A Walk in the Park


Where the hell is she, I wondered. Why did she miss the fucking bus?

Not the most romantic way to be thinking of your one and only love, true, but it’s the first thing I remember from that night. The air was getting cooler and there was enough wind to make me huddle up to my coat as I walked towards the street. She was supposed to have been on the bus that had pulled up 20 minutes ago, but there’d been no sign of her. My mood was souring by the minute.

Ah, Gloria. She was so sweet, so loving. It had been her idea to go for a walk in the park together after she was done work, and for her to arrive on her own instead of being picked up as we usually did. She liked the thought of seeing my face light up as her golden hair was swept up in the warm summer air, words of love spilling from my lips as I took her in my arms. I was struggling to keep my mood in the “face lighting up” kind of groove, but it was getting hard. That’s why I’d gotten out of the car, to keep from pounding the wheel in frustration. I’d already spilled a sundae on it earlier, it didn’t need any more damage.

I’d just decided to go back and check out the bus station where Gloria would be waiting when a voice came out of the night:

“Well well well, look what the cat dragged in.”

My heart leaped into my throat at those mocking words. I stumbled back and was about turn tail (parks being bad places to run into strangers, in my book) before I caught myself. I knew that voice…but how could it be?

“V-Vic?” I called out. No response.

“Damnit Vic, is that you?”

Now I could hear movement, soft steps taken out beyond the trees but I could still see nothing. She knew how bad my night vision could be. She used to play games like this, games that led to things that I tried very hard not to think about.

“Look Vic, I’m already in a shitty mood, don’t make it worse.” Nothing.

Fuck it. I started back towards my car, pulling my keys out as I went. As I went to open the lock I felt arms wrap around me from behind and a body press close to mine.

“Miss me?” she whispered, and bit down on my ear.

“Ow!” I struggled out of her grip. “Stop it, don’t touch me like that, you know I’m with….” the words died on my lips as I got a good look at her. She was wearing a leather halter top that zipped up in the front, the zipper down far enough to show off her always impressive chest. Her belly ring was visible above a loosely fitting silk skirt that just covered her thighs. Those knee high boots I remembered so well completed the look.

“You were saying?” she said with a laugh in her eyes, knowing just how I’d react.

“You, I mean I’m with Gloria and we can’t do that anymore!” The words were out of my mouth before kuşadası escort I remembered the difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’.

Before I continue, a little background’s in order here. Victoria and I were together for almost a year. She had amazing green eyes that managed to say everything and nothing when you looked into them, black hair down past her shoulders and smooth pale skin. Not a fitness freak like so many are these days, to me her figure was perfect, yielding to my touch in all the right places. She was bright, funny, loved to dance and had a pit bull named Boris. One of the reasons we never lived together was that I figured Boris would eat my poor little cat. I think Boris would have eaten me too if he could; I’m a cat person and he knew it.

It was a year I’d never forget. She introduced me to water bongs and goth bars. She tried to make me a dancer but that never worked, so I watched from the side, beer in hand as she seduced every guy she chose. I can still hear that throbbing beat and remember the conflicting feeling of hating the men she danced with and loving the thought that she’d be coming home with me.

The sex was unbelievable. I was used to uptight, repressed partners who mostly just lay there and waited for me to finish. Victoria was the opposite, an adventurous, insatiable partner who loved both to tease and to satisfy. I would fall asleep exhausted next to her, only to feel her touch in the morning, see that wicked grin as we started again.

Of course, there were drawbacks. I don’t think the word “love” was used once in that year. She hated romance, laughed at flowers and liked slasher flicks, the bloodier the better. I’m sure she sounds ideal to many guys out there, but I must be a sensitive soul because it got to me after a while. There was always this nagging feeling that she wouldn’t be that upset if I got hit by a truck on my way out of her apartment.

So I wanted more, but I knew I would never get it from her. That led to the inevitable drifting apart, the bloodless break up and the lost contact. I hadn’t seen her in six months, and had finally succeeded in not thinking of her – and now this.

God, how I wanted her! I was already hard at the sight of her. Her eyes flicked to my waist, and her smile grew wider; she loved having that effect on me.

“Oh come on now…I don’t want your love. I didn’t want it then, remember? What’s the harm in a little fun? She’ll never know…” she took a step towards me.

“Stop!” I was struggling for control. “I’m in love with her, Vic, she’s the one for me. We do everything together…”

“Except fuck?” she said with her lips curled.

My face flushed, I started to reply but she cut me off sharply:

“Don’t bother lying, I know that ‘I haven’t gotten any’ look. The little princess doesn’t put out, does she?”

