A Story for Tammy


This was originally a story I wrote for an email friend at his/her request. She/He has graciously allowed me to post this to this site. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent 😉


* * * * *

I was walking through the mall and I just caught her out of the corner of my eye. She was Asian, around 5′ 7″, 130 lbs., long luscious legs, and a nice round ass that that was barely covered by her miniskirt. Of course, I got caught staring. I must have turned about three shades of red.

She smiled slightly and bit her lower lip. She didn’t look away immediately, but gave me a bit of “The Stare”. The blood rushed away from my face and a more southern region of my body as I watched her turn away from me.

She sauntered away in her high heels and I watched her ass as she swayed further and further away.

I found myself following her. I got close enough to smell her perfume, she smelled sweet and clean. My eyes kept sliding down her neck to her ass and down to her legs.

I’m not usually one to stalk random woman… but there was something about her…

I followed her into a store and I stared into the window as she went by to catch a better look at her. I could have sworn she was looking at me as I followed her in. She walked deep into the store and towards a relatively empty department. She turned a corner and when I followed I was greeted by her bent at the waist picking something up off the ground. She looked back at me from around her legs and winked!

I’m sure I looked shocked but she smiled slyly and slowly rose up. She turned and slowly walked towards me. Her hips and legs drew my attention… I couldn’t look away as she got closer and closer. I looked up and she was staring right into my eyes.

I could feel the heat of her body as she reached out and took my hand. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Come here… I’d like a man’s opinion on something.”

I followed her in a stupor… she led me into a dressing room and closed the door behind us. She faced the mirror and showed me a black spaghetti strap dress.

She looked into my eyes in the mirror. “Would you mind giving me a hand with the zipper?” My eyes never left hers as my fingers brushed against her neck to the zipper of her dress. I slid it down slowly… My breath started coming a little faster and I noticed her face was slightly flushed.

My fingers slid inside the back of her dress and she backed into me moaning slightly… “Mmmmmmm”.

“My God you’re beautiful.” I moaned as I felt her slowly grind her ass back against my crotch. I kissed her neck, inhaling her perfume. My cock lurched in my pants. I slid the dress off of her and she stepped out of it. Her skin was smooth, pale and oh so warm.

I looked in the mirror… her eyes were locked on mine. “I hope you’re not disappointed…” as her eyes slid down to the bulge in her black French-cut panties.

“Oh fuck…” I whispered as I slid my hands around her fingers fluttering over her stomach and drifted them slowly upwards. My cock was hard in my jeans as she ground back against it.

The tip of her cock was just peeking out the top of her waistband. The head glistened like a wet plum. I could barely believe my eyes as I slid one hand under her bra over her nipples. The other slid over the her panty covered cock. I rubbed the silky fabric against her soft yet hard skin. I could feel the material dampen with her excitement. Sliding my fingers over the tip of her cock I slowly circled the head of her shaft.

My fingers tuzla escort were wet with her pre-cum. I pulled my slick fingers away and slid them under her bra wetting her nipples. She wiggled in my arms as I leaned down and kissed her neck. Her lips turned to mine as I kissed her… my tongue slipped over hers.

She turned in my arms… She drew my still wet fingers to her lips, we shared a lick and then she slowly slid her tongue along the side of my fingertip… looking me in the eye the entire time. The tip of my finger resting against her lips as she slowly took it inside her wet hot mouth. My cock jumped in sympathy. She slowly slid her wet lips up and down the length of my finger.

I shuddered as her hand dropped to the waistband of my jeans, unzipping them. My boxer covered cock was pushing its way out from between the zippered opening.

I look in the mirror and saw her sweet ass stretching the fabric of her panties. I reached around her to cup that fine ass… wanting to bury my cock in her so bad… to feel her ass around my pole as I fucked her slowly then picking up speed as our passion increased. For the time being, I looked down and watched as she took my finger all the way to the knuckle and slowly slipped it out of her mouth.

Her tongue lapped at my neck and slowly she slid down my body to between my knees….

