3rd Rendezvous


Rendezvous. Simple word, yet its meaning brings mystery to our planned encounters. My head is still spinning from the last encounter with Clyde. Our passion can bring day to night, lighting the flame of love. Well, it has been a few days since our second rendezvous and it is finally my turn to plant the image of seduction for our third encounter. I have been planning this night in my head since the day we first started flirting and it has only grown more vivid since the last time we made sweet love.

I have planed a romantic dinner, yet a visit to a restaurant sounds boring. But then again, the thoughts on my mind are anything but boring. I asked Clyde to meet me at the restaurant and when he got there, I was waiting at the bar. The grin on his face as he saw me across the bar confirmed that I made the right choice. I had seen many times before, as we would flirt across the room or across the table, not letting anyone know that we were hot for each other, yet tonight there would be more.

As he walked over to me, the teasing started. I slowly turned around letting my legs open just enough for him to catch a glimpse of me with my crotch less panties under a hot red leather mini skirt. Clyde escorted me over to a table and I sat across from him so I could look into his eyes. During dinner I flirted with him by rubbing his legs under the table with my feet starting at his knees and working his way up to his crotch. I could feel his cock stiffen ever so slightly as teased him with my foot. The low cut shirt showing the tight corset I was wearing made it impossible for Clyde to ignore and I would just smile knowing that I brought so much desire to our relationship as I would catch him looking at my breasts. Dinner was over and now the dessert was about to begin….

We walked over to the club next door. This was no ordinary club but a strip club. I had reserved us a table a level just above the main dance floor. We had a plush couch to sit on and a great view of all the girls. I knew a few of the girls there and we had planned a surprise for Clyde and everyone else in the club. Our server Tawny brought us drinks; she had full breasts that peaked out from her top, great tan legs and long soft brown hair. I could see the look in Clyde’s eyes that he was attracted to her. We could see a few of the girls giving private dances and as I reached over I could feel that Clyde was starting to get turned on. The next girl to come on the main stage was hot, China. Her long silky black hair, a dragon tattoo down her back, nice round tits, long shapely legs and full lips that say, kiss me. We watched her dance her first song as she danced she looked up and caught us watching her. She motioned for us to come down to the stage and we obeyed her request. I watched as China danced for Clyde, showing him every inch of her delicious body. I loved to watch him as he watched her. He wanted to touch her as she spread her legs teasingly. I caught him licking his lips, I wondered if he was he thinking of her wet pussy or mine?

Now it was my turn, China came motioned me to come join her on stage. She sat me on a plush pillow right in front of the chrome dance pole as she danced so close to my face I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy. As she danced for me the entire club was mesmerized including Clyde. The next song came on and I slowly started to remove my top, with some help from China. My tanned tits and stiff brown nipples were exposed for everyone to see. As China and I started to dance together, I noticed the entire club was focused on our every move. As our song ended China embraced my full breast and passionately kissed my pouty lips, a hot long kiss. As I left the stage Clyde grabbed me and whispered to me how turned on he was.

As the next song started, I decided to give Clyde a little taste of my wetness. I gave him his own private lap dance, teasing him by rubbing my partially naked body on him. I could feel his cock growing to a point that he was about to burst through his pants so I unbutton his pants to ease his pain and enhance the show. The low lighting gave me a chance to push my show beyond a tease. I climbed on his lap with my back towards him and let my wet pussy rub against the tip of his cock. Little by little, more of his cock was touching my pussy until he finally entered me. I rode him slowly hiding the real show just beneath my short skirt. As I was getting ready to cum I looked down by the stage and caught the eye of a hot little red head that was there with another couple. She was watching our every move. The closer I got to cumming I noticed that she had started licking and sucking her fingers. I leaned back and told Clyde to look at her, she must have noticed because she really began sucking her finger. That just made Clyde go nuts and he exploded inside me.

