A Favor For A Friend


I was asked by a friend to write about a particular experience. Note that this is not really erotica, it does not describe graphic sex acts in detail. That’s not what it’s about. If that’s what you’re looking for here you will be disappointed.

I knew him but didn’t know her. He and I had run into each other at a few parties and struck up a friendship, as you do in this lifestyle. At the end of one event as we were about to leave he asked if we could chat later that week about something. He explained that he had an idea, an opportunity for me maybe, and he would like to talk about it. We exchanged contact information and I did indeed hear from him almost a week later.

In his email he explained that he is married, his wife doesn’t play and doesn’t know about what he gets up to. He went on to say that they had talked about playing but she was very shy, reserved and nervous about the whole thing. He could tell that the idea excited her but he knew that she could never get past her shyness enough to actually do anything. He felt a bit guilty about having his fun and her having none. He had thought about this for years and, because he could tell that the idea really excited her, he wanted to find a way to make it happen for her. He said he had an idea that maybe I could help him with if I was interested.

The photos he had attached to the email were “G Rated” shots of his wife, a lovely looking lady with beautiful curves. Typical soccer mom type.

I fired off a reply and told him that yes, I was interested in hearing more. It was obvious that he was treating this as a request of friendship, if that makes sense. I could tell that he was sincere about wanting to do something for her, but I didn’t yet know just what. He was making this about her and, well, he had me wanting to help.

In his next email he explained that they had talked about what could happen. Because she was so shy and nervous about it she was going to need things to happen a certain way and he was willing to accommodate if I was.

She didn’t want to meet me beforehand or know anything about me. She trusted his judgment of me and said that she was willing to be with whoever he deemed worthy and safe. The idea was that he would take the kids to his parents one night but, on his way out of town, would meet me to give me a key to his house. It would be locked, secure with her inside, waiting for me. I would enter the house, go to their room and find her naked in bed. She wanted me to get into the bed with her and simply lead the way. They had agreed that afterward it would not be discussed between them unless she brought it up and that I was to consider it a one time thing unless she specifically decided otherwise later.

I pondered this for a day before sending pendik escort my reply. Although I have really enjoyed myself in this lifestyle and have only had a couple of experiences that were, shall we say, less that optimal, I wanted to be careful. It was important to me that she indeed wanted this of her own free will and I would feel most comfortable knowing that. With all respect for her shyness I would need her to talk to me when I entered the room, to tell me that she wanted me to fuck her. I explained that in my reply and said that I knew just what a big deal this was for her, me being the only other man she will have been with in 15 years. I wasn’t taking this lightly and wanted to be sure to get it right, to make sure that she enjoyed the experience.

A day later I had a reply from him. He said that he had explained all of this to her and she really liked the idea. But, she needed time to think about actually doing it. He went on to say that he was confident it would happened because just talking about it with her had her so wound up they had the best sex in years. He attached a couple of photos that were much more revealing, “R Rated” if you will, and they certainly excited me.

Two weeks went buy with nothing new from him. It was expected as it was summer and everyone was busy. And she had said she needed time to think about it. So I was in no rush. I figured that even if it didn’t happen at least the two of them were fucking like newlyweds after talking about the idea and I was just happy to have been a part of getting them to that state.

Eventually I got a text from him asking if I was available that Friday night. With a quick juggle of my schedule I made myself free that night and replied to his text. His reply was swift and he told me he would contact me Friday morning to let me know where and when to meet him. Obviously he was excited.

Friday came and I was still not certain it would happen. After all, he had done a good job explaining how shy she is so I knew she might change her mind at any moment. And that would be ok, I would totally understand. Mid-morning I got a text from him asking if I could meet at a certain fast food place that evening at five thirty, just after work. He said I would get the key then but that I was not to go to the house until 7 pm and he asked if that would be ok. I replied that it was.

Quitting time came and I drove to the restaurant and parked my truck to wait. Eventually he arrived, parked, and brought the key to me. He apologized for being in a rush but he had the kids in the car and was trying to be discreet. I laughed and explained that I understood. His smile was broad, obvious how excited he was that this was finally happening for her. I assured him that I would take good care of escort pendik her.