I looked down and her pert mouth was pouting as she looked into my eyes and reached up to the waistband of my boxers. As she started to drag them down over my hips she lowered her lips to the front, mouthing the length of my shaft. She just nibbled at it through the material….

She lapped at the wet spot I put in the material, my cock was practically drooling. I could see a small line of fluid connecting her tongue to the tip of my covered cock… and it made me shudder..

She raised up a little and slid the waistband over my cock exposing it. She looked up into my eyes and licked the tip watching my eyes as they closed in pleasure. My toes curled inside my shoes as I felt her lips over the head of my cock again.

My pants were down around my knees and she took my cock in her hand… jacking it slowly then sliding her mouth suddenly all the way down the length…

One hand slid to cup my ass as she sucked. She took me deeply into her warm wet mouth, her tongue slid back and forth over the tip. Getting me so hard my shaft was vibrating…

I slowly started to fuck my cock in and out of her hot mouth. I watched as her lipstick slid off coating the skin of my cock, the cut head slipping inside and then almost all the way out. I sped up my thrusts as she started to suck faster and harder…

Her other hand slid up and down between my asscheeks until one finger rested at my hole. She pressed slightly then relaxed… pressing and relaxing. I tensed up with each push… suddenly, she become more firm and I felt my ass open up to swallow her finger… I felt it filling my hole… stretching it.

Gasping at the sensation, “Oh gawddd…” I felt her worming it around inside me, her finger rubbing against my prostate. “Ohhh fuckkk yesss…” I hissed.

She slid her lips all the way down to the base of my dick… my trimmed pubes tickled her lips… my shaven balls rested against her chin… she swallowed once… twice…

I whispered loudly…. “oh fuck I’m close… I’m so close…”

My hands closed on either side of her sweet face as I could feel my cum start to rise up the length of my cock. My ass grabbed at her finger trying to pull deeper inside me.

My body convulsed once.. twice… finally tuzla escort bayan a fourth time as I felt the shivers pass through my body. My cock spurted and spurted inside her mouth. Her mouth felt so liquid and warm around the head of my cock.

“Ohhh shiitttt honey… you sucked me sooo good…” She slowly let my cock slip out of her mouth… wet, gleaming and still hard as a rock. Her finger glided out of my ass slowly and I missed it even as it was leaving.

I pulled her slowly to her feet and looked down into her eyes. A single drop of cum remained on her lips. I bent forward and licked it from her bottom lip and slid my tongue inside her mouth. I tasted my own cum on her tongue and in her mouth. We shuttled some of my cum back and forth between our mouths. She moaned into my mouth as I felt her grind her hard cock against my thigh. My cock was wet and slippery and hard against her stomach and left a big wet mark against her skin.

I reached behind her, cupping her ass and grinding my thigh against her hot little cock. She moaned and gave me The Stare again. I squeezed her ass gently then slowly pulled away from her. The pre-cum from her cock left a wet mark on my thigh…

I slid my hand down her belly to her cock and felt the head hard and wet under my fingers. The skin was so soft, but so hard beneath it. I slowly slid my fingers down the length to tickle her balls with my fingertips, and felt her sac so full of cream.

My fingers slid between her thighs as I slowly slid down her body. My lips glided down her neck to her shoulders, sucking on the skin there. I heard her coo her approval and slid her bra strap off her shoulder to reveal a nipple. My tongue wrapped around the areola before I took it in my mouth, nibbling it softly before running the flat of my tongue across it.

“Mmmmmm yess,” she purred. I slid all the way down to my knees in front of her with her cock resting against my cheek. I looked up into her eyes and slowly slid my tongue up the entire length of her cock.

I used the flat of my hand and slowly slipped it up her shaft, pressing it gently against her belly, as my tongue slipped up the side. I slowly curled my tongue around the head of her cock, tasting her. My mouth lowered to her balls and slowly I took one then the other into my mouth… letting them fall out wet and slippery. My mouth journeyed back up to her cock… and rounded the ridge of her cock. My lips slowly covered the top of her cock as my tongue tickled her pisshole. My lips parted slowly taking her into my mouth. Her eyes closed and her back arched in pleasure as I took her deep inside my mouth.

