A Chance Reunion


“Hi Andy, where have you been all these boring months of my life?”

I turned and saw that Polly, a colleague from the recent past was grinning and holding her arms open for a hug. I picked up her 5 ft slim frame and squeezed her, feeling the slim waist and small, firm breasts press against me.

“Well I have to spread myself around, and you did leave with no forwarding address,” I retorted, smiling back.

I put her down and we briefly exchanged a peck on the cheek. Polly still looked as good as ever, and I remembered my regret at her leaving. Her petite figure and small pert breasts are not to everyone’s taste, but I always enjoyed my flirts with her and had long fancied finding out how much of it we could turn into reality.

“Well I just had to get away, no telling what trouble you would have led me into if I stayed.”

“Fantastic, let me explain and demonstrate later in great detail, the offer is always open.”

This was just like old times. Although we never worked in the same office, the times we met there was always a charged atmosphere between us, and many things were left unsaid. Some of our phone conversations were less about work and more about fantasies! I noticed that Polly was neatly dressed as usual as the executive woman, and the black stilettos only served to highlight her slim ankles and calves. One thing I did remember was her complete aversion to tights.. or so she said.

“Sounds like a much more interesting offer than dining with the others though I might need a few more details to help make my decision – do tell me more,” Polly said and lent towards me again. I let my hand slide on to her thigh and gently stroke around until I found the evidence.

“So you practice what you preach eh? Suspenders and stockings, on you – one of my favourite fantasies. But if you are serious about my offer, there’s still a few more fantasies you could help me out with though. “

“Tempt me,” she said and licked her lips as my hand continued to stroke and play with the straps of the suspender belt through the fabric of her skirt.

This was just too good an opportunity to miss, and it was clear that I could at least talk raunchy with her and not cause offence. “OK, if you think you can handle it…. My room, 7 tonight and you will wear..” and I whispered my suggestions in her ear.

Polly lifted her eyebrows and just smiled. “I can handle this, and things are looking up but I think I have a condition on this – can you handle it?”

“What might that be,” I asked, intrigued.

“A man willing to trust and experiment does not need to know right now, I will explain later,” was the half smiled reply. I nodded my agreement and we parted, my hand sliding off her thigh reluctantly as we went to our separate workshops at the conference.


The firm knock came right on time and I quickly let Polly in, noticing the small overnight bag she left by the door. She looked stunning, and seemed to have met my request perfectly. Her black stilettos must have added more than 4″ to her height, and made her delicate ankles seem impossibly slim. Her gorgeous legs were encased in a fine black fishnet, something Polly had teased me about on many an occasion. What I hoped were stockings were topped by a tiny tight black lycra mini-dress. It clung so well the outline of Polly’s suspender straps were just visible. Her small, pert breasts were pushed into shape by the fine ribbing, and her nipples were already pushing at the straining slinky fabric. Two slim straps went over her pale shoulders, and her blond hair was left loose.

“Perfect” I said, “except…. ”

Polly smiled, and walked to the desk in the corner. She stood a couple of feet away and bent over towards the desk, reached behind to the hem of her dress and slowly peeled it upwards. The first of my orders shown to be complied with – her stocking tops slowly revealed, and the pale delicate flesh of her slim thighs came into view. The black straps of her suspenders were taught across her flesh and I noticed with interest they were shiny black PVC. Polly kept the slow progress of her dress upwards until her buttocks started to slide into view. I could feel my penis already stiffening, and it rose appreciably as I noted that her thighs were parted at the top to reveal a glimpse of damp flesh, marking the next of my orders – no knickers.

Finally Polly stopped the upward progress of her dress as her upturned and perfectly presented buttocks were revealed in all their perfect tight glory, the puckered ring of her rear hole clearly visible. Polly placed her hands down on the desk to support herself, and said, “Do I meet with approval.”

In answer I moved towards her, and slid my hands over the taught globes of her buttocks. I started to ease them round in my hands, and rolled them together and apart, seeing the tight hole of her anus appear and disappear and hearing Polly’s breathing get heavier. My hands stared to roam further, sliding over the tight black PVC of her suspender belt, then following the straps down to her slim thighs encased in those delightful bursa escort fishnet stockings. I had one last ‘order’ to check out before I then placed my trust in Polly.

