A Dream in the Moonlight Ch. 01


The book had become a struggle. My eyes were drooping and begged to be sealed. I turned out the light and drifting easily into the arms of beckoning sleep. It felt like I was falling into a bottomless abyss, but my stomach didn’t churn, and I realized that I wasn’t falling at all, but drifting. I looked down and saw a beautiful image. She was just below me but just out of reach, drifting along with me, on her back, as if she were floating face up in a stream. Her arms were outstretched, and she had a pleasant “hug me” figure that was complimented by her classic black dress. My eye was attracted by a gold chain around her neck, which seemed to be twisted. As her hand reached up to straighten the chain, I could’nt help but notice the rise and fall of her attractive breasts. Her lips wore a knowing smile, and her eyes said to me, “I like what you are thinking.”

My eyes answered, “I would love to unveil them and worship with my lips.”

“Are you referring to my breasts?” She asked. I nodded, and, with a knowing chuckle, she replied “naughty boy.” But she reached out her hand and beckoned me to come closer. I drifted down to her, and our bodies touched. She put her arms around me, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “You were thinking about something before you went to sleep.”

“Yes” I said “I was thinking about a woman with whom I was talking last night. She told me of a man admiring her breasts and telling her so. He was from Chicago; rode a motorcycle. I was jealous of him, wishing that I could be in the woman’s presence, to talk with her, see her, sense her aura—just be able to see for myself what I’d perceived in her words.”

“I read your thoughts, and have felt your desire.” She said “Would you like me to take you to her?”

I smiled and asked “You can do this?”

“Yes” she said “I can, if you believe and follow me implicitly.”

I nodded, and she took my hand. Her touch filled my body with womb warmth which made me feel secure. Soon, we were moving at great speed above the lights of Los Angeles. I only sensed movement as we sped swiftly over the mountains; we traveled in silence. The moon was full, and as we drifted over the desert I could see the shadows of the

Joshua trees outlined against the pale desert earth.

In a flash, we passed over the gaudy lights of Las Vegas, where I sensed the crush of sinfully joyous humanity. Then, whooshing on, I saw the monuments of the four corners, their shadows casting demonic figures on the sands of the high desert. We swept past the snow capped Rocky Mountains, and then across the flat plains of Kansas. As we passed over The Lake of the Ozarks I saw in the distance the

convergence of two large rivers, which caused me to

face my guide. She turned her raven haired head toward me and smiled, saying “Soon my gentle friend, soon.”

We descended, gliding lower, just above the rooftops, and hovered over a red house in a wood. I feared that she would slam me into the side of the house, but to my surprise, we passed through the walls as if they didn’t exist. We stood in a room hand in hand, my eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness, and I heard the soft sound of sleep-breathing, and the smell of femininity.

My guide embraced me and whispered “Be wonderful to her my friend. She longs to be worshipped” and then she was gone.

I stood beside a bed, looking down. To my surprise the woman in the bed, her head resting on the pillow, was the twin of my guide, but very real. My stomach fluttered as I realized I was in the presence of the tender woman with whom I’d been talking on-line. I stole softly to the edge of the bed and reached out my hand, gently brushing hair from her face.

Her body stirred quietly as I lowered myself to my

knees. Very gently, my fingers touched her cheek,

coursed slowly down her face and, barely touching,

traced up and down the side of her neck. She sighed sensually, as if I’d flipped the switch that opened her desires. I slid my left hand between the pillow and her face, leaned forward and tenderly kissed her lips. I felt them respond oh,such soft pillows! They worked gently against mine.

Her eyes fluttered, then opened, and she stretched her arms, saying “mmmm, I dreamt that someone was kissing me.” Her eyes looked into mine and then she smiled. “Welcome to Missouri my love.”

I was startled that she spoke to me like she was expecting tuzla escort me. How did she know it was me? But then, how could I be here in the first place? This must be a dream. If it were a dream though, I decided I wouldn’t question it, only live within it. I realized that our minds was somehow drifting in the same deep and strongly moving current.

“I was just dreaming about you” she said “You were in an airplane, and were sensually aroused by the sound and movement of the airplane.” She smiled and shook her head.

”You were looking out over the lights of Las Vegas, thinking of the sensual pleasures that were being shared by so many down below.”

“Yes” I said, “I was flying, and I was over Vegas.” I placed my hand on her warm cheek as I continued “It is so strange to me that we were both thinking of each other, and here I am with you.”

My hand was still on her cheek, and she was looking up at me with dreamy eyes that were alive and sparkling. This is to real to be a dream I thought, as I tilted my head

to be parallel with hers, and gazed deeply into her dark pools. Our gazes locked, and I felt my chest begin to heave as her face emanated warmth on my fingertips. I placed my forehead against hers, our gazes still searching deeply. Our noses nuzzled gently, and I felt intoxicated. Her warmth exuded through the thin sheet. I moved my hand slowly, almost imperceptibly beneath it, down her arm to the rise of her hip. Her hand came out from beneath the sheet, and the backs of her fingers moved delicately over my cheek.

