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Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 12

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Vickie slid on the harness, placing the black nine inch cock in place as she fastened it tightly on her hips. Looking over, Anna was naked on the bed, legs spread as she stuck her finger in her mouth and brought it down to her clit, rubbing the little button back and forth. “You look so naughty laying there, playing with yourself,” Vickie smiled.

“What cha’ going to do about it? Anna shot back seductively.

“Ohhhh. Now you are being fucking naughty aren’t you,” Vickie responded. “Well, I’m gonna’ fuck that pussy for one. Fuck it so hard, so hot, so good you might not ever want a little penis again,” Vickie shot back.

“Promise?” Anna asked.

Vickie couldn’t believe how sexy this girl was — how she literally stirred her emotions.

“Yea kitten, I promise. When I’m done, you’re gonna’ know why I’m into women. You know, you asked me about Greg. I love my husband. He’s my fucking world but he’s fucked me maybe three times in ten years. Oh, I’ve fucked him with this,” Vickie said as she grabbed the shaft of the black cock that dangled from her waist, “but he’s pretty much pussy free. And maybe two of those times was his fucking birthday,” she laughed.

“Only a woman knows how to make another woman cum — how to get her off,” Vickie said very matter of factly. “How to eat her, fuck her…own her,” she added with emphasis.

“So Marc turned my boyfriend into a queer. You going to make me a lesbian?” Anna asked softly, her finger starting to push into her wet pussy.

“Kitten, I think you are already a lesbian. You just don’t realize it. But yes, I’m going to teach you, train you. You already know how to eat pussy. You’re damn good at that. Now I’m going to teach you to fuck like a lesbian. You ready to learn baby?”

Anna looked at Vickie. The cock dangling from her waist, her gorgeous breasts on display. Her erect nipples betraying how excited she found the young brunette. “Yes, I want that. I want you to teach me. I want to please you, worship you. I’ll do anything you want me to do — be what you want me to be,” Anna added.

Vickie was beyond excited. She had been with a dozen women over the last few years but no one was turning her on like Anna. What was supposed to be a simple little project for Marc, making Anna into a slut, was becoming something else altogether. She had real feelings for this girl.

Vickie slid in between her legs, trailing kisses on her ankle, calf, knee, thigh, right up to her pussy. Anna placed her hands in Vickie’s hair as Vickie’s eyes never left Anna’s. The two women gazed into each other’s eyes, never breaking focus even as Vickie’s lips settled on her pussy lips, enveloping them, before her tongue pushed through the wet folds drawing a sigh from Anna.

“Fuck kitten you taste so good. I knew you would. I love the taste of your pussy, already wet, anticipating this moment…” Vickie shared.

Anna sighed as Vickie let her tongue run up and down her slit, probing inside, and then swirling around her clit which she drew into her mouth. “Fuck, oh fuck that feels so good,” Anna sighed.

Vickie kissed the inside of her thigh and then went right back on the attack as she placed her mouth over Anna’s vagina, licking and sucking. Vickie let her tongue slide lower, running the tip over her sensitive asshole drawing a gasp from Anna.

“Oh, you like that don’t you kitten,” Vickie purred. Anna simply reached up and grabbed onto the headboard thrusting her pussy and ass back at her new lover.

Vickie reached up and tweaked both of Anna’s hard nipples with her fingers as she continued to move her head up and down allowing her tongue to run the length of her clit to her asshole. “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,” Anna chanted as her legs began shaking under Vickie’s assault.

“That’s right, cum for me baby. I want you to cum. Show me how good it feels, show me!” Vick demanded. Anna’s body convulsed on the bed, rising up and down as her feet slid up, flat on the bed with knees bent. “That feels so fucking good, don’t stop! It feels so fucking good,” she cried.

Anna came hard against Vickie’s face but the older woman never let up as she savored each drop of nectar until she slowed, her hands coming down on escort london Vickie’s head, pulling her tight against her pussy.

Vickie smiled as she finished knowing she had brought Anna to a mind blowing orgasm but she was just getting started! She pushed Anna’s legs up toward her chest, spreading each leg as she positioned the head of her large cock at Anna’s opening and then little by little slid the giant black cock into her hungry cunt. Anna groaned as she inched more and more in until the young girl had taken all nine inches. Then Vickie moved back and forth, slowly, in and out. She was amazed at how much her lover was taking.

Vickie had seen Scott’s cock, perhaps five inches — not at all rivaling the massive member Vickie was sporting. It made her smile to know how much Anna was enjoying being fucked. “You like Vickie’s cock kitten? You like that lesbian cock?”

“Yes I do,” Anna cried. “I like it so much. I love it, please fuck me, give it to me,” Anna cried as she thrust her hips back at Vickie.

