A New Lover


“I know it’s hard for you sometimes, believe me. I know. This would be hard for anyone. But you have to remember that this was your idea and it’s a fantasy that you had me turn into a reality. And I like this reality very much, baby. Not to mention it makes that little dick of your hard almost constantly.”

She sits, stares at me. She moves to the edge of her chair and leans forward toward me. I am kneeling in front of her. I am naked at her feet. She reaches down and flicks the end of my small semi-erect penis with her finger. I wince at the slightly stinging pain. I already had tears in my eyes, confessing my jealousy, telling her how I feel when she is out with her boyfriend.

“I never thought I could do this, baby. When you kept bothering me with it, talking dirty about me being with another man, I told you that I had to think about that, remember? I didn’t know if I could do it and still be your wife. Do you remember that, remember me stroking you and listening to you tell me all of your dirty thoughts about me, me and other men? I remember that well, all your dirty, dirty thoughts about your wife being a very bad girl. Do you remember, honey? I do. You got me so wet.”

She smiles as she sees my penis stir. I always get semi erect when she talks to me like this, purrs to me. Her tight blouse pushes her breasts up under it, cleavage and the lace top of her bra inches from my face.

“I knew then it would be hard for you to actually live it for real. That’s why I have to treat my little man special like this. That’s why we have these counseling sessions. They’re to help you. They’re for you, sweetie. I love you. I couldn’t love you more. And it’s part of why I counsel you. Any other woman would have left you by now, probably have left you for another man. Not me. I love my little husband.”

She stands and puts her hand to back of my head. She presses my face to her crotch, presses me up against the front of the short skirt she is wearing. I feel my penis go to full erection. I can see the vision of her as she let me help her dress, see the black lace panties I helped her step into before she had me help her on with her tight little skirt. I can feel her femininity, smell her scent. I can smell the perfume she applied to the front of her panties just before she zipped her skirt. She holds my face to front of her pussy. She presses me up tight to it through her skirt and panties.

“I saw that little thing of yours, honey, I saw it moving. You love me being with him. You fucking love it. We both know that. You love your wife being a whore for that man. And I love it to. I need him, baby. I do. We both know you can’t fuck me like he does. Don’t we? He fucks me the way I need a man to fuck me, the way every woman wants to be fucked.”

She laughs, runs her hand down the side of my cheek. She bends to the side as she looks down at my boy-like erect penis. I am tiny compared to her lover, a fact that she reminds me of regularly.

“Yes, Ma’am…”

I stammer through my crushed lips, held tight up to her crotch, the front of her skirt. She releases my head, wiggles her skirt up over her hips and pushes my face back up directly to her sheer panties. I feel her soft pussy rub up against my lips, my chin. She is wet.

“I’m going to let you cum today, baby. But not yet. We need to talk.”

She rubs herself over my face, moans slightly. She closes her eyes. She is making herself super wet. I feel it through her panties.

“Ooooo, very good boy. Keep your lips just like that, don’t you move.”

She pumps against my mouth, rides my face. She holds the sides of my head tightly in place. After several minutes she begins to shudder. She cums on my face, soaks her panties. I see her start to drip down one leg as she quickly pushes my face away from her. My chin and lower face glisten with her wetness. She looks down at me, my small erection bobbing, wet on the end.

“I need you to tell me that you love me.”

She steps away from me, sits. She smiles that girlish smile at me as she sees me melt in front of her. Nothing turns me on more, has me more sexually addicted than the way she is treating me now. And she knows it.

“I love you. I do. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I love everything about you. I love you…”

I go on for a good five minutes like this. I look up at her, feel the tears in my eyes. It’s my confession to her. She sits and watches as I work myself almost to the point of almost hysteria. She stares coldly at me, smiles, watches.

“I love that you are with him. I love that he fucks you. I love that you get what you need from him, what you can’t bursa escort get from me. I love that you are his girlfriend. I love you. I love you. I love you, Ma’am. I do.”

