A Little Help For A Friend


It was a big day for Bill, and I knew he was ready for whatever his defense committee threw at him.  The problem was, though, Bill didn’t think so.  He was having a problem with personal confidence.  His work was stellar, well-documented, supported by all the available facts, and moved his particular specialty in chemistry forward, as a Ph.D. has to. I was never sure whether he set ridiculously high standards for himself, or something in his past or personality never let him think that what he did was good enough.We met during my first week in the graduate school program at a major US university, a top school for doctorate-level chemistry.  He was in his third year, already well into his research.  We shared a lab and a research adviser.  He was brilliant – one of those students that faculty and other students enjoyed having in seminars, the kind of budding scientist who enjoyed sparring about various uncertainties and hypotheses, but who readily admitted he didn’t know something rather than spread bullshit.    And, on a very non-scientific level, I thought he was cute.  Really cute.  Outdoorsy, fit, and not wimpy. He was one of those guys that you met and instantly wanted to get to know better. You know, the kind of guy whose eyes you could just fall into and who gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and perhaps a warm and moist feeling between your legs.  That was Bill to me on the first day I met him.  During that first five seconds after our adviser introduced him at the “Welcome to the Chemistry Department” cocktail party, my mind filtered out all the other noise and talk I should have listened to, and instead got me thinking about sex and semen and lust.  He brought out a side of me that I knew I couldn’t keep buried, but that I had also promised myself would not rule me like it had for a while in college. Someone to the side caught my eye – a very attractive but studious-looking girl. I broke from my imaginary reverie with Bill and heard that her name was Barbara, a grad student in language studies and political science.  She was also Bill’s girlfriend.  I shook her hand and smiled, and did a mental measurement: beautiful clear blue eyes, light brown hair, a sincere smile, and what appeared to be a really nice figure.  Damn it, after speaking with her, I liked her!  I immediately had a feeling that she was a great young woman who would be a good friend.  As I talked with her and enjoyed some wine and bacon-wrapped scallops and other treats, my mind took a brief detour back to lust, and I pictured her enjoying Bill’s cock, giving him a nice slow sensuous blowjob of the type I like giving.  I wondered if she was a “missionary” girl, or an adventurous one.  She gave me an athletic vibe, so my appraisal of her was that she enjoyed Bill, and maybe other guys, in any and every way she could.So we actually did become friends, and I did not push Bill in any way, shape or form into a physical relationship with me.  I met a few other guys and settled into a nice cozy “open relationship” with Bob, a classmate of hers.  Barb and I enjoyed many of the same things – drinking, reading, sex, movies, did I say sex, etc etc.  I came to realize that if we had known each other in undergraduate school,  bursa sınırsız escort we’d have made quite a “team”. So.  Here we are a few years later.  Bill is set to defend the work he’s done for the past several years.  I have sat in on many practice defense sessions, have helped him run every possible challenge scenario, played devil’s advocate, and tried to fluster him with purposely stupid questions.  He was great during all of it.  He showed up the morning of his defense a different man, saying he couldn’t stop thinking that he forgot to do something, that one of the faculty on his committee wouldn’t think his work was worthy to pass muster, and more and more negativity in that horrible spiral that started as nervousness and led to incapacitation.  He and I were sitting in his office, and he was a nervous wreck.  I told him to call Barbara, and he did.  He talked to her, but just couldn’t calm down. Barbara asked to speak to me.  She told me that he hadn’t slept well for days, and that he hadn’t been able to “get it up” for at least a week.  She hadn’t been able to do more for him for two days since she was in NY at some UN meeting with her polisci adviser, and she felt that a nice calming hand would do wonders to bring him around.  She knew that I liked Bill, and that I had been attracted to him from our first meeting.  She also knew that he found me attractive – she and Bill and my guy and me had partied together, gone skinny dipping and naked hot tubbing and flirted and played strip poker, and she knew that he enjoyed spending that sort of “down time” with me.  Barbara came right out and said that I could probably do Bill a world of good…“I know Bill would relax and do great if you could take his mind off everything for a few minutes.  Help him reset.”“Barb, what are you asking me to do,” I whispered into the phone, knowing in my heart what she was going to say next.“Erin, I’ve known since day one that you like him.  You’re one of my best friends, and I wouldn’t ask you to do something you wouldn’t want to do.  But – as a friend to me and to Bill – you know he needs to re-center.  Please take care of him.”“Barbara, I … I don’t feel right about this … I think…”“Erin, are you and Bill alone in his office?  There are about two hours before his defense, and if it were me there with him, I’d have him bend me over his desk, fuck me hard and then I’d give him a blowjob.  I’m not there.  You are.  And from what I have heard from Bob, you give a memorable bj.““Barb, wow.  I’m honored that you trust me with him, but …”“Stop. Tell you what.  Put me on speaker.”“Bill?  Are you listening? Are you OK?  Is Erin helping you to calm down?  I love you, and want the best for you.”Bill replies “,I’m just so nervous about the grilling I’m going to be taking later.”“Bill, honey, from everything I’ve heard, you’re gonna ace it.  Erin agrees. You are so prepared for this, that you are gonna sew this up like a pro.  When I get home tonight, I’m gonna fuck and suck a brand-new Ph.D. – you!  That’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.   And if I were there, I’d do you right now.  That would sure calm you down, wouldn’t it?”“Yes. It would.  bursa escort bayan Its been so long since I’ve even been able to think about it”“Well, how about this.  I just asked Erin to take care of you.  