A Magical Visitor Ch. 05


As Emilia used her magic powers to move Jessica and Sarah through the air towards Sarah’s apartment, she took a second to reminisce about how much fun she’s had being Jessica’s sneakers. Emilia was an omnipotent goddess, but she still had never experienced anything like this. It gave her a new perspective, using her powers to manipulate reality, but not being seen or known by anyone but her wearer.

It definitely helped that she added some improvements to being worn, such as anything that entered her sneaker form was like it was entering her vagina. This was quite orgasmic, as Jessica had her foot in her sneaker form all day, and constantly wiggled her toes, giving Emilia mounds of pleasure. Emilia knew that Jessica was doing most of this on purpose, for she also felt everything that Emilia was experiencing. The only thing that kept Jessica from orgasming every second of the day was Emilia’s magic, which let her experience the pleasure, but let her have control over it, so that she could still function as a human being.

When Madeline and Sarah were worshipping her sneaker form, it was enough to put her over the edge. Feeling their tongues and lips all over her new body felt nothing short of amazing. She especially loved having the girls lick her soles, and the toe of her body.

When she was just being worn by Jessica, and nobody was kissing or licking her, it was still quite special. Jessica’s feet were something near perfect, and Emilia was very happy to provide her with something to protect those almost perfect feet. The only thing that would make those feet perfect would be if Jessica became a goddess.

As Emilia used her powerful telekinesis to move Jessica through the air, Jessica did not need to walk on her feet, so Emilia did not feel as used as a regular pair of shoes, but good thing for her, she could simulate this sensation with her magic. Allowing a simulated pressure from Jessica’s feet at all times, like Jessica was standing in the converse sneakers she wore. And since Emilia made it so that her face was the insole of the sneakers, it was like Jessica was standing on her face. This might not sound like the best thing ever, but it truly was for Emilia.

Not only experiencing the pressure from Jessica’s feet, Emilia also enjoyed being right next to them at all times, so that she could smell them whenever she wanted. Being a magical pair of sneakers, she also soaked up any and all sweat that came from Jessica’s feet, acting like a pair of socks.

All of this happening to Emilia’s form all at once would be sensory overload for any normal person, but as she was a goddess, it was pure ecstasy for her. Even before Emilia and Jessica arrived at the yoga studio, Emilia had orgasmed a handful of times. She planned to have many more, as the two girls and Emilia as Jessica’s sneakers arrived at Sarah’s apartment. She had some fun plans in mind that the two unmagical girls would find very intriguing.

Jessica and Sarah slowly floated downwards towards the sidewalk outside of Sarah’s apartment building. Emilia set both girls down on the ground, Jessica especially, for Emilia wanted the real deal of what it felt like to be used as a pair of sneakers.

You want me to walk? I’ve gotten so used to just floating everywhere, walking feels so boring! Jessica mentally said to Emilia.

Well I want to be used like a normal pair of sneakers for at least part of the day, and that includes you walking around in me, normally Emilia projected back.

Ok, ok, that’s fair, I would want the same thing. Also, I’m not opposed to switching up the roles here, and me being a pair of your shoes for a day. It could be very exciting I think, being on the feet of an all powerful goddess.

Be careful what you wish for honey, it might just happen Emilia mentally said with a small giggle.

“Wow, that was so much quicker than walking. I really wish I had your powers! Or at least had you around more often.” Sarah said, blushing slightly.

“I’m happy to give you a lift dear. Now, let’s get moving, I want to see your other shoes first hand!”

“After you! Actually, wait a sec, do you think we could stop for a bit of coffee? There’s a cafe right there on the corner.” Sarah said, pointing at the end of her block.

“Yes, we can get coffee, but I had something else in mind.” Jessica said with a sexy smile. “Lead the way gorgeous.” The door to Sarah’s apartment building opened up magically, and Sarah walked through, followed by Jessica. As Jessica walked into Sarah’s apartment building, Emilia loved how she didn’t have to simulate being walked on, and could experience the real thing for a change.

I actually don’t mind walking too much, not with you as my sneakers. As I said earlier, wearing you is like wearing a pair of ugg boots. You’re extremely comfortable, and I don’t feel any discomfort!

I’m glad you think so dear, I am thoroughly enjoying my time surrounding your feet.

As bursa escort the two girls walked through the apartment building lobby, the elevator opened for them automatically, and as they entered, the button for Sarah’s floor was pressed by magic.

