A Satin Touch


Writer’s note:

My muse, you are truly amazing and wondrous in your thoughts and writings. This story was inspired by you and written for all to enjoy. You’ve become a truly special and lifetime friend.

Thank you.

* * * * *

It had been a few years since we first started chatting on Lit., slowly growing comfortable enough with one another to actually meet, with the blessing of both of our loves. They both knew that we had ‘connected’ on a more sensual and curious level, and that there was no attraction that would put our separate lives in jeopardy. So with that I made arrangements to fly into Regina one late spring day to finally meet you, the woman who tantalized and teased me to exotic heights never before seen. We had talked about what we both were to wear, so that we could recognize each other, as pictures didn’t seem to do either of us justice.

You had mentioned that you had an affinity for men in suits, so I was dressed in a dark cut Italian ensemble, complete with wingtip shoes and sunglasses that finished the look. At my request, you were to have purchased a plaid schoolgirl outfit with a matching vest with white knee-high socks for our first meeting.

The plane is a little behind schedule, which makes the anticipation growing inside me all that much more unbearable. It feels as if every nerve ending in my body is tingling, singing its own sweet rhythm of bliss. Getting off the plane I head up the passageway to the terminal, each step bringing me closer to your charms. The terminal is crowded with passengers waiting to board other flights as I fight my way through the din to the main walkway and headed for the front of the airport. It is then that I feel the soft touch of your hand on my arm. Turning to my right I am greeted with a sight that will be forever etched in my memory. Standing in front of me just as I had imagined in so many daydreams on the flight, is the woman who’d teased me to countless orgasms, with a few added touches. Your shimmering dark hair, swept away from your face by two hair clips, framing your cheeks and mysteriously deep eyes wonderfully. You have on the white blouse, and it is opened a few more buttons than what would be considered appropriate by any girl’s school, revealing a black lace bra that hugs your sweet breasts like a second skin. Gazing further down I see the familiar black and red print of the plaid skirt, which comes down to just the middle of your thighs, allowing me a small glimpse of the creamy smooth skin of your legs, before disappearing sweetly into a pair of knee high white socks that outline your calves. Your feet are strapped into a pair of black leather shoes, completing the naughtiest look of a woman I’d ever seen.

“I take it you like what you see…?” A voice cuts through the air, breaking me out of my trance. I look up to see your face light up with an evilly delicious smile.

“Umm…yes…I do…” Is all I can stammer out at that particular moment in time, for I am captivated by your gorgeous figure. I am trying to figure out a proper greeting for our first face to face meeting when I suddenly feel your hands slip beneath my arms and embrace me in a hug that sends shivers down my spine. Returning the embrace, I hug you for what seems like an eternity, oblivious to the stares and leers that we receive from passers-by.

“I’m so glad to finally meet you Thomas!” You exclaim, looking up at me once more. I admire the fact that you didn’t call me Tommy as if I were a child even though our ages seem to have nothing to do with it. “…And I see you’re just as happy to see me…” You add, exclaiming your point by giving my hardening cock a playful squeeze through my pants. I must have turned beet red at that point because your eyes light up with a giggle that seems to set the tone for our first meeting. Reaching for my hand we walk out of the airport to your car, making small talk while we walk. My eyes are constantly running over your body, from the tips of your stocking feet to the wicked smile you keep flashing that reassures me that this is in fact going to be a sinful few days.

On the way to the hotel you turn the car into a small lakefront restaurant. It is a warm day and we pick a spot on the patio overlooking the water, ordering a light lunch. As we talk about our lives and how we got to this point in time I feel a light touch of fabric that starts at my shin and slowly moves upward along my leg. My cock twitches from the feel as I realize that it is your sweet foot that is sending me to new heights of pleasure, touching and teasing me beyond belief. The evil grin on your pouty lips confirms that this is all part of your plan. I squirm uncomfortably in my seat, trying to maintain some sort of rational conversation when all I want to do is make you my dessert. Your foot then touches my cock through the pants and I almost bolt out of my seat, much to your bemusement. But just then the waiter comes back to give us the bill, interrupting our moment. I smile as normally as I can under the circumstances, thanking him for the hospitality as I see you bend forward in your chair, almost bursa escort under the table. Puzzled, I watch the waiter walk away just as your head pops back up over the table, an even naughtier smile on your face this time.

