A Hard Day’s Night Pt. 04


WARNING: Extended satirical material in this comedic fiction story may strike some readers as vulgar, offensive, prurient, or (worst of all) serious. It’s satire. Please adjust your expectations and interpretations accordingly. We mean no offense whatsoever.

A Hard Day’s Night 4

Paola opened her eyes, the memories of yesterday’s adventures echoed in her mind. She suppressed them as she got up and looked at her body. She was still her former self, but after what happened at the water park her sack looked deflated, the two orbs visible through the smooth skin. Paola knew that her body was working overtime to get them full again, “Can’t you take el dia de descanso?” she mumbled to herself.

Remembering her ride on the train, Paola called a futa-cab and got ready for a day at work. This time Paola only needed a van to get around, and she thanked God for the lower price…

The words on the signboard shined brightly as the sun reflected off them, “Futanari Immigration Control”. Paola loved her work, she was only a clerk behind a desk, but found it very interesting to supervise over incoming futanari. She was curious as to what the world had to offer. Paola walked towards the building, taking note of how easy it was to walk with an empty sack, she felt like she was walking on the moon.

Coming to the door she waved to the guard, “Good morning Silvia, how are you?” She shot at the woman.

“Great Paola, someone’s looking lighter today, had fun last night?” Silvia referred to her balls.

“Ahmmm,” Paola mumbled a little, “It was… necessary…” she dodged the question hastily and went inside. Another reason why Paola loved was that the whole building was designed to accommodate the biggest futanari in the world. The elevator was the perfect example, the doors were 17 feet wide, far bigger than Paola ever needed. They were created for the bigger girls than her. As the doors slide open, the huge space inside is well lit and cooled. The elevator is bigger than Paola’s room and she easily shuffles inside, her sack dragging softly behind her. Paola loved the fact that she didn’t need to cram inside, people hardly think how hard it is for a girl like her to move vertically. If she took the stairs she would be out of breath and dripping with sweat, exhausted from logging her balls behind her. Escalators were also a very bad choice, her skin would get caught up in the spaces between stairs and that hurts like hell and Paola even needed a few stitches once. Elevators were her only option, and not the tiny two men elevator variety either, she needed something that fitted at least three men, even that was a tight squeeze.

As the doors began to close a loud alarm sounded, Paola panicked at first but immediately came down. It was a regular thing with this elevator, a signal to let people know the doors were moving. After all, No one wanted her appendage caught in the closing doors. A split second before the doors closed a thin cockhead appeared and the doors receded into their sockets in a split second, another safety feature. Paola looked outside and saw Miranda, a co-worker of hers. Miranda was a natural wonder in Paola’s life, she owned the longest penis in the country, over 20 feet long, the thin rope was a wonder, thinner than Paola’s. The cock slithered on the floor as Miranda walked in. Aside from her cock, Miranda was a rather plain girl, her chest was flat and her hair a buzzcut of black. The doors closed behind her.

“Hi Paola, how are you doing?” She asked inquisitively.

“I’m okay Mir, everything is okay, and you?” Paola wondered politely.

“You know, just finishing a shift, nothing special, no extraordinary arrivals.” Miranda summarized, she hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Say, your ballsack is a lot smaller, isn’t it? Someone had fun last night, didn’t she?”

Paola couldn’t help it, she blushed like a tomato. “Ahhh… Well…” She tried to fill the time. Lucky for her the doors just opened and she stormed out of the elevator, “Got to run!” she exclaimed as she set off. Paola ran along the hallways, taking dangerous turns. A flashing red sign popped out of the ceiling, “Please slow down, you will not be able to stop.” This was another safety measure they installed in the building, and this time because of Paola herself.

Years ago, when Paola just got the job she made a mistake and pissed off the wrong client. Paola ended up running for her life through the building. Unlike today, Paola was very full back then, and she saw the oncoming girl but just couldn’t stop because of the momentum of her sack. That girl turned out to be an extreme grower and Paola set her off. In seconds, the skinny girl grew a gargantuan cock and security needed to intervene. Since that day, every futa in the building who starts running triggers the system and a sign is displayed in the girl’s path like Paola saw.

