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The OWLS Club Pt. 10

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The OWLS Club

The story is about a group of people, an actual place, and a dream. While having a none too subtle dig at society in general. This is a work of pure fiction. None of the characters are real people, nor do they represent real people. It is a slow burn, a lot of romance and some gratuitous sex for those who need to get off on it. It is based in Australia so I have used local language. There is some Italian and French conversations, so if you want to really become attached to the characters I strongly recommend you use a google translator. It will help with the flow of the conversations. As I use the Queen’s English, I will apologise in advance to my American friends for the correct spelling of some words.

Some of the place names are correct.

There is no underage sex involved.

Part — 10 The opening of minds and the wall.

The alarm went off at 5:45am. I stirred but I didn’t wake, then it kept on ringing. I was spooning into Michelle and didn’t want to move. She murmured and shrugged at my touch. I put that into my memory for later. I cupped her boob and pinched her nipple hard.

“What?” Came her question as she jumped and tried to remove my hand. She tried to raise her head but just laid there. I grabbed her backside and kissed her neck. “Do you always put the alarm on to wake me up so you can have me?” she asked?

I smiled at her insolence and again made a note for later on. “I have a business meeting at 7.” I told her, “You will stay here, but you had not be still in bed when I get home.” She raised herself onto one elbow, “Can I come too?”

“No, this is business. Maybe next time I have an early morning meeting I will just send you and I can stay in bed.” I told her as I dragged my weary body out of bed, being naked gave me wonderful sensations as I caught Michelle looking at me and smiling, as she licked her lips as she kicked back the covers revealing her own nakedness. I was tempted to just crawl back into bed next to her and continue where we left off the night before. But I had things to do.

I walked into the walk-robe and pressed on my mirror and then walked into my on-suite and started my morning routine. I peed, cleaned myself, I then turned the shower on and let the warm water tumble over me. I washed, humming away to myself, the steam fogging up the glass around the shower, I felt good. There was a gentle knock on the glass and a voice in the steam, “Can I join you?” She asked.

I opened the door to her smiled and let her in. “Sure, but I’m almost done and I have no time for playing.” I explained.

She kissed me and said “Yes Mistress.” As she took a handful of gel and started to wash herself. I leaned over her shoulder and asked, “Are you always so grumpy first thing in the morning?”

“I wasn’t grumpy, I was in the middle of a beautiful dream and you shattered it by waking me.” She told me.

“Oh what were you dreaming about?” I asked

“You my Mistress.” She smiled as she told me.

“Oh really and what was I doing with you?” I ventured further with her.

“You were showing me how to be a good girl Mistress, using your cane and some rather large toys in my backside.” She put a finger to her lips while looking at me blushing. “Is that good Mistress?” She asked me.

“Very good.” I told her. I kissed her then stepped out of the shower, dried myself while starting to hum again. She too started singing in French, a tune I didn’t recognise but sounded familiar.

I dressed quickly while Michelle was drying, the shower had been turned off. I went back into the bedroom and noticed how untidy we had left it after last night, clothes thrown into corners, totally unlike me. I wasn’t happy with it and wondered if I was making the right decision or in fact had made the right decision.

I went down to the kitchen and started making a fresh pot of coffee, then looking at the clock realised it was almost 6:40. I shouted over my shoulder, down the hallway, that I had to go and the coffee was on. I turned around to leave and there she was. Dressed, in a new shirt, tied in a knot under her small breasts, only one button fixed in between what should have be her cleavage but wasn’t, her new jeans were hugging every contour and crease she possessed. She had used a dab of perfume, an old bottle of Chanel she had found on my dressing table. Some lipstick and eye shadow. All in the time it took me to brew up a pot of coffee.

I stood there in silence.

Taking in this wondrous young woman. She had literally taken my breath away.

“Oh wow Michelle, you look, you look magnifique. I am not sure how long I will be, but I will hurry back to you.” I told her with a cheeky kiss on her nose.

She hugged me, “I will be here.” She replied.

I raced out the door and down to the Port. Arriving there last of all.

“Typical” said Terry, “You live the closest and the last to arrive.”

I poked my tongue out at him and then gave him a hug. “Hi little brother. Remember this part of town, you know where you grew escorts in london up. I’m surprised you found your way here, did you use your natsav?” I said to him while smiling.

“Where’s Cindy?” I continued.