“Put out your hands.” You order. Wondering why you want me to do this yet not in any mood to say no I do as I’m told, placing both hands palms up on the table as if I was participating in a séance. It is then I see your hands come above the table, sliding across the smooth surface to meet mine. As they shift closer you flip them over and cover my open palms with yours. Suddenly the cool breeze coming off the lake is replaced by the damp feeling of cotton. It is then that I realize what you were doing under the table.

“These are for you my pet…” You boldly purr, pressing the damp socks into my palms. I smile brightly, for you know how long I have waited for something like this. “Go ahead…rub them…I wore them all morning…getting them nice and sweaty for you, because I know how much you like my sweaty feet…” I just nod in agreement, not knowing what to do as the restaurant is beginning to fill up and here I am with your socks pressed into my hands, my cock growing harder by the second, dripping with the excitement that you have caused. It is then that you raise the stakes of your little game.

“I bet you’d just love to smell them, wouldn’t you Thomas?” I hear you whisper across the table. “You probably want to smell them so bad that it’s driving you nuts feeling the warmth of my sticky socks in your palms…Go ahead…show me how much you want to taste my toes by smelling my sweaty socks right here!” With those words you lift your hands from mine, the scrunched up material coming into full view. Looking around I notice that the tables next to us can see what I am holding, so I quickly place my hands in my lap as you giggle decadently. The look in your eye is of pure desire as you watch me, tormented in my own predicament, yearning to smell your fragrant perfume, yet too apprehensive about our surroundings. Taking pleasure in my anguish, you take the situation a little further by rubbing your bare foot up my pant leg until it reaches my crotch where it touches my hands that still grasp your balled up socks, rubbing my fingers with your toes.

In this position I can feel your warm soles as they press ever so sweetly against the bulge in my designer slacks, my cock now dripping with pre cum that stains the fabric. I am acutely aware and grateful for the breeze as it passes my super heated flesh, burning like the desire that grows deep inside me. It is a desire to touch, to taste your toes, to suck and nibble on them as you touch yourself, your sweet body undulating closer to sweet release. As you play with me and my senses with your foot, a coy look of joy grows in your eyes. Here is this sweet and innocent looking young woman, tempting the daylights out of me. I am falling under your spell, giving in inch by inch, when you take an ice cube from your drink and lick it lovingly with your tongue, running it down your chin and over your neck towards the delicate skin between your breasts. The sight sends me over the edge and I throw all caution to the wind, raising my right hand to my face and inhaling your sweet foot aroma deeply, my cock jerking with the first signs of my orgasm, painting the insides of my slacks with my creamy seed.

“Oh my…is that what I think it is?” You wonder aloud, slightly surprised by my reaction to your teasing, yet very overjoyed at the results.

“Karen my sweet, you have no idea…” I breath to help stifle a moan that is trying to escape me as I come down from my blissful high, my cum pooling down between my thighs. My mind and body have waited for this moment, the pressure and lust building for your talented toes, and now I feel liberated by your touch, a touch that you could never imagine would feel so good. The socks in my hands, your teasing foot at my crotch, this whole scenario seemingly surreal.

“Well, let’s go!” You suddenly announce, hopping up from the table with your shoes in your hands and padding across the patio. I am about to rise from the table when I realize just how soaked the crotch of my slacks really is. I sit there for a moment, one part of me frozen to stay, the other part of me wanting to follow. Finally I look up at you as you’re walking away, giggling and blowing a kiss over you shoulder in my direction, seemingly oblivious to my predicament. With the socks in my hands I quickly get up from the table and side step to the car, almost knocking over a waitress in my haste.

