A Leatherman on the Prowl Pt. 02


This story celebrates the joy of sex as it is experienced by a bisexual leatherman. The protagonist is a pansexual version of a Tom of Finland hero, a man who likes to wear boots and leather breeches when he fucks. In Part One he has been hanging out with the leatherboys, resulting in some very satisfying orgasms. In Part Two he is going to try his luck with the ladies (and the men that fuck them). The aim of this erotic tale is to make you cum hard and to hopefully promote the wearing of leather uniforms by bisexual and heterosexual men. Remember, this is a sexual fantasy, I’m not promoting violence or disrespectful behaviour towards women, gay men or anyone else. Enjoy!


I spent several minutes breathing in the fresh air in the courtyard; such a relief from the stuffy atmosphere in the bar. Three men crossed the yard and headed for the front bar. They were men in their prime, probably early thirty-ish, radiating self-confidence and head-to-toe in leather. In the not so far away past those outfits would have been considered typically gay. Things have changed in that department, thank God, we’re mostly repeating the mistakes of our parents, but sometimes we’re learning something. Everything about these men shouted plain unadulterated heterosexuality. I could see they were three horny fuckers. They probably loved wearing their very straight leather uniforms as much as I did, a proud bisexual man. Yet, these guys were going to fuck women – and women only – in those leathers. Probably within 15 minutes from now, each of those fat dicks that I could make out in their breeches would be pounding up a woman’s cunt. In 2 or 3 hours the three of them would be heading home after having filled anything between 3 and 12 cunts with their hot hetero sperm. God bless them! And God damn me for not being including in that!

I had to get a piece of it. I jumped off the wall and headed to the front door. The guy at the door gave me a funny look, as if to say: “Oh, weren’t we heading for the back bar tonight?”, but I ignored him. The three heterosexual leathermen were standing at the bar and already had company. Two naked women had joined them and were rubbing up against their leathers, their nipples erect from touching the leather. Were they whores? Did the compound pay them to entertain here? Who could tell? Quite a lot of women came here just to get fucked by men in leather. Who could blame them? I couldn’t help being fascinated and excited by these three horny fuckers. I kept watching them while trying not to attract their attention, hiding in a dark corner of the bar.

They just stood there at the bar, enjoying a drink after work, joking with each other, so relaxed, so confident, seemingly ignoring these women, who were trying hard to get their attention. Occasionally they slapped an arse or casually squeezed a tit, but without showing too much interest. One of the guys fascinated me more than the others. He was the cockier one of the three, just a tat handsomer than the others, just slightly more dismissive of the women. He had been slapping some arses too and was now rubbing one of them from behind. She was giggling about something her friend had said, then turned away from her friend, threw her head back, pushed her arse back and made herself available for more sexual harassment. What really excited me was that the straight fucker was feeling her up with big black leather gauntlet gloves on.

Once more he slapped her arse hard and reached between her legs for her snatch. She spread her arse, pushed it against the stiff gauntlet cuff, maximizing the arse-to-leather contact. His agressive leather fingers pushed against her swollen labia which immediately parted, as if to say: “No need to ask, cocky boy, you already know I’m yours, I’m putty in your leathered gloves. Please fuck me.”

With several leathered fingers in her slit he pushed her off to the private fuck rooms in the back of the bar. He looked around for an empty cabin and found one. I tried to sneak in with them but he pushed me away, the cabin door slammed closed and I was locked out. Frustrated, I kept my ear pressed against the door, didn’t want to miss a word he said, wanted to follow every move he made. Not that this was going to be an unpredictable performance. He was not the sort of guy who was going to set up a fancy roleplay scene with his girlfriend. All this leather fucker had in mind was to fuck her, fill her up with cum, then return to his buddies and perhaps in half an hour or so repeat his performance. I doubted whether he was going to bother with foreplay at all.