“Don’t be nasty now Kathy, it’s beneath you.” He replied.

I hugged every one as we were talking. Mia and Emily looked like they were just getting home from a big night out. While Erica was there but Anita wasn’t.

The builders were unloading some tools as I opened the front door. I did notice that Emily and her grandfather were walking arm in arm and Mia was following up behind them. Erica joined me and asked, “Who’s the latest squeeze then?”

“Say what.” I asked.

“Emily was asking me who your new girlfriend was and had I met her.”

“Was she now? Good grief one little giggle over the phone and she is blabbering about a girlfriend. I will fill you in later on. Are you coming out on Friday night or will you be tucked up in bed early?” I asked with a wicked raise of my eyebrows.

“Not sure yet, we might both be there.” She told me. “This mysterious woman, she must be ok then, you have ‘that’ glow about you.”

“And what glow is that Erica?” I asked her in a none too subtle tone.

“That glow one gets after a night of shagging.” She reminded me.

“Oh that glow, well you would know all about ‘that glow’, wouldn’t you.” I told her.

She laughed then said, “My name’s Erica not Emily.”

We laughed out loud “Oh yeah, but you know.”

“Did you say you are both coming on Friday night? That would be good but dangerous, tell her. We don’t hide the fact of who we are.”

“She knows.” She said, as we watched the tradies set things up in the cellar.

Terence came over to us and looking at the wall asked. “How do you know it shouldn’t be here?”

“I’ll let Mia explain it, she is the genius that found it.” As I waved a hand over at Mia and Emily who were talking to the builder. I asked him ‘What did you think of your Blue Prints?”

“Haven’t seen them yet.” He told me. I grab hold of his arm and asked quietly, “Hasn’t Emily spoken to you about dropping them off?”

“Oh yes, but we can’t find a time that suits us.” He told me.

I hissed at him through gritted teeth, “Don’t start your bull shit Terry. It was you who told me that you and Cindy were going to take them out to dinner, remember.”

“I never said Cynthia, I said I would to meet her new friend over dinner.”

I walked him away from everyone then gave him my, ‘don’t do this stare’.

“She is your granddaughter, who wants to introduce you to her potential new lifetime partner and you are playing fucking stupid games. ARE you kidding me?” I said in a raised voice but gritted teeth. Trying my hardest not to draw any more attention to us than we already had.

“Just stay here for a sec.” I told him and waved again to Mia and said in a none too pleasant tone. “Mia can you join us please?”

She looked up from some simple drawings she had done, as she was trying to explain something to the builder. And raised a finger at me, no not the bird, but a wait for a second type finger. Which considering my now foul mood, probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Erica took a further few steps backwards away from us, having seen me erupt before and knew the tell-tale signs of an impending explosion.

Mia came over with a smile and Emily scurried along after her, I turned to Emily and in a harsh tone asked her “Is your name Mia? She doesn’t need you to hold her hand all day long.”

Emily stopped where she was, Mia looked at me wondering what on earth was going on. Terry put his hand on my arm and I shook it off. He then whispered in my ear. “Not here, not now. Just behave!”

I took a deep breath. Closed my eyes, counted to 5, opened them then opened my arms to Emily, then whispered to her “Sorry darling, I didn’t mean to growl. If you haven’t already you should introduce Mia to your Grand-father.”

I felt her stiffen and her eyes were pleading with me. I nodded, then whispered into her ear. “It’s time.” She shook and I held onto her. “If you want I will do it.?”

She hugged me. “I will do it.”

“Sorry everyone a little bit of family business first.” I told everyone.

She went and hugged Mia then took her over to her Grand-father. “Granddad I want you to meet Mia, my girlfriend, the love of my life. Mia Di Lombardo this is my grand dad, Mr. Terry Ambrose.”

Mia extended her hand. He looked at it, at her, then at Emily. Took a step forward and took her in her arms and hugged her, firmly. Kissed her cheek as Emily joined them. Mia then shook his hand with the biggest smile I had seen on her face in the short time that I had known her.

I stood back, and Erica came up beside me. “I thought you were going to blow a fuse back there?”

“I was about to, but Terry, intervened. Perfect timing. Are you doing anything tonight?” I asked.

“Nothing planned as far as I know, catching up on some paperwork maybe.” She quickly explained

“So Escort in dubai nothing really important. Why don’t you bring Anita around for dinner and you can meet Michelle.” I told her.

