acting as dock bumpers.

Kent and Dave jumped up on the dock to tie the boat off. The young couple, standing on the dock, rushed over to help. Brittany shut the twin diesel engines down immediately. Cheryl was holding onto Brittany, her face almost white with fear.

“Drop the canvas down before we get swamped!” Brittany exclaimed, glaring at the terrified girl.

Cheryl pulled the cords on the hanging canvas, immediately dropping the side and back curtains. The rain was coming down sideways, blown by the gusty winds. Kent and Dave jumped back on the boat, followed by the young couple.

“You guys just made it!” The young man stated. “The storm’s just been upgraded to a low level hurricane.”

Brittany was still standing at the helm, her hands tightly gripping the throttle levers. Kent put his arms around her trembling form. Releasing the controls, she sat down in the custom leather seat at the wheel. The boat rocked gently, secured to the dock, as the storm continued. Kent turned off all the lights and radar.

“I’ll get us all something to drink.” Kent stated. “Something strong!”

Dave approached Brittany, sitting in the helmsman’s chair. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“You saved our butts.” He murmured. “I’d hate to think what might have happened to us if you hadn’t gotten us here safely.”

“I ……… I didn’t realize the storm was this bad till I felt the temperature drop suddenly.” Brittany stated.

“How’d you get the boat to pick up so much speed all of a sudden?” Cheryl asked. “I almost lost control of the steering.”

“I disconnected the governor controls from both engines.” Brittany responded. “That let the engines overrev and pick up speed. I could have blown both engines if we’d been farther away from land.”

“That was quite a docking job you did.” The young woman spoke up. “I thought for a minute you guys were going to crash right through the dock.”

“By the way, we’re Jack and Emily Thurston.” The young woman added. “We’re down here on our second honeymoon.”

Kent introduced everyone to the young couple, suggesting they go below to the comfortable living area of the boat. Relaxing together, the three couples chatted about the weather and the islands.

Jack and Emily were a couple in their early thirties. Both were quite attractive. Emily’s dark tan evident that she enjoyed lying out in the sun. Her dark hair was bleached out from the sun. Wearing skin tight shorts and her bikini top, she could almanbahis yeni giriş have been a professional model. Her husband Jack was slightly taller than his wife, probably 5’9”. His muscular build obvious that he had a passion for working out. His well-groomed dark hair and handsome face were his best features.

“This is really a nice boat.” Emily said looking at Kent and Brittany. “Is it yours?”

“I wish.” Kent replied. “Actually it belongs to the agency, I guess.”

“The agency?” Jack inquired. “You mean a travel agency?”

“No, the Federal Marshals.” Kent replied, laughing lightly.

“You guys are marshals!” Jack exclaimed. “Wow! Bet that’s exciting!”

“You working on a case or something?” Emily asked.

“We just wrapped up the robberies and kidnappings that have been going on around the islands.” Dave bragged.

“No. No we haven’t.” Brittany quickly responded. “We just made a dent in their operation.”

“What do you mean?” Cheryl asked. “We blew the bastards all to hell earlier this morning!”

“Wow!” Emily exclaimed. “You got them!”

“Not all of them.” Brittany replied. “We got five of them. There’s more out there.”

“More!” Dave asked. “You think there’s more of them?”

“Definitely.” Brittany answered. “We shot up a Checkmate. If you’ll read over the crime reports, you’ll notice the mention of a Scarab and an Eliminator boat. They also mention at least two females. There was only one female on the boat this morning.”

“Shit!” Dave exclaimed. “I thought we were done and on our way back to Miami.”

“Is there anything we can do?” Jack inquired in an excited voice. “We’d be happy to do whatever we can.”

“Stay here in port.” Kent responded. “Keep an eye out for anyone that looks suspicious or on a powerboat they couldn’t possibly afford. Whatever you do, don’t venture out on the south side of the islands.”

“Hey! What about those guys we saw yesterday afternoon at the gas pumps?” Emily spoke out. “They looked skuzzy with scruffy beards and they were wearing camouflage pants.”

“What kind of boat were they in?” Brittany quickly asked.

“I’m not sure what it was.” Emily replied. “It had a really long deck on front shaped like a fork. It was white trimmed in yellow and black, like a bumblebee. It was really loud. The engines sounded like thunder.”

“Sounds like an Eliminator boat.” Brittany stated. “Could be more of our suspects.”

“Damn!” Cheryl exclaimed. “We’re going to have to go back out looking for them.”

“Let’s hold up here for a day or two.” Brittany suggested. “We need a short break. We’re all a little stressed out.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Kent quickly commented.

“Emily and I are going into town for dinner this evening.” Jack stated. “Why don’t you guys join us? We’d love to have someone to talk to, especially someone so interesting.”

“Another great idea!” Dave exclaimed. “Speaking of food, how about I fix us all some lunch?”

Dave and Cheryl scurried to the galley to whip up some sandwiches. Jack and Emily were anxious to hear about the early morning shoot-out with the pirates. While Kent was eager to talk about it, Brittany was trying to erase it from her memory. Slipping up on deck, she sat in one of the lounge chairs and lit up a cigarette.

“Hope our questions didn’t upset you.” Emily said, sitting on the lounge across from Brittany. “Jack and I don’t have much excitement in our lives.”

“Oh no. I’m not upset.” Brittany responded. “Just stressed out is all. This whole assignment has been one long nightmare.”

“I take it you mean Dave and Cheryl?” Emily spoke. “They don’t seem like they’ve got much on the ball.”

“That’s an understatement.” Brittany quipped, taking a long drag on her cigarette. “Those two could have gotten us all killed this morning.”

“What about Kent?” Emily asked. “Is he as intelligent as he is handsome?”