And I was right. Within seconds he was slamming his cock up her cunt. Or arse? Either way, she was getting a very rough pounding in there. I imagined her clinging against the door that I was listening at, while he tore into her from behind, pushing her further up against the rough wood while slamming his dick up her arse. Someone was getting impaled mercilessly by an out of control leather fucker in that cabin. I wasn’t the only ayvalık escort one who could hear her unrestrained screams, there was nothing fake about those. The whole thing lasted no longer than 5 minutes. His trusts became more and more frantic. The cabin was shaking. Some of the by-standers that had been jerking off to the sound of wild fucking in that cabin, withdrew as they were worried that people were going to get hurt if it collapsed. I heard the fucker curse as he was about to come. She was begging both for mercy and for getting fucked deeper. They climaxed simultaneously.

Ten seconds later the door slammed open as it had slammed close only minutes before. I almost toppled but managed to balance myself. The hetero specimen looked down at me disparaging and disappeared. The woman followed seconds later, gave me a much friendlier smile, and tried to catch up with him. When she realised that was a pointless effort and that their game was over, she came back to me. “You want his cum?” she asked. “Errh, what?!” I was flabbergasted. “You do. Get in there.” Before I knew what was happening she pushed me into the cabin and locked the door. We were in the same cabin that they had been fucking in. “You’re a strong man, aren’t you? Lift me up, turn me over and eat me out. You’ll get a good taste of him.”

What could I do? I followed her instructions and for the next 10 or 15 minutes I was eating out this woman, holding her upside down, legs wide apart. I could spot the splashes of white cream glistering in her cunt. I applied my tongue as a digging tool and used my lips as a sucking instrument to get it all out. She came at least five times while I was sucking hard at her pussy, extracting the sperm that a crude macho had dumped in her minutes ago. It had been a big dump, his first load of the evening. When licking and sucking no longer had effect, I needed my fingers to bring more cum to the surface. I warned her that she needed to hold on to me if she didn’t want to crash. She understood and clung her arms tighter around my leathered arse. She then closed her lips around my cock that she had watched climaxing hands-free.

Being able to use my free hand, I probed further into her womb, deeper and deeper. My leathered fingers kept coming out covered in white gue. I smeared some over her clit, played with it and slurped it up, causing her to spray her own juices. To my own surprise, I did not want to let her go, even after the last drop of sperm had been savoured. Perhaps it was the way she was clinging to my leathers that made me feel so good. I decided to give her a bonus. I spat a couple of times on her already very messy cunt and burried my face between her legs, giving her a cunnilingus to remember. This was when she had three more climaxes, the last of which occurred when I filled her hungry mouth with jism.

When she was back on her feet, we both looked at each other with big smiles on our faces. I gave her a generous wet kiss and that settled that. I guess I was a bit high when I left the private cabins area, planning to get a drink for her and myself. I licked my lips and could still taste the sperm. I only then realised I was standing right in front of the macho fucker man. He was trying to get past. I stepped aside and let him go through. I may have imagined it but I am pretty sure I saw a mix of disbelief and disgust on his face, as he had probably just realised what I had been up to. Tsss. Fuck him!

I shared a quick drink with the woman and then made my apologies as I wanted to explore further. In one area of the bar was an improvised public fuck area, a place where exhibitionists and voyeurists met up and catered for each other. It consisted of a few old mattresses on the floor. This evening, the main attraction seemed to be a trio of two skinheads double-penetrating a young girl. She was a skinheady type too, not a girl to push around though, rather someone who would tell you what she wanted. She was also very attractive. Her nakedness stood in great contrast with the racing type leather outfits of the skinheads. The skinhead facing me was slightly older than the other one, somewhat taller too and he had a prominent mohican. His motorcycle leathers consisted of a multi-coloured 2-piece racing suit with authentic looking patches, well-worn and scuffed at the right places. The younger skinhead, whom at this point I only saw from behind, wore a predominantly red and white biker suit, of which the pants had been altered into chaps. Both wore motorcross boots and motorcycle gloves in matching colours.

The three of them were on their sides. The mohawk skinhead had the girl impaled from behind, tweaking her nipples a little, but basically holding her steady, so the younger one could have a go at her at the front door. Some onlookers tried to get involved but the mohawk pushed them away. However, when the girl spotted a nice young cock in the crowd, the skinhead dared not interfere. She pulled the cock between the young skinhead escort ayvalık fucker and herself, at mouth level, and the two of them shared it between them. I then recognized the young fucker. This was a guy who usually hung out in the other bar. I remembered him riding my dick there more than once. I was very surprised to see him here, and see how well he was performing here.