Jumping into the car you reach over and bring your soft lips to mine, kissing me deeply, our tongues mingling lustily. Holding the back of my neck as you press the still damp socks into my hands firmly and tracing your hands over the damp softening bulge in my pants. “Mmmm…seems like someone enjoyed their lunch a little too much!” You exclaim, looking down at the wet spot. I can only manage a groan as you laugh out loud and turn the car onto the road, speeding down the highway towards the hotel. Every bursa escort bayan once in a while you glance over and smile wickedly, knowing you are the one that has made me this way. As we drive I take the opportunity to bask in your ‘gifts’ that I hold in my hands, rubbing the soft cottony material over my face, inhaling the fragrant fabric. Your socks smell wonderfully tart, bringing me once again to a blissful state of mind. I have a hard time concentrating on the conversation as I slip in and out of my lust, vaguely recalling you as you tell me of what I may expect this weekend. “You are mine to do with as I please this weekend Thomas…” You breathe, as if I didn’t already know that already. Yet I have this strange desire to find out how far you are willing to go, to allow me to take control of you as we dance this sensual play, seeking out mind and body, delving deep into each other’s souls to the very core of our beings.

We arrive at the hotel, laughing and giggling like best of friends, teasing each other with our sly remarks, much to the hotel staff’s amusement. I am sure they are all well aware of our intentions, but in my current state I couldn’t care less. Making our way to the room we close the door and immediately reach for each other, continuing our kiss that seemed so sudden short in the car. Our hands roam over each other, seeking out soft flesh inch by inch as if we only had a few moments of time to satisfy our desires. I am slowly being overcome by lust from your kiss, taking things to a new and heightened state when you suddenly pull away, waltzing over to your suitcase beside the bed and producing two pairs of black stockings. A puzzled look comes over me as you beckon me to come over to the bed, where I sit down beside you.

Sliding the shirt from my shoulders you slowly undress me, planting small kisses on each bit of skin that comes into view, making me moan aloud as I breathe deeply from the touch. I can feel your fingernails tracing a seductive path down my torso, reaching for my belt as you unfasten it, sliding my stained pants down my legs and tossing them on the floor with the shirt. I then feel your lips as they trace their way past my semi-flaccid cock that is still confined beneath my shorts, aching to be released. I look down at your angelic face, a face that tells me to expect the unexpected as you gently bite into my thighs, sending a renewed shiver through me again. You are still dressed, save for the plaid skirt that you toss to the side, making a comment about it just getting in the way and your bare feet that sway enticingly beneath you as you move, lower along my legs. I watch as you remove each of my socks one by one, teasing and tickling me with your tongue as you slither deliciously around the bed as I shiver with apprehensive excitement.

“Lie down…” You instruct to me softly. I do as I’m told, lying flat on the bed, watching as you position yourself between my legs, reaching for the black stockings as your panty covered ass sways invitingly just inches from my face. I can already smell your womanly excitement, which makes me grow that much more impatient to touch and lick your soft folds. But you have other plans the way you want things to unfold, for as I gaze at your white cotton panties you are busy fastening my ankles to the bed posts securely with the stockings. A slight tinge of disappointment overcomes me as you shift yourself around on the bed so that you are straddling my torso, tying my arms to the other posts as your taut breasts sway in my face. I cannot resist the urge to lick at your pointed nipples through the fabric of your blouse, teasing the hardening buds with my tongue as a soft gasp escapes your lips. You only allow me a brief nibble before you rise from the bed, placing your foot by my face, just out of reach of my tongue. For the longest time you wiggle and rub your toes across the soft material of the bed sheet, my eyes following every teasing move.

“I bet you can’t wait to touch my feet…to feel me rub them against you while you’re tied so helplessly to that bed…” I nod up at you, my powerful mistress, waiting for what you do next. It is then that you raise your foot and start to tease my nipples, pinching them between your toes as I sigh my appreciation. Taking up a position between my thighs, you slide your ass along the bed between them so I can feel the heat and wetness from your crotch a telling sign of just how turned on you are. Returning your attention to my nipples and rubbing your sweaty, dirty feet across my chest you utter a low gasp…whispering how this is making you feel as I moan from your words. I then close my eyes as you place those wonderfully scented peds over my face, the earthly smell consuming me as you rub them over and over, pinching my nose between your soft toes.

“Oh yessss…” I hiss; sticking my tongue out as the instep of your left sole comes into contact with it. The first taste is of dampness and dirt, but I do not waver, for this is what I’ve yearned for so long…to taste your sweat, to linger in your gorgeous feet.