She smiles down at me. The wet spot on the front of her panties turns to dripping, dripping onto the seat of the leather chair she sits in. It glistens.


She leans forward, her legs spread. Her high heel shoes make her current pose more than erotic. My penis is standing straight up, dripping wet on the end. I am dripping pre cum.

“Now that’s the husband I love and adore. I really do. See. You give me things he can’t. He could never be the submissive little boy that you are.”

She stands pushes her skirt back down over her hips and unzips it at the side. She lets it fall to the floor and steps out of it. She walks past me to the kitchen. She snaps her fingers and points to her side as she slowly walks. I know to instantly follow her on my hands and knees.

“Up. You know where I want you, little man.”

She opens the fridge and takes out a can of coke. She opens it and sips as she watches me hurry up onto the stone kitchen island counter top and go to my hands and knees. I push my rear out and arch my back, lower my face and chest to the cold counter. My penis, balls and rear end are completely exposed to her, at her chest level. She sips again, stares at the picture of me presented before her. I feel her hand trail up softly over the back of my balls. I wince, whimper softly. I know this position. I have been trained to assume it quickly. She uses it for reward and punishment. I feel naked, exposed and totally on display. She loves that. She fondles my tiny balls.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to slap them. I’m not in that kind of mood today, baby.”

She puts her coke can on the counter next to me.

“You know, when you have your little jealous moments, after I’ve been with my boyfriend for what you think is too long a time, like when I spent last weekend with him, I put up with that. Your prying questions, I don’t find any of it helpful or amusing, baby. When you complain as soon as I walk in the door, start with your little antics, I don’t like that. Not at all. You know we’ve been at this far too long for you to even think you have a say in what he and I do. He’s my boyfriend, my lover. And what he and I do is not your business. Right, baby?”

She quickly grips my balls in a tight circle with her thumb and index finger. She pulls them up and back firmly, pushing my butt out farther, up higher.

“Yes…yes…uhhh, yes, Ma’am…yesss…”

“In fact, that irritates me, makes me mad to hear your whining as soon as I come home after being with him. I’m a very good wife to you. I tell you about what he and I do, don’t I? Like when I tell you that he likes to finish in my butt? Or like when I tell you how he likes to cum in my face sometimes, don’t I tell you, get you all hot and bothered like you like? Don’t I? Or how he likes to show me off to his friends? Don’t I tell you all of it? Don’t I??!!?”

She laughs loud, squeezes my balls in her hand.

“Yessssssssss, Ma’am….yesssss…please…yes…”

She releases my balls, takes them and my penis back into the tight little ring of her thumb and index finger, pulling it all down and back. She starts to rub her other hand softly over the head of my erect and wet penis, in tiny slow moving circular motion. She runs her fingers over the hole. I go instantly fully erect and hard in her hand.

“I love doing this for you. It’s the most intimate thing I do. My lover couldn’t come close to touching me the way you do when I have you like this. He fucks me senseless, but this is precious, baby. And I do this because I love you. You should be grateful.”

She starts to stroke just the head of my penis as she holds it all in place tightly with her other hand.

“Now don’t you dare cum, little man! Don’t you dare. Not yet. Don’t you cum!”

She strokes me slowly. I start to moan and whimper, press my face to the counter.

“I love you…love you…”

I am stammering. I feel tears grow in my eyes as she works me with her hand.

“I met a boy. We had lunch the other day.”

She feels me slightly lose my erection, ever so slightly. She laughs.

“Now, now, let’s keep this little thing erect. Mama wants erect. Erect, baby. Nothing less.”

She starts to stroke me harder.

“That’s it. That’s what I want from you. That’s my little man.”

I am rock hard in her hand.

“He’s one of the boys from my office. He’s flirted with me ever since I met him three weeks ago. I finally said yes and bursa escort bayan had lunch with him. My boyfriend has no idea. I can be such a bad girl.”