I stooped behind my friend because I wanted to take a closer look at his fucking technique. His mohican partner tried to hiss me away but I gestured that he needed to calm down. Nobody was going to hiss me away! I bent my head down and got a good view of my friend’s slicked-up dick moving up and down the girl’s fuck hole. Look at that, so beautiful, I thought, straight fucking makes a lot of sense. Look how hard and sleek this boy’s boner is and how swollen his nuts have become. They must be ready to fire off very soon. I could clearly see how the boy’s sphincter was contracting with each thrust. Wonder what he was fantasizing about. Was he hoping to get dicked by the mohican later on? Meanwhile he was slurping on the fat dick that the girl kept pushing towards him.

The boy had spotted me and slightly turned to see who was inspecting him so closely. For a moment he froze and briefly stopped what he was doing, but then quickly returned to his fucking and sucking. His friend gave me another angry look. Time to say goodbye, I thought. I bent forward, stuck my head between the boy’s legs and gave him two loud smacking kisses, one on each nut. The girl laughed but the mohican freaked out: “Fuck off! Find your own!” But I was already on my way. I smiled when behind me I heard my boy reach a noisy climax, timely or untimely. Game over there!

Half a minute later he was leaning over my shoulder. “Hey man! You here?! Great!” His youthful enthusiasm was entirely beguiling and I was flattered that this very handsome youngster wanted me so obviously. His penis, hastily withdrawn from a hot little cunt — cum was dripping on his big boots as he stood there — was erect for me. His firm round arse, beautifully outlined in those clever racing chaps, were there for me to grab, which I did. I slapped his arse, grabbed his fuck pole and dragged him off to a cabin.

We must have been in that private cabin for almost an hour, having a jolly good time, talking dirty, kissing intensely and me jerking his fat pole that would not go limp. I made him cum three times, the first time by describing to him how gorgeous his cock had looked inside that cunt, how excellent his shafting technique had been and how uncontrollable his arse had convulsed while he was ravishing that poor girl. The cumshot that followed reached his chin which made for sloppier kissing in round two. I then reminded him of the evening we met — he had just arrived as a new recruit — and how he had been riding my pole for hours, until closing time. How I had shown him around, while impaled on my fuck pole, introducing him to friends. How I had taken him home in that same position, and how I had only pulled out in the morning, when my shift began. The memories were obviously sweet to him too. His second cumshot reached his cheek. I wiped it off with my glove and inserted a finger in his arse. His last climax followed half an hour later, after he had learned how I was gonna use him in the future, now that I knew he was bisexual. I held him tight, wanked him, probed his arse and forced him to listen to my most depraved bi-fantasies The prospect made his third cumshot land right on top of his shaved head. He looked cuter than ever.

After sharing a drink I left my buddy cooling down at the bar and wandered off. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. I also wanted to get involved in some real cunt fucking, preferably with another leathercop. Nothing hotter than two bull cops in full leather uniforms pumping dick into some sex-craved women. I made my way to the part of the bar where the older colleagues usually gathered. There were only two leathercops hanging out in this corner, both of them in their fifties or sixties, both of them in excellent shape. I love these mature cops with all their experience, having fucked countless cunts every day in their long carreers. These two men were more than confident in their sexy uniforms, based on the knowledge that, no matter what age, a healthy man in a leather uniform can fuck almost any cunt he desires.

This was also the corner where the cuckolds and their sex-addicted wives usually hung out. There were two couples around, all four of them buck naked. The men were stretched out on the floor, in total submission, looking up in expectation to the mighty boots of the two cops that of course gave them no attention. These husbands were desperately trying to tempt these big leathermen to fuck their wives. One of the cuckolds lifted up his head in an attempt to kiss a boot shaft but the sole hit his forehead and pushed him back. That didn’t stop the other cuckold to attempt ayvalık escort bayan the same. He too got a heavy boot planted on his head that pinned him to the dirty bar floor for a minute or so.