Feeling Miranda was far enough away Paola slowed herself down. It was a gradual process, but after a few yards she came to a holt. Walking slowly çiğli escort so the alarm won’t start again, Paola made her way to the immigration office, checking every corner to make sure she won’t be asked about yesterday’s events again. It took her a little while, but she finally almost reached her station. Just one more office and she was ready for her shift, it was not just any office, it was The Office. This office belonged to Veronica, Paola’s boss. Paola decided on a tactic, she quietly tiptoed across the open door, hoping not to arouse Veronica’s attention. Step by step she cleared the door, now only her sack remained. Immeasurably careful, Paola dragged the hefty blob, making sure not to hit anything. Paola made just one mistake, one false move, she miscalculated the new weight of her balls.

With a loud clank of metal, Paola pushed a silver vase off a table and onto the floor. Paola cringed, hoping her boss didn’t notice the extremely loud clatter…

“Paola, could you please come into my office?” a voice came from the cubical, Veronica’s voice.

Paola stopped in her tracks, she knew it would be a nightmare to walk backwards with her sack. Slowly, she walked around it until she was before Veronica’s office, it was a huge room, everything in it was made of mahogany wood, it was Veronica’s favourite. In her chair, veronica was looking at Paola, her face was a little pointy, with brown eyes and a warm smile, everything was framed by a veil of shoulder-length black hair that gradually shifted to a pale red. This, however, wasn’t Veronica’s most notable feature, her breasts were gargantuan, bigger than the girls at The White Wave. It was obviously covered by a shirt, but everyone knew what the thin girl was hiding below the fabric of her shirt.

“Yes veronica, how can I help you today?” Paola asked politely.

“I see you had some fun last night,” Veronica pointed out, as if Paola didn’t notice. It made her blush, “I wanted to talk to you about your work Paola, I would offer you come in but I don’t think you’ll fit in my office… I want you to be especially picky today, Okay?”

“I am always picky Veronica, can’t let everyone into our lovely country…” Paola tried to protest.

“I’m sure you are,” Veronica said and pulled out a piece of paper, “the average for our office is 13 rejections in one shift, you are a little below that,” Paola nodded in agreement, “you only rejected one futa over the last two weeks, and she turned out to be extremely radioactive…”

“Yeah, I know. The Geiger counter went wild and the lead wall popped up.” Paola admitted.

“I want you to pay extra attention today, Paola, don’t mess up our great country…” Veronica gave Paola the eye.

“I won’t,” Paola brushed it off and started walking to her post. It was a very basic desk with a few stumps, a LED screen, a pen and blank papers. Paola loved her post because the office adjusted it especially for her. One of Paola’s biggest wishes was to sit on a chair, it was impossible with her balls and, most of the time, she resorted to leaning back and using them as beanbags. Next to her desk was a special chair, a marvel of engineering in Paola’s mind, it was a crane with a flexible arm that ended with a seat that looked like a horseshoe. Paola walked over and positioned the flexible machine behind and under her ass until she felt it was perfectly aligned. With a press of a button, the machine became rigid and Paola leaned all her weight on the chair. She turned the screen on and smiled to herself, “Let’s get this fiesta started.”

The procedure was rather simple, Paola would receive an applicant, find if they have any criminal background or association with a hostile organization through their passport. Next a quick interview, and in they go. Paola’s job is to handle futanari immigrants, since she herself was a futanari herself she had no problem accommodating their needs.

She lifted her gaze to the line for her station and signalled the first girl to approach. She had short, black hair and a skinny figure but nothing stood out in her appearance.

“Welcome, ID and papers please,” Paola requested, the girl handed Paola the papers. Paola looked at them and saw nothing was special about them, “Siena?” Paola asked, waiting to see if the girl responded to the name.

“Yes, nice to meet you,” she answered back. Next, Paola typed her details into the computer to see if anything came up, the computer said she was clean.

“Siena, do you mind telling me what is the purpose of your business here?” Paola wondered.

“I came here to meet my girlfriend, she lives here,”

“Are you sure you are a futanari?” Paola wondered for a moment, “Oh, well, have a pleasant visit” Paola admitted her in and signed her papers.

The girl moved on and the next one came, this time she was an apparent futanari, her breasts were huge, each as big as Paola’s head, even though she was dressed with a blue t-shirt, it was abundantly clear she had çiğli escort bayan dick-nipples, giant ones.

“Welcome, ID and papers please,” Paola repeated the routine. Again the girl showed no resistance, handing Paola everything she needed.

