7 Minutes with My BFF’s Boyfriend


I looked around at the chaos. I was sitting in a circle surrounded by what felt like every loud, drunk senior from my high school. Everyone of them had a drink in hand and it was starting to get rowdy. I sat relatively composed, observing the antics around me, with my back straight and my red hair pulled back tight in a high ponytail like always. I was still nursing my first beer, and I was the only remotely sober person in sight. There was a reason I didn’t go to parties very often. My best friend Cara always invited me, but I usually came up with an excuse to avoid it. She was always at ease at parties like this, she was loud, outgoing, flirty, everything I was not. By the end of the night, she’d always end up in a dark corner messing around with her boyfriend Brent and I’d be left alone with no idea what to do and no one to talk to. I hadn’t been to any parties in months, but Cara’s begging had done me in eventually and here I was.

While she had spent two hours getting into her tight dress and fixing her hair to look like some kind of model, I had laid on her bed trying to come with an excuse not to go. Cara didn’t ever take no for an answer and so I had slipped on a flowy knee length skirt and a buttoned down blouse. I could never look as hot as Cara, I knew better than to even try but in my outfit I could almost imagine myself to be cute.

As always ended up happening, a couple hours into the party I wished I hadn’t even bothered coming. We were playing Truth or Dare which was my least favorite game ever. The first round through, I’d been asked if I was a virgin and I’d had to nod as my pale, freckled cheeks turned bright red. Everyone in the circle had laughed at my embarrassment, and I felt like a complete loser. What they didn’t know, what only Cara knew was that other than Bobby in the 6th grade I’d never even been kissed. That was a fact that I would never willingly tell anybody.

Other than me most of the circle had chosen dares and while the dares started out mild they got more raunchy as the game went along. When it got back to my turn I’d learned my lesson about asking embarrassing questions. I’d also taken two shots of vodka for courage. I was ready.

“Dare.” I knew it would be something sexual. The last three girls had had to make out with other girls. That wouldn’t be too bad. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brent lean away from Cara who he had been nuzzling and whisper something in Todd’s ear, who was sitting on his other side. Todd was Brent’s best friend and it was his job to come up with my dare. Todd’s eyes widened at whatever Brent was saying and he looked pretty pleased with myself.

“I dare you to take your shirt off for the rest of the game,” he said with a shiteating grin. I froze in horror.

Now I know I’m not hideous. I’m around 5’4″ with pale skin, thick copper hair, and a spattering of freckles. My face is too round but my nose is delicate and I have big green eyes that are my favorite feature. What I wasn’t so confident about was my body. I wasn’t fat but I had more padding around my hips than I’d like. Also I’d developed DD cups in the 5th grade which still looked ridiculous on my short frame and the result was that I looked short and squat. I wasn’t the type of girl to look good sitting around naked, Cara would be much better for that sort of thing. She was tall, thin, willowy with respectable B cups and not an ounce of fat on her body. I couldn’t imagine letting everyone see my naked stomach while I sat next to her perfect body.

My first thought was that I could refuse. I’d have to go home which was a plus, but everyone would give me shit about it for weeks. I could handle some teasing and at least I wouldn’t be humiliated.

Cara seemed to sense my panic and said “That’s not nice Todd!” To me she added, “Molly you don’t have to do that he can give you another dare.” I flushed even more if that was possible. Cara meant well as always, but she treated me like a sidekick or a child. She acted like I needed to be protected, and it was probably the vodka, but I didn’t want to be someone’s charity case.

My resolve hardened and I slipped my shirt off without a word. I did what I always did when I was uncomfortable and tried to play it off with some humor. I twirled the shirt around my and chucked it at Todd. It missed and landed between him and Brent.

Everyone in the room watched shocked and then burst into surprised cheering. The boys were especially enthusiastic. I grinned and my embarrassment faded. I had not only surprised them, I’d surprised myself. I took in the reactions around me bracing myself for laughing. No one looked at me with pity or disgust. In fact I saw Todd’s eyes glaze over a bit, a look I’d only ever seen when someone was staring at Cara. My grin grew even wider and I winked at him.

