A Crash Course In Losing Virginity Ch. 02


Ever since the first time Brandon and I made love, we knew that we’d never have it that easy again. You see, in the motel, we had all the time we wanted with no one to bother us. But when we had to get back to our regular lives, our separate schools and our parents would find ways to make everything harder for us.

It wasn’t too bad in my dorm room though. Brandon would come down every weekend and I’d get a room for him in Guerin Hall (the hall where the mothers with young children lived). For the weekend, I would seemingly vanish from the lives of the people I knew because of the amount of time I spent with Brandon in Guerin—which was basically every second. Although students at the college were not allowed to stay with their guests, I broke that rule every weekend and stayed with Brandon. We did everything together, even slept together—our favorite part of the day.

But here’s the thing about Guerin Hall—it’s haunted. Aside from the conservatory, Guerin is considered the most haunted place on campus. There’s said to be a dark archangel in Guerin. Which makes the lives of everyone staying there very….interesting. Now I’ve never seen this dark archangel, but there are tons of mysterious things that have happened in Guerin when I’ve been there with Brandon. From laying in bed and seeing (out of the corner of my eye) someone sitting on the chair in the room (when no one’s there) to walking past the freight elevator and seeing a white figure walking in it, which, upon closer look, to discover that the elevator’s not even on that floor and there’s nothing there. And then my favorite one—the last one which always freaks me out—well to start with, all the rooms that they rent are near the freight elevator. Guerin Hall is over 120 years old and the floors are made of wood…so the floors creak like mad when you step anywhere on them. You could wake the dead walking on them. But…I won’t tell you the last one until I get there in my story.

So anyway, it’s one of the weekends when I’m staying with Brandon in Guerin. We’re sitting in room 328 and just talking about life and the past week.

“So what have you been doing lately?” I inquired.

“Nothing much, just working on my models and going out with Joe. What about you?”

“Nothing really…the other week the college had this thing where they lit a campfire in the middle of the woods and we all told ghost stories and stuff. It wasn’t scary or anything, except we found out that a few exorcisms had been done on this hall…”

“Guerin?” he asked.


“Ok, stop right there, you’re going to make us both paranoid.”

You see, he knew that there were all kinds of ghost stories about Guerin, but since the floors creaked and we always heard freaky noises, telling more ghost stories on a cold windy night didn’t help the situation any.

“So anyway, what have you been wanting to do all week?” Brandon asked with a grin on his face.


“Wow, that was blunt,” he chuckled, “But I have no problem with that.”

“Good,” I said as I leaned over and covered his mouth with a kiss.

It started off innocently, but soon he had his arms wrapped around me and our tongues were dueling to get down each other’s throats. Slowly moving so that we were laying down on the bed, I wrapped my arms around his warm body, burying them under his shirt. Still kissing me, he pulled me closer. Any attempt for me to get out of his embrace would have failed. I snaked one of my hands down to the pulsating bulge in his pants and lightly squeezed it. With the skill that only comes with practice, I reached up and (one-handedly) undid his belt, button, and zipper.

As soon as I had the zipper done, I situated my hand bursa escort on his semi-hard cock. Running my hand up and down its length, I could feel him leaking pre-cum. Since the last time when I had had sex with him, he shaved his pubic hair, leaving his cock smooth and slippery. I heard his breathing speed up and I gave his cock a light squeeze. Meanwhile, he had removed his arms from around my body and was busily working at getting my belt off. Once we had both lost every article of clothing below the waist, Brandon grabbed the blanket and covered us with it. Although there was a radiator in the room, the room was not warm just yet.

Once the blanket was over us, I reached down to find Brandon’s cock standing at full mast. “Nice,” I commented.

He just smiled. Stroking his cock once more, I reached over the side of the bed to Brandon’s black backpack. He brought his backpack with him every week he came down, keeping his clothes, money, food, and especially condoms in it. Unzipping the smallest compartment, I pulled out the 12 pack of condoms that I knew would be in there. Opening the box, I pulled out one condom and stuck it in Brandon’s shirt pocket. Besides his first look of confusion as to why I did that, he didn’t say anything. I stuck the box on the night stand and turned back to Brandon.

