A Slave to an Ass!


“Now spank that ass,” Jessica harshly ordered into her web cam.

“Yes Mistress,” Was the usual weak submissive reply through the crackle of her old computer speakers.

“Harder”! She yelled, “Do it harder or I’m gonna make you squash those useless pathetic balls of yours.”

“Yes mistress, sorry mistress,” Weakly answered the lame excuse for a man as Jessica laughed haughtily, leaning back in her computer chair, watching her naked slave slap himself repeatedly through her screen.

Jessica had just started this line of work out of necessity after being sacked unfairly after complaining about being sexually harassed at the supermarket where she worked. She was the one being abused then but now the tables had turned and the men were actually paying for it!

Eight hours a day she would sit in her home office, filing her talon like nails or fixing her demure but sexy attire ready for any caller who would call in for sexual slavery through the web cam. As she had been a victim of a male sexual predator she took to her new job with a maniacal glee working herself into a malicious frenzy as she ordered her playthings to torture themselves with sadistic please.

“No, no, no, that’s just not good enough,” She reprimanded pounding her desk top in a vengeful wrath.

“Sorry Mistress.”

“No, no, no it’s got beyond sorry,” interrupted Jessica “I’m going to have to teach you a lesson”

“No please mistress, I beg you, it wont happen again,” Came the shameful bowed headed reply.

Jessica looked at her prey on the screen, a stick thin naked man all protruding bones and wrinkly skin, Her eyes narrowed to accompany her next growling command.

“Twist those balls. Now!” She rasped, her face lighting up and eyes widening in sadistic expectation of the pain her words would inflict.

“Please mistress, please anything but my balls,” he pathetically spluttered, “I’ll do anything, anything to save my balls, anything please!”

Jessica moved nearer her web cam and slowly spat her order, “Twist those balls! Or you can piss off back to your sad little life without me and wank yourself to death, you pathetic worm!”

Jessica eased back, her pupils dilated to the extreme and watched her plaything gingerly take his ball sac and beginning to slowly twist. He was soon emitting blood-curdling sounds of pain but Jess would have none of it.

“Keep twisting, come on faster! Harder!” She yelled.

Her toy was screaming hard now as she laughed half in astonishment half in joy, she couldn’t believe the things she could make men do and after years of being under the thumb of male suppression. She revealed in her work, so much so that she was quickly getting a reputation as a real ball buster! Men were lining up to be seen by her and paying for it.

She should really have thanked Jack the manager of the large supermarket for getting her sacked for she was now earning five times more than her ordinary boring job and that was without being groped and goosed every available chance.

When she was in the stock room was the worst, few people around quite dark and plenty of corridors of stock for Jack, the dirty old man of a manager to sneak up on her. It started off quite friendly and she had to admit to thinking he was, ‘a bit of alright.’

Things started off quite innocently as Jack would playfully pat her on the bum as he went by, winking back at her with a smile as he charged on with his clipboard under his arm. Other times she would get a pinch when her back was to him to get her attention so he could talk to her. She would be glad of the stockrooms dim light for the attention to her posterior would make her blush. She was secretly quite happy with the attention although she joined in the gossipy bitching about ‘Jack the rat’ as he was known and his perverted ways with the rest of the staff in the canteen.

One day while bent over some boxes she heard him coming and readied her hide for an attack. Sure enough he gave her a hearty slap on her firm bottom drawing a comic exaggerated, “Ooh!” From Jessica who stayed in her prone position over the boxes. “Don’t start what you can’t finish,” she teased, as the manager looked back. The comment brought him to a stop and he looked back on Jessica bent over the boxes. Her skirt straining over her plump firm buttocks, her legs saucily spread. The manager looked around hesitantly and cleared his throat. Jessica stayed in position and brought a hand seductively up to her moist red lips.

“What did you say?” The manager requested slowly out of necessity to adjust himself to the shock of the situation.

“I said, “don’t start what you can’t finish,” jeered Jessica from her lowly position. The Manager stood transfixed once again his mind a whiz of connotations.

“Well?” Provoked Jessica wiggling her upturned derrière slightly. The managers mind was made up, he dropped his clipboard, ripped open his overall coat and proceeded to unzip his flies. Jess smiled and looked ahead at the ironic rows of dog food all with pictures escort ataşehir of happy contented dogs as she felt the manager hands grabbing the hem of her skirt and yanking it up over her bottom and left rested around her back. She felt the cool air on her wanton ass as he hungrily whipped down her panties.