I slid my hands slowly up the inside of her thighs, towards the gap at the top where they were parted. Slight sideways pressure persuaded Polly to part her legs a little more, as she settled back down on her arms. I let my fingers drift lightly over her flesh until it met the outer lips of her sex. She shuddered a little, and eased her legs wider still. I started to move my hand round under her sex lips, just brushing them on my way through until I could cup her mound. My last order was obeyed – her mound and cunt lips were clean shaven and bare! I dragged my hand slowly between her damp, parting lips, feeling the juice slide onto my finger tips and Polly easing down towards my hand. I slipped the end of my finger between her outer lips, and explored her wet inner passage. Gradually easing one finger into Polly’s increasingly sopping cunt, I brought my other hand up and began manipulating her buttock cheeks again.

From a pocket I took out the two polished wooden balls linked by a thin tape.

“For the rest of the evening, you have to stay full,” I said as I eased the balls one by one between Polly’s cunt lips and felt them slide further into her warm and wet hole. “If these come out, something else will just have to take its place,” and I gave a final tug on the small piece of tape left just showing between her swollen, red lips. Polly swayed slightly, then stood up slowly and turned towards me.

We kissed hungrily, tongues fighting for space in each other’s mouth. I clamped my hands firmly on the lycra covered buttocks, and roamed around her back, discovering the outline of more than a suspender belt. Polly groaned as my hands moved her body, the balls moving together inside her cunt and touching the parts I could not reach! Her hands slid down my back, small circles on every part of my spine until they reached my cheeks. Pulling hard against them, I was pushed against Polly even harder, and could feel my growing erection against her slim frame. Suddenly we broke apart, and Polly stepped back a little.

“You did agree to trust me, if I remember, and its my turn to tease. Did you get my note?” she queried.

The note had been passed to me during the day, and though its content surprised me, I carried on, not sure of Polly’s reasons but intrigued enough to try it out. Polly now decided to check on this, and slowly undid my belt. Easing the top of my trousers open, she slid a hand down inside, past my skimpy underwear until she reached my thigh. My erection grew at her touch, and she found what he was hoping for. I had never done this before but as she had instructed I had shaved my legs! Slowly she withdrew her hand, just lightly brushing my aching bulge, and the smiled.

“God I’m horny, and what I need now is you to be sharing some of my sensations.” With that, she reached for her bag and handed me some clothes. “I don’t know why but have always fantasised about this, a man wearing the same slinky gear as me whilst we have some kinky sex. Go and change,” she ordered “then we can talk games.”

I retreated to the bathroom, and looked at what I had. I quickly took off my own clothes, my erection springing free at the thought of what was to come. I looked through the clothes – a short deep red lycra skirt, loose white silk top, a black suspender belt and shiny black stockings. What on earth was I getting myself into? No idea, but for some reason the thought of wearing this was sending pulses of excitement through my already hard cock so I clipped on the belt, and slid a stocking up my leg. The feeling was superb, the reason for shaving my legs now obvious as the silky touch wrapped itself around my flesh. Quickly I put the other one on, and the blouse, then stepped into the skirt. It was very short and tight, and clung hard to my ass cheeks and very obvious bulge. It ended only just above the stocking tops, and made me feel very vulnerable but very turned on. I slipped my feet into the heeled black shoes and walked into my room.

Polly looked stunning, and my already straining bulge seemed to want to grow inside its restraining lycra. She had removed her dress and stood watching my progress with just a shiny black PVC basque, net stockings and stilettos on. She smiled and licked her lips.

“You look stunning, that slim body has its compensations getting into that gear,” she said as she stroked my thigh. I groaned, the silky sensation of her fingers through the stockings almost sending me over the edge.

“You look pretty superb yourself,” I quietly replied. And she did. The basque clung to her tiny waist and pushed her perfect, firm breasts outwards, the nipples just obvious through the thin fabric, and her naked sex mound was just waiting to be stroked, which I reached out to do….

.. but Polly had a few more tricks up her sleeve. “Fantasies are what tonight is about, and I have four in mind. But before we get into those, we must do something about this, otherwise it could be disappointing later, bursa escort bayan ” and she moved her fingers lightly over my lycra covered bulge. Then she ran her hand down her own smooth mound and slipped it between her thighs. With a slight judder, she eased first one, then the other ball from her soaking cunt.

“Oh, dear, looks like I need filling up again,” she smiled, turned round and bent back over the desk.

