A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 03


Bahamas, Day 2 – Sunday

Jessica and I woke up the following morning with the sun risen in the sky, casting in warm light through the silk curtains draped over the sliding glass door that leads to our balcony. I wake up and make two cups of coffee, hand one to Jessica, and we head to the balcony to enjoy the oceanfront view while we enjoy our morning beverage.

“This place is beautiful, honey,” Jessica tells me, “I can’t imagine a better person I could spend this time with.”

“I agree. I love you.” I tell her, leaning in to give her a kiss. Our lips meet, we exchange our love, and lean back in our patio chairs and bask in the sunlight for an hour or so, waking up with some help from the coffee.

We both take a shower, get dressed and prepared for the day. We wander out of our rooms and took a cab down West Bay St. into downtown Nassau, wanting to see the sights and do the standard tourist stuff. We wander into a few local touristy shops with the standard local knick-knacks, Jessica picking up a lovely, flowing wrap skirt, a new white silk blouse, and some summer sandals. I found a simple pair of flip-flops, a new pair of board shorts, and a nice short-sleeved button-up. After we completed our curio shopping, we decided to stop at a local restaurant for some lunch.

We decided on the Lukka Kairi, a local restaurant overlooking historic Nassau Harbor, specializing in authentic Bahamian cuisine. We were seated on the second floor next to the balcony. We ordered two mojitos and the cracked conch sliders for a light appetizer, and sat back together and watched the hustle and bustle of the street below. We enjoyed the view and drinks for a couple hours, payed our bill, and wandered back down to West Bay St. and strolled up the road to the Versailles Gardens.

The Gardens are on the grounds of a stone monastery built by French monks in the 13th century. The area surrounding it has been landscaped with stone terraces and beautifully landscaped terrain, making it a prime location for weddings and celebrations, as well as a focal point for photographers and tourists such as ourselves.

We wandered through the gardens for a few hours, enjoying the sights and sounds. Once we had seen all we wanted, it was approaching dusk, and decided to head back to the hotel for dinner and perhaps go to a club for some dancing. We stopped by a local mini-mart and picked up some beer as well as a bottle of vodka and some energy drinks. After dropping off the purchases of the day in our hotel room, we went to a restaurant that looked good, got shown to our table, and ordered drinks. We ate some very delicious appetizers and main course, then went back to our room to change and get ready for the club. I decided to wear some nice khaki pants and the new button down I purchased earlier in the day. I was sitting on the bed, waiting for Jessica to finish getting ready, when she came out of the bathroom.

“Do you like it?” She asked me.

She was wearing a tight black dress, long enough to cover her thighs (mostly), showing off every curve, hugging her perfect breasts, with thin straps over her shoulders accentuating her smooth neckline.

“Wow. You look beautiful. You will demand attention wherever we go.” I told her.

“Thank you. Shall we head out?”

We left the hotel and walked down to the nightclub. The club was playing modern hip-hop music. It had a good beat, the lighting was subtle, and everyone inside was having a good time. We ordered drinks and found a standing table, where we sipped our drinks while we started to feel the vibe of the club.

A few minutes go by, and the drinks from dinner are starting to kick in. I can feel Jessica started to loosen up, as well as myself. We both start swaying to the beat, with our hips getting closer and closer. Jessica proceeds to grab my hand and lead me to the dance floor, where we enjoyed our time for a few songs. After a few songs, we proceeded to the bar where we ordered a couple more drinks (both having beers) and found a standing table right next to the dance floor.

While working on our drinks, Jessica seemed to have her attention being taken by someone on the dance floor. A beautiful woman of about 5’6″, maybe 110 pounds, with curly dark brown hair and lighter complexion, was staring at my girlfriend, smiling discreetly and gyrating her hips. I could tell right away that this woman knew what she was doing, as she was approached by several men in the few minutes Jessica and I watched, and she did not break eye contact with Jessica nor acknowledge the presence of any man who sought her attention.

Jessica finished her beer, gave me a quick glance, making eye contact and giving me a slight smirk, kissed me on the cheek, and proceeded to the dance floor. I stood where I was, watching her move through the crowd and walk right up to the dark-haired woman. Jessica began dancing with this woman, getting closer and closer with each passing minute.

Three songs passed, and the DJ commented that the music would be transitioning from pendik escort hip-hop to EDM after the next song. Jessica was already pressing her body against the dark-haired woman, and the woman pressing against Jessica, their legs between each other’s, arms brushing each other’s exposed skin.