The next turn was for Kendra and I dared her to do a body shot off of anyone in the circle. Kendra made a play of choosing, perusing the face of each eager boy before pointing directly at me. She got up on her alsancak escort bayan knees and pushed me on my back. I let myself fall back and tried to suck in my tummy as all of a sudden everyone was staring directly at it. Todd handed the bottle of vodka to Kendra and she scooted forward so that she was straddling my thighs. She grinned at me and poured the vodka onto my navel. It was cold, raising goosebumps on my skin. Kendra took her time sucking it off my skin, going back over it multiple times to get every drop. The vodka was long gone but she delved her tongue into my navel one more time and I heard a couple of the guys groan at the sight. Despite myself, I found myself thinking of how good her tongue felt on my skin. When I sat up, my nipples were hard and were poking through my bra.

“It was cold!” I shouted, brushing aside the boys’ jokes. I glanced to the side and was surprised to see Cara’s boyfriend Brent staring intently at my chest. I readjusted myself, making sure my skirt was covering my lap, my tits jiggled. His eyelids lowered and he gulped. I looked away before anyone saw me staring at him.

There was no possible way that Brent was staring at me like that. Not only had he been dating my best friend for over a year, he was a high school Adonis. He was captain of the soccer team, tall, blonde and beautifully muscled. Also as I mentioned, he was dating Cara, the hottest girl in school!

The truth or dare game went on and I found myself actually having fun. It was easy to abandon my prim attitude when I was sitting around topless and taking shots. I was getting drunk but I didn’t seem to mind for once. I got up to refill my drink and when I came back to the circle and saw Todd placing an empty vodka bottle on the floor in the center. The game was changing to Spin the Bottle. I realized that I could put my shirt back on then, because the game was over. I thought about it but by the time I sat down I had decided that I was having too much fun with the shirt off besides everyone had already seen me like this.

“Okay the rules are…” Todd was explaining everything in a theatrical voice. He seemed to enjoy being the master of games for the party. We were going to go around the circle and spin the bottle. “Whoever it lands on boy or girl,” he waggled his eyebrows “has to go into the closet with you for 7 whole minutes. You have to kiss each other, but you can spend your time anyway you want” he said and mimed a blowjob. The boys all cheered and the girls groaned.

Todd spun first and landed on Kendra. They went into the closet and Brent started a timer on his phone. We all laughed and chatted while they got down to business in the closet. When the 7 minutes were up Brent went down the hall and knocked on the door. A minute later the door opened and Todd and Kendra walked out lips plump and fixing their own clothes to lay flat again. They looked pleased.

Everyone hooted and hollered. They sat back down and Brent placed his hand on the bottle. I couldn’t be sure but I thought I saw his eyes flick to me the second before he spun it. I watched it go in circles slowing down and sliding right past Cara to land on me. I tried not to blush but failed.

A very drunk Cara patted me on the back and said “Sorry Molly, you have to go.” I tried not to get irked that she clearly was not jealous at all. Brent and I stood up at the same time. He hadn’t complained at all about landing on me which was nice. We looked at each other as I walked past him into hallway. I slipped into the closet, and the door swung shut behind me.

“We can just…” I was going to suggest that we could kiss really quickly and just chill for the rest of the seven minutes. My words were cut off however by Brent’s lips. He cradled my face in his hands tenderly but his lips pressed hard against mine. I stumbled backwards against the door caught by surprise by his assault. Brent stepped forward to close the gap between our bodies, his hips pressing into mine. There was no light in the closet and I could barely see anything, I could only feel him consuming me. He pulled the straps of my bra off my shoulders and pulled the cups down freeing my breasts from their confinement. I gasped. His lips were gone from mine in a second. I thought for a second he had come to his senses. No. His hands trailed down my neck, over my collarbone and settling on my breasts. They squeezed once, then twice tentatively.

“What are you doing?!?” I whispered furiously. I tried to push his hands aways but they wouldn’t move.

“I can’t help myself,” his voice was quiet but hoarse. “I need to touch your boobs. They’re so perfect.” I could feel myself flush and that shut me up for a second. So he had been staring at me earlier. He ran his hands down my stomach and back up cupping my breasts from underneath and pushing them up.

I felt him kiss the bare skin and my eyes fluttered shut. He kissed the skin again and again switching between breasts. Then he sealed his lips alsancak escort around my nipple and sucked. It felt good, better than good even. I arched my back pushing my tit into his mouth even more.