Placing a light kiss on his lips, I could see the raging desire in his eyes. Since the first time we’d had sex, we had both promised each other that we would try not to masturbate at home so that we would have the full effect of sex when we were together. Because of that, when we did meet, there was a lot of pent up sexual energy just waiting to be released.

Reaching to his shirt pocket with one hand, he pulled out the condom. As I watched him, he snaked his other hand down to my pussy. He at first lingered on the outside, slowly running his fingers over my clit and then plunging a finger deep inside me. “Ooh, my baby’s nice and wet. I see you behaved this week.”

“Behaved” was the term we used when we hadn’t masturbated all week. “Yeah I did…I was good for once.”

Removing his finger, he rolled over so that he was on top of me. I wasn’t sure exactly when he had gotten that condom on, but it didn’t really matter as I reached between us to find his rock-hard cock waiting for me. I eased it into my pussy, feeling it spread me open as Brandon pushed it in. He stopped for a second when he had the length of it buried in me.

“It’s a slip-n-slide,” he said, commenting on just how wet I was.

“Well, you know that you’re just so sexy that I can’t hold it back.”

“Sure,” he commented in disbelief.

It didn’t matter though, because he began to piston his cock in and out of me. He started out relatively slow, but increased his tempo until we were going at it like rabbits. I could feel his balls slap against my ass as he pounded his cock deep into me. I moved my hips up to meet his, matching his rhythm perfectly.

I could hear him panting above me as he felt my hot pussy around his cock. I contracted my pussy muscles, pulling him into me even more deeply. He sighed into my shoulder as we continued with our fun. As he kept pistoning his cock in and out of me, he started hitting my g-spot on every stroke. “Oh God. Good boy Brandon,” I panted as the sensations kept getting better and better.

My pussy made a sort of squishing sound as he kept plummeting his cock deep into me with every stroke. Half the campus had to know what we were doing because of the sounds we were making and because of the bed. Everything in Guerin was old, including the beds. Which meant that they didn’t just squeak a little. No. It was a long continuous creeeeeeeeak-craaaaaaaaaak-creeeeeaeeeeeeeek. bursa escort bayan Over and over and over. We always laughed about the beds after we were finished.

Brandon moved his head from the pillow and raised it above mine. Closing his eyes in pleasure, he leaned down to kiss me. Turning our kiss into a French kiss, he licked my lips and then lightly placed his tongue in my mouth. Doing what he always liked to do to tease me, he slowly pushed it in and out of my mouth in a fucking motion. Because of the double sensation of his tongue and his cock, I was sent into a frenzy of pleasure. A gasp later, my orgasm hit me. My pussy started contracting around Brandon’s cock, milking him for all he was worth.

Only a few seconds later, I heard Brandon let out a groan signaling that he was also cumming. I could feel his cock pulsing inside my pussy, shooting his hot cum into me. He kept moving his cock while he came, but at a much slower pace. With a final deep thrust, he stopped moving and laid down on top of me.

“That was nice,” I sighed into his ear.

“Yeah it was.”

That was when the hallway light all of a sudden turned off. Brandon didn’t see it, as he was face down, but I did. Now all around the campus, the hallway lights had to stay on 24 hours, so the fact that it wasn’t on made me jump. Plus the fact that Guerin was haunted, right?

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…the light just turned off…”


Well, as it turned out, it had simply burned out. The rest of the hallway lights were on as well as the lights and power in our room. But it still freaked me out.

Brandon and I laid there in each others arms for another good hour or so, just enjoying each other’s company. As we knew so far, there were no other guests staying in Guerin. At least, so we thought. That was until we heard the freight elevator. Now this freight elevator isn’t one of those small ones…it’s like one the size of a small room. So when it moves, you hear it. Brandon and I stopped talking as we heard the elevator move up to our floor. We heard it stop, but that was it. As I said before, the floors, the elevator, everything makes noise. But we did not hear one minute creak of the floorboards, nor one move of the steel elevator gate or heavy elevator door. And that wouldn’t even have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the fact that there are only two ways that a freight elevator gets to a floor: (1) someone is in the elevator with both doors closed and pushed the floor button or (2) someone on one of the floors pushes the button to summon the elevator. But if someone had been in the elevator, we would have had to have heard them get out, and no one on our floor had summoned the elevator, because we would have had to hear them walk past our room to get to it. Needless to say, we had both recently acquired a death grip on each other.

