A Different Kind of Roleplay


It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, with clouds filling the sky and the sound of video games filling the messy apartment.

Shawn was in the middle of his fourth straight hour of gaming when he heard the front door open and footsteps come up the steps. Given the day and the time, there could only be one person coming inside, and that person was Becca.

They’d met via Craiglist. Back when he’d needed a new roommate to replace his College buddy who’d finally decided to grow up and get on with his life, and she’d needed a place to stay after a break-up. It was win-win for the both of them, although it had certainly taken some getting used to.

For one thing, neither of them had ever lived with anyone of the opposite sex before, not counting family, so that was odd. Likewise, they each had their own little eccentricities and foibles which the other had to learn to live with.

In Shawn’s case, he was a pretty hardcore gamer, and on days he wasn’t scheduled at work he could usually be found on the couch for hours on end.

In Becca’s case, she was LARPer.

Now Shawn had met a few live-action role players in College, and for the most part, they were fine people. He himself had little interest in getting dressed up and spending a weekend doing what to him boiled down to a dungeons and dragons reenactment, but eh, whatever made them happy.

But that was before one of them lived under the same roof as he did.

It wasn’t to say Becca’s choice of hobby caused any problems. Really, the closest thing to an issue was her taking over the kitchen table to work on a costume or pull him from his game to help her with something that needed an extra pair of hands.

No, the real issue at hand was completely different than that.

Shawn’s issue was with Becca’s costumes.

As far as he understood, her ‘character’ in the primary LARP she played in (there were countless others throughout the year and he’d stopped keeping track) was some sort of soldier, although you’d never have guessed that from her costume.

A white short-sleeved top and grey skirt, both with fur trim, black leather wrist guards, and knee high heeled boots, occasionally topped with a long black cloak. She looked more like a bar wench than any sort of soldier, especially with how much of her body that showed whenever she put the costume on.

As attractive as Becca was normally- and she was, being around 6′, slim, with small perky breasts and long legs, pale skin, and dark hair almost to her tight ass- the costume just accentuated everything, and Shawn had to stop himself from staring whenever she walked around in it.

Which- if she had a LARP scheduled for that weekend- was pretty often.

It wasn’t an easy thing to get used to, but Shawn tried. Boy did he try. But it didn’t always help.

He would be the first to admit that whenever she headed off for the weekend after she was far from the apartment, he would jerk himself raw thinking of her in that costume. He never told her as such- unspoken rule of being roommates- but it was the honest truth. There was just something about it that got his blood flowing.

The door to their apartment opened, and Shawn paused his game and turned around to greet her.

It was his first mistake.

Becca had decided not to bring her cloak to this particular LARP, having heard that the weather was supposed to be nice all weekend. While that had been true for most of it, Sunday had started with rain and continued as such, which meant her white top was more or less see-through when she waltzed in.

Shawn had to force his eyes not to pop and his jaw not to drop.

Shaking off the raindrops that coated her, Becca smiled at Shawn with that beautiful smile of hers, and given his state, it took everything he had not to melt into the couch. “How was your weekend?” He asked, trying to create some sense of normalcy.

His roommate shrugged. “Honestly, fine until the clouds decided to piss on everything. We were in the middle of a battle, in a field. No shelter, no protection. Everyone was drenched at the end.” Becca wiped her boots on the mat and walked into the apartment, dropping her soaked bag beside the door. “How about yours?”

Shawn shrugged. He hadn’t as much as left the apartment, let alone wound up in a downpour during a medieval-esque battle. “Not bad. Platinumed another game. That’s more or less been the highlight of things.”

He was all prepared to return to his current game, figuring Becca would want to get changed, maybe take a shower after her ordeal, but he was wrong. Instead, she said something that he never in a million years expected her to say.

“Really? Playing with yourself after I left wasn’t higher up on the list?”

Shawn froze. Eyes wide, he dropped his controller and stared over at his roommate. Her hands were on her hips, and her face was a mix of displeasure karabağlar escort bayan and amusement. He didn’t know what to say, or even if there was anything he could say in response to such a statement.

