A Girl for Hire


The sun was just beginning to set. The neon lights of shop signs downtown were beginning to turn on and cast their artificial glow over the damp concrete of the pavement. It had been raining heavily that day, even though the sun had been out.

Nineteen year old Lily had already been home. Her university classes had ended early, so she grabbed a bite to eat after her last class and got the bus.

After speaking to her parents for a few minutes, telling them how her day went, she went upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

Her cheeks were flushed. She flung her backpack on to her bed, and, not bothering to take her light jacket or top off, she pulled down her jeans and panties, knelt on the edge of the bed and began trying to pull the butt plug out of her ass. It had been in their all day, since she had showered that morning before going to university. It was slippery, as her pussy had been gushing all day, coating it in tasty juices that she licked off her fingers after they tried to grip it to begin to pull it out.

Her ass had tightened round it, and it wouldn’t come out without pushing hard. Her cheeks became even more flushed, and she felt the veins bulging in her forehead as she held her breath and pushed as hard as she could, while pulling gently with her fingers.

She could feel her ass opening slowly, growing wider and wider, the pain growing, feeling so good. She could feel herself about to piss.

Sucking the butt plug back inside, the base being all of it that was left outside of her body, she got the empty water bottle off the bed-side table. She was glad that she hadn’t thrown it in the garbage that morning, as she knelt back on the bed, her ass and pussy hanging over the edge, pushed, and began to piss in to the bottle.

After no more came out, she screwed the lid back on the bottle and laid it down in front of her on the bed.

She began pushing again, and the butt plug was now being forced out without her pulling on it at all. She could feel its surface touching every part of her rectum, as it stretched and finally spat the plug out.

She managed to catch it before it fell on to the carpet. There was a thick, saliva-like fluid that came squirting out after it. She licked it off her hand, set the butt plug down on her bed next to the bottle, and began pushing again, until she prolapsed.

Sucking the prolapse back in, after all of the juices had been squirted out of her open ass, she began rubbing her pussy as she opened the bottle and begin to sip on the warm urine that she had filled it with.

With the lubricant of her pussy, she coated her hand and slid it back further, until it sunk deep in to her ass. She flexed her fingers inside, and then began fisting herself, drinking the urine and squirting down the side of the bed.

When she was done she lay down, mouth dry, ass hanging out, pulsing, pussy wet and vibrant pink, dripping and delicious. The bottle was empty, and she stared at the ceiling, catching her breath.

And then her phone vibrated in the pocket of her jacket, which she had taken off and flung on the floor while she was fist fucking herself.

She got up, slightly light-headed, and bent down to take the phone out. The prolapse had been sucked back in when she stood up, so she sat down and checked the phone.

It was the first message of the night.


She checked the address that he had pendik escort also put in the message on an online map. It wasn’t that far. Only two streets down from her.

She had decided not to go with anyone from the area she lived, so nobody would notice her if she was ever out with her parents, but she was too horny, and didn’t want to wait, and potentially have to travel far, not when pleasure was so close.

There was only an hour to go until she had to be there.

She went and showered and put on her jeans and top, leaving off her underwear.

A few cigarettes later and she set off down the road to her client. Her parents had no idea what she done for money, of course.

She checked the address on her phone again. She was at the right place. It was a nice house, much like her own. Upstairs, downstairs, nice garden at the front and round the back.

He must have been waiting by the door, as it opened a second after she rang the bell.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hello. Come on.”

He stepped aside to let her come in.

“The bedroom is upstairs, second on the left.”

She turned back and smiled at him as she was walking up the stairs. She already knew the layout of the house, so she knew where the bedroom would be.

He wasn’t a stud. Slightly overweight, hairy, maybe in his 40s, or early 50s, but, when she was naked and on her knees, her eyes bulged and she drooled as his cock slapped down on to her lips. It was bigger than her forearm, and thicker, too. It cut, and the bulging head glistened as she licked it lightly, getting a taste and getting it wet.

That’ll fucking wreck me, she thought to herself.

“How rough?” he asked.

“As rough as you want. Whatever pleases you, pleases me. Don’t ask me what to do, just do it.”

He grabbed her head with one hand and pushed her head on to his cock until her nose was pressed against his body and she could smell his freshly showered pubic hair.

She felt every inch of it go down, her throat widening, but gripping it, as she took it all the way to the base.

Her eyes were red and tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. She couldn’t get any air in to her lungs, as his cock took up every inch of her throat.

Eventually he released his grip, letting her pull back, taking several seconds for his cock to slide out of her throat.

She gasped for air and let the pool of saliva that had gathered in her mouth drool out of her mouth, covering her chin and tits. It trickled down to her pussy and she rubbed it in to her hair and between her dripping lips as she pushed her fingers inside herself and fell forward, no hands, on to his cock, letting her wait plunge it down in to her throat.

Nobody had fucked her face as hard as he did. He had her in all positions, but he really got going when she was lying on the bed, her head dangling over the edge, mouth wide, and he fucked her like he would fuck a pussy, pushing all of his weight behind each thrust.

There was a thick pool of spit under her head on the floor.

“Hang on a second,” he said, allowing her to move herself up the bed.

He came back a few seconds later with a box that was almost overflowing with large toys. Her eye was immediately drawn to a but plug that was at least triple the size of the one she had had in her all day.

He set the box down on the bed, and then asked her which one she wanted first.

“Like I said, don’t maltepe escort ask. Whichever one you want to see in me, I’ll take.”

“Okay, get on your back and pull your legs back, as far as you can. I want your holes pulled tight.”