I would love her forever if she could take care of my man at this very moment.  Erin? Still there?”“Yea.“ And I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I had been dreaming about sucking his cock, but being the good friend, it was an unrequited dream.“Erin, would you please do me a huge favor, and give Bill a huge present?  Would you please give him a blowjob, right now, in his office? Please?”I looked at Bill, with a slightly shocked look in my eyes and a completely blown-away look in his.Bill stammered, “Barb, you’d let me do that? OMG.” My dream was about to come true.“Bill, I’m letting Erin do that, and I’m hoping you enjoy the gift she’s about to give you.  Erin, could you switch to a video call?  I’d like to watch it.  I’m in my hotel room, sitting here naked, intensely turned on by the thought of you blowing my boyfriend, while hoping he has a great time and calms down.  Can you set the phone up so I can watch?  It’ll be like those gloryhole vids we watch sometimes, only we’ll both know whose dick it is.““No problem.  We’re going to move over next to the file cabinet so no one will see us….”With that, I stood up and rubbed Bill’s crotch through his dress pants.  I could feel the stirrings of an erection starting.  I unbuttoned my blouse and put it on the chair.  I took one of Bill’s hands and let him feel my boobs.  The erection stirred even more.“Barb, the video link is up.  Bill is standing against the wall, and I figured you’d like to see the action from start to finish.  I’ve got my blouse off – here, take a look – and I’ll set the phone cam so you can watch what we do.  This is so kinky – but fun.  What do you think, Bill? This going to be fun?”“OMG Erin – this is so great.  I mean – this is so nice of you – I mean, I never thought…”“You can thank my good friend, your girlfriend.  I have tried really hard for years not to do this, and now I have her permission, and encouragement.   Try not to smile too hard, my mouth is a gift to you from Barbara!  Now, let’s see what we have in here.”I positioned the camera so it took a nice wide shot of Bill’s crotch and my head.  I wished I had another person to hold the camera.  Maybe I’d let Bill hold it..“Bill, can you hold the camera so Barbara can see what I’m working with?”He held it out and focused it on his crotch, listening to Barbara directing him on speaker.  I undid his belt and pulled his pants down.  Boxers.  Funny, I had always figured him to be a tighty whitie guy.  I reached up through the opening on his leg, and wrapped my fingers around the hot tube of meat I found.  I pulled his shorts down.  He was still flaccid, not huge but not small by any means.  As it enlarged, I could see that it was an awesome instrument of pleasure for Barb and whoever else.  It was nicely smooth, pale light brown with a darker ring by the nice thick head.  He was not shaved bald, but apparently, Barb liked a nice close trim.  Near the very tip, he had the cutest freckles.  There were two on the tip of nilüfer escort his head that were placed about a quarter inch apart, directly to his left side of his slit and about a quarter inch from it.  When looked at sideways, the freckles and slit formed a cute smiling face.       I was going to enjoy this.  His cock was slowly engorging but pointing down.  Not hard yet. Without using my hands, I opened my mouth and just enveloped his cock, as I said, “Let’s help this along.”  I held his balls in my left hand, and looked up at him and gave him a smile with cock-filled lips. “OMG, Erin, that is so sexy.  I wish it were my mouth, but you’re doing so well.” Barb’s voice came over the speaker, and I could tell she was really enjoying watching. I moved my head back, allowing Bill to fall free for a second.  He had transitioned to a significant erection.  I’ve always enjoyed giving blowjobs to my friends, and I remember so many of them by the picture I was seeing just then – beautiful big cock staring at me, eye level, wet from me.  I could see a tiny droplet of pre-cum emerging from Bill’s slit. “Erin, how does he taste?  He looks great!“I gave his cock a little squeeze, and it drew some pre-cum out to a nice-sized drop. “Barbara, I tasted a little pre-cum, and look – there is a nice drop, coming right out of that cute little face!  I bet it’s going to taste so good.  Thanks again for this treat.  Bill – focus on the tip of your cock, show your girlfriend…”“Ohhh – I see it.  Take it in. let me see your tongue French kiss that little mouth on his cock!” I made sure the camera had a good angle.  I extended my tongue and licked around the head of Bill’s cock, then inserted my tongue right into the slit.  I always love doing that with my friends.  I slowly pulled the tip of my tongue around, and there was a visible amount of pre-cum forming.  I put his tip between my lips and applied some suction.  Strings of pre-cum stretched between my lips, then were wrapped around my tongue and brought in my mouth.“There is a huge among of pre-cum now, and it tastes delicious.  Barbara, you’re a lucky girl to feast on this as often as you want.  I am jealous. And I love that little face watching me!“ “Erin, enjoy it – you’re earning every bit of it.  I’m glad you’re letting me watch.“I could tell by the way he was standing and shifting his weight and tensing his legs – Bill was close.  I took a quick look at the wall clock.  We had about a half hour before he was going to be standing up in front of his committee, so I better wrap this up.I took him out of my mouth, and licked from balls to tip, around the head, then gave him a few minutes of pumping.  Never having “done” Bill before, I could only guess where he was in the process.  All guys are pretty much the same, but each one has an individual “tell”, and I didn’t know Bill’s.  I asked him to knock on the file cabinet when he was getting close.I looked up at him.  “Bill, we must get to your conference room pretty soon.  I want you to cum in my mouth, and I want Barb to be able to see everything.  I don’t want any cum on your pants or shoes or in my hair – I want it all in my mouth so I can swallow it.  Let me know when you’re ready to shoot, and I’ll hold your cock and make sure it’s aiming into my mouth.“I wanted Barbara to see his cum squirting, and see it pooled in my mouth before I swallowed.  I looked at him again, right into his eyes, which were starting to close.  I let him pump in and out. I could feel his cock hardening and could hear Barbara moaning over the speaker.

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