A Remembered Evening Ch. 1


It was a long flight from Florida to Colorado with one long layover. I was not looking forward to making the trip, but traveling was a necessary part of my job. You would think I would be used to it by now. I was settling into the seat, hooking the seat belt, adjusting headphones for the in flight music when I heard him: “Excuse me, but I think you are in my seat.” I must have looked surprised so he produced his ticket. Sure enough I was sitting in the wrong seat. I should have been one over. “Oh, I am so sorry,” I apologized, unhooking the belt and pulling out the headphone cord. I moved as graciously as one can in the cramped airplane seats to the seat one over. “No problem,” he said and sat down, his turn to adjust himself to the cramped seating. “My name is Michael.”

“Diane. It’s very nice to meet you. How far are you going on this trip?”

“Just to Atlanta,” he replied. Oh well, I thought, at least I’ll have a couple of hours with some one to talk to and no crying, shrieking kids in sight. Might not be a bad flight after all.

Michael was a pretty quite person, reading his paper. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. Not bad looking at all. A big guy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Could be about my age, if I ever admitted to that. I sighed and settled back in the seat, my thoughts turning to my current lover. I squirmed at the thought of our last night together and with good reason. He had administered one butt blistering spanking to me. “I know I won’t see you for two weeks,” he said.

“I want to give you something to remind you of me.” And he did. We had gone out to dinner but neither of us was hungry for food. His hand spent most of dinner between my legs, pushing my panties out of the way so his fingers could explore my most secret area. His touch always made me so wet, something that embarrassed me, but only fed his excitement. He pulled his wet fingers from my very wet area and put one in his mouth, to as he put it, give his tongue a taste of what was to come. “After,” he said, “I take you over my knee and give you something to remember me by.”

Dan and I had been together for over two years and by now spanking had become a big part of our relationship. I never knew he was interested in it until one day shortly into our relationship I had been pouting over some little thing. He had told me to straighten up and behave and I retorted with those famous words: “Oh yeah. What are you going to do? Spank me?”

He looked me straight in my eyes and told me, “I think I will. You are behaving badly and need to be disciplined soundly for it.” I was too amazed to do anything and the next thing I knew I was over his knee, ass in the air, getting smacked. He only smacked a few times and stopped. I was getting ready to stand up and really let him have it when bursa escort he pulled my skirt up exposing my behind covered only by a thong. He then resumed administering the spanking on my pretty much-bared ass. I was starting to wiggle and squirm as it was beginning to hurt but he just increased the smacks till they were quite painful and my ass was on fire. I had never been over anyone’s knee in my life and was taken back by this action. He stopped and left me laying over his knees rubbing my flaming ass.

I opened my mouth to tell him what I thought of what he had just done to me when his fingers slid down between my legs, pushing the thong aside to find my pussy very wet. He easily inserted one finger and then a second one into me. I was confused with this reaction. On one hand my ass was hurting like crazy but on the other hand I was obviously so turned on my pussy was dripping. He could tell of my arousal and stood me up. Without a word, he removed my top and skirt, my bra and panties. Not waiting, I began to undress him until all our clothes were in a pile on the floor. Turning me around, he had me lean over with my arms on the bed. He spread my legs and quickly entered me with a forceful thrust. It didn’t take long and the two of us exploded in a mutual orgasm. From that day on, I could count on receiving at least a weekly spanking, some deserved, some not, but always leaving me with a happy pussy and a very sore red ass that had me sitting very gingerly for the next day.

And I was sitting gingerly today also. When I had given Dan the dates of my trip, he just smiled and told me it would be a trip I would remember. He didn’t spank me for the three weeks before my departure date so I knew this night would be a dozy.

For three weeks he would tease me and pat me on the ass telling me how hot my ass was going to be, that I was going to be one well spanked young lady soon, that I would be able to look in the mirror for a few days afterwards and be reminded of his discipline, that he loved the idea that I would be sitting funny for the next day, that he loved looking at my ass all red fresh from the spanking he would give me. He would call me at work to tell me how he was going to take down my panties, leaving my ass totally bare for his hand. After his phone calls I could barely concentrate on what I needed to do. The anticipation was driving me crazy and I was hornier than I had been in a long time.

We quickly finished dinner and headed home. I know my breath was coming quickly and I could feel the familiar tingling letting me know my pussy was already kicking into high gear. When we walked into the house I saw that he had taken the “special” chair and had placed it in the center of the living room, positioning in front of the large mirror on the wall. There was a bursa escort bayan small table next to it with a silk scarf and a leather paddle sitting on it. I looked at him, wondering. He had never used anything but his hand on me and that had been quite effective in leaving an impression on me, along with some blood blisters and bruises.