I could feel his fingers search out my other nipple and pinch it gently. I sighed and my hand found the back of his head. My mind screamed at me to push him away but I pulled him tighter. I felt his hand leave my breast and reappear on my thigh. It slid upwards raising my skirt higher and higher. It found my the hem of my panties and slipped below. I jumped. His fingers slid downwards running through my slit and his palm pressed against my clit, I felt his fingers curl, pressing his fingertips between my labia and his palm rocked against my clit. I almost collapsed in a pile at his feet. No one had ever touched me like this. I’d never even touched myself deeply like this. Everything was happening so fast and the pleasure ratcheting up my body didn’t help me think clearly at all.

I felt something brush my thigh. His head pulled away from my breast and he sucked on my earlobe making me shiver and whispered in my ear, “Please touch me Molly. I need you to touch me.” I could smell the alcohol on his breath and hear the slight slurring of his words, but I didn’t even question his request. My mind was way too far gone for rational thought. I ran my hand down his arm, squeezing his taut bicep. He chuckled into my neck and whispered urgently “Lower”. As he said that his finger thrust slid into me even farther. I knew what he meant when he said to touch him. My hand moved of its own accord. I cupped him in his palm, his jeans obscured the shape of his penis, I only got a vague sense of it, the hard roundness of its length. I squeezed it not knowing what else to do. He moaned into my ear. I squeezed again.

“Cum for me.” His voice was a croak. “Cum for me Molly. Cum on my hand. Please.” His begging was what undid me, the need was so pure in his voice. I couldn’t believe that Brent could ever want me like that, but he obviously did. I could feel my body responding.

“Oh God!” I buried my moan into his shoulder and came. The orgasm shook through me, so much better than when I masturbated that it could hardly be considered the same thing.

He pulled his fingers out of me and lowered my skirt back into place.

“That was…” he said sounding like he was in a trance. He slid my bra straps back onto my shoulders and I readjusted the cups so that they were back to normal. He ran his thumbs over the fabric of my bra covering my taut nipples and sighed. He gave my chest one last squeeze and then stepped back. I reached up to smooth his hair flat and he took the opportunity leaning in to kiss me. He missed kissing the corner of my mouth and making me laugh.

“They’re gonna know,” I whispered, feeling panic rise up in my chest.

“All we did was talk about Cara,” he whispered. They heard the group counting down outside. “Just play along.”

“OW!!” He shouted and elbowed the wall, he swore eloquently. Everyone outside laughed. Brent stepped out of the door hunched over and covering his mouth, he let his t-shirt fall forward and hiding what I knew was an unsightly bulge in his pants.

“I tried to kiss her cheek to follow the rules and she didn’t see it coming and accidentally headbutted me.” Everyone burst out laughing. “I’m gonna go get some ice.” My blush seemed to confirm his story and I crossed my arms over my nipples willing them to soften and took my seat back.

The rest of the game was a blur. I couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that I was a terrible friend. I didn’t even notice when Brent rejoined the group several minutes later, no longer hunched over. I couldn’t believe what we’d done.

When Brent offered to drive me home, later as the party was winding down, I shook my head saying that my older sister was coming to pick me up. It was a bluff but it worked. Luckily she was still awake and she came and got me. I lay in bed that night running over everything that had happened and feeling ashamed that just the thought of it was making me wet.

My phone beeped next to me. I glanced at it and saw that Brent had texted me. I read it in shock.

B: i cant stop thinking about wat happened

I texted back

M: as far as im concerned nothing happened

My phone beeped almost immediately

B: u came on my fingers

B: and i just jerked off in my bed picturing your tits

M: dont tell me that

B: its true

B: i cant stop thinking about it

B: the feeling of you cumming in my arms

B: the way youre perfect nipples felt in my mouth

I couldn’t stand it anymore. His texts were affecting me.

M: cara is my best friend

B: this is what happens when I think about u

Attached was a grainy picture of a hard dick with a hand wrapped around the base. I gulped. I’d never seen a real penis before.

