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Bursting in the Bathroom

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I had far too much to drink. I liked the giddy stage, the warm face, the light head, the excessive giggles, but this? Not so much. I’m dizzy, my stomach feels like it’s got a whirlpool inside it and I’ve been bursting to pee for half an hour.

At this stage of drunk, I can never quite tell if I actually need to pee or not so I hold it as long as I can, then usually dash to the bathroom when I feel I’m about to dribble.

Outside in Xander’s garden, a party is in full swing. I can’t even remember the last time this happened so I was just enjoying myself. The smokey smell of the barbecue still lingering even though the fire had died out hours ago. There were plenty of people I hadn’t talked to yet and was wanting to have a laugh with, mostly Xander’s work buds who I’d heard about but never properly met, or people his new girlfriend had invited. She seemed nice, if a little too much like his mum, but it was better than the parade of flings and one night stands I was used to seeing him with. I suppose he was at the age of settling down.

I stood and made my way into the bustling kitchen, grabbing another cold beer first but changed my mind taking a can of cola instead. Sober me would be grateful.

I would never find a lover who cares for me as much as my drunk self does. Drunk me leaves snacks in my bag in my tampon pocket as a surprise for later, even though sober me never remembers where she got them. She makes sure she stops drinking when she hits ‘drunk’ and leaves bottles of water by my bed to hydrate. I nodded to myself. Good decision, me! I’m a grown up!

Xander’s arms snakes around my middle and snuggled in, a kind of intimacy I only see when the drinks are flowing, but he put pressure on my bladder and I knew I’d have to pee soon.

“How’s my bestest friend in the world?” He slurred.

“Fucking fabulous Frankish!” I replied with one of our weird and almost inexplainable inside jokes.

“Heehee, Frankish, that’s me!”

He let me go and stumbled out of the room. He is such a dork. The pressure down below becomes urgent suddenly and I knew I had to hurry. Ditching my can, I headed to the bathroom downstairs but there was a queue. Dashing past them I rush to the stairs hoping most guests wouldn’t know about the en-suite and that it would be free.

Reaching the master bedroom I was so grateful to see the door open and the clean white bathroom empty. I relaxed a little too much with relief, and the first dribble escaped my peehole, soaking my pants. I froze and clenched my legs together. Shit!

I twirled a little to check the mirror behind me and to check the damage. On the outside, my jeans look fine, a tiny damp patch could be seen but that could be a shadow. Yeah, it’s fine, this is fine, I just need to make it to the toilet.

Instinctively I knew that if I moved my legs too much, the floodgates would open and I’d piss all over Xander’s carpet. If that was to happen, there would be no hiding it, everyone would know ostim escort what I’d done.

I clenched my thighs and crossed my leg, almost waddling like a penguin to keep the pressure.

Almost there, two more steps, and YES! I reached the bathroom and fumbled for my jeans button, not even bothering to shut the door but in my drunken panic it was tougher than it normally would be. My fingers betrayed me, I couldn’t undo the button and I couldn’t hang on any longer. A spurt of liquid escaped me. I clenched down on it with legs and my hands, but the damage was done, and the wetness was visible in my jeans.

My breathing was heavy and I had no idea what to do. I have three options and not much time to decide.

Option 1. I can keep trying my jeans button, but can potentially fail and piss myself.

Option 2. I can sit on the toilet and piss through my jeans, then at least the wet patch is in one spot.

Option 3. Keep clenching like my life depends on it but try and scoot my jeans down without undoing the button, but again I would potentially create a big wet mess.

While I was thinking of these options, I noticed the sound of voices carrying up the stairs.

I groaned and slammed the door shut but realised too late there was no lock! Another gush of liquid left my body and hissed into my jeans. A few drops landed on the bath mat and I now didn’t have an option. I jumped into the bath, dragging the shower curtain over in a rush. I sat in the bath and relaxed.

My piss escaped silently, and oh fuck did it feel amazing! I took a few deeper breaths but stifled a moan. The pee trickled through my pants and jeans, soaking my entire bottom in the warm liquid. It felt so wrong, something I hadn’t done since I was a kid. There were multiple voices and footsteps in the bedroom now, I realised, as my pee seeped slowly to the drain. I clenched again, holding some inside but enough had been released that I was now able to control the rest. There was no hiding the evidence now though. My only hope was that whoever was in the room would either be grabbing their jacket from the pile on the bed, or quickly peeing and then they’d leave.

My heart was racing but logically I knew there would be no need to draw the shower curtain. I would be safe. The wetness of my jeans began to cool in the open air but my pussy was on fire. Soaking wet from piss but all that clenching had teased my clit and it was now wanting attention, slick and wet, it wouldn’t take long for me to cum.

The first heavy footsteps opened the door and made their way from the soft carpeted bedroom to the cool, hard tile of the bathroom.

“I just need to piss,” one gruff heavy voice announced.

“Oh no you don’t,” said another male voice but smoother in tone, albeit slightly out of breath. “I need to shit! It’s liquid and it’s coming out right now”.

I heard rushed movements of clothes, but the man with the rough voice didn’t leave. As soon as I ankara otele gelen escort heard a belt hit the floor of the tile, a squelch came from the mans’ behind and a slightly unpleasant stench filled the room.