Needing no further encouragement, I slipped my skirt up over my aching, throbbing cock and gently slid the tip into her waiting hole. The feeling was exquisite, as inch by inch my hot member slid easily into Polly’s warm and dripping cunt. She groaned with pleasure as the last of me entered and she was at last impaled to the hilt. I rubbed my stocking clad legs against her spread thighs, and then started a slow thrust, reaching round to tweak her nipples through the shiny PVC. The balls had done their work and Polly clearly couldn’t hang on for long. Nor could I so I had barely got into a regular rhythm when Polly clamped her inner muscles around my penis and started to buck and grind backwards, screaming loudly as she came.

Soon enough I couldn’t hold back, and felt the tingling in my balls as my own orgasm flooded into Polly, lunge after lunge emptying me until I felt there was no more to come. Polly collapsed forward as her own orgasm subsided, before looking over her shoulder and saying cheekily, “now we can get down to some real teasing of that cock of yours, no danger of a misfire.. but we do need to find something to replace it..!”

And with that she slid off my softening member, and stood up. A mix of our juices slowly started to trickle out from between her red and slightly swollen lips. She slid a finger along the full length of them, brought it to her mouth and slowly licked the creamy liquid from it. She had taken control of all we were doing, and I was quite happy to let it all happen to me, the sensations of the skirt and stockings and Polly’s behaviour already starting a twitch in my drooping penis.

Polly opened the small bag again, and selected what looked to be black latex knickers, cut high on the sides and with hardly any back. She also took out a short but thick fake rubber cock about 5″ long and 2″ thick. Smiling at me she handed it over, and then sat on the edge of the desk. Needing no other invitation I slipped between her open thighs, and spread those slim, net covered legs apart and upwards to rest on my shoulders. Polly lay back and presented the most fantastic yet lewd sight. Her tiny waist and pert breasts encased in shiny black plastic lay back, blond hair falling round her face, two slim, net covered legs high in the air and spread around me, and the raw, gaping lips of an already used cunt just crying out for more. I slowly inserted the tip of the dildo into her gorgeously parted cunt lips, and one thrust slid it half way home. Polly grunted in anticipation, as her vaginal walls were stretched wider apart than my own slim prick had done. Pushing firmly the remainder of the dildo slid easily between her warm and dripping lips. The sight of them spread wide apart and taking this huge thick rubber member was raising my own penis upwards again.

With a soft slurp, the dildo slid all the way in and disappeared, Polly’s vaginal lips closing around it and Polly gasping with the sensations. Every move she made the dildo was pressing on her inner walls and keeping her aroused and ready. I lowered her feet down, and she stood up, took the knickers and slipped them on. The latex seemed impossibly small, but stretched to cling tightly, covering her shaven mound like a second skin, and keeping the dildo in place. The thin rubber strap ran between her tight buttock cheeks, not covering anything.

” Now, my turn” she said “and you have four fantasies to live through, your only choice is in the order. If you are lucky, I might have to do one myself.” With that, four pieces of paper were laid on the desk, and Polly motioned me to pick one, and read it out.

” You must remove Polly’s clothes with only your mouth. If you use anything else, there will be a forfeit, if you take longer than 5 minutes, there will be 10 spanks for every minute extra…!” I read slowly.

I looked at Polly, standing in her basque, stockings, heels and those incredibly tight latex knickers. She smiled, and indicated the time was starting. I knelt down, and licked her net covered ankle. She lifted her foot, and I eased my tongue down her heel to slide the shoe off. Taking the toe in my mouth I pulled it off her delicate foot, revealing tiny feet and toes encased in more of the black sheer fishnet. I repeated the movements on Polly’s other foot, and then knelt up. Sliding my lips round the clips on the top of one suspender strap, I felt them slide across the shiny PVC. Trying desperately to ease the clip undone, my teeth finally managed to unclip the stocking. Licking my way around Polly’s thigh I arrived at the second clip and repeated the trick, a little quicker. On a roll, I thought, and I slid my tongue across to her other thigh, and quickly undid the clips holding up the other escort bursa stocking. I then slipped my tongue inside the net stocking, along Polly’s slim thigh, and gripped her stocking top with my teeth. Leaving my tongue out between my teeth, I slid her stocking slowly down her thigh, and delicate calf, over her ankle and off her toes, giving these a quick lick as I passed by.