“OK, I’ll make a phone when we finish here and we can see what’s what.” She replied.

Mia and Emily joined us as did Terry. “Mia has an idea and I agree with her, instead of knocking the whole wall down, can’t we just make a hole in there to see if anything is behind it. If there isn’t anything there then take it all down.” Terry enquired

Erica called over to the builders who were now just hanging around waiting for us to get our act together. We all wandered over to the wall and talked to the builders who with hammer and chisels in hand were ready to start work.

“Can we just take a few bricks out first so we can see what’s behind it, and then decide what to do?” I asked them. They nodded and started to scrape away at the mortar with their chisels. The mortar crumbled easily and before long the first brick had been knocked through.

Pitch black!

“Does anyone have a torch handy” I asked.

“I’ve got one in the glove box, I’ll be right back.” Said Terry.

He hurried off giving me time to have a chat to both Mia and Emily. “Have you given the Wall Art to your Grand Father yet Em?”

“We’ve got them in the car Aunt Kathy.”

“So the answer is no?” I told her. “And while I have your attention after we have finished here, pop around home and meet Michelle.” I told them. “But shussshhhh, your Grand Father doesn’t have to know just yet.

The footsteps coming down the staircase announced his return.

“Give it here Terry?” I asked forcibly. “No way, I want to look first for a change.” He replied.

And he ran around me in a wide arc as a child would do. By this time another 4 bricks had been removed but it was still no lighter behind the wall. He raced over to the opening with all of us right behind him.

He shone the big torch in through the hole in the wall. With me trying to look over his shoulders. I couldn’t see a flaming thing.

He stuck his head and shoulder in through the hole and was talking back to us but it was all muffled and uncoherent.

“Well there are some sort of old paintings, of half-naked ladies, right up your alley Kathleen, some old furniture. It seems like a couple of old trunks, but that’s about all. Just a big empty space with some old storage bits and pieces.”

I turned to the builders, “How long to make just a doorway to let us in.”

“We will have to make it safe, so I’d want to put a lintel in to support the bricks over the opening. This mortar isn’t to flash. End of today or tomorrow at the latest.”

I turned to Erica and Mia, “Rather than take the whole wall down, let’s just make a doorway into it. Wide enough so we can get whatever is in there out.”

I turned to Terry and asked. “Do you want to wait around and supervise these guys so you can be first in there when they finish.”

“Not really, I have things to do you know.” He explained.

I laughed at him and told him I’d give him a call if we find anything else in there.

“Erica, can I borrow Mia for an hour or so?” I asked.

“Kathleen, she is a contractor to you. You tell her what to do.”

“OK so who is going to be here with these guys?” I asked in a general way.

“Mia and Em with me for an hour then you are back here. Erica can you hang here for a while please?” She nodded as I knew she would.

Turning to the girls, “I’ll meet you back at my place ok.” They nodded.

Terry had already taken off without his torch, and I was going to grab a quick coffee and an intro to Michelle before heading back to number 7.

I pulled into the drive way with the girl’s right behind me. Mia revved the BMW as she pulled up. I shook my head. Got out then remembered. As Emily got out of her car, I asked her. “You still haven’t given those darn Wall Art things to your Grand Father. Do it this afternoon, or I will get really angry?”

“He left before I could give them to him.” She exclaimed

“Today Emily Ambrose or there will be trouble.”

We were walking up to the front door when it was opened for us. Michelle stood there before us, as lovely as she was when I had left earlier that morning.

I stopped held out my hand to her, and she joined me on the veranda, I hugged her and kissed her deeply. Both Mia and Emily had a surprised look on their faces but didn’t move or say a word.

“Michelle this is my niece’s daughter Emily and her partner Mia. Ladies meet Michelle Dumuir. She is staying with me.”

They held out their hand to meet Michelle who bypassed the hand shake and hugged each girl in turn, kissing them on their cheeks to say hello.

“Come on let’s go inside and grab a cup of coffee shall we?” I told them. We went down to the kitchen meals area where Michelle took charge and started making a fresh pot of coffee getting my coffee cups out along with sugar and milk. She had tidied everything up, I saw that Dubai Escorts the TV was on but turned down low, she was watching the 24 hour news from the France24 channel.

We all sat around the kitchen meals table while Michelle busied herself watching over us.

Emily was mesmerised by her, watching her every move. Mia had to nudge her a couple of times to keep her from staring.