So he went with the only one that he could manage. “What?”

Becca stepped into the living room, closing in on the couch and her extremely confused roommate. She’d been waiting for this moment all weekend, and honestly, so far it had been worth every second. “I forgot my purse when I left on Friday. When I came back to get it, you weren’t on the couch where I’d left you.”

Shawn gulped. He hadn’t heard her come back in. He’d been a little busy at the time, which she seemed to have discovered. But how?

“I figured you’d gone to the bathroom or something until I heard your voice… You were breathing pretty heavily, and for a second I got worried… and then I heard you scream.”

“Um… I mean…” Shawn tried to scramble out a defense but none came. Normally it wouldn’t have mattered- he was a guy, and guys jerked off- but Friday had been different. It had been the first time he’d ever called out as he finished.

“Have to admit,” Becca said with a smirk, “never thought someone would scream my character’s name as they came.”

Shawn’s face was red. Embarrassed wasn’t the word, he was downright ashamed of himself. His roommate had not only heard him jerking off, but she’d also heard him jerk off to her. Specifically, the character she played. That was a whole different level of fucked up in his mind.

Watching the flustered face of her roommate, Becca held back a giggle. She’d had a feeling Shawn was into her, but he’d never said a word about it. Granted, she thought he was pretty cute as well, all 6’2, medium build, dark hair and beard of him, and yet she hadn’t as much as winked at him.

She’d had bad experiences with exes- that had been part of why she’d needed to move in. Plans with her most recent boyfriend to get a place together had folded the moment she’d caught him making out with a co-worker, and she’d already canceled her lease. The idea of hooking up with Shawn had been as far from her mind as possible.

But that was before.

Before Friday.

All weekend she’d been thinking about what she’d heard. It wasn’t his jerking off to her that planted the seed, it was his screaming her character’s name. Becca knew Shawn wasn’t into the whole LARP thing, which was fine. But the fact that he was into her character? That was interesting.

Becca had explained the persona she played to him several times, and had even asked him to help her out with certain aspects of it. The role of the stern, military commander had been new for her, so she’d needed someone to play off of to really hammer it down.

And that someone seemed to enjoy it. A lot.

“So,” Becca said as she stood in front of where Shawn sat on the couch, “what is it about my character you like so much?”

While he was normally taller than her, sitting on the couch with her standing there, especially in those boots which added at least another inch or two to her height, Shawn felt tiny. This warrior woman was nearly towering over him, hands on her hips, and a sly smirk on her lips. He wasn’t sure what to say, but he knew he had to say something.

“She, I mean you, I mean, you as her,” he stuttered out, still trying to wrap his mind around all of this. “You’re so strong, and so in charge. It turns me on a little…”

Becca grinned. She’d had her suspicions, especially from the times Shawn helped her practice. She pretended not to notice him jump or his breathing grow faster when she barked out her commands, just like she acted like she couldn’t see the erection he tended to sport at the end of things.

Just like the one he was sporting now.

“Only a little?” She whispered seductively, bending over so her lips were inches from his ear. Shawn squirmed in his seat. She had her answer. “So, you like it when I’m in charge do you? Let’s see about that. On your knees!”

Becca shouted her last three words, and though Shawn was still unsure of what was going on, he immediately did as he was told, much to his shame and her glee. He couldn’t explain why. It just felt right. Especially when Becca was seemingly in character.

Staring down at her kneeling roommate, Becca licked her lips. She’d had all weekend to think of possible scenarios- a talent she’d acquired through years or LARPing- and though she hadn’t been sure which one would wind up happening, she had plenty of contingencies in mind.

This one had been one of her favorites.

She walked around him, her face stoic now. She was no longer Becca, she was the Military Commander, and Shawn her captive. And she had grand plans for him. “Like what you see?” She shouted, stamping a booted foot in front of him.

Shawn karabağlar escort jumped, his heart skipping a beat. Her right boot was directly in front of him, so it and the pale, smooth leg that ran out from it and beneath her still damp skirt were all he could see. Oh yes, he liked this view very much. “Yes.”