Emily’s remark caught Brittany off guard.

“Kent’s got his shit together.” Brittany smarted off. “He doesn’t think with his dick like Dave.”

“Must be real hard being out on the open sea with two great looking guys!” Emily exclaimed, her smile turning into a laugh.

“Oh yeah.” Brittany responded, winking her eye. “There’s always those times you forget about getting dressed.”

Both girls laughed at the comment. Brittany’s tensions were beginning to fade the more she chatted with Emily. Even the torrential rain ceased to bother her. Returning to the lower living area, the girls joined the rest for lunch.

The conversation was light and for the most part, humorous. Jack was quite the comedian, telling one joke after another. Brittany did notice he seemed to pay quite a bit of attention to Cheryl’s breasts. Her snug fitting, low cut top did little to conceal them from view.

The intense storm passed through the islands by late afternoon, doing little damage on land. By early evening, the marina was bustling with tourists dodging some of the debris. Showering and dressing for dinner, Brittany chose almanbahis giriş to wear a skirt and blouse while Cheryl opted for dress slacks and one of her souvenir t-shirts from Freeport. The guys dressed in Dockers and sport shirts, both looked very handsome.

Meeting with Jack and Emily on the dock, the group caught one of the tourist shuttles into town. Nassau was filled with tourist attractions, including several restaurants. Nightclubs neighbored each other on the main strip as well as several side streets. Finding a restaurant that wasn’t crowded, the three couples all sat at one table to enjoy a good seafood dinner.

Kent was sitting to Brittany’s left while Emily was sitting on her right. The two girls chatted while the others shared another conversation. After ordering drinks, they surveyed the menus. Selecting various appetizers including Calamari, stuffed clams and shrimp cocktails, they placed their dinner orders.

“Emily and I thought about cruising down to Andros Island tomorrow afternoon.” Jack commented. “Do you think we’d be safe?”

“Andros isn’t all that far.” Kent responded. “I’d suggest you stay in the marina there if you can’t make it back to Paradise Island before sunset. Whatever you do, don’t get caught out on the open sea after dark. It’s just not safe right now.”

“Maybe we should have a gun on board.” Emily remarked. “Something for protection.”

“Do you know how to use a gun?” Cheryl inquired.

“I shot a handgun once at an indoor firing range.” Jack murmured. “I’ve always thought about having a pistol around the house for protection but I was afraid Emily might mistake me for a burglar.”

“What kind of guns do you use?” Emily asked, curiously.

“Smith and Wesson 457‘s, Glock 21’s and AK47’s.” Dave rattled off. “Kent’s got a modified Remington 870 pump shotgun in his arsenal.”

“Do you guys ever carry a concealed weapon?” Jack inquired.

While Kent, Dave and Cheryl stated they didn’t, Brittany hesitated to comment.

Finally breaking her silence she said. “I’m carrying a 25 caliber over-and-under derringer.”

“You mean right now?” Emily exclaimed.

“Yeah. It’s up my skirt.” Brittany stated, slightly smiling.

“Can I see it?” Emily asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Brittany uncrossed her legs, spreading them slightly. Feeling slightly giddy from the rum she was drinking, she smiled at the young woman.

“Slide your hand up under my skirt.” Brittany quipped. “Don’t worry, the safety’s on.”

At first, Emily hesitated. Biting her lower lip, she slowly moved her hand upwards under Brittany’s skirt. Upon feeling the steel barrels of the small caliber derringer in its leg holster, her hand immediately stopped. Moving her hand upwards slightly, she could feel the trigger and grips.

“Has she really got a gun up there?” Jack whispered, grinning.

“Oh yeah.” Emily muttered, her voice slightly cracking. “It’s very warm, not cold like I thought.”

“You talking about the derringer or Britt’s pussy?” Dave smarted off.

Everyone in the group laughed at Dave’s remark, even Brittany. Not to be outdone, Brittany was prepared for a comeback.

“Emily has to be referring to the derringer.” She quipped. “My pussy’s never cold, just warm and inviting.”

Along with laughter, Brittany’s remark brought oh’s and ah’s from everyone in the group. Emily didn’t pull her hand out from under Brittany’s skirt. Instead, she rested it on Brittany’s bare leg just above the holstered derringer. Emily’s fingers were mere inches from Brittany’s pussy.

A few moments passed before Emily leisurely withdrew her hand from beneath Brittany’s skirt. Emily’s slightly flushed face displayed an approving smile. Intimately touching Brittany was something she’d been wanting to do since shortly after they’d first met during the late morning storm.

Dinner lasted for almost two hours with continuing conversations. Several after dinner drinks spiced heavily with rum, helped relax and soothe everyone. Deciding to check out one of the dance clubs, the couples left the restaurant. Walking the crowded streets surrounded by other tourists, they experienced an air of festivity.

Many of the dance clubs were quite small and crowded. Finding a dance club just off the main street, the three couples appropriated a large table near the dance floor. Ordering drinks and relaxing, they all got into the dance mood. Joining in with the other patrons, they danced slow and close with their partners as well as gyrated to the upbeat music provided by the live band.

“I think I need to get back to the boat.” Emily whispered to Brittany upon returning from the ladies room. “My head feels like it’s spinning out of control.”

“I think it’s time for all of us to be getting back.” Kent stated, overhearing Emily’s comment. “It’s really getting late.”

Catching one of the last shuttles back to the marina, the three couples sat quietly in their seats. The effects of all the alcohol they’d consumed was taking its toll. Emily rested her head on Jack’s shoulder, trying to stabilize her wooziness. Sauntering down the docks to their boats proved a feat of its own. Not well lit, the docks were barely illuminated by the marina’s fuel station across the harbor and a few lights coming from some of the other boats along the docks.

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