Vickie was so excited. Anna was such a pretty girl. She lay down on top of her, continuing to push the giant phallus into her cunt but she now closed the gap between the two and kissed her soft lips. Anna returned the kiss and allowed her tongue to slide between Vick’s lips as she sucked on it. Vickie lost track of how long they kissed but felt Anna shuddering beneath her and then cumming again — hard.

“Damnnnnnn,” Anna sighed. “You made me cum again. That was spec-fuck-and-tacular,” Anna almost laughed trying to get out the syllables.

Vickie not to be outdone, slid to the side and unfastened the harness and then climbed up, her pussy directly over Anna’s face. The young girl needed no instructions as she bent up and sucked on the woman’s plump lips, allowing her tongue to wander all around her clit and then deep inside her pussy.

“That’s right Angel, lick that pussy. Show Vickie how you can eat pussy. What a good little cunt lapper you are… a good little lesbian cunt lapper,” she added. The words turned Anna on more as she dove in enthusiastically letting her tongue run the length of Vickie’s wet slit.

Vickie placed her hands on the bedroom wall to steady herself as the slurps, licks, and moans filled the air.

Anna placed her hands on Vickie’s thighs, pulling her down so she could drive her tongue as deep as she could into Vick’s pussy. She wanted it, desired it. Yes, she knew that she loved the taste of pussy, the feel of a woman, being fucked by a woman. Yes, she could easily see how she could become a lesbian. She loved it. Needed it!

Anna felt Vickie’s legs quivering and knew she was close. She really went at it now, licking, sucking. She wanted every drop of Vickie’s sweet juices. And then the older lady came crashing down on her face, “Holy fuckkkk!” Vickie exclaimed.

Vickie rode the girl’s face, moving back and forth until she came to a stop. Vick leaned up a bit and saw Anna’s face looking back up at her between the older woman’s legs. Vick reached down and tweaked her nose laughing, “That was so fucking good baby!”

She swung her leg back over Anna’s body and then lay down beside the girl, both exhausted from the lovemaking. “Did I do good?” Anna asked.

“You did great kitten. That was awesome,” Vickie assured her.

The two women lay for a few minutes collecting their strength before Anna broke the silence.

“So Elaine… your first woman, she got you off that night. What happened next? Her husband come home and catch you two going at it?” Anna smiled.

“Well, after she made me come with her fingers and hand, she leaned down, much like I did you and went down on me.” “I was really unprepared for that. I mean, here was my mom’s friend, licking me there and the feelings….wow. I had never experienced anything like it,” Vickie explained.

“I know what you’re talking about,” Anna shot back with a smile. “Yea, but think of an eighteen year old fresh out of high school. But I knew that I liked it… a lot,” Vick assured her.

“Elaine moved between my legs in a squatting position and then really went at me. I was in heaven. I had never experienced anything remotely like it and I guess, I knew dubai escorts right then, I was into women. It was never the same for me after that. I went out with guys. More for show. But I was hooked on the touch of another woman.”

“We looked at the clock and it was about 11:00 so Elaine called my mom and said she and her husband Brad were still at the party. Would it be okay for me just to stay over and she’d bring me home in the morning. My mom didn’t think anything of it. I still remember when she hung up the phone we both laughed and she said it would be our little secret.”

“She told me we needed to get all that oil off and she took me into her bathroom and we took a shower together. She and I lathered each other up and as I rubbed the soap on her breasts and she kissed me so slow and lovingly– it was beautiful.”

“Well, she had me stay in a guest room. I remember her tucking me in and kissing me on the forehead. Well, I fell fast asleep I guess because the next thing I know it’s early in the morning and she comes in, takes off a nightgown and then slips naked into my bed. She told me Brad was fast asleep as was Kellie. Then she asked was I still okay with everything we did the night before. I told her it was the best night of my life. She made me swear to keep that as a secret and not to share it with anyone — not a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

“Then she asked if I’d like to do to her what she did with me. She didn’t have to ask twice as I moved between her legs and went down on my first pussy. She wasn’t shaved like you and had a pretty full muff which tickled my nose but she was delicious. I cannot begin to describe how I felt making my first woman cum. It was fantastic!”

“I had earned a full boat scholarship to Vandy, so since my parents didn’t have to pay tuition, daddy bought me a car — a dark blue Mustang. I loved that little car. It was a ragtop and I loved putting the roof down with the wind in my hair. So, over the next few weeks, I’d drive over to Elaine’s and spend the better part of the day with her.”

“Elaine didn’t work and she had Kellie in a nursery till 2, so we pretty much had 9 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon to ourselves. Sometimes we laid out by her pool but most of the time we spent it in the bedroom where we indulged our Sapphic pleasures. Elaine was the first to take my cherry with her strapon. I loved it. I fucked her too.”

“I told you the very first time with me she actually lubed her hand up and worked most of it into my little pussy. Elaine didn’t have big hands to begin with but she loved fisting me and loved me to do that with her. Honestly I could put my arm up past my wrist into her pussy and she loved it. Really got her off!”

