A Birthday to Remember Ch. 01


As the alarm sounds off, Stephanie wakes from a deep sleep to see the sunlight beaming through her window. As she stretches, a smile crosses her face since she soon realized that today is the first day as a 21 year old. As she sits up, her cell phone rings.


A voice on the other end replied, “Happy birthday, gorgeous!”

Stephanie realizes it’s her boyfriend, Ralph. Ralph was a slim 28 year old guy who barely looks over the age of 18 or 19. Everything is fantastic between them, with the exception that Ralph is attending school in Pennsylvania, while Stephanie lives in California. Ralph was a good friend of her brother. At first, it seemed it was too good to be true, but the distance between them seemed like nothing with the love and affection they both shared for one another. While hearing his voice, she brings a smile upon her face.

“Thanks, but my birthday would be a lot better if you were here.” replies Stephanie.

“Oh! No worries, Hun. I am sure you will have a great time, and don’t forget that once I am done with school, I will be there with you and the wait will be so worth it.”

Both Ralph and Stephanie always had a good way of making one another feel confident that this relationship was well worth it. As they finish speaking, Stephanie walks downstairs only to find Ralph standing in her doorway. Shocked, Stephanie runs up and gives her boyfriend the biggest hug and kiss.

“What are you doing here?! I thought you had school?”

Ralph knew this day was very important to her, and made sure he was able to celebrate this time with her.

“Don’t worry about that. I have school taken care of. Let’s just celebrate this time we have.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe it. Her boyfriend flew all this way just to surprise her. Better yet, there he stands wearing a black button up shirt, tan cargo shorts, and his hair freshly trimmed and messy spiked just the way she likes it.

As the two spend a wonderful breakfast together, the more they spoke to one another, the more Stephanie could feel turned on. It’s been so long since they’ve felt each other’s touch.

“Well, I am still so shocked you came all the way here to be with me. I’m just so happy, and I love you so much. I don’t want to waste another minute, so let me run upstairs and get ready for the day.”

As Stephanie goes into her room, she manisa escort begins to ponder what she should wear. If her boyfriend went out of his way to be here for her, she will certainly make it worth it. As she takes off her black tank top and sweatpants, she stands naked in front of her closet pondering what to wear.

Back downstairs, Ralph sits on the couch and rests his head back, thinking of things to do while he is here. While pondering different ideas, Ralph hears Stephanie walking back downstairs from her room.

“Since it’s your birthday, baby. Would you want to drive to LA, maybe go to the beach, and then some dinner?”

As a few seconds go by, he wonders why she hasn’t replied.

“Baby, can you hear me?”

As Ralph turns around to see what she is doing, he notices Stephanie leaning against the wall in a schoolgirl uniform, staring back at him.

“Whoa! I am starting to think it’s my birthday and not yours!”

Stephanie begins to walk over to Ralph, undoing each button to her blouse as she makes her way over to the couch. Ralph begins to adjust himself as Stephanie stands right in front of him showing off her beautiful curves in her uniform, followed by the unbuttoned blouse revealing her black bra underneath.

“I’m so glad you could come all the way out here just for me, baby.”

Stephanie gets down on her knees and positions herself between Ralph’s legs. She undoes his belt and slides his shorts and boxers down. She then notices Ralph’s throbbing cock standing straight up, waiting for his beautiful girl to please it.

Stephanie wraps her hand around his cock and begins to slowly jerk it off and leans her face in, not taking her eyes off him.

“I love you, Ralph”

Ralph leans his head back against the couch and closes his eyes, feeling Stephanie’s mouth smother his cock. As she starts to work her hand up and down the shaft, she begins to suck his cock with eagerness to taste every delicious inch of his throbbing member. Ralph can’t believe how good it feels and starts to breathe heavier. Stephanie begins to suck more rapidly, letting out sucking and slurping noises. Nothing turns her on more than hearing her love moan in pleasure. Ralph reaches his hand behind her head, and allows her to devour him.

“Oh God, babe. You feel so good.”