“Nel?” Paola asked,

“Yes, I are,” the girl answered, she was clearly not a native speaker of English.

“Business or pleasure?” Paola tried to enquire but she didn’t understand her, “Well, what is the worst that can happen? Must be fun being you with your giant assets.” Paola giggled to herself and savoured the sight of her dick-nipples trying to pierce her shirt. With that Paola grabbed the stamp and admitted the futanari in.

The next girl rolled to Paola’s counter, she enjoyed one of the many benefits the building offered for futanari, she used the HMAT 5. It was the most recent say in improving hyper futanaris’ lifestyle. The High Manoeuvrability Autonomous Transporter 5 is a 4 feet long adjustable trolly for futanari with cocks longer than 6 feet. The rod rested on the machine and was fastened to avoid accidents. Once set, the machine took up to 6000 pounds of cock and manoeuvred it with pinpoint precision to perfectly compliment the movements of its owner, this model even had shock absorbers. While the futanari was before Paola’s desk, her cock was already far behind her.

“Welcome, ID and papers please,” Paola asked politely, having a hard time ripping her eyes away from the long poll.

“Sure thing,” The girl showed no objection and handed the papers, Paola almost grabbed them when the girl shrieked and dropped them to the floor. “You stupid bitch! Stop kicking my penis!” She yelled.

Paola looked back and saw a girl was repeatedly kicking the massive rid, “Miss, please stop, I don’t want to call security…” She shouted at the girl.

“Then tell her to move her junk, she is in my way!” the kicker shouted back.

“Are you five years old lady?” Paola wondered, frustrated, “just walk around her or I’ll call security.”

The girl consented and took the logical option. In the meanwhile, the futa picked up her papers and handed them to Paola.

“Sorry about that,” Paola looked at her passport, “Ms. Melia, what is the purpose of your visit?”

“I am here to undergo cock surgery, I heard you have the best surgeons here,” she said honestly.

“Oh, I see, you came here to shorten it? It is a little big, isn’t it?” Paola agreed.

“No, no! Why would I do that?” the futa protested, “I came here to make it bigger.”

Paola was not ready for this answer, she had no idea how this futa will live with something of big between her legs. “Ammm… Okay, sorry…” Paola handed her a pamphlet displaying the other HMAT types, “I suggest you order the HMAT 19, it is the biggest model we have.” Paola welcomed her in with a smile before signalling the next futa up.

The next in line gave Paola the impression they were a pair, it happened almost every day, pairs had a hard time understanding they were going through immigration as individuals. The two girls started making their way to the desk when Paola noticed their features. One was about Paola’s hight, but the other was almost a foot taller than her lover. Both were blonde and Paola noticed the taller one had green eyes that complimented her long turquoise dress. She also noticed the taller one had a massive rack on her.

“Please, one at a time, I can’t welcome two at the same time…” Paola protested but the futas ignored her.

“Sorry,” Said the taller blonde, “We can’t help it, we’re stuck together…”

“Oh, that’s so cute,” Paola giggled, “I get you, love is such an amazing thing.”

“No, you don’t understand,” the taller blonde corrected Paola, “we’re stuck, I can’t get her out of me.”

The words made Paola examine the sight before her again. She noticed suddenly that the taller girl was not really tall. In fact, she was shorter than Paola but was suspended in mid-air, her feet far from the ground.

“I… I don’t understand…” Paola started to stumble in her speech.

“We… We had a little…” the other girl started speaking but was cut short by her friend.

“We had sex on the plain,” she explained, “Don’t judge me, she started out as a nice 10 incher so I gave it a go…”

“So.. what happened?” Paola wondered, clearly invested in the story now.

“Turns out she is a grower, and a serious one at that.” The blonde said and lifted her dress. To Paola’s surprise, she was not a futa but a woman, she was held up by a gigantic cock almost as big as she was, its outline bulging visibly through her stomach, it reached past her belly button. Paola followed the massive dick to its base where the futanari’s pants were ripped open around the rod, it pulsated every now and then. “Before I knew it I had 2 feet of her cock in me and we couldn’t get it out anymore.”

“Wow, quite an adventure,” Paola said, “Can I please see your papers?”

The woman handed escort çiğli Paola everything and she typed the information into the computer, suddenly it froze “shit, sorry, something wrong with the computer” Paola mumbled as she tried hitting it a little.