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” I asked.


“You mean the silence?”


“So here’s the thing,” I continued, “How the hell did that elevator get up to this floor?”

“I don’t know, but I know you won’t be leaving this room to go to the bathroom tonight…” Brandon said.

To get to the bathroom, you had to go past the freight elevator and I didn’t want a repeat experience of that one night when I saw the white figure. All of a sudden, there was a creak outside our door. No creaks leading up to it, just one loud creak right outside our door. Gripping each other for dear life, we got comfortable on the bed.

As scared as we were, we managed to fall asleep in that position before very long without even meaning to. When we woke up, it was Saturday at noon. I had a group project which I escort bursa had to go work on at 3:30, so Brandon and I went back to my dorm room. We didn’t really do much, just laid around until around 2:50, when I brought up a much debated topic between the two of us: 69ing. For some reason, Brandon thought we’d have a hard time with it and, because of that, we had not yet attempted it.

“So what about that?” I asked.

“My baby wanna try something new?” he teased.

“Mayyyybe,” I teased right back.

Alright then. Both of us not being people who like to make the first move, we both just sat there. I wanted him to be on top because I’m not good being in positions of power. However, he wasn’t moving and I sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything. But then time passed and finally I said, “Ok, well move it, get on top.”

Brandon moved his head down to my shaven pussy and positioned his cock right over my head. As I realized later, I probably shouldn’t have kept the pillow under my head as it just forced Brandon’s cock deeper down my throat. As soon as Brandon was situated, I reached over to his cock and slurped it into my mouth. Brandon lowered his head to my pussy and licked tiny circles around my clit. He had me squirming under him in no time. Meanwhile, I had a hand wrapped around his balls, softly massaging then while I licked the length of his cock. I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. I could feel Brandon’s tongue on my pussy as he plunged it deep into me, licking up my juices.

I rolled his ball in my hand as I took his cock deeper into my mouth. I alternated between sucking his cock and swirling my tongue around its length, doing whatever kept him going on my pussy. Before long, he stopped for (seemingly to me) no reason. “What?” I asked him.

“It’s 3:25, don’t you have to go to your meeting?”

“In a minute, let’s finish this first.”


“But let’s switch. Come on, lay on your back.”

Brandon laid down on his back, stretching out on the bed. Positioning my pussy above his face, I moved the top half of my body around so that I could reach his cock. Wrapping one hand around the base and another around the balls, I simultaneously stroked his cock and massaged his balls. Meanwhile, he had re-buried his tongue in my pussy as I had taken his cock deep into my throat. Not two minutes after we had switched positions, there was a knock on my door. Figuring it was one of my group members coming to check up on me, I didn’t answer it, but just continued sucking Brandon’s cock. The second they had started knocking, Brandon moved his tongue back up to my clit, triggering my orgasm. My orgasm wracked my body with pleasure, sending lightning bolts up and down my back, all back to my clit in the end.

Not more than a minute later, I felt Brandon let off my pussy and let out a sigh as his cock pulsed out his cum. His cum filled my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it down, continuing stroking until he was done. Looking over at the clock, I saw that it read 3:32. Oh well, I thought, as I pulled myself off Brandon to get dressed.

It didn’t really bother me that we had had a distraction in the middle of everything, but rather it just kind of added to thought of how nice it would be when I was home for Christmas break and would be able to have sex in Brandon’s bed, without any distractions.

As I pulled on my clothes and grabbed a notebook for the meeting, I looked over at Brandon as he still lay on the bed. As I looked at him, he closed his eyes and sighed.

“You liked that, huh?” I grinned.

“Oh yeah…we gotta do that again sometime.”

“Well just wait until Christmas break.”

Hey, thanks for reading it this far—there will be another chapter of this story coming out shortly. Since you got this far, I would really appreciate it if you would vote. While you’re at it, feel free to leave me feedback. Thanks!

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