She done as she was told. He spat on her ass, using no artificial lube, and pushed the very same butt plug she was looking at in to her ass.

She had expected it to go in with little trouble, as she was already quite loose, but, because of the position she was in, and because of the size, which she had not judged accurately just by looking, she felt her ass being pulled apart as he forced it inside her. Her ass pushed against it, trying to reject something so big, but the pushing made it even easier to go in, as he pushed against it and eventually she felt her ass close around the base. Even then, at the base she was still kept open by about 5 inches in diameter. Inside, she had no idea how stretched she was, but she felt like she wouldn’t be able to hold it in very long. The muscles in her ass were screaming to push it out, but he flipped her over in to doggy position and pushed his dick in to her pussy, which was tighter than it had ever been, with the butt plug stretching against it, and with the size of his cock.

It felt like she had been impaled. Immediately she started squirting and pissing with every thrust. Her ass began to settle down, as it adjusted to the stretching it had undergone.

He fucked her for 20 minutes and then pulled out. She was gasping, her head spinning, her mouth dry.

She felt him tug on the butt plug several times. She knew what was about to happen, so she reached back and spread her cheeks as tight as she could, and then he pulled it out and pushed it back in hard straight after. And then out, and back in, repeatedly, at a steady pace.

“Oh…my…god,” she managed to blurt out in between the deep, stretching plunges the plug took in to her ass.

She didn’t even have to spread her cheeks anymore. She gaped naturally, and, as he pushed harder and faster, when he finally stopped she couldn’t stop her muscles pushing out and a massive prolapse spilling out of her body. It must have been 5 inches long, dangling outside of her.

“Fucking hell,” she said, looking down between her legs, looking at the deep red prolapse that drooled and dripped on to the bed, twitching and waiting to be sucked in to take more abuse.

She let it hang there for several minutes, as he licked it and sucked on it, but even when she tried to suck it back in, it wouldn’t go back.

“Fuck, it’s not going back in.”

“Don’t worry,” he said.

He spat on his hand, clenched it in to a wide fist and pushed against the prolapse.

It all went in, including his hand, up to half way towards his elbow.

She gasped at the shock of something so big being so deep inside her, but the gasp was soundless. Nothing had ever been so deep in her before. She didn’t even know that it was possible.

She winced every time he pulled his arm back and thrust it forward. She could see the outline of his fist up at her stomach, bulging out, disappearing and then bulging under the skin again.

Where the fuck is it? She though.

But these thoughts lasted seconds, as the mix of discomfort and pleasure ripped through her body and she squirmed and squirted involuntarily, now.

He started to fuck her ass with his cock, now, and fucked her as kartal escort hard as he could. The rim of her hole wasn’t even touching his cock, she was so gaped and loose. He plunged the air in and out of her, before she felt hard spurts of cum, each one lasting several seconds, hitting every wall of the deepest parts of her colon. There must have been 15 spurts.

He pulled out and ran out the room, quickly coming back with a large pint glass.

“Push, push it out, but not all of it.”

She done as she was told, and thick streams of cum began squirting out of her massively prolapsed ass.

She was looking down between her legs, watching the glass fill. As it was half full he pulled it away quickly and pushed that massive butt plug back in to her. She wasn’t expecting that, and she spasmed for several seconds after it was fully inserted.

She raised herself on to her knees and turned to face him.

“Good girl,” he said. “I want you to take that butt plug home with you, and keep my cum inside you. There’s at least another full pint of it still inside you.”

“I know,” she said, rubbing her stomach. “I can feel it gurgling around in there.”

He smiled, and then held the glass out to her.

“Drink,” he said.

She took the glass and pressed her lips against the rim. The smell of his cum was strong, but it smelt sweet, so she tipped the glass and gulped all of it down, without stopping, until it was empty.

After licking the last dregs of cum off of the inside edges of the glass, she handed it back and got off the bed slowly. Her legs were stiff, but it soon passed. She could feel the cum swishing from side to side inside her as she moved. As loose as she was, the plug was secure. Her ass had tightened round the base.

“This is going to be the biggest prolapse ever, when I pull this out,” she said to him.

“I don’t think you can get any bigger than what you’ve already done today. The last prolapse was half the size of my cock.”

She smiled and began to get dressed.

“You not showering?” he asked.

“No, I’ll shower later tonight when I take this out, before I go to bed.”

“Okay. Don’t forget your money.”

She picked it up off the table next to the bed.

“Oh, I won’t,” she said, grinning.

Her parents were asleep, so she decided to go in to the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and squatted down. As tight as the plug was in her, it came out fairly easily. It wasn’t all that came out, though. Underneath her was literally a small pool of his thick cum, now tinged with the light brown juice of her ass. Also dangling down, its tip dipping in to the cum, was her prolapse. It certainly was the biggest she had ever had. Before today she had only had small rosebuds, but this was much more than 30 centimetres long. She pushed it out some more and it began to curl up on the floor, the flesh-red getting glazed in pearly cum.

“Fucking hell. I hope that this won’t be any permanent damage… Fuck it, feels good, though.”

She began squeezing it gently, massaging it, and then she found the entrance at the far end of it and slid her fist up.

She kept her fist in her as, slowly pushing it in and out, not all the way, making sure it stayed in at all times, she stepped in to the shower and lay down on her back.

The warm water helped relax her body, helped the prolapse hang comfortably out of her, as she fisted it softly and orgasmed in the hazy bathroom.

She slept well that night, the prolapse back inside her, but with the feeling that her ass had been made permanently looser, so that this kind of extreme pleasure would be easier to reach, next time she decided to play with her ass.

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