Subject: Unsuspected Meeting~Chapter 1 Author: JP (aol) Title: Unsuspected Meeting Chapter: 1/? Disclaimer: I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned in this story and their sexuality is a mystery to me as well…only one can wish though… anyways if it is illegal for you to be reading this: not old enough, then turn around and leave you shouldn’t be at this site in the first place Authors note: This is my very first attempt at writing this kind of story so forgive me if it is not as good as some of the other stories I should introduce myself my name is JP I am 19 yrs old and hail from Washington State looks are not an issue so I will not go into that….lets just say double take….I love feedback I thrive on feedback good or bad so please email me with your comments at: aol with that done on with the story Unsuspected Meeting ~ Chapter one Welcome! You’ve Got Mail were the words heard by me, Garrick. I went and opened my mailbox and saw that I had several emails. Only one caught my eye, an email from someone with the screen name SoloWriter. Normally, I does not open mail from someone I do not know, but this time was different. When I opened the email, I saw three lines, (I removed the and.) so I continued and read what was sent to me: MusicLuvr, Hey I know I do not know you but I saw you in a chatroom talking about *Nsync about the break up and about Justin’s Solo Career and saw how passionate you were and I wanted to meet another *Nsync fan so here I am so if you could please email me back SoloWriter I decided to respond: SoloWriter, Yes I am that of a *Nsync fan. I have been an avid fan since day one. It sucks that they broke up, but I also think it is good that Justin Has a Solo Career. He is a very talented artist, but anyways kızılay escort I have added you to my buddy list. Get back with me and we can chat. MusicLuvr I hit send and then signed off. I shut down my computer and decided to head to bed since I had to work in the morning. When the Alarm went off at 5:30am, I was not ready to wake up, but grudgingly, I awoke, and headed straight for the bathroom to release my bladder. I decided to take a shower since I was already in the bathroom, now was better then anytime. I turned on the shower and set the temperature to my liking. I lathered my body, rinsed, and then shampooed my hair. I then put conditioner and was out in 15 minutes. While I dried off, I looked at my full nude form in the mirror. I was not exactly the type to be chosen as an Abercrombie it is my passion. Today was a different day. I just wanted it to be over. I worked hard on updating the site with news and information about upcoming events for the next 2 month (had to do extra since I would be away for 3 weeks) right before I went to lunch, I got a phone call “Garrick Young, how may I help you?” “GARRICK ANTHONY YOUNG how could you not call me for a week I have been worried sick!” came the familiar voice of a pissed friend. Pulling the phone away from my ear I said, “Sorry Skye. I have been busy with getting things done before my vacation.” On a side note, you knew that my initials of my name spell gay and that’s exactly what I am. “I know just fucking with you,” she said laughing. “You do remember we are going out tonight right?” Rolling my eyes, I said, “Yes I remember. I am all dressed and ready with just a few more hours before I go to your house.” “OK just checking. You know, usually you keçiören escort forget about this sort of thing.” “I’m insulted. I never forget” “Yeah and I am Mother Teresa,” she said sarcastically. I started laughing. “If you were Mother Teresa, then all the good worshipers would be going to hell.” “Shut up asshole!” “Yes I like asshole and your point,” I said laughing. “No point but anyways, I need to go. I have things to do before tonight.” “Alright luv. I’ll see you later.” “See ya. Bye.” “Bye.” I returned to the task at hand and finished my work for the day. When I left the office, it was just now starting to get dark. I drove the 15 minute drive to Skye’s house and parked in the driveway. I got out of the car and headed to the house and walked in. What I saw when I walked in was Skye sleeping on the couch looking as peaceful as ever. Instead of disturbing her, I wrote her a note saying I came by; but saw her sleeping; and decided to leave her alone knowing she probably needed it; and headed home. I got home and changed into my PJ pants and left the wife beater on. I went to my office and booted up my computer and signed on. While it was signing on, I went to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat since I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I got back and noticed an Instant Message. SoloWriter: hey there! MusicLuvr: Hey! SoloWriter: How are you this evening? MusicLuvr: I am fantastic I just started my three week vacation and you? SoloWriter: me too how cool is that! anyways can I ask you something? MusicLuvr: well you just did…lol MusicLuvr: j/k sure you can SoloWriter: A/S/L? MusicLuvr: 21/M/WA…you? SoloWriter: 22/M/FL MusicLuvr: so may I ask your name? SoloWriter: Jason and yours? MusicLuvr: escort ankara Garrick Solowriter: thats a unique name…very cool though MusicLuvr: thanks SoloWriter: your welcome MusicLuvr: well I need to go to bed I am worn out…talk with you later? SoloWriter: yeah me too and of course MusicLuvr: nice meeting you and chatting…bye SoloWriter: same here…bye I signed off; and shut down my computer; and went straight to bed. The next week went by fast me. Jason and I talked for hours on end each night, and I learned he was also gay. I told him I was gay also, and we sent pictures to each other and learned A LOT about one another. I decided I need to leave Washington and go somewhere warm for my last two weeks of vacation. So, Jason and I decided to meet each other. Skye was against it at first saying that “you don’t know how people are” and so on, but I finally got her to agree with me on it. She gave me permission to go…like I needed permission I am 21 years old I would of done it if she told me not to. I left for Florida that next day. While I waited for the aircraft to start boarding, I thought about Jason and what he would be like in person. We finally were able to board, I got settled in my window seat, turned on my CD player, and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up we were landing in Florida. I knew I would recognize Jason cause we agreed he would hold a sign with my screen name to make it easier for both of us. As I entered the airport from the plane, the person holding the sign with my screen name had my eyes popping out, and my jaw fell to the floor. OMG!! It’s, it’s…… Authors note: Sometimes Life leads you on unexpected paths and well the one I am currently on was very much unexpected…I have been reading stories on Nifty now for about 7 months and never once thought about writing my own story…but here I am done with chapter 1…I do not know where this story is going to lead to but we will soon hopefully find out…email me your feedback good or bad to aol thanks and I hope you enjoyed JP

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