“How did you know what floor to press?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Telepathy, you should try it some time.” Jessica said with a wink.

“Oh if only!”

As the elevator approached the 5th floor, the doors opened up again, and the two girls walked out. Jessica followed Sarah around the corner to her apartment door. Sarah reached for her keys, but found that they were not in her purse where she normally kept them.

“Look up Sarah.” Jessica said cooly.

Sarah did so, and saw that her keys had floated out of her purse, and were moving towards her door. Her apartment key inserted itself in the lock, and turned. The door opened for the girls, and they moved inside, Sarah’s keys coming out of the lock, and floating back into Sarah’s purse.

“Man, what does a girl have to do to get some of your powers!” Sarah said jokingly.

“Be a good girl, and maybe I’ll help you out” Jessica winked.

Think you can help her out Emilia?

I don’t see why not, if she makes sure to worship me thoroughly, I don’t see why I can’t return the favor.

“So, coffee first, then playtime.” Jessica said. Emilia mentally told Jessica what to do, and following orders, Jessica snapped her fingers, and Sarah’s one bedroom apartment was transformed into a coffee house. Jessica was no longer wearing clothes, only an apron, and the Emilia converse sneakers. Jessica walked around the counter to the register, and looked over to Sarah, who just stared incredulously at her apartment post transformation. “What’ll it be hun?”

“Uh, ummm” Sarah stammered, still getting over the fact that her apartment was now a coffee house, all with the snap of this girl’s fingers. “Iced mocha latte please.”

“You got it hot stuff.” Jessica winked, and then turned around to watch as the coffee started to make itself. All of the things a barista would be doing by hand, was all done magically. Once the coffee was done, it floated over in the air to Sarah, who plucked it from the air, and took a sip.

“This is the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life!” Sarah exclaimed before taking another sip.

“Only the best for you sweetie.” Jessica said. “How would you like to try drinking it a different way?”

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked.

Without saying a word, Jessica picked up one of her feet, and the converse sneaker adorning it floated off, and over towards Sarah. Sarah’s coffee lifted out of her hands, and the lid popped off. The coffee cup moved over towards the sneaker, and poured half of its remaining contents into the shoe, none of it leaking out due to Emilia’s magic. Finally, the sneaker containing the coffee moved over to Sarah’s mouth. “This is what I mean.” Jessica said.

Sarah didn’t need to waste any time thinking about it. She moved her mouth closer to the sneaker, which met her halfway, and tipped itself up a little bit, allowing some of the coffee to touch her lips. After a sip, Sarah went back for seconds. She proceeded to down the contents of the sneaker, and when she was done, she licked her lips, satisfied.

“Mmmm, that was sexy.” Sarah told Jessica.

“It was even sexier watching you.” Jessica replied. The sneaker moved back through the air towards Jessica’s foot, and replaced itself. Sarah’s coffee moved back into her hands, letting her finish the rest of the cup.

“I could get used to this, Jessica. Can you be here every morning to make me coffee?”

“I would like that very much! We’ll talk about that later though.” Jessica said with a wink. “For now, I want to see your shoe collection, I have been very excited to see it in person ever since I first read your mind.”

“Right this way!”

On the way to Sarah’s bedroom, Jessica snapped her fingers, and her outfit changed back to normal, and the coffee house was no more, Sarah’s apartment returning to normal.

Jessica followed Sarah into a surprisingly large walk-in closet. “I did not expect a closet of this size for your apartment.”

“I’m lucky, it’s a reason why I chose this place, because the closet is huge. I almost didn’t get into this building, but was able to grab the last available opening.”

Jessica looked around, and stopped when she saw what she was looking for: Sarah’s shoe collection. It was quite vast, varying from heels to boots to sandals to sneakers. If it weren’t for the fact that Jessica knew two very powerful women, she might have been extremely jealous. “Which pair is your smelliest? I want to smell those first.”

“Definitely my short brown uggs. I have had those things for years, and wear them all the time, even in the summer. They have really held in the sweat from over the years.”

Sarah watched as her short brown uggs levitated bursa escort bayan up in the air, and over towards Jessica. Both openings pointed towards her nose, and when they were within smelling distance, Jessica inhaled deeply. “Oh god, that is amazing, you weren’t kidding!” Jessica said as she gave the uggs another big sniff. One of the uggs rotated around, pointing its toe towards Jessica’s mouth, so that she could kiss, lick, and nuzzle the ugg while smelling its counterpart.