“We’re just waiting for the right moment.” I said lamely.

She laughed scornfully and moved up close to me. I felt like a deer caught in headlights as she looked deep into my eyes.

“I know you want me…”, she took my hand in hers and kissed it softly. “I know you want to fuck me like we used to…”, she guided my hand to the soft leather just below the skin of her breasts. “You want my mouth on your cock, don’t you?”

Ashamed as I was to admit it, everything she said was true. I desperately wanted to let go, and I could feel the edges of control starting to give inside me. I couldn’t resist taking her breast in my hand, squeezing tight. Her breath hissed between her teeth as I did.

“That’s it, let it out…make me feel it!” She undid the zipper of her top and let her breasts spill out before me. Her nipples were large and obviously erect, with a sheen of sweat on the skin where the leather had covered it.

I couldn’t bear it any longer. Gloria’s face shattered into splinters in my mind as I grabbed her and kissed her savagely. My teeth broke the skin of her lips as her tongue slipped into my mouth. I grabbed her tits in my hands and cupped them, bending my face down to lick and nibble as she moaned. My heart was pounding like a freight train.

She broke away from me then and knelt in front of me, pushing me back against the car. She took my belt in her hands and undid it, quickly unzipping me and pulling down my pants. My cock was hard and wet as it sprang out before her eyes.

“Look…” she stuck out her tongue, revealing a stud that hadn’t been there when last we’d met. “I know you always wanted to know what it felt it like.” She touched the edge of my cock with it and drew back, taking a thin line of pre cum. I moaned like an animal and thrust into her mouth. She took me to the hilt and began deep sucking motions, keeping her eyes on me as moved up and down on my cock. The sensation was indescribable, the metal of the stud mixing with the warmth of her mouth.

I knew on one level what I was doing, that life with Gloria would never be the same, that I was sacrificing the future for a taste of the past. It didn’t matter, though; she had me, and she knew it.

My balls were starting to swell before she pulled away, panting slightly as she looked up at me. “Now now, not this time…I want to be fucked, I want you to cum inside me.” She got up and moved over to the front of my car. She bent over, facing the windshield, and laid her hands out in front of her on the hood. Her ass jutted out invitingly.

I found a moment of sanity. “Wait, Vic, I don’t have any rubbers, we can’t do that.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still on the pill and no one has flown without a parachute since I was with you. I know you haven’t done anything since, so…” she laughed, that mocking smile on her face even as she beckoned me over.

She pulled her skirt up over her waist. “Look mom, no panties…now no more questions or stalling, put that cock of yours inside me and do what comes naturally.”

As I moved up behind I could smell her arousal, and see the wetness on her thighs. She was incredibly turned on. Did she miss me that much, or was it the power that she so obviously had over me? I didn’t know. At the time I didn’t care about that or anything else. I just wanted, needed even to take her.

I slipped inside her easily and began fucking her hard and deep, pressing her into the hood. I grunted with each thrust, my balls slapping against her ass. Her moans got louder as I continued, our juices mingling together. She screamed as I pulled completely out of her and then went back in as far as I could, breath panting on her back as I did so.

I thrust faster and faster, feeling my orgasm start to build. Soon I couldn’t hold it any longer; I yelled like a madman as I came inside her. My body pinned her to the hood as I spurted once, twice and more; the release was beyond words.

Finally I returned to earth with the sick realization of what I’d done. Stumbling back from her I saw the trail of semen running down her legs. She turned around and looked down at it. When she looked up she smiled again, but there was no warmth in her eyes.

“How did that get there?” she said, touching a finger to her leg. “I thought you said you loved her, I thought she was the only one for you.”

“She is, she still is…” My world was falling apart around me. I’d always prided myself on being true to my partners, no matter how much temptation there was. Now how could I look at myself in the mirror? How could I ever look at Gloria again?

Victoria laughed, taking my hand and dancing around in a circle while I stood there in a daze. “She’ll know with one look at your face, it’s written all over you. The poor little princess!”

At the back of my mind I wondered how she’d known I’d be here, how much of this was planned and how much random chance. I suppose I’ll never know. “Goodbye, lover mine…” she whispered in my ear. “We’ll meet again, I’m sure. This is a lesson that needs to be learned more than once, I think.” With that parting shot she disappeared into the shadows.

Only a few minutes later I heard the bus pull up. As Gloria came down the steps she saw me and waved frantically. As I struggled to find the words to explain what had happened, I asked myself if I could have just walked away from Victoria. The answer was yes – but at the same time, no. Love could not conquer those eyes in the night. I see them still.

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