More and more, she escort manisa pumps her head up and down his shaft. sometimes keeping her face as far down his cock as possible. As Stephanie leans her head up, she stares at Ralph, with a drool strong leading from the tip of his dick to her mouth. She stands up and drops her unbuttoned blouse to the floor. She then lifts her skirt showing off her beautiful pussy.

Ralph knew deep down she wasn’t wearing any underwear. No way would his baby keep that dick waiting another second.

Stephanie walks over to Ralph, and positions each of her legs to the side of him. She leans in and begins to kiss him romantically. As they swirl their tongues in each others mouth, Ralph undoes her bra, showing off her perky and beautiful tits. Stephanie leans Ralph against the back of the couch, and sits her wet pussy down on his cock.

“Ooohhh God”, moans Steph.

Steph begins to motion her body up and down, feeling Ralph’s erect cock move around in her tight wet pussy. The feeling is so intense. Both of their hot breaths meet each others face as they kiss one another. The feeling of a kiss during intense sex is the best. The visual of Stephanie in a schoolgirl uniform, riding Ralph’s hard cock is nothing short of perfection. The only non-sexual thing running through his head is how such an innocent looking girl could be such a sexual deviant.

As Ralph places his hands to her side, Stephanie leans back a little and places her hands behind her and on top of his legs. She begins to move her body like a belly dancer, letting his cock move all around her insides.

As time moves a little further, Ralph lifts Stephanie up with his cock still inside her and walks over to the window of the front of the house which is no more than 10 feet from the couch. The daylight is still shining through. People are mowing their lawns. Kids playing in the street. If anyone was looking from the outside, they would see the naked back of Stephanie, motioning up and down with clear indication that some great sex is going on. Nothing turns Ralph on more than exploiting his love and affection for Stephanie. As Ralph leans her up against the window, letting her legs wrap around him, he begins to pound his dick in and out of her.

“Oh God! Steph! Oh God!”

The sensation rises. Steph lifts both hands manisa escort bayan above her head against the wall, keeping her from tilting back or even out the window altogether.

As Ralph props Steph up with his hands on her ass, he works her body up and down on his dick while simultaneously moving his waist forward and back.

Her body, bouncing up and down. Her moans getting louder each second.

“Oh fuck, Ralph! Fuck me! Fuck me, harder!

Unable to keep up his strength, he lets her legs down on the floor and turns her around. Bending her over, he positions his cock on the outside of her pussy lips, staring at her beautiful ass.

“Mmmm. You ready for me to cum inside you baby?”

Stephanie turns her head staring at Ralph with a very sexy look. “Mmm, you no it baby. I want to feel your hot cum inside me.”

As Ralph keeps her skirt lifted, he moves his cock in and out. As her body bobs back and forth, she drops her head down towards the floor, placing her open hand against the window.

As Ralph fucks her from behind, he notices some of Stephanie’s adult neighbors standing together across the street, looking towards the house. There’s no doubt they could see, but Ralph didn’t want to mention any of it to her. He loved the attention. The longer they stared, the closer he got to finishing inside his baby.

As Ralph continued to motion his waist back and forth, in and out, of his angel’s hot pussy, he noticed that more than 10 of Steph’s neighbors were all grouped together, pointing towards the window from across the street. It was certain at this point they were talking about what was going on. Some may have found it sexy, some may found it repulsive. Either way, they were getting a free show, and maybe even use it to their advantage while their children were asleep in their beds.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum!”

“Fuck yeah. Oooohhh Ralph! Cum inside me!”

Not able to hold back much longer, Ralph feels a stream of his hot cum spurt all inside Stephanie’s beautiful pussy.

“Ooohh yes.. Oh God… ughhh…”

As Ralph finishes, he rests his upper body against her back.

Stephanie lifted her body back up and turned her head towards his.

“I love you so much, Ralph.” She leans in and gives him another passionate kiss. “Now let me get dressed in normal clothes, haha.”

Ten minutes later, Steph comes back downstairs, and they each share a refreshment to cool down from such an intense session of making love. As they begin to talk a little more, they suddenly hear a knock at the door. It’s the neighbor from across the street.

To be continued…

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