A fine succulence emanated from her fingers, and realized that they were moist. My nostrils detected a delicate feminine bouquet that wafted into my senses. As I realized where her marvelous fingers had been and what they had been doing, my nostrils flared and my heart began to thump, knowing that soon my fingers would be exploring the source of her heavenly scent, traveling the sensuous path that would open the petals of her voluptuous flower.

My eyes closed as I moved my right hand from the rise of her hip, and lifted her hand to kiss her fingertips. I savored her taste. Then, moving my left hand from her cheek, I held it lovingly, worshipping its recent sojourn in her luscious garden. Looking into her eyes I opened her hand and kissed the back, Turned it over I kissed her open palm. My teeth nibbled gently and scraped her palm, which caused a tiny sigh, and felt her body move. Placing my lips softly on her wrist I felt the shusshing of blood flowing through her veins, and detected a faint

saltiness beneath her strong femininity. She tasted so good.

Her hips and legs moved when my lips pecked softly up her forearm, signaling that a circuit had been turned on. When my cushioned lips reached the soft inside of her elbow my tongue flicked her delicate skin. She tensed and emitted a catlike “mmmmmmmmmmmm.”

My mind was raced with thoughts of her body. Having only talked with her I had imagined how her breasts formed, how her abdomen rose and fell, moving her navel in and out. I imagined the small soft triangle of curling hairs, pointing the way to the cleft of her large lips, which hid the tiny soft button that I imagined was swelling between her glistening labia.

My manhood began to swell as I continued my tender foreplay. Lifting her arm, exposing her soft armpit, I placed my lips on her tender skin, then licked under her

arm, snuffled my lips and scraped ever so gently with my teeth.

The sheet lay over her partially exposed breast. My eyes feasted on her soft olive flesh, which showed roundness, and the outline of her nipple protruding through white fabric. I felt a sharp sensation to between my legs as my oyster-like testicles flexed slowly up and down. As I continued licking under her arm my hand slid down to the sensual nakedness of her breast, my finger gingerly tracing the line of fabric which covered it. She sucked in, exposing the gap, which my fingers found, and were soon fondling the softness of her ample warm flesh.

She moved her shoulder circularly, inviting me to more satisfying exploration, and my fingers touched the softness of her areola, tracing a circle, which kept narrowing around the protruding nipple. Her body quivered and her hip moved forward as she squeezed her legs together. “Ooooh, Teddy, it is so sensitive.” she gasped in a whisper.

My penis was now fully extended and hard. Looking down I realized tuzla escort bayan that I was dressed in the same attire in which I fell asleep—nothing. I stood, and Lynn’s left hand reached out and grasped my pulsing bulk. Her hand was warm and I felt so comfortable in her grasp. My knees weakened as she began moving the outer skin on my rigid warm shaft. I was afraid of losing control, and strongly flexed my buttocks to seal the passage.

Reaching for the sheet I pulled it back, fully exposing

her marvelous breasts, reddened nipples extending. I lay down beside her, put my right hand over her shoulder and pulled her close to me. Soft warm breasts touched my bare chest, and I marveled at the sensation of her rigid nipples touching my tiny points. Then, I kissed her soft and eager lips.

Wild sensations coursed through my body as our supple lips worked against the other’s. I probed shallowly as her lips parted slightly, running my tongue back and forth along the slit. Her lips continued to knead mine, and with each move her mouth opened wider, allowing my tongue to explore her moist warm cavern. Her tongue met mine and we each explored the other’s soft slickness, over and under, feeling soft velvet and slick bumps. Our breathing became as one. She inhaled through her nose as I exhaled through mine. We were sharing our air like two scuba divers rising from the deep, seeking the release of pressing water. We sought release, but our keys unlocked different treasures.

She was reluctant to release my swollen peninsula into my hand, so I began massaging her back with my hands as she

threw her left leg over my hip. At the same instant she

rubbed the smooth tight head of my penis along the flowing groove of her vulva, my sensitive head gliding thru her warm, moist, female essence. Her hand guided me until the my head completed the socket of the passageway to her inner pleasures; It was marvelous. I pressed forward gently as my tapered head spread her vaginal sphincter and I felt her begin to open. Then, I felt it close around the ridge of my glans as it completed the socket.

She began squeezing me in her vaginal ring, and I felt a marvelous warmth starting from my balls, then spreading throughout my body. I pushed in a little further, hoping that she could feel me against her g-spot, began undulating, and pushing in, using small strokes, moving in and out. From the delighted sighs I heard, coming deep from within, I thought I hit the spot. I moved in short thrusts as she matched me. At the same time she was still stroking me with her hands, every now and then reaching for my balls and squeezing them gently. All of a sudden her vagina tightened in a spasm, and I heard her escaping breath. As her body relaxed I felt a warmth surrounding my drum tight head. Her tightness eased, and my thrusting produced a slurping sound caused by her ejaculate, as it leaked past the loosened seal.