Then, both uggs moved a bit away from Jessica’s face. “I think you need to try these on, now!” Jessica said with a devilish smile. Sarah felt herself lift up into the air, and saw her toms hover off of her feet. Both of them moved up in the air towards Sarah’s face, so that she could smell them, and lick the soles. The brown ugg boots moved down to Sarah’s beautiful size nine feet, and placed themselves on. After the uggs were snugly surrounding Sarah’s feet, she was levitated in the air higher, with her toms still at her face, so that her uggs were right up near Jessica’s face. Jessica became more comfortable by taking a sitting position in the air, crossing one leg over the other. She then proceeded to worship the uggs on this beautiful blonde’s feet.

Jessica started by licking up and down the soles of Sarah’s brown ugg boots. Then she moved her face to the tops of the boots so she could rub her face on the soft outer fabric of the shoes. Jessica planted kisses here and there on the boots as she did this. Jessica spent the next few minutes just enjoying her time worshipping these stinky used ugg boots, until Emilia interrupted her.

I have some ideas to make this party a little better.

Jessica heard a snap, and instantly, she and Sarah were both naked, except for their shoes. Jessica saw that Sarah was moving her right boot clad foot down to Jessica’s bare nipples to begin to tease them, while keeping her left boot in full reach of Jessica’s mouth.

“Great idea, I was getting tired of wearing those clothes.” Sarah told Jessica. As Sarah said this, Jessica moved her face away from the ugg boot at her lips, and looked at Sarah’s naked body in all its glory. Her body was perfectly tan, with no blemishes or imperfections anywhere. Her tits were remarkably perky, with nipples the size of pepperoni. Luckily for Jessica, Sarah was clean shaven, everywhere on her body. Sensing Jessica was enjoying the view, Emilia used her powers to turn Sarah around so that Jessica could get a perfect view of Sarah’s ass. Jessica loved Emilia for doing this, because being a yoga teacher, Sarah’s ass was nothing short of goddess like. It was an ass that Jessica very much looked forward to playing with later.

Now for the fun part Jessica heard Emilia say in her mind. All of a sudden, Jessica felt a strange sensation between her legs. Spreading her legs open, Jessica looked down at her crotch, and saw a bulge forming.

What is going on?! And why does it feel so good?! Jessica asked Emilia mentally.

I’m giving you a dick so that we can all use it to experience more pleasure, and it feels good because I want it to feel good!

Jessica watched as the bulge grew bigger, and longer. All of a sudden, instead of a vagnia, she had a thick penis that was over a foot long. Sarah’s mouth dropped to the ground in shock.

“Oh my god!” Sarah exclaimed. “Did you just grow a penis?!?!”

“I sure did, want to take it for a spin?” Jessica said nonchalantly, even though on the inside she was a little freaked out as well.

Don’t worry honey, this will be great, trust me! It will allow me to enjoy myself as well, watch. Jessica saw Sarah’s toms float away from her face and down to the ground so that she could watch what was happening. Next, Jessica’s right converse sneaker floated off of her foot, and hovered onto the tip of her now erect penis, shoving itself down just gently enough to feel good, but enough to have Jessica’s new penis fill the inside of the sneaker. Then, the shoe started to move up and down, pleasuring Jessica as it did.

“Well, you will have to wait your turn, my sneakers wanted to try it out first.”

“What do you mean your sneakers want to try it out?”

“Um, well, I’ll tell you later, for now, let’s just enjo- nnnnnnngggg!” Jessica couldn’t take any more as the sneaker rubber her new penis in all the right ways. She orgasmed hard, and cum fired out of her dick, a brand new interesting sensation for her, and filled the sneaker full of her fluids.

I’ll give Sarah her turn, but I want to do that again! Emilia said mentally. And don’t worry, you don’t have a cool down, with my magic, you are instantly ready to go after each time you cum. Emilia floated her sneaker body off of Jessica’s penis, magically cleaning herself of Jessica’s cum, and levitated her sneaker self back onto Jessica’s foot.

“Now I think it’s my turn.” Sarah said hesitantly “Are you sure about this? This is all very new to me.”

“Trust escort bursa me Sarah, I really think you’ll like this. I wasn’t so sure at first, but after that first orgasm, I’m really coming around to this idea.”