He put his fingers to my lips. “Shhh. No words,” he said. “I promised you something to remember me by for the next two weeks since I won’t be able to see you or touch you. Now, take off your clothes.” I looked at him. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Now don’t be misbehaving. I may have to give you extra discipline and you don’t want that, right?” he responded. I shook my head no and slowly began to unzip my dress, pulling it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. I had been naked in front of this man so many times, but this time it was different. I was actually feeling a little humiliated and embarrassed. “Now, the bra,” he said. I reached behind and unhooked it freeing my breasts and realizing how turned on I was. My nipples were rock hard and standing up high and proud. “Panties next.” I began to pull my panties down and saw how wet they were. I was getting ready to take my shoes off but he stopped me.

“Stand there and let me look at you,” he commanded. So there I stood, totally naked except for a pair of black high heels for his perusal. He cupped my breasts, squeezing my nipples hard then slid his hands to my ass. “So nice and creamy white. Well, it won’t be when I’m finished. Give me your hands.” I put my hands out in front of me and he took the silk scarf tying them together. “This is to stop you from interfering with your discipline or from reaching back to cover your ass during my administering the discipline.” He placed the strap in my hand.

“Hold onto this till I ask for it.” He sat down in the chair, fully clothed, with me, totally naked over his knee. I could see the mirror and see myself laid out across him, naked, vulnerable and helpless to stop whatever punishment he deemed necessary. He took off his watch and set the timer. Six minutes. Six minutes!! Now I was getting worried. He had never spanked me that long before. I didn’t have to wait long for him to begin. The smacks began and he covered my ass from one side to the other with hard, stinging smacks.

“Oh, so nice and red already,” he said. With that he moved down and continued to cover my thighs with the same hard, stinging smacks as my ass had received. I was crying and pleading for him to stop, the pain becoming unbearable, but he continued with the assault on my tender ass cheeks and thighs. After what seemed like forever, he stopped. I had not heard the timer go off but thankfully he had. I collapsed, my head down, wanting so badly to reach back escort bursa and rub my burning ass and take away some of the pain. “Give me the strap,” he told me.

“No, No, please…..” I began but was quickly cut silent by three sharp slaps. I quickly handed the strap to him, tears rolling down my face. “Only six,” he said. Only six! How was I going to take this but I knew I had no choice but to accept the discipline he was giving. Fortunately with the strap he went pretty easy on me. Then it was over. “Stand up.” I stood up and he turned me around looking at his handiwork. “Some of my best,” he remarked. “But definitely not the last time I’ll use this.” He patted the strap gently in his hand. “Come.”

He led me to our bedroom and laid me on the edge of the bed so that my hips were at the edge. The touch of the bed set a new fire off on my ass but he paid no attention. Kneeling between my legs he spread them wide, exposing all my private area to him. With his fingers he spread my pussy lips open and found my nub already hard and begging for his touch. His tongue began teasing the hard bud, licking and sucking until the pleasure ran through my body causing my brain to explode with fireworks and my pussy to wet his mouth and face.

While I was still returning to earth from the most fabulous climax, he began to remove his clothing, his arousal for me apparent. It was my turn to taste him and I quickly put his large cock in my mouth, using my tongue to run around the head and then up and down the shaft. Cupping his balls in one hand, I used the other to massage what little cock was not fitting into my mouth. He grabbed my head and we fell into a rhythm until I felt his balls tighten, his breathing become rapid. With a loud moan he let a load of hot cum fill my mouth. Taking it all I continued to suck on him as he softened and then returned to hardness in an amazingly short period of time.

He pushed me up on the bed and was between my legs in a flash. I felt the head of his hard cock push open my pussy lips, parting them to make way for all of him. In one forceful thrust he was in, hitting my depths, then back out. Slowly he entered me again, pulling back till we had a fiery dance of passion. The orgasm he had given me with his mouth was nothing compared to the one building now. He fucked me as though this was his last time. His thrusts were forceful, lifting me off the bed and I could feel his orgasm building. Harder and harder he pounded into me until I felt his body shudder and my pussy was filled with his cock and cum. He lay there not wanting to pull away.

My legs wrapped around him, holding him tightly. Finally, he rolled over. We wrapped arms and legs and laid in exhausted bliss. My ass was still on fire and the welts and bruises were becoming evident. He didn’t know he didn’t have to spank me – I would have remembered this night anyway. But, I’m glad he did. I forgot to tell him that in two months I have to go out of town for a couple of days for another meeting. Hope he hasn’t lost that scarf or strap.

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