Polly was beginning to squirm above me as I repeated the process with the second stocking, until she was moaning gently and whispering “God, that’s so sexy, its a shame to stop.. but please move higher..” I did just that, standing up to take hold of the ties that held the front of the PVC basque together. A swift pull and the knot sprang loose, her small breasts pushing the top of the tightly laced PVC body out. I slid my tongue inside the top of the body, catching the tip of Polly’s nipple and bringing another gasp as the nub of pink flesh shot ever more upright. Taking the rest of the PVC in my mouth I pulled hard and the laces gradually undid, revealing both her gorgeous round globes and bright pink nipples for my tongue to quickly flick over. As the basque dropped to the ground I knelt again, and took the top of her tiny skin tight latex knickers, before her hand stopped me.

I stood up, and looked at Polly’s flushed face. I could smell the sex musk from her dripping lips, not really hidden by the tiny briefs. “Not bad” she smiled, “Only 2 minutes over, and no other forfeits. Come here,” and she sat down, letting out a soft sigh as the enclosed rubber penis moved around her inner walls, and motioning me to bend over her knee. I did so, carefully, as my erection was straining at my lycra skirt. It got ever harder, as I bent over her naked thighs and laid my prick between them. I felt her lift my skirt, and gently stroke my stocking tops and slide her hand towards my cheeks, stroking my flesh and lightly scratching it with her nails.

Without warning Polly brought her other hand down on my right buttock, and I felt a sharp stinging as the blow landed. Without pausing Polly continued to spank each buttock alternately, not too hard but leaving me gasping each time with the sharp stinging pain. After ten blows, she stopped, and I felt my buttocks relax and start to glow, and I realised I had a raging erection! Polly had noticed this, and she slid her hand passed my tight hole and between my thighs to fondle the base of my prick. Then she asked me to stand up.

“I thought it was twenty spanks,” I said, realising I wanted the control to continue.

“It is, and the other ten will come, like you, later,” Polly replied, and with a smile led me back to the bed. My erection was still strong, and bulged large in the lycra skirt as I walked. Polly was still only wearing the latex briefs, and with a start I realised she still had a large rubber dildo inside her dripping cunt.

“Select another forfeit, the game goes on,” and Polly scratched her nails across the tight lycra around my sore buttocks, sending shivers of pain and pleasure through me.

“You will be tied to the bed, and Polly will use your body until she reaches orgasm. If you reach your own orgasm before Polly, you will have to complete the remaining forfeits, if Polly reaches hers first, she will do the next forfeit. If this one has come out last, .. tough!”

Polly smiled, and reached for her bag. Taking out 4 silk scarves, she motioned me to remove my skirt, and lie spread-eagled on the bed. She firmly tied each wrist to the top corner posts, then lent across and kissed me on the lips. I searched hungrily for her tongue, and we licked and nibbled lips before Polly eased away and slid her mouth down to my chest. There she sucked my sensitive nipples, giving each a quick nip before sliding on down my stomach. Trailing her tongue down my stocking covered leg, it sent tingling sensations through me as Polly then tied an ankle to the bed corner. Repeating the movement, I found myself well and truly immobilised, wearing stockings and a silk blouse and with a raging erection which Polly looked like she was about to tackle.

For better access, Polly climbed onto the bed as she slid her tongue down the side of my pubic area, not quite touching my raised penis, then gently sucked one of my balls into her mouth. Placing a knee either side of my head presented me with a close up of her swollen and gorgeous labia, pink and shiny with the excitement created by our activities and the dildo within, and separated by the thin rubber of her tight knickers. Needing to try something to stop me from losing this forfeit as well, I raised my head and darted my tongue at the slippery flesh of her outer lips. Trying hard I was able to get the tip past the rubber strip of her knickers and between those lovely lips. Polly gasped as my tongue found her inner lips, and started to work its way up and down the whole length of them. Her gentle rolling of my balls in her mouth stopped as she concentrated on the sensations being administered to her. Finally my tongue reached the end of the dildo, and gently pushed on it, easing the rubber phallus a small way further in. The noises from Polly increased as it moved slowly in and out, only a small movement but giving Polly new and obviously enjoyable sensations. Her pale, slim thighs clamped hard around my head, and with my hands tied I was unable to do anything about it.

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