Becca reached down and lightly slapped him on the cheek. He flinched, but he didn’t scream. “Yes, what!”

He wasn’t sure why, but his brain sent out the first answer it could think of. “Yes, Commander!”

Shawn didn’t know why he’d said that, but from the look on Becca’s face, it had been the right answer. Her lips curled into a cruel smirk, and she ran her hand gently across his red check. “Good boy. Now tell me what you like.”

If he’d been confused before, Shawn was downright lost now. Not simply in the situation he’d found himself in, but in his own mind. Becca’s costume, her character, the slap, and the sweet caress that followed it, as well as her calling him “good boy” sent his emotions and his hormones reeling.

He’d been hard when he’d first seen her soaking wet costume, more so when she’d called him out on his transgressions. But now? Shawn didn’t think his cock could get any stiffer, but he was wrong. Bringing his gaze back down to what lay before him, he answered as honestly as he could. “Your boots. Your legs… Everything about you.”

Above him, Becca’s grin grew even wider. This had also crossed her mind, especially once she’d had time to think. In the time they’d been roommates, Becca had noticed that whenever she wore boots- which was fairly often as she had several pairs and was a big fan of them especially for LARPs- Shawn seemed to pay more attention to her than his games. It wasn’t difficult to surmise that he had a bit of a boot fetish, even though he probably wasn’t fully aware of it.

When she was through, he would be. And it started now.

“Show me how much you like them. Kiss my boots.”

Though he wasn’t sure why somehow hearing those three words from Becca broke down every wall Shawn had ever put up. Not simply the ‘no being into your roommate’ one that had prevented him from even alluding to his interest in Becca, but all the ones he’d built up over the years. The ones that had come around after he noticed how much he liked looking at women in boots, or how often he found himself perusing fetish websites late into the night.

He’d tried to deny his interest in such things, just as he had his interest in his beautiful roommate, but now none of it mattered. She knew, she seemed to know a lot of things, and in that costume, she was in command. What else could he do?

Kneeling forward, Shawn pressed his lips to the toe of Becca’s still wet black leather boot.

And at that moment, he felt free.

There was something about giving in, actually doing something he’d tried to convince himself he didn’t want to do, that somehow made everything seem right. It was like the clouds had parted and the sun had started to shine, not just outside but in here, on them.

Shawn turned his attention to her left boot and did the same thing. He felt even better.

Becca smiled at him, then moved to sit on the couch. Once she was comfortably seated, she held up her right boot so that the bottom was right in front of Shawn’s face. “If you really like my boots, you’ll want them to be clean and shiny. Lick my boot!”

She wasn’t sure about this part, having filed it away in the maybe pile. Becca knew getting Shawn to kiss her boot was one thing, but lick it, especially after the storm? That was something completely different. But watching how much he enjoyed the first part, she decided to throw caution to the wind and see what happened.

And what happened surprised both of them.

Shawn, though somewhat apprehensive, stuck out his tongue. He moved it and his face towards the sole of Becca’s right boot, and began to lick. There wasn’t nearly as much dirt or mud as he’d expected- she’d wiped most of that on the mat when she walked in- and yet even if there was a part of him brain wouldn’t have cared. That part was the one calling the shots.

He didn’t know how, but all of this felt right. Submitting to Becca’s commands, giving in to her control, licking her dirty boots, it seemed like the right thing to do. It was as if all of this was one of her LARPs, one in which he was now a willing player, and the role he’d chosen was that of the servant, the prisoner, the slave.

It was a role he was born to play.

As his tongue ran up and down and all around the faded, dirty black leather of the boot, Becca watched with abject enjoyment. She honestly hadn’t expected things to go this far, but now that they had she was starting to get wet. Beneath her skirt, her pussy was growing hotter and hotter as Shawn’s tongue cleaned her boot.

She escort karabağlar wanted that tongue on her clit. But not yet.