Once the hip-hop music had finished, the DJ took a short intermission, and Jessica and the dark-haired woman walked back to the table I was standing at. I proceeded to the bar, ordered three drinks (beer for Jessica and I, the dark-haired woman a vodka-Red Bull), and went back to the table.

“Baby, this is Rey.” Jessica announced as I returned.

“Pleasure to meet you. Jason.” I said while reaching out to shake Rey’s hand.

Rey took my hand, squeezed tight, and pulled me close, wrapping her arms around me saying, “Oh honey, this is the Caribbean! We give hugs, not handshakes!”

Jessica looked at my face as I gave an awkward expression, not ready for this bold move from a complete stranger. I saw a smile growing on Jessica’s face, allowing me to relax and go with the flow.

Jessica, Rey and I chatted for a couple minutes, and once the EDM music started up, we finished our drinks and headed to the dance floor to enjoy the evening.

Jessica spent most of her attention on Rey, facing her and chatting in her ear. I was unable to hear this talk as the music was loud. While this chatter was happening, Jessica was grinding her ass on me, waking up my cock. This went on for song after song, with Jessica and Rey getting closer and closer, and hands exploring each other’s bodies. After we all had enough dancing, we proceeded out of the club and onto the deck so we could have a few more drinks and get to know each other.

We sat down at a table overlooking the beach, with house lights shining out towards the sea. The sun had set hours ago, and the stars were shining bright in the cool night sky.

“So, Rey, how did you find your way here?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, I live just up the road. I come to this club every now and then. The DJ is my brother.”

“Very cool! What is it like living in paradise?” I asked.

“Are we really here to make small talk?” Rey said with a grin. Apparently, she had ulterior motives.

“I guess not?” I said, confused. I was not sure what was going on, but it seemed like Jessica and Rey were plotting something.

Jessica and Rey giggled, stood up, and they both moved towards me, sitting in my lap, one on each leg. Jessica moved in close, kissed me on my cheek, and whispered in my ear “how about it, baby? Want to have fun with this one?”

I snapped my head to look at Jessica in the eyes and caught a quick wink. She smiled, and with that, I relaxed a little in my chair. Jessica and Rey, as if choreographed, both placed their hands on my shoulders and leaned in to kiss my cheeks. My blood began flowing, and my cock twitched in my khakis. Am I really about to have a threesome in Paradise?

“Let’s head back to our room. Get more comfortable.” Jessica announced.

We strolled back to our room, winding through the beautiful walking path lined with ponds and palm trees. Jessica and Rey walked in front of me, holding hands and giggling. “looks like she found a new friend,” I told myself, as I watched them stroll down the path, their hips swaying smoothly with every step. Rey’s dress, a white, flowy sundress, flowed in the light breeze, with the occasional small gust blowing the back of the dress up, exposing her white panties. Jessica’s dress, being tight-fitting, began to ride up her hips, exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks.

As we approached the room, I stepped in front of the women to unlock and open the door. Once inside, I proceeded to the kitchen area to get some drinks, Jessica went to put on some music, and Rey sat down on the bed. After handing the ladies their drinks, I sat down in the chair and began working on my beer.

Jessica found a local radio station that was playing some smooth, mellow music, with a good beat. After deciding on the station, Jessica looked over at Rey, smiled, and moved over towards her, swaying her hips. Jessica turned around and started backing her ass into Rey’s lap, gyrating her hip in a seductive manner. Rey placed her hands on Jessica’s hips, following Jessica’s movements. Jessica leaned back into Rey, grabbed her hands, and guided them from her hips, up her sides, over her breasts, and back down. She then released Rey’s hands and slid her own hands behind her, sliding her hands around Rey’s neck.

As I watched the lap dance in front of me, I could not help but get very hard. Watching the love of my life grinding on another woman turned me on so much.

Jessica stood up and reached her hands out, an offering to Rey. Rey took her hands and stood up, letting go of one hand, and both women turned to face me. They began to slowly move towards me, an angel and a devil approaching me. Jessica was the first to get close, and as she did, she pushed me back into my chair and climbed on top of me, escort pendik grinding her hips into my lap. Rey reached me next, placing one hand on my shoulder, moved behind me, placed her other hand on my shoulder, and began to caress my upper body.