B: im touching myself pretending its u

B: escort alsancak fuck molly im sorry but u were so hot tonite

I didn’t respond. I didn’t really know what to say. I couldn’t even pretend I was mad at him, not really. My pussy ached just thinking about what we had done. I fingered myself peeking at the picture of his naked cock and thinking about him touching himself and moaning my name. I closed my eyes and remembered the feeling of his touch. I came knowing that somewhere in town Brent was doing the same thing I was.

The next day I expected a furious Cara to burst into my house at any moment ready to beat me to a pulp. Nothing happened. I spent the day doing homework and trying to convince myself that the previous night hadn’t happened.

Monday morning came too soon. I walked into AP chemistry second period and glanced back at my lab table. There he was. Brent’s eyes were fixed on me. I knew he’d been watching the door waiting for me to come in. He flashed a quick smile and turned to his notebook pretending to take notes. We sat at the back of the class behind everyone’s backs. Usually it meant we could slack off, but today I wanted a little less privacy than normal.

He made small talk like nothing had happened. I sighed, and relief battled with disappointment. I don’t know what I’d been expecting him to do in class. He hadn’t said anything to me at all since the night of the party maybe he’d sobered up and come to his senses and realized that I’m not worth it. The class settled down and the teacher’s silence seemed to signal that I was safe. We couldn’t really talk without getting everyone’s attentions.

With his right hand still taking notes, or at least pretending to, his left hand slipped under the table and landed on my thigh. He rubbed it slowly moving his hand higher, until my skirt was around my waist and he was rubbing in circles and brushing the edge of my panties. I knew what was coming and I didn’t stop it. He rubbed the front of my panties then slipped his fingers inside. My legs fell open slightly and he slid one finger into me pumping it in and out. Our lab equipment hid what his arm was doing from view if anyone turned around but I was still tense. His finger stopped, still inside me and he wrote something in big choppy letters on his notebook and slid it over. “UR SO WET” I blushed. I heard my name called and I jumped. Brent yanked his hand out of my panties and we both looked up at the front of the classroom. Mr. Pritchard was only asking me a question, and it was one that I knew. I answered in a mumble and began to take notes furiously. Brent wiped his fingers off on his jeans and went back to taking notes as well. The bell rang releasing the class and I shoved my stuff in my backpack and stalked out of the class. During study hall I texted him, I couldn’t think about anything but what would have happened if we’d been caught.


It took him a few minutes to respond.

B: i thought u liked it

M: if wed been caught we would have been expelled and cara would never talk to me again

B: ur right im sorry u just drive me wild

M: well you cant touch me like that in public

B: i wanna touch u everywhere molly

M: promise me you wont do that again

B: i will but i need to touch you somewhere if not chem then we need an alternative

M: ill think about it

B: thats all i can do is think about u

By the time 6th period came around I was close to losing my mind. I couldn’t pay attention in any of my classes. All I could think about was Brent. I could feel that I was still wet. The whole situation was messing with my concentration. Luckily my last period was as a TA. All I had to do was make copies and my teacher said I could go home early.

I scanned my card and the copier started spitting out handouts. It was the kind that stapled them together and everything all I had to do was sit back and wait. I didn’t bother turning to look when the door opened.

I felt a pair of hands wrap around and cover my breasts massaging gently. I jumped and looked over my shoulder. Brent was behind me, he kissed my cheek and then trailed his lips down to my neck. I arched my chest forward which had the unintended side effect of pushing my ass against his cock. His hips pushed against mine.

“You’re not a TA this period.” I said feeling like I was accusing him of something.

“No I have history with Mrs. Hunter and she needed copies made.” He cupped my pussy rubbing it through the fabric of my skirt. I turned around, breaking out embrace and kissed him pushing him against the door. I’d been thinking about him all day and like a miracle here he was. I took it as a sign. He buried his hands in my hair kissing me back. His hands worked nimbly on my shirt unbuttoning it. Before I could blink, he pulled away and stared down at my chest. His breathing was ragged. I unclasped my bra from the front and my breasts burst free. His eyes practically rolled up into his head. He lifted me up so that I was sitting on the table in the corner and kissed my breasts. He murmured while he did, telling me how perfect they were and how this is the first time he’s seen them in the light. I reached down and rubbed the front of his pants. He groaned again and froze. I squeezed and rubbed.

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