Humming as her cock fucked deep inside my mouth. My fingers strove up between her thighs and tickled her balls. One hand slid slowly up her cock and a finger slithered beside her cock and into my mouth. I caressed the tip and head of her with my tongue and fingertip.

“Mmmm sooo fucking good…” Her smooth thighs rested against my shoulders as I pulled my finger out shimmering with my saliva.

I slid my finger slowly across the back of her thighs leaving a warm wet trail leading up between her hot cheeks. I could feel the heat between them build as I slowly cupped her delicious ass and slid my finger up and down between them. I rested my finger against her hole before looking to the right and seeing us in the mirror.

She shivered slightly as she looked over and saw what I was seeing… her hot body slowly rocking back and forth as her cock disappeared and reappeared from between my lips.

My cock swelled and rose up between my thighs escort tuzla its head brushing against her calf as I pumped her cock. I looked up into her eyes with my finger right at her tight little hole. I realized it was still too dry for what I want to do.

I slid my mouth off her hot cock and ran my tongue down her shaft. Her cock began to slowly cooling off. My hot hand covered her slippery hardness gliding up and down the length and rotating my fingers around it as I jacked her to keep the pressure on. I slid my tongue under her balls and slowly slipped it between her thighs. She squatted over me. I looked back to the mirror and could see her hot body over the top of me. Her cock was throbbing in my hand and my head was deep between her thighs and sliding further under her. She squatted lower, spreading her thighs further. My tongue dragged slowly up between her warm, luscious cheeks.

My tongue passed over her hole lubing it slightly. I felt the indent as my tongue passes over it and slowly traveled up and down her crack. I slowly began to circle her hole, I pressed lightly against it and felt her hot tight little ass pussy start to open for me. My tongue slipped inside her hot little ring, I wiggled it deeper inside of her and she wiggled her ass back at me. She began to gasp as it slid even further into her asspussy. I could feel her cock begin to pulse in my hand.

I slipped my tongue out and slid my finger in, her body convulsed as I quickly slid back under her thighs and took her cock into my mouth, just as she started to spurt a huge load that dripped partially from my chin. I held it in my mouth as she continued to fuck my mouth. Her arms were tight on my shoulders to prevent herself from falling over.

Her hot cream filled my mouth. I looked into the mirror and into her eyes which were so glazed with lust. My gaze slid back between her asscheeks as she slid down to her knees in front of me. I bent over and slipped my tongue back into her hot ass. It was still open and wet from my finger as I slowly pushed her cum into her ass pussy.

She moaned “Mmmmm, yess… fuck me… fuck me with that hot tongue…” I slipped it in and out of her ass repeatedly, my cock was hard and dripping. I slid my face away from her ass.

I looked into the mirror to find her on her knees in front of me. Her back arched her and her ass was wiggling with need. I rested my hands on her hip and hissed as she reached between her legs with one hand to grab my cock.

“FUCK MEEEEE…” she whined…

The head of my cock rested against her hot little hole and I watched the mirror as she looked into my eyes.

“God, you’re soo fucking hot,” I moaned.

As she pushes back against me with a sly grin. Her ass spread for me as I slid in partway. She gasped as the head slipped all the way in. My hands stroked her hips and ass as I slowly rode into her. More and more of me slid into her until I rested all the way inside her.


I started to slide in and out with her asspussy milking my cock the entire time. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. She had gotten me sooo fucking hot… I rode her faster… my thighs slapping against her ass…

“OHHH…. GOD… OH YESSSS…. OH GOD…. I’M CUMMING” she moaned…

her ass clenched on my cock spasmodically… we both gasped as I started to shoot deep inside her….


I slammed deep inside her…. my body sweating against hers… bending over her… I watched as a glob of cum drip down from her ass to the ground between us… she turned her head while still keeping me in her ass… her tongue licking my lips… my still-cummy lips kissing her… tongues sliding against each other…

What’s you’re name beautiful… I asked…

Tammy she replied…

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