After he left I had some time to kill so I got dinner and ran a few errands. Just as I was about to head in the direction of their house I got a text from him. Seeing it was from him I half expected it to be a message telling me she had gotten cold feet. Instead I was thrilled to read that she had told him she’s ready now and that I could come over any time.

When I arrived in their neighborhood I found their house and then drove about another block down the street and parked. It’s all part of being discreet. I walked back to the house and, using the key he had given me, let myself in. The layout of the house made it obvious which direction to go to find the master suite so I closed and locked the front door, set the key on the table next to the door, and wasted no time walking down the hall. All of the doors down the hall were open except the one at the very end, again making it obvious which was the master.

Until I got to the door I hadn’t considered if I should knock or simply enter. There was a brief moment of contemplation before I took the knob in hand, gave it a twist, and entered as if I owned the place. The room, having the curtains drawn, was dimly lit by a candle flickering away on the dresser at my right. In front of me was a king size bed that obviously contained someone laying on her side. Soft music was playing in the background. Otherwise things were very calm and still.

I called her by name. She replied by telling me that she wanted me to get naked and join her in the bed. I quietly did exactly that, without rushing but without delay. As I spooned up behind her, putting my arm over her naked body and drawing her to me, I felt her warmth. Warm but covered in goosebumps. She seemed to relax a little, even pressing herself into me. For a moment or two I simply enjoyed the feel of this beautiful woman next to me and gave her time to get somewhat comfortable with having a new man, a stranger, next to her in her bed. But not too much time, I didn’t want her to begin the process of second guessing and second thoughts.

I began to caress her, slowly bringing my hand down to her hip. My fingertips were about to begin their journey when I softly asked if she was ready for this. She said she was. I kissed her neck and told her that I was glad that she was ready because I had been wanting her for a long time. Feeling her body respond to my kissing and caressing was fantastic and I allowed myself to indulge in that for a bit before asking her what she wanted. She knew this was what had been discussed. With only a slight hesitation she told me that she wanted me to fuck her.

So you already know that I don’t write the erotica portion of these things. pendik escort bayan Maybe I should, but that isn’t the point of what I’m writing here. If you feel slighted by this, drop me a message and let’s talk. Otherwise, I’ll skip this bit and get back to the story at hand.

Although I had assumed that she would want this to be brief, considering how shy and nervous she was, it was anything but. In the wee hours of the morning, after we had begun to drift off to sleep, I felt the need to pee and thought that might be the appropriate point to go home. As I eased out of bed she woke again and asked if I was leaving. I told her I needed the toilet before I go but that I could stay if she wished. I didn’t wait for a reply.

When I returned from the bathroom I found her laying in the bed looking at me with what can only be described as the grin of a very satisfied woman. She lifted up the sheets and asked me to please stay. I crawled back into bed with her and we wore ourselves out again before drifting into a sound sleep.

Around noon that day, having been well fed and having gotten well acquainted with this lovely lady, it was time for me to return to “my other life”. Just as I started my truck for the drive home I received a text from my friend. He said his wife had texted him the “all clear” and that he was heading home. He asked how it went. Knowing that they didn’t want to discuss this too much I kept my reply to a simple explanation that it had gone extremely well, in my humble opinion, and that I was just now starting my drive home. He sent a reply thanking me and telling me he would be in touch in a few days.

It was just over a week before I heard from him again, a text telling me to check my email. I promptly did so and saw a lengthy (for him) email. In it he started by thanking me for helping to make this fantasy come true for both of them. He apologized for taking so long to contact me again. He explained that although they would not be discussing the details of what had occurred, they had talked about the fact that it had happened. Apparently she found the whole thing to be ideal, she was thrilled with what had happened and how it had happened. He was thrilled that she got to experience it and now felt much less guilt because he had had his fun but now she had too. By the time I reached the end of his email I was even more thrilled to have been a part of this and was so happy for them both that it almost brought me to tears. But I very much had the impression that he was telling me this was a one time thing, and I was very much ok with that as I was so happy for them.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Just days later I got a text from him asking me when I could be available for her again. Eventually she became comfortable enough with me to contact me directly. Over the years we have continued as lovers. Not often, but when we can and when it seems right. I’m just as thrilled to be a part of what makes them both happy as they seem to be with me.

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