In a calculated, yet playful turn of my body, she

easily rolled over as I popped out of her bountiful pussy. She was now on top of me, still holding my engorged shaft tightly within her. I knew that she wanted us to taste each other. So, reversing her position she straddled me, and I saw her rounded buttocks moving toward me. As she lowered I heard the tiny click as her wet labia parted. Her ejaculate dripped, and three drops landed between my lip and nose. The fragrance was redolent with her female aroma. My breath quickened with excited expectation, as I sniffed to inhale its rich musk. Her clitoris glistened in the moonlight which shinned through the window. Round and swollen, it reminded me of a tiny pearl. I knew that the nectar I would taste would be exquisitely sweet.

As her soft labia touched my lips I began to suckle her hanging lobes. My body jumped as if stimulated by an electrical shock. Her tongue probed my tiny hole which oozed it’s clear sweetness. As I sucked her labia between my lips her hips began to undulate. At the same time my sensitive cock felt her tongue coating it’s head with my flowing precum.

Now my tongue traveled moistly along her slick groove. She rocked back to bring her pulsing clitoris within range. My tongue slid along her groove, bumped past her vaginal tunnel and regained the track as it finally touched the tip of her expectant bud, which peeked hopefully out of it’s

protecting hood. Tips touched and she winced elegantly, as my tongue found escort tuzla the fold of her hood, and circled. She took three inches of my rigid cock into her mouth and began circling with her tongue. Both of us squeezed our feelings into our tongues, hoping to bring exquisite pleasure to our lover. We breathed in primal rhythms as if the combination of our breath and our tongues would produce the secret rapture that we’d both longed for. As my tongue traveled round and around her clitoris, my chin became soaked with the honey of her pussy.

Closing my eyes I concentrated my feelings into my

tongue, probing for the nerve endings that would

shock her in to spasms of pleasure. Patiently I

guided my tongue slowly up one side, and down the other,

pressing in and up at the bottom, moving inward with

gentle pressure. I felt the velvet of the top of my

tongue titillate her tiny tip, swishing it back and

forth. I heard an ecstatic sigh come from her mouth, muted by the fullness of my swollen cock that stroked deeply inside her oral cavity. As her hips moved swiftly back and forth I to scrape both sides of her clitoris ever so gently with my teeth. This seemed to increase her rhythm. At the same time she sucked my penis deeply into her mouth.

As she came down on me I could feel the head of my cock

touching her soft pallet. Her movement was fast;

my penis was moving rapidly in and out of her mouth.

Her lips held me tight, and I knew that I could take

this no longer, whispering urgently, “Lynn,stop! I’m

getting ready to come, and can’t hold back any longer.”

I heard muffled laughter as she sucked me faster, and rapidly moved the loose skin of my cock up and down. I opened my mouth and started moving my lips wildly on her sodden pussy, wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible.

Suddenly, an explosion went off in my head, and I

saw a bright light as my prostate released the pressure. A long stream of warm semen shot into her mouth. I was

ecstatic. Does she know that this is heaven for me? I thought. She kept sucking, causing another, but smaller stream to squirt into her mouth again. How can I show her my pleasure? My lips pressed against her labia, and my tongue found the passage to her vagina. Puckering, like a trumpet player, I blew with great force, filling her pocket with air, ballooning her. Air began to escape past my lips with the pressure, and I sucked in harder,collapsing her walls tightly against each other. I kept repeating this in rapid succession as she kept moving my cock in and out of her mouth. She undulated her hips, her legs quivering, as my prostate forced it’s last and smallest stream into her mouth, which gurgled slightly with the semen in her throat. My prostate kept pumping. but nothing came out. Lynn’s body

began to settle on mine. I felt her nipples touch me, and her breasts compress on my stomach. She kept licking and sucking me gently, saying “uummm, uummm.”

My mouth slid off of Lynn’s pussy, my face wet with her flow. I gasped, “Oh, God Lynn, thank you; you are wonderful!”

She sighed “hmmmmm”, as her face settled on my thighs. Our breathing came in waves, subsiding as we both settled

into each other’s body, awash in warmth. I thought

to myself, “Wow! This is such and adventure. I hope she is enjoying it as much as I.”

We lay unmoving. The flush of my face was subsiding as my skin began to cool and dry. But the scent of Lynn’s womanly “perfume” still emanated. I breathed in deeply to confirm that her aroma was still with me. Lynn’s weight was growing heavy upon me. I thought she was sleeping, then I winced in pleasure as I felt goose bumps rising on my arms from the cool air being blown on my penis and testicles. Her face nestled on my thighs. The soft blowing continued up and down the length of my partially softened penis and around my balls. Comically, I thought with a chuckle So finally, I’m getting a blow job.

“What?” Lynn wondered “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, I was just thinking; I never understood why everybody calls it a blow job, when it is really a suck job…or, even, a suck and lick job.” “Silly” I heard Lynn say softly, feeling her tongue flick the head of my cock.

“Lynn, I have to get out from under you Babe” I said “I’m starting to have a hard time breathing.”

She sucked my head into her mouth hard and then pulled her mouth off with a “pop!” “Well, see if I give you a suck/lick job again”, she chuckled, then rolled over on her back, her arm hitting the bed with a flop in an exaggerated movement.

end of part I

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