There was a moments pause and Jess grabbed the box waiting for the unexpected as the metal of his belt chipped at the concrete floor as it fell with his trousers. Jess steeled herself for the probing onslaught and bit her lip. He rammed into her hard and deep straight off making her eyes bulge and her back stiffen as she gave out an involuntary gasp. His thrusts were slow, hard and deep causing the sacrificial alter of the box she was taken on to rock with every thrust. With each hammer blow to her gash she was edged nearer and nearer to the smiling dogs on the cans. Jess hanged onto the crate for life, gasping with every delivery of her penis injection, her head rocking, her teeth grinding, her eyes watering at the pure savagery. Her intense humping rhythm took a small stinging interjection as he pinched her ass. “Ooh!” She exclaimed being caught off guard, “You kinky bugger.”

“Quiet!” He reprimanded with a hearty blow to her arse cheek. The more he slapped her bum the closer she got to orgasm, the more he pounded her the closer the box rocked towards her gallery of smiling dogs. All of them salivating jealously at her predicament. Jess’s genitals and bottom were a flame of gratification and her head swam between the opposing polarity of pleasure and pain. She was being screwed to perfection except one small thing was missing, he had completely ignored her breasts. She longed for a reach around to plunge two handed into her bra, tweak her nipples to send her over the precipice. She tried to tweak her own nipples but as one hand came off the box she was rocked harshly by the managers hammer blow of pure cock, causing her to quickly take hold of the crate again as she lurched to one side as if she were in a storm at sea.

The intensity of the storm gathered pace and by now Jessica’s head was banging into the cans of dog food with only one pouch blurringly in view seemingly licking her face with the ever speeding piston of the Jack’s cock and slapping hand.

He speeded up and quickly withdrew, pumping his salty sea spray semen over her arse. He groaned loudly as if to proclaim, “Land ahoy,” before falling over her in exhaustion. Jessica lay slumped over the crate breathing heavily, her arse bright red in the air. The manager quickly hoisted his trousers over his beam, he busily pulled Jessica skirts back down, gave one last playful slap on her rump, turned picked up his clipboard and merrily went back about his work.

The next day Jessica waited dressed to the tens, her overall coat open exposing her firm cleavage beckoning Jack on. She wore higher heels and waited wet and wonton. When the manager did arrive she struck a provocative pose and when he was within earshot she said, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

“Good morning Jessica.” He coldly responded never looking up from his clipboard as he passed her.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes I did, very good but can you please get on with your work,” he icily instructed.

Jess angrily got on with her work and practically ignored the manager for the next few days until once more she was bent over, price tagging the stock of chocolate bars. Once again she squealed as a sturdy thumb and fore finger pinched her bottom. She startled up in a fury and yelled at the manager “How dare you!”

The manager stopped and twirled to face her with a quizzical look on his face. “How dare I what?”

“Pinch my arse!” Yelled an outraged Jess

“Sssh!” the manager reacted moving towards her to calm her distress.

“What’s the matter?” He silently quavered in a genuine gesture of innocence.

“Don’t you ‘what’s the matter me,’ just keep your hands to yourself.” Once again she bent over angrily going about her work. Once again she felt a hand on her bottom and again Jess reared up but before she could say anything he apologised. “I’m sorry,” he pleaded. Jess took deep angry breathes and made several false starts of remonstrations and accusations all leading to nothing and with a little curse of frustration turned back to her work. Once again his hand went to her derrière slowly caressing and soothing, “I’ll make it up to you,” he promised earnestly. Jess was all out of rage, it was what she really wanted and so was quickly won over. The Managers hands slid up her skirt and skilfully latched onto her panties. Jess sighed and tried to turn.

She was locked into position by his sturdy hands. He slowly slipped her panties down and bent her over.

She felt the hot air of his breath on her sex before he started to nibble on her pussy lips. One hand flipped her clit before burying two fingers to the knuckles in her accommodating love hole. Jess went into an instant oral reverie. kadıköy escort bayan She felt her ass cheeks being spread quickly followed by his tongue delicately spiralling down onto her buttonhole. “Ooh! Kinky!” Jess Joked light-heartedly only to be met with a whipping stinging slap on her ass cheek. “Silence,” He commanded and went back to work on her.

