A Dutch Treat


There was just something about her. From all the way across the crowded reception hall, she caught Larry’s eye. Larry had been thinking about cutting out early. He had been invited to the wedding of a friend of a friend mostly to be a “seat-filler” he thought. Or to even up the number of unattached males to females. But it seemed that most of the ladies had “paired off” with other guys and, with no promising prospects in sight, he was ready to head out. Until he saw her.

Larry walked the long way around the large room until he was behind the lady in question. She had her brown hair up in a style that revealed a delicious-looking neck. But Larry was having a hard time getting a sense of her body. She wore a long pale-blue cocktail dress with a jacket or blazer over it. It looked odd from across the room and looked odd now that he was almost directly behind her. She was not very tall, maybe 5’1″ or 5’2″ compared to Larry’s 6’2″. As she stood at the edge of a group of couples, she was swaying to the music in a way that confirmed Larry’s long-distance appraisal that she had a pretty face. But that body. Larry surveyed up and down and couldn’t get a read.

“Take a picture. It will last longer,” a voice intoned.

Startled, Larry looked up and the mysterious lady had caught him “sizing her up”. He blushed and looked at the floor sheepishly.

“What’s the matter? Did I embarrass you? I didn’t mean to. That’s just something I say when I notice someone looking at me,” she said with a funny smile.

“I’m Larry. Sorry if I was staring,” he managed to say softly.

“Denice. And it’s really ok. I’m flattered, with all the pretty girls that are here tonight,” she said.

Denice had a vaguely foreign accent that Larry couldn’t place. He was becoming more and more interested in her. He decided against leaving and asked Denice to dance. The DJ had just put on a slow song.

“I’m really not much of a dancer. I’m kind of clumsy, I guess. But if you want stand in one place and sway, I’m game,” Denice said with a smile.

Larry took her by the hand and they found an empty corner of the dance-floor. He took her in his arms and began to get a sense of Denice’s body. She was stacked! His hand sank into the loosely hanging fabric of the blazer until it found her waist, which seemed tiny and flared out to what Larry assumed were nicely-rounded hips. As they swayed he held her just close enough that her bust brushed against his chest, or rather his mid-section. Larry tried not to grope his new friend and played it as cool as his sudden excitement allowed. Soon the slow number was over and they fled the dance floor before the manic “club music” became too loud.

They tried to talk over the din, but it was futile. Larry took her by the hand and led her outside. The evening was warm and quiet.

“This is much better,” Larry said as he smiled at Denice.

“Oh yes. It was too noisy and kind of stuffy çeşme escort in there,” she agreed. She looked up at the stars and slowly turned away from Larry. He watched her as she slowly spun around looking skyward. As she did, she unbuttoned and slipped off her blazer. Larry’s jaw dropped.

Denice looked at Larry and saw him staring. It was her turn to blush. When she finally caught his eye, they giggled like children.

“Yeah, you see why I try to cover up,” Denice admitted. “It’s either that or wear big, baggy, sweaters. And in the summer that really doesn’t work.”

“Wow,” was all that Larry could get out. “Denice, you’re gorgeous! Are you a model or something?”

“A model? Me? No! Models are tall and statuesque. I’m too short and not the shape for modeling,” Denice said, flattered.

In the clingy cocktail dress, Denice cut a remarkable figure. If she wasn’t built for modeling, she was built to impress any red-blooded male. Although the dress was not cut low, her huge breasts strained the fabric. Her waist tapered to an impossibly tiny proportion and her hips completed a perfectly symmetrical hour-glass figure. Larry was drinking in the vision before him.

“I don’t like the way I look. I bloomed early. It was a pain having grown men whistle and cat-call at me when I was still in high school. And the boys assumed I was a whore. It’s ironic that I never dated because they all thought I was a slut. Isn’t that crazy?”

“I’m sorry, Denice. I don’t mean to stare. It’s just that you look like you stepped out of one of my dreams, honestly,” Larry was trying to make her feel at ease. He didn’t want her to leave.

“Well, I haven’t told many people this, but my parents were worried by my early development and took me to doctors. I ended up on all kinds of hormone therapy that, well, didn’t help. Not that I know what they were trying to do. Reverse my puberty, I guess,” Denice looked back up at the stars.

“It doesn’t look like they did any harm. I mean, that is, you are beautiful,” Larry gushed.

“Let’s go somewhere private, Larry,” Denice said with a smile.

Larry walked her to his car and they drove back to his apartment. Once inside, Larry put on some quiet music and poured two glasses of wine. On the sofa, they sat close together and talked. They became comfortable with each other as they talked about their lives. Denice was from the Netherlands, explaining her accent. Larry told her about his long engagement that had ended six months before and left him reluctant to date again.

“I need to excuse myself, Larry,” she said.

“Yes, the wine goes right through me too,” he joked.

“No, it’s not that. It’s, well, one of the side-effects of the hormones,” Denice offered.

Larry looked confused. Denice sighed and seemed to think about whether she should say more.

“My body thinks I’m pregnant. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s escort çeşme true. I’ve been off those damned drugs for years now, but that’s the truth. I can’t get pregnant and my breasts…produce…well, milk, like a cow or something,” Denice was becoming upset.