“Ok, if you say so.” Sarah said, and felt herself float closer to Jessica. Emilia started by lowering Sarah onto Jessica’s penis vagina first. As soon as Jessica breached Sarah’s lips, she gasped. “Oh hot damn, you were right! This is unreal!” Sarah said as she felt Jessica go deeper.

You can feel all this too, right Emilia?

Yes sweetheart, I have a special connection to both you and Madeline, so anything you feel, I feel, which is why it felt so good to rub you off while I am your sneaker, I was able to feel it double.

Wow, I need to try that sometime!

Oh you will sweetie, once I make you a goddess, you can do whatever you want!

Emilia continued to use her magic to move Sarah up and down Jessica’s penis. Both girls were crying out in pleasure, especially Sarah.

“Ooooo I don’t think I can last much longer!”

“When you cum, I cum too, so this will be an explosion!” Jessica told her between moans.

Jessica was right, not long after, Sarah climaxed, and screamed out in pleasure. She was continually being moved up and down on Jessica’s penis, all while Jessica was filling up her vagina with her cum. “Oh yes, yes, YES YESSSS!!” Sarah exclaimed.

After both girls had finished, Sarah was gently pulled off of Jessica, and both girls were held in the air by Emilia’s powers. Emilia wanted to give them a breather before going again.

“I’ll take it you enjoyed yourself?” Jessica asked.

“That’s a rhetorical question right?” Sarah answered, and both girls laughed.

“While you are getting ready to go again, there is something I want to try.” Jessica said, and looked at Sarah’s ugg boots, which moved off of her feet, and into the air. Along with the ugg boots, Jessica looked over at Sarah’s sneaker collection, and found a pair of baby blue old skool vans that she just adored, and with a thought, Emilia used her powers to read this thought, and execute what Jessica wanted. The baby blue vans lifted up from their spot, and over to Jessica. The right sneaker used its sole to stroke her cheek teasingly, while the other one aimed its opening at her nose so that she could get a good sniff. They did not smell very much, since they were in good condition, but Jessica could tell that Sarah had worn these more than a few times.

Along with the vans and the uggs, Jessica looked over at where Sarah’s dirty laundry was, and asked Emilia to mentally go through it, looking for a certain item or two. Emilia found exactly what the girl was looking for, and telekinetically commanded a worn pair of workout socks, and a worn pair of fuzzy socks to levitate up from the pile. Both pairs of socks filled out with phantom sets of Sarah’s feet, to which Sarah was a bit surprised, but mostly intrigued.

“Mmmm, I think I see where you’re going with this, maybe you’d like the real thing as well?”

“How did you know? Are you the one reading minds now?” Jessica asked.

“Only in my dreams! I just wish my feet were smaller, sometimes I feel like they are too big.”

“Are you kidding?! I love your feet! Because they’re bigger, I get more to work with! Bigger sneakers to enjoy, more shoe to love, and more sock to have fun with. I actually prefer bigger feet to smaller feet, so I am in heaven with you!”

“Awww, you’re so sweet to say that.” Sarah smiled at Jessica. “Now show me just how much you love my feet!”. Sarah was moved closer to Jessica’s dick, close enough so that she could start rubbing Jessica’s dick with her feet. This was the cue for Emilia to magically command all of the other footwear to start going to work.

As Sarah sat in the air, rubbing her feet on Jessica’s dick, her pair of worn gym socks mirrored her movements just above the spot that she was at on Jessica’s dick. Sarah’s fuzzy socks went to the base of Jessica’s penis, and started to rub all around. The baby blue old skool vans hovered over, and began to rub their soles near the top of Jessica’s penis, and finally, one of Sarah’s ugg boots went to Jessica’s face, to give her something to smell and play with, and the other ugg boot levitated to the top of her penis, and lowered its opening onto the tip. The ugg boot, controlled by Emilia’s powers, slowly moved lower and lower, allowing more and more of Jessica’s penis to fill Sarah’s ugg boot, to the point that her tip was at the toe of the boot.

Jessica had no words for how good this felt, the soft fur of the ugg boot massaging her new appendage, moving up and down on the tip. The best part was right at the toe, on the roof of the shoe. That part had very little use, as it was not walked on by Sarah’s feet, so it was still very fuzzy, and felt extremely good against the tip of Jessica’s penis. Along with the ugg boot, having Sarah’s pair of baby blue vans rubbing along her shaft, combined with both pairs of Sarah’s socks, and even Sarah herself rubbing her feet along Jessica’s erect penis, Jessica could take no more. All of this stimulation was simply too much.

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