He rimmed her for an age sometimes erecting his tongue to slightly penetrate her sphincter and always depositing saliva. His fingers were buried in her fanny keeping her on her toes. Once more she heard the metallic chink of his belt buckle hitting the floor and sensed him standing behind her. She could feel the tip of his cock dancing around her gaping pussy and steeled herself for a good rogering. She heard him spit on his cock and then felt him smearing his saliva lubricant on her buttonhole. Alarm bells went off in Jessica’s head. She tried to turn as he pulled her arse cheeks apart. “Hey what’s your game?” She remonstrated, as his hard cock plunged into her ass hole. Jessica screamed only for the manager to grab her roughly by the hair and clamp his hand solidly over her mouth. Her ass felt torn and burnt as his cock slowly buried it’s way into her to her hilt.

“Keep still and let your ass relax around my cock,” He instructed, “and then you can really enjoy it.”

Jess was sacred of the damage it might do so she kept still. “Right!” He declared, “Get ready for the fuck of a life time.”

He started to fuck her, taking her anal virginity, surprisingly it was quite painless but reserved judgement, as she knew she was going to be taking it up the ass for a while. She steeled herself for a long ordeal but wondered what was going on as he stopped humping and let out a cry! She felt his cock pulsing and realised he was cuming already after only three shunts. Once again he covered her butt, playfully slapped her ass cheeks and left.

In the toilet Jessica cleaned up. She actually enjoyed the act of anal for the short time it lasted but it did make her a little sore and she began to get embarrassed about the negative connotations that go with the act. Like, “Jessica takes it up the arse.” “A girl who liked to get her fudge packed.” A girl who liked it up the bum so no harm can be done.” All that and adding also she was a little sore.

She thought for a while, why had he cum so quick? She soon twigged, everything about Jack was sex from behind, in or around her ass.

The next day there was a staff meeting and it was made known that one of the staff had to be laid off. Jess knew she was the last in and likely to be the first out. After the meeting she tearfully made her way to the stockroom only for Jack to call her over. She looked at him with suspicion, as her sphincter was still sore.

“You know you’re the odds on favourite to leave don’t you?” Half informing half threatening.

Jess nodded.

“Well I can help you with that.”


“You get the honour of being my sex slave.” The Jack cheerily informed.

Jessica let out an exasperated breath, “Look why don’t I just give you one good last fuck while I look for something else?” She offered.

“One!” Mocked the manager, “you could be forever getting another job and anyway you’re not that good a fuck anyway, so what’s it to be?”

Jess really needed her job. There was mass unemployment due to the crash and she was in debt to her eyeballs.

For the following months Jessica kept her side of the bargain. She made sure she was available to be poked by the manager anytime, anywhere and anyplace. It was always the same, she was unceremoniously bent over and humped hard and fast until he shot his cum all over her ass the only difference now was that he didn’t have the courtesy to lower her skirt after he had finished, instead he just wiped his spunky prick with it.

He demanded what colour panties she should wear, type of stockings and insisted always on high-heeled shoes. When she was called into his office she knew she would soon be over his knee skirt up panties down around her ankles getting a good spanking or bent over the desk, ass cheeks spread for a quickie.

He would ring ahead on a weekend for a home visit. These visits were so regular that Jess didn’t even bother putting on her panties and she even made sure her ass was well lubed so he could slip in, cum and get out. He was given a key so he could go straight into her house, into the living room, where she was ready bent and spread over the arm of the sofa. He’s give her a quick spank, a rimming if she was lucky, a bite if she wasn’t and then he’d unceremoniously pump her ass, cum in her, wipe his cock on her skirt and then leave.

News slowly seeped out to the other staff and a huge roar would go up when Jessica was ordered to the office over the intercom. “Fuck break!” “Fuel injection.” or “What bonus time already?”

Some days he just humiliated her ordering her to bend over and lift her skirt in view of some of the staff, “Come on Jess” he would sometimes escort bostancı say in front of others, “Tighten up your minge a bit, it seems I’ve fucked the elasticity out of you.” One day he just ordered her into the office to bend over and bare her butt so he could get her to clench her cheeks and hold his morning toast while he drank his tea. “Keeps the toast warm,” he reasoned.