Larry held her hand softly and tried to comfort her.

“That’s why I wear a jacket or a sweater everywhere I go all year around. I don’t want to leak through. I even use these.”

She reached down the neck of her gown and pulled out a round, white cotton pad. She handed it to Larry. It was soaking wet. Instinctively, he licked the tip of his index finger and tasted the sweet, sticky liquid. He didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll be right back,” Denice said as she grabbed her purse and walked quickly to the bathroom.

As Larry sat on the sofa holding the wet cotton pad, he became aware of how aroused he was. His cock was as hard as it could get given the boxers and slacks he was wearing. He looked at the pad and brought it to his lips. He sucked on it and tasted the sweet milk. He pictured the gorgeous Denice with her outrageous curvy, figure sitting next to him naked, her breasts leaking white droplets of this nectar.

Denice returned to the sofa.

“I should probably go home and take care of this. I was thinking about leaving the party when we started talking and kind of forgot I’d need to deal with this. I have to pump two or three times a day. It gets painful, aside from the…leaking,” she said.

“Is there anything I can do to help? I don’t want you to leave.” Larry asked, once again holding her hand.

Their eyes locked. In a moment volumes were spoken without a word. They moved close together and kissed deeply. It was like a dam had broken and they each kissed the other with a longing that surprised them both. Neither one knew if it was more love or lust, but they only wanted to be together.

“Yes, Larry. There is something you can do,” Denice said and stood before him.

She reached behind herself to unzip the dress. It loosen on her amazing frame and then fell to the floor. As she stepped out of her heels, she was wearing only a white thong and a heavy-duty white lace bra. She reached behind herself and it loosen and fell to the floor. Larry gasped but didn’t move. Denice’s breasts were huge round orbs of palest white. They stood out from her chest in their fullness at once defying and yielding to the law of gravity. Larry couldn’t guess at the size. Each seemed as big as her head. As pale as the skin of her breasts was, her nipples were a deep pinkish-purple. They aureole were drawn up tightly around each long, thick nub. Larry felt his lips pucker instinctively. She sat back down and took Larry’s head in her hands until he laid across her lap. He wrapped his arms around her and gently moved his mouth to cover her enormous left nipple.

Denice cupped her huge left breast with one çeşme escort bayan hand and cradled Larry’s head with the other. She felt him gently latch on and immediately felt a massive “letting down” as the milk that had been building up in her breasts began to flow. Larry sucked and suckled and swallowed the sweet, warm milk. His lips and tongue tugged and pulled in a rhythmic pumping that made Denice moan softly.

“Suck harder,” she whispered in Larry’s ear. And she felt him increase the suction and pull even harder on the the thick teat. As her breast pulsed and warmed to Larry’s attention, Denice felt a dull ache deep inside her pussy. The more Larry suckled, the more her clit began to tingle and stiffen. She moaned reflexively and rubbed her thighs together. She could feel how wet her pussy was.

“Oh, Larry, it feels so good. I needed this so badly. Please suck the other one now,” Denice whispered with carnal urgency. Larry cupped the other gigantic breast and moved his attentions to its hugely engorged nipple. Denice moved one hand to her pussy and rubbed the warm outer lips through her thong. She ran her other hand along Larry’s body to the aching hardness in his pants.

As Larry sucked deeply on her other breast and its milk fairly poured into his hungry mouth, he felt Denice free his cock to fully stiffen and stroke its newly freed length. Larry moaned around her fleshy breast, not breaking contact or slowing his suckling frenzy. Looking down at Larry as he fed on her bounteous breasts, Denice’s fingers pushed her thong aside and rubbed her stiff clitoris. She dipped a finger into her hot, wet, pussy and pumped it in time to Larry’s sucking. As she felt him brush his teeth against her huge, thick nipple, she cried out and felt her pussy explode in a gush of wetness. Her hand stroked and jacked his thick cock. Larry’s hips began to buck instinctively. He was building to a huge climax. Denice’s hips jerked and spasmed as her pussy convulsed around her finger.

She pushed Larry away and in an animal voice growled at him, “Fuck me now. Shove that hard cock in me now!”

Larry pulled away so that he could push Denice’s legs apart then, still wearing his clothes, shoved his exposed cock past her thong deeply burying it in her still-coming cunt. He pumped his man-meat into her hard and deep. Denice’s eyes glazed over as her cunt exploded again, flooding with her juices. She saw Larry looming above her. He was snarling as he pumped his cock violently into her. She reached down to hold her enormous tits and pumped still more milk from them. Needle-like jets of the warm, sticky milk arced up at Larry as his cock exploded pumping a massive cumload deep into Denice’s hungry pussy. Larry shouted and grunted as he bucked and pumped his cock into her until he was spent. He fell beside her.

They lay together for hours, dozing and rousing. When the morning finally came, she looked into each other’s eyes.

“You said you have to pump two or three times a day?” he asked.

“Sometimes more,” she said. “In fact I can feel they need some attention even now.”

“Well, I’m ready to give them all the attention they’ll ever need,” he said as his mouth closed around a thick nipple.

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