She works in a career counseling department of a local college and she is in contact with an endless stream of 20 and 30 something graduate students. She has never taken ‘advantage’ of that before but has teased me about it, about all the men she has to chose from.

“He’s beyond cute. And so sexy. He’s aggressive too. We talked all about you, baby. It was funny how you came up in our lunch conversation. He asked why I went out with him, being married and all. I told him, and he loved it when I said it, that my husband doesn’t get in the way of me dating attractive men, that I have a boyfriend and that I do what I want when I want. That’s true, isn’t it, baby? Isn’t it?”

She laughed, took her hand off my penis and slapped my butt.

“Yessss…yesss. Please…pleasssse, don’t stop, please…yes, Ma’am…pleasssssee…”

She took a sip of her coke, put it down and put her hand back on me.

“I like this boy. I could tell he wanted me. He started talking very kinky at lunch, very, very, kinky, talked about spanking me for being a bad girl. I told him I was a bad girl, that made him laugh so loud others in the restaurant looked over at us. He told me he was hard in his pants thinking about fucking another man’s wife. That’s a real turn on for him, I could tell. He told me that my wedding ring was a turn on for him too. He said he wants to cum on it. That made me laugh, I told him I could see that happening. He told me that a wife that truly wants to control her husband around the house, while she might be entertaining another man, should have a ‘humbler’. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He showed me on his phone, on a website. I was floored. I loved it.”

She squeezed the ring of her fingers she was holding my balls in penis in, almost cutting off circulation.

“It’s a restraint that clamps right around here, fits back against your legs, and locks. It pulls all of this back tight, makes it so that you can’t get away, can’t stand up straight. It restrains you, baby. I was wet instantly, him discussing you like that, the two of us discussing my submissive husband and what we might do with him. I was so hot. My boyfriend never talks with me like that. I was dripping, could barely control myself. I wanted to fuck him right there. And he knew it.”

She ran her finger up the hole of my penis, pushed it in slightly, felt me shudder and start to quiver. She went back to pumping me slow and methodically.

“He flirted with me shamelessly. He had me so wet at the table. He knew that. He kept his hand on mine as we talked, he kept playing with my wedding ring. I like that, others in the restaurant seeing us together. He is so naughty, so kinky. After lunch he walked me to my car and got in with me. He started kissing me. I didn’t stop him. I have to admit, I wanted him. When he put his hand up under my dress I pushed him away. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We were parked back away from the restaurant but it was broad daylight. I told him I’d fuck him but not there. He took his cock out, just pulled it out of his pants. I was impressed, baby. He’s bigger than my boyfriend. I told him I would see him but not like this, not in my car in the parking lot. He wouldn’t stop, such an aggressive young man. I liked that. He pushed me down on him. He’s very forceful, baby. I couldn’t say ‘no’, not at that point. I wanted it.”

She strokes me as she talks. Her voice showing her excitement thinking about this boy, what she did with him, she is dripping wet. She is lost to her thoughts of him.

“I sucked him for almost half an hour. He loved that. He came in my mouth, baby. On the first date, he came in my mouth. He held my head down on him and came down my throat. I didn’t try to pull away. I wanted him.”

She starts to run her hand over me like she does when she wants me to cum.

“When he finished, he kept it my mouth, held me tight. He told me I was going to be his. I have to admit, I want to know what that means. I was so hot for him. Then he pulled me up so he could put it back into his pants. He told me to kiss it on the end one more time before he did that. I did. I kissed the end of it. I wanted to suck him again. He knew that. He called me ‘good girl’. I almost came hearing him say that. He kissed my cheek before getting out of my car, told me I was going to be his ‘special girl’. I was dripping, my dress soaked through my panties. He made me crazy. I almost came right there just from that. He said he wants to see me escort bursa in my house, wants my husband to know he’s seeing me like that, wants my husband to know I’m being fucked in his house. He said he wants to fuck me in our bed. He ran his hand up under my skirt, said he could tell I wanted that too. He put his finger in me. He pulled it out and ran it across my lips. He kissed my cheek again. Then he left. Wow. Just like that. I just sat there, amazed, dizzy. I want that man bad, baby. I want him. He’s so fucking hot! And cute too.”