On her final day she was ordered to wait in a room off the main stock room and to be bare assed and bent over the table waiting. She duly obligated and waited ten minutes or more as her bottom began to chill. The door opened, “Come on fuck me and warm my ass up,” she scolded only to find the head of the store feigning horror at her wonderful assets. She had been set up used and abused and hung out to dry the biggest ignominy being that she was sacked for sexual harassment of the manager!

That was all in the past now and she was more than happy and waiting for her next pathetic male to dominate on the her web cam. The screen flickered into life and there he was his head bowed on his knees.

‘Why aren’t you naked she bellowed!”

“Sorry Mistress, I didn’t know I had to be.”

“Of course you do, now strip, and sing twinkle, twinkle little star.”

The slave started to strip lightly singing.


“Yes Mistress, twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder..”

“Get those clothes off, turn around and spread those legs, I want to see your balls swinging,”

“Yes mistress,”

“And who said you could stop singing! My your balls are going to pay for that!”

“Sorry mistress, it won’t happen again. twinkle, twinkle little star.”

Jess sat back laughing, “Now make those balls swing.”

“Yes Mistress,”

“And keep singing!”

Jess watched and zoomed in on his balls and then a recognition kicked in. She had seen those balls before, they belonged to her old manager. Jess panicked, what to do? Punish him hard or get rid of him. In the end she thought it best to get rid of him.

“Stop, stop, stop! Thats enough, I’m sorry but you don’t meet my standards to be one of my slaves,”

“But I’ve only just started,” the manager pleaded turning around.

“Who said you could turn around?” Jess demanded her Mistress voice slipping.

“We’ve got to discus this,” pleaded the manager.

“Say’s who?” Shouted Jess, “Who the fucking hell do you think you are?”

“Hang on, I know that voice.”

“Eye’s down,” shrieked Jess, letting her Mistress guard slip altogether.

“Its Jess!”

“Fuck off!” She yelled.

“Well who’d have thought it, our Jess a whore,” he laughed.

“Fuck off!” She yelled again ending the session slamming the cam off.

Jess sat back hyperventilating in terror. He knew where she lived as he had visited on weekends.

Sure enough his car was at her house in minutes. Jack ran up her pathway to proceeded to pound on her front door. In her panic Jess had forgotten he had a key.

She tried to block the door but it was too late he was in her house.

Jess backed into her living room as Jack began stripping off his clothes smiling.

“Now be a good girl and get your ass in the air!” He chided as his trousers and pants hit the floor.

“Get out!” She meekly asked looking at his proud standing cock.

“Come on Jess you know you want it.” He laughed.

Jess stared at his cock and then thought, “Is that all he’s got to dominate me?”

“Sorry I only do cocks over six inches.” She sarcastically informed causing the smile to drop from Jack’s face.

“Oh getting fussy now you’re a whore?”

“On your knees and kiss my ass!” Jess yelled.

“What?” Jack said in shock.

“On your knees and kiss my ass!” Jess hissed.

“Fuck off!”

‘Kiss. My. Ass!” Jen demanded, spelling out each word with authority.

Jack stood smiling weakly, “Really! Who do you think you are?”

“Do it!” She angrily asserted turning around and bending slightly letting her black satin panties peek from out of her leather corset.

Jack stood dumfounded.

“On your knees and lick all the way up my stocking seams and then worship my ass!”

There was a long pause.

“Now or get out, you pathetic maggot dick wanker!” Jess screamed.

Jack fell to his knees, crawled to Jess’s legs and started licking his way up her stockings.


“Yes Mistress!” He found himself saying before returning to his duty.

Eventually he made his way to her ass and started to kiss it.

“May I masturbate mistress?” He obediently asked.

“Yes,” Jess hissed, “But only if you lick your mess up.”

“Thank you mistress.” Jack masturbated with his face buried in Jess’s ass. Jess smiled as he was soon groaning and sowing his seed on her carpet.

“Lick that up,” Jess demanded.

“Yes mistress.” Jack started his cleaning duties as Jess left the room with a demand that he stay face down until she returned.

Only minutes had passed before Jess was back.

“Look up worm!” She commanded and Jack obeyed.

His head slowly rose taking in her shiny black high heeled shoes that were parted in her dominate open legged stance. Up over her knees and onto her crotch where she was wanking a huge black strap-on.

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