“Oh god!” He moaned, as a torrent of liquid shit escaped him and hit the water of the toilet.

Gruff voice man just laughed.

“I’ll pee in the sink then” and I heard more rustling of clothes before the sound of pee hitting porcelain at close range reached me.

Toilet man grunted and the smell wafted to my nose, and I was surprised that I didn’t find it completely terrible. I didn’t dare move though in case they heard me and I absolutely could not be caught.

A third voice sounded from the bedroom.

“What about me?” he said.

“Either wait your turn or piss in the bath.”

I panicked, almost said ‘no’ to defend myself but held back. My woozy brain did not process the situation quick enough to decide what to do so I just froze.

The man pulled the curtain at the side where my head was but thankfully only at the area his dick poked through l, so he still wouldn’t see me. I just had to stay silent and I wouldn’t be caught. I’d never seen a man take a piss before that moment so I couldn’t help but turn and watch as his large thick penis took aim and a sudden burst of liquid started from the tip, cascading onto my shoulder, soaking my clothes. The downpour of golden liquid was slow at first but the pressure built up and the stream moved from my back to hitting my shoulders.

I didn’t dare to move, the piss stream soaked my T-shirt, but surprisingly it wasn’t disgusting, not like I’d imagined it to be. There was a faint smell to it but it seemed to be turning me on. I didn’t dare breathe and it took everything I had not to moan. I felt brave enough to release the last of the pee I was holding onto, confident their noises would over power mine.

Gruff voice man seemed to have finished up and I heard him telling the others he’d meet them out the front as he left the room.

The third man was finishing up his pee and he gave his dick a shake and pulling it back. I couldn’t help picturing that cock pissing all over my thighs, then growing hard so he could fuck me against a wall.

Diarrhoea toilet man groaned again and I heard more splashing as his waste hit the rest.

“At least you’re not stinking up our flat with your bowels, mate,” the third man laughed. “Mind you, you’re never going to find a woman to live with unless you get that sorted.”

“Fuck you, shithead. Also I don’t want a woman, I’m happy being single, ta!”

“Jacking off with your roommates to porn every other day? Wonderful.”

“You don’t have a woman either,” and he groaned as he pushed again. “And you’re one of my roommates sitting next to me when we do that, you prick.”

“Yes but I’m better looking, so I’ve got more time,” and both men laugh.

“Almost done?”

“Yeah I think so ankara rus escort as,” he said as he grunted and tried to push. “Nothing else is coming out.”

“I swear you need a diaper.”

“Piss off and let me wipe, I’ll see you down there.”

The man left, while the last one in the room audibly unrolled toilet paper to clean up the mess around his asshole. I stay frozen as he flushes and washes hands, the only man to do so. I can hardly judge the disgustingness of people who don’t wash their hands when I’m sitting in a puddle of my own pee. Also, someone else just unwittingly used me as a toilet.

Once he’d left the room, and his footsteps were downstairs I knew I had to move quickly but the panic set in again and I knew I’d have to sneak out of the house. It was dark outside, and my house wasn’t that far so I could walk there without anyone noticing how wet I was, but I’d need a clear pathway to the door. The saturation didn’t feel so great any more now I’d gotten myself off and I just felt disgusted with myself, clammy and embarrassed. My head was clearing, I must be sobering up.

I crept slowly out of the room, ready to run back in at the slightest hint of anyone coming my way. I grabbed a hoodie from a pile of washing Xander had lying around, he wouldn’t miss this one and I could bring it back washed another day. At least it covered my top half even if it was obvious I’d wet myself. The hallway was empty, so I dashed downstairs and outside, slamming the front door behind me, ready to run, but instead I froze. Right in front of me were three of the best looking men I’d seen at the party. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

One said “woah, what’s the rush, love?”

His voice was gruff and she knew in an instant that these three men were the ones she had just overheard pissing and shitting.

They looked down at my dampness. Blood rising to my cheeks I was mortified that I’d been caught. Without stopping to explain myself I rushed around them and practically jogged down the street to my house.

In the privacy of my own home, my head was clearer, my bladder needed to pee again and I was so turned on. I leaned back against my front door, not bothering to move further inside. Now under less pressure I was able to undo my jeans button and slip my hands down into my soaked underwear. Fingering my slick slit, my clit was pulsing and ready for me.

Panting, I rubbed circles and flicked myself in a way I knew I would orgasm quick, using my other hand to play with my nipple. I let my pee flow freely, my jeans becoming warm and soaked for the second time, dripping over the carpet.

I thought about those men, I imagined one of them sitting on the toilet taking a shit while I sat on his lap, his hard cock up my arsehole. One of the others would be in front of us, my legs open wide so he could finger fuck and lick my pussy, maybe even drink some of my piss. The other one would be having his own pee, all over the floor, then he’d rub his dick and lube it up to fuck his friend from behind.

That image got me to orgasm, and I moaned loudly, squirted one last time in my soaked pants, pleasure exploding all over. My hand was covered in my juices but I just rubbed it on my leg and collapsed on the floor giggling and very satisfied.

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