She released me and took a sip of her coke.

“Now I want you to cum. Cum for Mama. Do it, honey. Come on, do it. Think about me in our bed with that boy. Think about it, baby. Cum for Mama. Come on, sweetie. Do it. Think about licking his cum off of my wedding ring.”

She giggled, girlishly. She talked so sweetly as she milked me into her hand.

“Uhhhhh, oooooooo….”

I was crazy with each spurt. She milked me thoroughly, to the last drop of my cum, milking me into her palm.

She said nothing, took another sip of her coke as she watched me hurry from the counter and kneel before her, my head bowed to her feet. It’s the position she trained me to go to as soon as she is done with my penis, as soon as I cum. She has trained me well.

“I know it turns you on to hear your dirty little wife talk dirty like this. I’m good at it, am I not? But this is not just talk. It’s real. I’m going to see that boy.”

She laughed loud.

“I know you, baby. I know right now that hurts you, makes my husband feel all possessive and jealous. Especially after I milk you, I know you. And you know me. I’m going to see him again. Tell me you want that. Tell me!”

I feel shame, guilt. I always do after I cum and she rubs it in, tells me what I am for her. I know that my addiction to her and that what she is will over power me too. I am helplessly addicted to her and all she does.

“I want you to see this boy. I want that. Please, please, I want you to see him. Please. Please have sex with him in our house. Please. Please make love to him in our bed. Please…I’ll do anything for you, anything. Please see him…”

She stares down at me.

“I can’t hear you!!”

I feel her slap my face hard, her other hand patiently holding my cum in it. I cry out. She slaps me again.


I go on as she listens. And then I see her hand with my cum in it, presented to my mouth. I don’t need to be told. I suck and lick it clean.

“I’m going to see him in our house. I’m glad you asked me to, glad you approve, little man. I’m going to see that boy again.”

She laughs.

“This is going to be so hot, baby. This will be a first for you. And you’d better not disappoint me. I’m going to see him this Friday. I already made that date with him. And I like the fact that he’s looking forward to fucking a married woman in her own house. He got so turned on hearing that I dominate you, that he could fuck me in your bed. He really did. Not that he wants anything to do with you, honey. Don’t worry about that. You’ll be safely locked away in the basement. I think his first time with me should be special, don’t you? He should have me anyway he wants me, just me and him. And he will be my first black lover. I loved looking at that huge black cock while I sucked him in my car, seeing my white hand holding it up, seeing my wedding ring against it. He’ll love seeing that in our bed, me looking up at him.”

She pulls her hand from my mouth, pets the side of my face with it.

“We’ve come a long way, baby. Look.”

She points to the front of her panties. She is soaking wet. She is dripping down her thighs.

“I’ve never been more sexually turned on in my life, ever. And I owe it all to my loving husband. Now I’m going upstairs. So are you. I want to be licked from behind while I think about what I’m going to do for my new lover. I want that tongue of yours all over my ass. I’m going to think about that ‘Humbler’ device he showed me. I think we need one. You can think about how I’m going let him put ‘Humbler’ on my cuckold husband, let him lock it in place if he wants that. I have to please my lovers, don’t I, baby? I have two of them now, have to please all of my men.”

She giggled, girlishly

She snaps her fingers and points to the floor as her heels start to click. She walks toward the stairs. I follow on my hands and knees. I crawl to the stairs, the taste of my cum all over my mouth.

“I love our life, baby. I love being married to you. And to think, we look so ‘normal’ to our friends and the outside world. If they only knew just how special we are.”

She laughs to herself. She is lost in her thoughts as she walks to our bedroom.

I follow her on my hands and knees. I love her. I couldn’t lover her more.

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