Mia looked at me and mouthed the words, “she is gorgeous, and where did you find her?”

I looked over my shoulder at her, seeing her cute backside busy at the sink, and told Mia “I found her wondering about aimlessly, so picked her up and brought her home, fed her, dressed her, gave her a shower and she seems quite content now. Isn’t that right Michelle?”

“Yes Mistress.” Came the reply

Emily looked on blushing and clinging to Mia.

Michelle brought us our coffees and we chatted. We found out that Mia knew a little bit of French and Michelle a tiny bit of Italian. Emily loved her in a sisterly way, they hugged a lot while Mia was a little more respectful of her private space.

We were standing at our front door saying our good byes, I once again reminded Emily to drop the Wall Art off to her Grandfather, but this time said it to Mia, “make sure she does it.” Mia nodded and they drove off.

As they were leaving my phone went off, it was Erica, “I think you should get down here ASAP, as in NOW!” her voice sounded excited.

“What happened, somebody get hurt?” I asked inquisitively.

“NO but you should see what we’ve found.” She replied. “Come on quickly.” She insisted.

I turned to Michelle, “grab my handbag sweetie, we are going out.” She ran down the hallway got my handbag, and raced back to me. We jumped in the car after locking the front door and headed back into the Port at a rate of knots that if I was caught would have cost me at least 3 demerit points and a couple of thousand dollars in a fine. Speeding in a suburban street is frowned upon in Port Adelaide.

I was lucky to be able to pull into a parking spot not too far from the front door.

All the way down there Michelle was asking a hundred questions about where, why, who, and what happened. My one word answers didn’t meet with her approval I noticed. Which was fine.

I raced up the steps into the foyer and down the stairs into the cellar. Michelle was right behind me. Erica was just emerging through a gaping hole in the wall. She was dusty, dirty and had cobwebs attached to clothing and hair. She was hold a handful of papers. The look on her face was one of astonishment, laughter and just plain sheer joy.

“What!” I asked “What have you found?”

“Read these first before I tell you the rest.” She looked at Michelle smiled and said “Hi, I’m Erica.” To which Michelle replied, “Ello, Erica I am Michelle.” They did shake hands and kept eyeing each other up and down.

Each thinking something totally different to the other.

I started reading. It was on a Royal letterhead sent from King Frederick Augustus 1 of Saxony. A letter written in German to no one in particular it seemed. What little I could make out it was giving free passage to one Amalie Marie Birkenfeld under the guardianship of Colonel Von Zuchbelder and a company of men to the free state of New South Wales in the new free world.

I quickly flicked through the many pages all written in German and all of it went way beyond my limited knowledge of basic German I learnt at school, some 45 years earlier.

I looked at them and then to Erica. Who was still smiling at me, she used her index finger and gestured that I follow her into the dark. She turned and went back behind the wall. Michelle took my hand and whispered “Be careful Mistress.”

I ducked my head and entered the darkness, Michelle holding my hand tightly. Erica had already turned on the torch and shown it around the room. She stopped at a collection of cases at one end.

Turned to me and said, “I am so glad you enjoy wine Kathleen.”

“Oh don’t tell me they are old bottles of ‘Grange’, are they?” I asked.

“No.” She said, “Something a touch rarer, seven and a half cases of 1800 Chateau d’Yquem.”

“Never heard of it, what about you Michelle?” I asked her, in the darkness she said she thinks it is a good wine to have with deserts.

Erica said we should stop there and I should google it. I might be in for a surprise or a shock.

I stepped back into the light and googled 1800 Chateau d’yquem. My mouth dropped open. “How many bottles are there Erica?”

“75 Kathy, 75 bottles at an average price of $10,844 or maybe $12,222. She told me.

“Oh wow that is a lot of money.” I exclaimed, “Oh wow.” Doing the mental arithmetic. “That’s over 900 thousand dollars.”

“Yes probably worth more with this letter.” Which she handed to me. This time I could read it, it was in French.

À ma jeune femme préférée en Saxe, sur l’événement de sa nouvelle vie dans le nouveau monde.

cl N B 111

“What in god’s name is going on here?” I said out loud and handed the note to Michelle. She took it read it, the put her hand to cover her mouth.

Michelle quickly turned back to me grabbing my arm shaking the paper at me. “Savez-vous ce que c’est, c’est un cadeau de Napoléon Bonaparte 111.”

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