With Clyde’s juices still slowly dripping from my hot pussy, I asked Tawny get a drink for the redhead that was watching us. I sent a little note asking her to come up and sit with us. She came up and sat on the other side of Clyde and we talked for a few minutes. Her name was Sydney she was there with another couple and was bored until she saw China and I dance on stage. We talked some more and had a couple more drinks. She confided that she had never been to a strip club before and I asked her if she wanted a private dance. I motioned for both China and Tawny to join us. I enjoy making people happy and I had the perfect opportunity to fulfill my desire. We put on an alluringly tease show for both Sydney and Clyde. Our sexy lap dances and hot bodies were glistening from sweat as we rubbed our bodies against each other, occasionally letting Clyde and Sydney feel our bodies. I could tell that Sydney was really being turned on so I decided to see if she would respond if I kissed the back of her neck and every so lightly on her lips. She moaned with unsure pleasure and kissed me back. I had one more thing up my sleeve to get the entire club excited. I took a cherry from my drink and with that cherry in my mouth, I passed it to Tawny with a hot kiss and she then passed it to China the same way, who passed it to Clyde who then passed it to Sydney.

I asked Sydney if she would like to join us for a moonlit walk on the beach. She agreed and we left the club each of us giving Tawny and China one last kiss and walked across the street to the boardwalk. Just down from the main path in a mostly private area I had stashed some glasses, a nice bottle of wine and a blanket. Sydney’s part in the rendezvous was the icing on the cake and beyond my original plans.

As I set out the blanket and pored each of us a drink. Clyde was touching the small of Sydney’s back and caressing her breasts. Once the blanket was set up, we all sat down I noticed that Clyde’s cock was rock hard again and really needed to be given some room to breathe, so I reached over and unzipped his pants. I started so lick his cock, I love the way his cock feels inside my mouth. He lay back on the blanket I removed his jeans and continued to lick, suck and stroke his manhood. I looked up to see that Clyde was playing with Sydney’s breasts again and helping her out of her blouse. Sydney kneeled over him, kissing him and letting him kiss her breasts.

I reached up and gently touched her thighs and she moaned and leaned into me, letting me know she has the same desires I had. She was wearing thin tights just under a short mini skirt and I proceeded to get closer to her pussy area slowly. I finally reached her pussy and could feel how wet she really was. I continued to stroke Clyde’s cock as I started to rub and play with Sydney’s clit through the tights. I decided to move in on her, started kissing the back of her neck, and guided her to lie down on her back. I slowly remover her tights and her panties and buried my face in her wet pussy, licking and teasing her clit. I was not ready for her to cum yet just and wanted her to get so hot that she would almost explode. While I was going down on her she had reach over and was stroking Clyde’s dick. I motioned for us to get in a triangle. Clyde was face first in my hot wet pussy, I was still licking and teasing Sydney’s wet pussy and she had Clyde’s rock hard cock in her mouth. I started to wildly finger Sydney’s pussy and she sucked Clyde even harder. Clyde’s tongue was doing a dance on my clit. I came first, a shot of my juices ran down Clyde’s is face, he came next, filling Sydney’s mouth with a hot load of seed as Sydney gave a load moan and squirted he hot juices on my lips, giving me a taste of her sweet nectar.

I sat up and gave Sydney a deep kiss sharing her hot juices so that she could taste her own pussy, and Clyde kissed her, sharing my juices with her. She told me she wanted to go down on me but was nervous because she had never done it before. Without hesitation, she buried her face in my very wet pussy. Clyde joined us and had his hands all over my pussy. He had one hand rubbing my clit and guiding Sydney’s tongue and the other had he was fingering Sydney’s wet pussy. I was ready to explode and knew that I would explode enough juice to fill a shot glass, especially when I am this hot. I just let loose, to my surprise she drank up as much as she could. That was enough to send both her and Clyde over the edge again. Sydney came again and Clyde blew his load all over my stomach. The three of us lay back on the blanket just exhausted from all the pleasure that we had just encountered. Sydney exclaimed that she had never felt anything like that before. I knew that Clyde enjoyed our third rendezvous by that look in his eyes and that grin on his face. As for me, the fantasy of pleasing everyone as well as enjoying both a hot chic and hot guy at the same time was fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams.

My only thing now is what can I do to top this for my next encounter with my secret lover Clyde???? Now it is Clyde’s turn to surprise me on our next rendezvous.

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