“Ah, damn,” the woman protested, “Can’t you just let us through, she is still growing and it’s starting to hurt.”

“Ahm… No, I can’t, let’s clear the other stuff in the meanwhile, are you here for business or pleasure?”

“I planned on pleasure,” the woman groaned, “but with the way things are going right now, I have to take care of this business.” she was getting taller, the cock in her visibly expending.

“I am here on business,” the futa behind the girl answered, “and don’t complain so much blonde, you brought this on yourself, I warned you I was a grower.” The two started to argue and squabble before Paola’s desk, all the while the woman got taller and taller.

Paola’s computer managed to reset by the time the two stopped, it showed the futanari was clear but the woman was problematic, her screen flashes red, she was a part of a group called Murderers Interested in Lavish Flaying. “Mam, are you affiliated with the organization MILF?” Paola asked.

“I am, is that a problem? Please clear us quickly Paola, I am getting really uncomfortable and I think she’s going to cum soon…” The woman rushed Paola.

“Oh, well, I see…” Paola mumbled, “I guess I could let you pass, it is an emergency and all that, and your friend here is clear after all…” She pondered for a few moments but the girl’s groans and moans got to her, “Well… I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to let you in, just promise to be nice?”

“Promise, cross my heart and hope to die.” the woman said.

“Welcome to Canada” Paola stamped the passports and sent the two on their way.

The day was going along for Paola, even though she didn’t decline even one futa three hours in, she immensely enjoyed her job.

“Next please,” she called.

Paola noticed the next girl was a little strange, she looked thin, her most prominent features were her massive breasts and blueish-green eyes, Paola thought for a minute she was an anime character.

“Passport please,” she asked as the girl reached the desk, her huge breasts almost filled Paola’s field of view completely. The girl immediately presented the paperwork to Paola.

“Lina?” Paola asked once more, what little face her breasts didn’t cover looked at Paola.

“Yes?” she asked, leaning a little forward to see better, her chest coming to rest on Paola’s groaning table.

“Are they real?” Paola wondered, tempted to touch the orbs.

“Yes, they are,” Lina admitted.

“Is there milk?” Paola wondered as to the nature of their size.

The woman giggled at Paola’s statement, “No, it’s cum, I have dick-nipples…” The girl admitted, “I store a few good gallons in there.”

Paola was hypnotized, dicknipples were one of her weaknesses, “Can… Can I touch them?” she asked as polite as she could.

“Yes, please, just be careful about the blouse,” She asked.

Paola acted quickly, hoping the futa won’t change her mind. She reached for the flesh and felt the surface, bloated with cum. She repeated the process and felt the breasts a few time when the girl gasped. “We better stop, I’m not sure I want to cum here.

Paola nodded in understanding even though it saddened her, “Welcome to Canada, she gestured past her station.

Paola signalled the next futa. She gasped loudly when she realized what she just did. The tiny girl approached. She looked in her twenties, with short black hair and what looked like cat ears. Being such a big fan, Paola knew the cat ears were fake but the rest was as real as it gets. Before her, wearing the famous 4-inch steel chastity belt was no other than Cassie Richardson, Paola’s idol of self-control.

“Are… Are you really…” Paola stumbled in her speech, “You’re Cassie Richardson!” she was almost screaming when she pronounced her name.

“I am,” the futa admitted, she acted like a very shy person.

“I can’t believe you are here,” Paola smiled from ear to ear, “I am your biggest fan, I loved your work in Vancouver, who would have believed you could do that in 3 seconds…”

“Oh, it was nothing,” she answered, her cheeks blushing.

“Paola!” Came Veronica’s voice from the office, she already learned that if Paola saw a celebrity she would get excited, this was her way of keeping her in check.

“Sorry Veronica,” Paola shot back and returned to the girl, she knew she had to work, “Miss Richardson, could you please give me your passport and papers?”

Cassie complied and handed Paola everything she had. As Paola punched the information into the computer she prayed really hard that it would crash. After a few moments the machine beeped, Cassie was clear.

“Welcome to Canada Cassie,” Paola said, “Can I ask for one thing as your biggest fan?” The black-haired futa nodded yes, “Can you please show me how you grow? Not the whole thing, just a second or two…” Paola used the puppy eyes on her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t, once I start I can’t stop…” Cassie refused.

“Pretty please, I just want to see the biggest grower in the world, is that too much to ask?” Paola tried.

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