Rey made eye contact with Jessica, and at this, Jessica stood up, turned around, and looked back at me. Jessica slipped one strap of her dress off her shoulder, then the other, pulled the dress below her tits, and wiggled her hips back and forth, sliding the dress down her body. As she pushed the dress down, Jessica started to bend over, allowing me a full view of her perfectly shaped ass. It was at this point I realized she was not wearing any panties, which make the events from the club even hotter.

Completely naked, Jessica turned around, dropped to her knees, and reached her hand toward my pants, caressing my legs as she made her way there. She unbuttoned my khakis, slid her hands up underneath my shirt, and Rey followed by pulling my shirt from the top until it was removed. Rey moved around to the front, facing me, and removed her dress straps from her shoulders, allowing the dress to slide off her body, exposing her round and firm 36C breasts and white panties.

At this point, I am started to breathe hard, very turned on by the events. Jessica began to pull on my Khakis, sliding them down and off my legs. My cock was poking through the opening in my boxers, which immediately caught Rey’s attention.

“Oh my, that is impressive,” said Rey as she slid between Jessica and I, turned around, and sat down on my lap, grinding her panties-covered ass onto my now exposed cock. Jessica stood up in front of Rey and began to fondle Rey’s breasts as Rey reached out and grabbed Jessica’s hips and pulled her in closer. Jessica and Rey started making out while Rey continued to grind on my cock. Pre-cum had already started oozing out of my dick onto Rey’s ass.

Rey pushed back on Jessica and stood up, then turned around and knelt in front of me, with Jessica following suit. They both began to grab at my boxers, sliding them down and off, leaving me fully naked and exposed. The two gorgeous women ran their hands up either leg of mine, and once they reached my cock, Jessica wrapped one hand around and Rey moved one down, cupping my balls. Jessica moved her thumb around my head, and with the pre-cum I had already released, started spreading it around, using it as lube. I was in pure heaven.

Rey whispered something to Jessica, and Jessica gave a slight giggle then nodded her head. Jessica then proceeded to stand up and climb on top of me again, this time not sitting on my lap, but instead stood on the edges of the chair and brought her shaved pussy to my face. I knew what needed to be done next, and at that, I moved my mouth towards her lips and began to gently lick up and down her slit, tasting all her sweet juices. I placed my hands on Jessica’s ass and pulled her in closer, burying my face in her snatch.

Rey moved her hands from my balls, spit into her hand, and then wrapped her hand around my cock tightly, sliding up and down very slowly. Her pace kept deliberately slow for a couple minutes, then suddenly I felt something wrapping around my cock that was not her hand.

I pulled Jessica off my mouth a little bit and looked down to see Rey’s mouth pulling my cock inside. I then pulled Jessica back to me and gave a little moan of pleasure. This caused Jessica to moan and caused me to increase my speed and focus more on Jessica’s clit. Jessica was starting to moan more frequently and breathe deeper. I could feel Jessica building to an orgasm, which was causing me to build to one. I called for Jessica to step back, causing Rey to remove her mouth from my cock, and moved Jessica over to the bed, lying her down on her back. I then grabbed Rey’s hand, and guided her to the bed as well, and laid her down on her back, right next to Jessica.

I positioned myself on my knees in front of Rey, my arms moving up her legs to grab her panties and pull them off. While moving, I noticed a very wet spot between her legs, which nearly made me lose it. I reached the waistbands of her panties and pulled down and she pivoted her hips upwards. This freed her panties from her waist and allowed me a full view of her pussy, glistening with wetness.

“He does some amazing work down there. You are in for a treat,” Jessica said to Rey.

“Sounds wonderful. It has been too long since a man has gone down on me.” Said Rey to Jessica.

I began to move my head towards Rey’s pussy, kissing my way up, licking her inner thigh. Once I reached her mound, I slid my tongue from above her clit down to her hole. Rey let out a moan of pleasure at this one move, and in reaction, I slid my tongue inside her and out, then back up to her clit.

“Oh my god!” Rey exclaimed. Apparently, it had been a while.

Jessica shifted onto her side and moved one hand over to Rey and began to caress her body, sliding her fingertips down her side, over to her belly button, and up pendik escort bayan her stomach, breasts, and neck. She traced one finger around her lips, and Rey opened her mouth and pulled one finger in with her tongue. Rey sucked on Jessica’s finger, and Jessica pulled her finger out and used the saliva to lube up Rey’s nipple, sliding her finger around the areola and then pinching her nipple between her finger and thumb.