“I think I was over at her house almost every day that summer. But the real experience was when we all took a beach vacation together!” Vickie shared.

“What do you mean all?” asked Anna.

“Well she asked if I’d like to go to the beach with her and Brad — spend the week together. Of course I wanted to. So, she had me tell my mom that I’d be the babysitter down there keeping Kellie most of the time. But the truth was, Kellie was going to stay with her mother in law who had agreed to keep her while she and Brad had a getaway. Brad was in on it too. He knew all about her affairs and relationships with other women and she was up front about me too.”

“It was uncomfortable at first lying to my parents about what I was doing but…well, can you imagine if they knew the truth? Their daughter was having a lesbian affair with a much older woman?” Vickie chuckled.

“Anyway, pretty much after we got settled in down there, Brad went into town to check out the golf shops and schedule rounds. He was really into golf. Played all the damn time. It left Elaine and I to play with each other… and we did.”

“It was expected I guess that Elaine and I shared a room and he had one to himself. Well Brad had left to go into town and Elaine had me in bed, and was on top of me, fucking me with her strapon, when Brad said from the doorway how hot that was.

Now I was never shy… but here I am, my legs spread, while a guy looks on, commenting how sexy we looked. But I have to Escort Dubai tell you — Elaine never missed a beat. She kept working that cock into my pussy as her husband looked on.

But that sort of set the stage for the week. After that, we never shut a door and in some cases Elaine walked around either in her bathing suit or fuck… birthday suit, not thinking anything about it. And I guess I did as well. I sort of got a thrill having this older guy that my parents knew really, really well, ogling me as I walked by naked or barely clothed.”

“They were fun. Both of them,” Vickie added.

“A real turning point was midway through the week. Elaine had run into town for fresh seafood and Brad was out playing golf so I told her I’d be on the beach laying out. Well, when I got out there, there was a bunch of older kids laying out. A Fraternity and Sorority from Auburn. They were having a blast and invited me back to their place. There was this girl, Ashley, she was a junior in college so slightly older than me but fuck did she have a killer body.”

“By this time, there was no confusion in my mind what I was attracted to and I was head over heels for Ashely. She had blonde hair, sort of like yours, that cascaded down her back and a deep dark tan, brown eyes. Well I was smitten. I’m not sure she knew how much I was into her just that I was super friendly. Well, we all went back to their beach house and I got wasted.”

“They were doing beer bongs and shooters. I’m not sure I ever had that much in my life. Well, Ashley got me back to the house Elaine and Brad were staying at and needless to say Elaine was pissed. She had no idea where I had been and when she saw how drunk I was — well, it was on.”

“She had me shower and then just put me to bed. The next day I woke up with a killer headache. I really didn’t want to eat but Elaine made me and after a few hours I had my second wind. That’s when she sat me down and gave me a stern lecture on what I had done. Elaine said I had been bad and required discipline. She had me remove my panties and bend over her lap naked. Then she began slapping my ass with her bare hand.”

“I cannot remember the last time my parents had spanked me but Elaine was going at me pretty good. I still recall squirming as she administered one blow after the other. Every so often she’d stop, rub my ass, and then start up again. But the thing is, as much as it hurt, I was also excited and I came with her beating my ass.”

“That was pretty much when I came face to face with my love of discipline. As much as it hurt, I loved what she was doing and I soon realized how much she loved it too.

After she finished, she pulled me up, kissed my tear soaked face, took me into the bedroom and fucked the shit out of me.”

“Yea — I knew then exactly what I needed. What I had to have. And so did Elaine!”

“Laying in bed, she asked me about that afternoon and I told her about Ashley. I wasn’t surprised when she said that she wanted me to invite Ashley to the house the next day, she wanted to meet her. I think I knew what she had in mind…and I was so up for it…”

Anna was glued to Vickie’s story. “So you invited Ashley back to the house to meet Elaine? What happened next?”

“Well, let’s grab a bottle of cab and I’ll tell you,” Vickie shot back.

Vickie rose from the bed and headed out of the room to retrieve the wine as Anna lay in bed. She reached down and lightly touched her vagina. It was still wet both from Vickie’s oral attack earlier and from the story she just heard.

Just a few days ago, she had approached Marc in the parking lot. A gay man had basically stolen away her boyfriend — seduced him. She had wondered how that could happen? How could a guy be so completely turned by another man? Now she knew. In the course of a couple of days, she had experienced the most intense sex she had ever had. One with a transsexual woman and now Vickie — a woman who didn’t mince words — was a lesbian. A lesbian who intended to make her a lesbian as well.

Anna had never felt this way about another person. She knew she was moving further and further toward a light and it was giving off such a heat. It enveloped her body and she knew there was no turning back. She would never be the young woman she was before. But deep down, she knew she didn’t want to be.

She didn’t just accept what she was fast becoming. She embraced it and she wanted more.

Much more…

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