A Delicious Way to Begin a Morning


You wake before me, I am still asleep. The old singlet that I have worn to bed is loose and stretched and has ridden down during the night, leaving my nipples exposed and vulnerable to your hungry and lustful eyes and mouth. Slowly, so as not to disturb me, you wriggle your way down the bed until your mouth is perfectly aligned with my soft and tender nipples.

I am asleep on my side, so my large and full breasts are squashed together in the perfect alignment for you to take advantage of…

Your breathing has gotten quicker in anticipation of their sweetness, with the added thrill that you might wake me and be caught.

Your tongue darts out and quickly flits across one nipple. I don’t move. You do the same to my other nipple, again no reaction. Feeling bolder, your tongue returns, this time for longer to gently tease your way around both nipples in turn. I still have not moved. Your need increases and this time you take my whole nipple into your mouth and suck and nibble on it, gently at first and then with growing urgency. Your fingers reach out to my other nipple and you begin to softly squeeze it and rub your fingers lightly across its surface. That’s when you hear my first moan.

As you continue to suck and stimulate me I begin to make little movements and sounds, almost whimpers. My hips and legs begin to twitch and I roll onto my back. With one final nibble to the now swollen nipple bursa escort left closest to you, you know that it is time to move further south.

You kiss my tummy gently and softly as you make your way down to my pussy. You begin to stroke the inside of my thighs and slowly tease them apart, and what you find between them pleases you. I am already wet, more than wet, I am dripping. My lips are swollen and reddened and you haven’t even touched me yet!

You begin again with a tentative lick, I let out a little moan and you know that you must have me. You dive onto my pussy and clamp your lips around my clit. You suck and lick, nibble and bite gently until my hips are unconsciously thrusting into your face. The noises I am making are getting louder and eventually I am woken as I cum screaming, my pussy convulsing into your mouth.

You know I’m awake now, you can hear me panting and dazed, struggling to sit up. What will I think, how will I take it? Will I be mad at you? You stay where you are, breathing heavily onto my silky opening, awaiting my reaction.

Then you feel my fingers make contact with your head. I run them lazily across your scalp and then twirl your hair between them, clamping onto your head with a firm and determined grip. What I do next surprises you…

I forcefully shove your head back into my now throbbing but recovered pussy. “I want another one” I tell you bursa escort bayan with my hand.

You have no choice but to eat me out until I cum again, this time harder, my legs splayed full width to give you maximum access.

This time, before I can think and before I can demand yet another, you roll me over onto my front. You kiss your way across my ass and quickly bite me hard on one of my big round cheeks, before you pull my hips upward to meet your now upright frame.

Straddling me from behind, with your hands firmly gripping my hips, you tease my clit with your swollen cock. Thrusting slowly back and forwards over it, again and again. I am grinding my hips towards you in appreciation, but also in frustration that I cannot yet feel you inside me.

Only once I have almost given up hope that you are ever going to do it, do you suddenly bury yourself deep inside me. You do it quickly and fully, and all I can do is gasp in both surprise, and pleasure.

You go in and out, in and out slowly and luxuriously… I’m still half asleep and dazed with pleasure from both the orgasms I’ve already had. My tits are dangling flat onto the mattress, you can see some of their softness squashing out from the sides of my body under my arms. My head is laying awkwardly on my pillow, turned to the side so that I can breathe, and as you thrust the side of my face is momentarily buried deeper. escort bursa It feels so so good and I close my eyes to savor the velvety sweetness of what is happening to inside of me. Just when I think that it cant get any better, you reach around and start dancing your fingers over my already tender clit. As your strokes are getting faster, so do your fingers. I’m so wet that it’s dripping down my legs, you can feel it as our thighs meet when you’re fully impaled…

All I can do is to exist in this moment of total sensory pleasure, my neck and shoulders are beginning to ache, but I don’t care, everything else feels so good. I need more, I need it harder, I rock myself faster and faster in time with your strokes and the feelings just keep getting better. I’m thrusting urgently against your hand and your cock, milking every last ounce of pleasure from you that I can.

Finally, just when I feel like I can take no more I feel my clit begin to spasm from all the unrelenting worship your fingers have been giving it, my pussy tightens and grips harder onto your cock. This is your cue to start your own explosion of pleasure deep within me, forcefully filling me with your own essence, so that it can mingle with my already gushing juices. You grip my ass tighter with your free hand and hold onto me with total ferocity until you’re completely spent.

As you pull out of my warm, wet, dripping pussy, I feel a sudden emptiness and the loss of something wonderful.

My knees cant take anymore and I drop down onto the bed, only to be embraced by your strong arms and warm body, as we lay entwined together as one perfectly contented organism.

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