When he finished with the bottom of the right boot Becca quickly replaced it with the left one, and he began working on that one. She could see his tongue getting blacker and blacker with each pass, and the image of it, of his total submission to her, burned into her brain. She slid a finger under her skirt and started to play with herself, embracing the fantasy for all it was worth.

Shawn noticed her, and as he licked the cool leather with his tongue he felt his cock strain against his jeans. All of this was too much for him, seeing her play with her pussy was just the cherry on top. Of all the times he’d jerked off thinking of Becca and her character, he had never been this excited.

His work finished, Shawn moved back from her left boot and watched Becca’s hazel eyes start to tear up. She was close, but she wasn’t finished with him. She pointed to the bottle of water he’d had on the coffee table, then back at him. “Wash that tongue off and get it under here, now!”

He didn’t need to be told twice.

Downing the water and swallowing the bits of dirt and mud that he’d removed from her boot, Shawn crawled over to Becca, his eyes focused on her skirt.

But she had another order for him.

“Take off your pants, and slide that cock of yours between my boots!”

It took Shawn a second to understand just what she had in mind, but once he did his jeans and boxers were off and his face was under her skirt, his tongue poking past the panties she was pulling to the side.

Becca hadn’t showered all weekend, and with all the running and fighting she’d done, she knew it was likely a little on the sweaty side between her legs. but she didn’t care, she was in command, and Shawn would just have to deal with it.

Given how enthusiastically he was eating her out, it didn’t seem he minded at all.

His tongue lapped at the slick, sweaty lips in front of him, drinking in the scent and the taste of her body, and his hard cock sliding in between the boots he’d just finished cleaning. This was paradise

Becca began moving her boots back and forth on either side of Shawn’s raging erection, a smooth leather pussy that was fucking his cock while his tongue fucked the real one. This was better than she had anticipated, and she could tell it wouldn’t be long before both of them exploded.

She felt Shawn’s tongue poke around her clit, licking it like an ice cream cone as her boots jerked his cock slowly. She was going to finish first, there was no way question about that. Becca had been dreaming of this all weekend and had been more than ready to climax just watching him work. Now that he was working on her, she had no choice.

It was coming, Becca could feel the surge beginning to course through her body, every inch of her tingling. Her free hand grabbed Shawn by the back of the head and shoved his face into her pussy as it exploded, squirting into his waiting mouth and coating his busy tongue and bushy beard with her juices.

If she could have, Becca would’ve simply lain back on the couch and enjoyed the sensations that rippled through her. But she wasn’t done yet.

Still holding Shawn’s head to her- making sure he cleaned her pussy just as well as he had her boots- Becca increased the speed of her boots, and through the leather, she could feel his cock start to shake. Faster and faster, she stroked the erection between her boots, waiting to hear what she had on Friday night.

“Say it,” she commanded, Shawn’s cock about to explode. “Say it like you did that night!”

Shawn felt his cock swell up, unable to do anything but allow Becca’s boots to control his climax just as she’d controlled everything else since she’d returned. She had issued him a command, and he knew he had no choice but to obey it.

“Ug… ug… COMMANDER CLODYN!!” He screamed her character’s name beneath Becca’s skirt as his cock exploded all over her boots, staining them with white streaks of hot cum and covering the floor beneath the couch. She kept stroking him for a few minutes after, making sure she milked every last drop of jizz out of him before daring to let him go free.

Once she released his cock from in between her boots. Shawn fell onto his back, spent from one of the greatest orgasms of his life. Becca lay on the couch feeling the same, her breaths shallow and her panties as wet as the rest of her had been after the storm.

That had been even better than she’d imagined. Better than he had ever fantasized. It had been real.

Shawn lay there for a moment, catching his breath and unsure of what to do or say after such an experience. Luckily for him, he didn’t have to.

Becca sat forward, gazing down at her prone roommate with a mischievous grin. “So,” she whispered slyly, “guess you and I have a LARP of our own to play now huh?”

He looked up at her with a tired smile of his own. “Yes, Commander.” This was a LARP he could get used to playing. He was certain there were plenty of other scenarios Becca could come up with for the two of them, and he looked forward to experiencing them all.

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