“That’s it Thomas. Lick my sweaty escort bursa feet…Yes my pet it turns me on to watch you worship me, my muse…you’re making me so wet!” I hear each breath as you whisper them to me sweetly, encouraging me to continue my work. I am so hot for you now that I want to lick and clean every crevice of your soiled peds, to please you as I feel it is my sworn duty to uphold, for you have been the naughtiest woman by allowing me this pleasure. Soon your left foot is glistening with my saliva, shining in the daylight that bathes the room; my face is covered with your scent and my handiwork. Replacing your left with your right foot I glance over to see your hand has slipped beneath your waistband of the white cotton panties that are soaked with your juices, fingering your clit sensually as I lick and clean your soiled foot. I am moan with unrelenting pleasure from pleasing you, my mistress, to see the contented look on your face as you strum your pink bud towards a blissful climax. I want so much to taste your nectar, but I reserve myself to the fact that I will have that opportunity very soon. It is then that I see you raise your slender hips off the bed slightly, as your fingers plunge deeply into your moist pussy, making all sorts of wonderfully sinful sounds. I watch as your head falls back, my gaze upon you as your eyes close and your fingers pump in and out of your drenched folds, the excitement building as I tongue harder between your toes, lapping the sweat that hides there.I then feel your weight on the bed once more as you sit down, removing your fingers from your pussy and raising them to my face.

“Lick my fingers…taste me Thomas…see what you’ve done to me…” I hear you moan as I taste your nectar for the first time, sweet and tangy just like I have imagined all those times that I masturbated to daydreams of you.

“Mmmmm…Karen you taste so fucking sweet, like nectar from the Gods…” I purr, licking at your fingers as you push them to the back of my hungry mouth. After a few moments of this you then sneak them back into your panties, rubbing your crotch as your legs buck, your thighs rubbing against my hard-on as I try to raise my hips to help you reach what must be a building orgasm. Your feet are now at side of my face as you buck your hips and rub your panty clad pussy against my steely cock, moaning and gasping loudly, all the while recalling the nasty visions that you have just witnessed. The sight doesn’t seem to get much more surreal when you pull the panties to one side and begin to finger your tight little asshole right in front of me, slowly easing two cum soaked fingers into your rear passage, a new wave of pleasure coursing through you as your thumb rubs at your pink bud harder and harder until your whole body shakes and you let out a scream that for a moment I think is going to bring someone to the door.

“Oh yeah fuck yeah!” You holler, dancing and bucking wildly before me as the bed creaks and groans its own telling tale of your orgasm. Then the muscles in your thighs relax and you fall back against the head of the bed, breathing and sighing from a climax worthy many memories that for me will last a lifetime. I just smile in admiration, knowing that I have contributed to your bliss and waiting what you have in store for me next, drinking in your gorgeous body as it undulates sweetly before me.

A few moments later you slowly come back to life, crawling over me to undo the ties on my arms and legs. You then slide my damp shorts off and begin to kiss and lick at my cock, yearning to please me as much as I’ve just pleased you. I moan as you lick and suck at the crown of my cock, teasing the hole and tonguing around the sensitive underside, your eyes transfixed on mine as if to commit to memory the moment for all time. I cannot move nor do I want to, for your soft lips then engulf my steely rod, sucking and licking my shaft as it plunges deeply past your tongue. My head falls back, eyes closed in blissful surrender at your work as your tongue works its magic. My body aches for release, as if I had kept this moment bottled up for the years and months until our meeting. I reach out and brush the hair from your face so I may gaze momentarily deep into your eyes, eyes that burn with trusting desire. I am yours, to tease, to take, to show me the passions that lie beneath my sensitive skin.

Soon the sensations are too much to overcome and I cannot hold out as my body starts to shake and I release a torrent of cum, moaning and screaming the sounds of my own orgasm. Breathing heavily through dry lips, eyes half closed with orgasmic bliss I then watch as you take a mouthful of my sticky seed and crawl up my torso until you are face to face with me, the last remnants of my orgasm dribbling down your chin as your face comes closer to mine. Instinctively I open my mouth just as you open yours, a small string of my seed escapes your lips, dribbling into my mouth as you press your lips to mine, our tongues mingling with the salty treat. I reach up and grab the back of your neck, mashing our mouths together as we each swallow our share of cum. My head is spinning with lust at the feeling and taste of cum as you moan and whimper your agreement, both of us slightly spent from the surreal situation, space and time around us non-existent, all that matters is the two of us.

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