Meanwhile the wives were presenting their sexual availability shamelessly, as cheap bar sluts. They were using all the tricks in the book to tempt these macho fuckers, hoping to get dragged off to a private cabin for a thorough plowing. There was the usual tarty lip touting and licking, pushing their tits up for grabs, waggling their arses, even fingers moving up and down cunts and arseholes, as if these men knew nothing and had to be shown where the holes were that they were to slab into…

I loved watching the goings-on in this corner. It was such a raunchy and predictable show. For sure, the two women were going to be fucked silly, to the point where they were no longer able to walk and had to be carried home by their loving husbands. But in order to get there, they had to play this silly game and humililiate themselves by selling themselves off to these priviliged fuck masters. For the cops it was bliss to see these couples so desperate for sex with a leather-clad bull cop. They knew that outside this bar they looked like respectable and balanced people, yet here they were degrading themselves in front of two leather fuckers, crying out to get shafted by one of them, or better by both of them.

My pole, which was never soft for long in this bar, got hard as I stroked myself leisurely while watching the scene unfold. I had to hold back not to shoot prematurely, as I really wanted to get into action with some of these perverts. I had done it before, I knew it was all about timing. The signal came when one of the cops bent forward and inserted two leathered fingers in the already soaking wet cunt of one of the women. She more of less threw herself unto him, yearning to get ravished by this man. Her husband followed in her suit, attaching himself to the cop’s boots, covering the boot leather in kisses, grateful that such a leather god was willing to assault his wife.

When the cop got up from his bar stool, I was ahead of them. He picked up the wife, carried her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder and was off to a more private space. The husband tried to hold on to his boot, had to let that go, and quickly got up to follow them. I had to think ahead which cabin the cop was most probably heading for. It was a combination of experience and luck that I went for the right one. It was the one with the chains and hand and foot restraints hanging from the ceiling. The tricky part for me was to get rid of the husband without the wife or the cop noticing. Here too my plan worked to perfection, assisted by the darkness and the confused state of mind of the husband. I caused a little scuffle, pushed a few people between the husband and the cop, then pushed him and a few others into a cabin, and managed just in time to slip into the cabin where the leathercop had schlepped his victim off. I was in and everybody else was locked out.

I knew it was going to take a minute or so before the husband would realize that he was in the wrong cabin. He would then be knocking on cabin doors inquiring with a whiney voice whether his sweetheart was in there. This cop however was about to make sure that if his wife heard him, she would not be able to respond to her hubby. The very first thing he did was to pull a leather gag from his well-equipped police belt and to secure the device over her head, making sure she could only produce muffled and untelligible sounds as he was getting her ready to get fucked. This was not a cop who cared much for sweet kisses or words whispered in his ear. There would be none of that. Nor did he care about a woman’s caressing hands all over his hard body. He was more of the type of: shut up, bitch, take this. He was going to fuck her in front of her husband, brutal and merciless. Just the type of raw male sex I was lusting after!

I had positioned myself stooping behind the big cop, just like the cuckolding hubby would have done. I was sure the cop had not noticed anything, and if he had noticed the mix-up, he wouldn’t care a shit. He was busy chaining her up like a piece of fuckmeat. Her wrists had already leather restraints around them and were hoisted up. He bent over to attach the ankle restraints on her. In this tiny cabin that meant that his big leathered arse pushed into my face. My head banged against the wood as I was roughly pushed back against the wall. It was the moment I had been waiting for: cop leather arse feeding time. Yum!

I managed to stay attached to his arse after he finished shackling her and hoisting her up in fucking position. I knew it was important for me not to distract and annoy this man while he was getting ready to fuck. So, I backed off a little and watched him prepare his cock in the dim light penetrating in the cabin. The cop put a leather strap around the base of his cock and balls. He pulled the ends in order to fit the cockring as tight as it would go. He grabbed his scrotum and skilfully fitted a ball stretcher around it. Another leather strap, made weightier by kerns of lead sewn into it, went around the ball stretcher. The multiple layers of leather around his ball sack really set off his bull’s testicles beautifully.

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