A Friendly Encounter


This Story Is 100% True!

On this particular day my life would change forever! I was visiting with a very good friend of about fourteen years, when out of the clear blue she informs me that she wanted to be involved with me as much more then a friend. This may not seem so much out of the ordinary, but hang on. I am a rather large man 6’3 and 300lbs; she is a stunning 5’5, 115lbs and the most beautiful girl in the world. I have always been attracted to her but never dreamed she would think twice about me in any other way. I could have never been more wrong.

After the initial shock wore off I couldn’t even believe it was true. So on the next day when I picked her up to talk about it she was very open about her feelings. So I just listened to her and could not believe my ears still. Well if there is one thing that I am sure of is you don’t have to tell me twice when there is a chance for strange to be involved. The strangest feeling I have ever felt came over me. Here I was face to face with a woman that I have dreamed about for years and she was naked, and wanted to make Love to me. You have heard that old saying “we are to good of friends to do that”? (Bullshit!) She was my best friend in the whole world and when she told me she was in Love with me and wanted to make Love to me, I creamed my jeans! Enough of the introduction now let me tell you about that special day.

I had a Dr. appointment in a town thirty miles away, my friend Sue went with me. All the way there she could not keep her hands ataşehir escort off of me. She said it was because she had not had sex in three months. I think it was because she felt how hard my cock was! After the appointment we headed back home, once we got outside of town I asked if she had ever posed nude before. She said yes but only one time and it was shitty pictures. So I talked her into taking off all of her clothes so I could see her totally naked for the first time in all fourteen years that I have known her.

DAMN she was the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. Well being the sly individual I was I immediately started teasing her and playing cat and mouse with her while driving down the road. She became totally aroused so I made my move. I inserted a finger into her pussy and I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I at that moment felt the hottest, tightest, softest, wettest pussy that I had ever imagined. The thing that blew my mind was that she wanted me to have wild passionate sex with her more than anyone else on earth. I am sure that you can imagine I was doing all I could to keep the car on the road. While I was driving she took out my cock and started playing with it and she then put it in her mouth, boy that was tough trying to stay between the lines. After we arrived at our destination she was so hot that she was boiling over and it was running down her legs.

Once we reached a spot in the woods on a deserted trail, she demanded that I take some pictures of her in kadıköy escort the nude. She then said that I must satisfy her totally and completely, if I ever wanted a chance to have her again. “NO PRESSURE!” So I began taking pictures and the more I snapped the hotter she got. After about three rolls of film and fifteen minutes of pictures. She couldn’t wait any longer. So I told her that her wish was my command. I spread a blanket out on the path and she laid out on it and she told me “that I had better eat her pussy like I was starved or I would be in serious trouble.”

So I did, I ate her in ways that she didn’t even know was possible. While I was eating her I slipped a finger inside her velvet snatch and the instant I hit her G-Spot she went over the edge. I just grabbed a hold of her little ass with my free hand and pulled her in tight, and she started screaming so loud I thought she would wake the dead. At that point I had brought her to three or maybe four orgasms and I was just getting started. I started to lick her tiny little brown whole and she went crazy. She couldn’t even talk now. After she started to come back to earth I had finally reached that moment of truth, the moment that I had been waiting for all of my life.

I removed my clothes and I positioned my hard cock at the entrance of her pussy, and I looked deep into her eyes. As I entered her it was like I was in a trance, I could not do any thing but ease forward into her and stare into her eyes. She asked me to be gentle bostancı escort bayan so I was very gentle. I met resistance and I had to stop for a second. I am not an well-endowed man, but I couldn’t enter her without forcing my manhood into her. I sensed she was in pain so I took my time and sucked on her lovely breasts and rubbed her tiny clit to try to get her to loosen up a little.

I eased in a few more inches, and played with her a little more. Then finally at last I was up to my balls in the world’s finest pussy. I waited for her to show a sign that she was ready, then I started slowly to move in and out with gentle strokes and she started moving back at me. After about five minutes of gentle slow passionate Lovemaking she became a wild animal. She started with a low moan that developed into a loud groan and after that she started screaming for me to “FUCK HER HARDER!”

She began to holler my name and tell me how good it was that she was fucking her best friend. I continued to pound her pussy for all that it was worth for about an hour. All of a sudden we heard a noise it was someone coming down a path nearby. So we hurried and put on our clothes and returned to the car. I have always been kind of self-conscious about my sexual performances in the past but I knew that I had to be at least an average lover to bring this beauty to Seven climaxes in one session.

She told me she had never had sex that was so passionate and pleasing on the first time with someone. She has been married three times and has three children, not bad for a fat boy? Well that day was just the beginning of a relationship that was meant to be a “forever relationship”

Please tell me what you think and I will tell you about many, many exciting times of Rosebud and I.

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