Rey began to moan very loudly in between her heavy breathing. Rey moved her hand to behind Jessica’s neck and pulled her in to a passionate kiss.

They both made out while I continued my work down on Rey, sliding my tongue around and around, and moving my hand up and sliding one finger into Rey’s pussy. I then moved my other hand up Jessica’s leg, past her thigh, and slid one finger inside Jessica and moved my thumb to her clit. This caused both women to moan into each other’s mouths, and very soon after, both women were nearing the edge of orgasm. I sped up my movements on both pussies, and both women began to moan and scream. Jessica was the first to orgasm, with her hips pressing down and her back arching, convulsing with wave after wave of pleasure. Rey was the next to release, her body arching forward as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, her body curling up in ecstasy.

I slowed my movements and eventually came to a stop, allowing the women to catch their breath. Both Jessica and Rey melted into the bed, so I stood up and took a step back to enjoy the view. Two beautiful naked women lying, legs open, on the bed in front of me. My cock had softened for the last few minutes, as I was focused on the job at hand, but at the sight of these women, immediately grew hard again.

“Was it what you hoped for?” Jessica asked Rey while catching her breath.

“God damn! I haven’t come that hard in… well ever! Jesus Christ, that was intense!”

“Well take a few minutes and recoup while I fuck my man. I see another orgasm in your near future.”

At that, Jessica reached out, grabbed my hand, and pulled me onto the bed, hopping on top of me. She grabbed my cock with her hand and sat up, positioning my cock to her opening. She then lowered herself onto my cock, sliding me deep inside her wet, hot pussy. Once all the way down, she gyrated her hips in a circle, forcing my cock to press against every wall. Already, Jessica was moaning in pleasure.

Rey, after catching her breath, got up and kissed Jessica on the lips, then slid her tongue down her chin, neck, and moved to her breasts. She tongued her nipple, then used her teeth to gently pull and release, causing Jessica to quicken her breathing.

Jessica leaned back, placing her hands behind her on the bed for support, and moved her feet right next to my chest. This position gave me a full-frontal view, allowing me to see my cock slide in and out of her tight pussy.

“Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Fuck that feels good!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Yeah baby, keep riding me,” I said, grabbing onto Jessica’s hips to help her.

“Oh. Oh. OH. OH. OOHHHHHH!!” Jessica moaned as she approached another orgasm, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! OOOOOHHHHHHH!!”

Jessica ground her hips into mine at the sound of the last moan, leaned forward, and collapsed on my chest, breathing heavily.

Rey looked awestruck at what she had just witnessed. “Wow, that was so incredibly hot! I am so turned on!”

“Well, I need a few to recover. Your turn,” Jessica said while she rolled off of me.

I then hopped up to me knees, turned around, and told Rey to lie on her back with a pillow under her butt. She obliged, and I positioned my cock between her legs, sliding the head up and down her lips. She began to moan already, and with the first deep breath I saw her take, I plunged my cock inside her, feeling a different pussy wrapped around my cock for the first time in 5 years.

“Oh god! Oh God!” Rey panted with each dive into her. I leaned forward and placed my mouth around one of her nipples, licking and sucking harder than I do to Jessica. Rey began to quiver underneath me, feeling her next orgasm coming. I quickened my pace, fucking Rey to a feverish pace. I had learned breathing techniques a long time ago that helps me last longer, and these techniques were definitely in use. I breathed deep and heavy, increasing my speed, which caused Rey to once again go over the edge.

Rey came so hard on my cock, tightening around my member to the point where I wasn’t sure how much more I could hold back. The tightness did subside after a minute, and I slid my cock from between her legs and laid down on the bed.

“Jesus Christ. Fuck.” Rey exclaimed.

“I know, right.” Jessica agreed.

“He still isn’t done. What should we do about this?”

On that note, Jessica moved to her knees and bent over, placing her tongue along my shaft, moving up and down. She then pulled me to the edge of the bed so my legs could hang off. Jessica grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and guided it into her mouth. She sucked my cock with enthusiasm, causing Rey to once again get turned on. Rey then moved herself off the edge of the bed and between my legs. She moved her mouth to the base of my cock and used her lips and tongue to play with my balls.

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