A Welcome Visit


She thought she heard a knock at the front door. God, she thought to herself, no one ever comes to the front, as she walked down the hallway. Who could this be? I’m not even dressed, she thought as she neared the door, and of course the boys are out tonight!

The knock came again, and as she touched the door knob, she peeked through the peep-hole. She couldn’t believe it; she opened the door so quickly and then unlocked the screen. There he was god this day is here she thought as she held the door open for him. He stepped inside, dropped his bag and opened his arms.

She fell into him, her whole world stopped as she breathed him in. Her arms were around his neck and as he pulled her close, she just tingled all over. He stepped back and took her hands in his, he didn’t say a word, first he kissed her right hand, then her left and looking up at her he moved his hands to her face and drew her to his. He kissed her so softly, like their lips were barely touching and he stopped, looking into her eyes, he smiled and kissed her again, this time harder and longer and she could feel him melting. Could he feel me melting she wondered? Oh my god she thought, I have to be dreaming this!

He released her again and looked down at her and smiled. He looked her up and down from her head to her toes and saw that all she had on was her robe and nightgown! He knew his timing was right! He’d tell her later so they could laugh, but right now all he wanted was to consume as she had said so many times on the net when they talked. All at once all the conversations, the pictures, the CAM sessions ran through his head and he couldn’t wait to taste her lips again. He took her back in his arms and kissed her again.

She moved back a little and started to talk, but nothing came out and all she could do is stare. He smiled at her and waited and she blurted out “I knew your mustache and beard would tickle me!” Oh she thought what a stupid, dumb thing to say!

He laughed out loud and his sound was so familiar to her; she threw her arms around him again and whispered in his ear “Bear, I can’t believe you are really here, why didn’t you call me, I would have picked you up!”

He looked into her eyes and said, “don’t talk Baby, take my hand and make love to me.”

He picked up his bag and she held onto his hand, leading him down the hall to her room, to her bed that in just a few hours, they would make theirs. Thoughts flying through her head, she had on an old nightgown, she took a shower that morning, but now she knew she should take another, she thought her hair was all wrong for this moment and wow how could she make it better??

As if he were reading her mind, he said “I need to clean up, the flight was long and getting here took longer than I thought; can I use your bathroom for a shower?”

She just looked at him for a minute and then snapped back to reality…”yes”, she whispered, “I want to freshen up as well”. She moved past him towards the bathroom to get clean towels for him. When she returned, he was already out of his clothes and had wrapped her throw blanket from the end of her bed around his waist. He looked so funny and she smiled at him.

He moved past her and said, “Do you want to join me?” “I won’t mind at all” he whispered. All she could do was nod her head yes and she followed him to the bathroom. He smiled at her and turned on the water; she took her robe off and then lifted her nightgown up over her head. She could feel his eyes burning on her breasts and her nipples kuşadası escort got hard. He opened the shower curtain wider and stepped in, she followed him and as he took her hand, they both fell into another kiss.

He took down the sponge and the soap and washed her so gently, he stopped to linger on her breasts and smiled at her, as he whispered, “I knew this would be heaven”. She smiled up at him and took the sponge from him. As she washed him all over, he just relaxed and let her touches absorb his skin.

They didn’t make love, they just washed each other, dried each other off and he took her hand once again and lead her back to the bedroom. Her towel dropped and so did his as he took her in his arms. He guided her hands around his neck and pulled her into him tight. When he did she could feel his cock and her hands moved down to touch him. The first touch of his cock, he felt so warm and hard in her hands, god she thought he feels just as good as she imagined, as she dreamed; she couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

His kisses, they were electric and every time they filled her body with such warmth and want. His fingertips followed the curves of her spine as he moved them up and down her back. It felt like he was tracing her. Then his fingertips went to her ass, as they moved all over, he gently grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her closer. She felt like she was trembling and hope he won’t notice.

In her mind she kept thinking it’s been so long for her, and then she realized she’s never MADE LOVE; it was always taken from her. Now, for the very first time in her life, she was about to share with this man that she’s fallen so deeply in love with, a genuine love and she knew, deep in her heart; she’d never be the same. And that she thought, would be the BEST blessing she’d ever receive. She wanted him in so many different ways, her life was about to begin.

He moved her body with his towards the bed; he gently bent her backwards and moved her down slowly. Not once did he take his eyes off of her. Not once did he let her go. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. His touches, his kisses, his tongue, his fingertips, his hands cupping her breasts, all of this and more was actually happening right now and she wanted it to never, ever stop.

She smiled up at him as he moved and snuggled down close to her body, he pulled up the sheets around them both and explored every inch her under the covers.

She reached down to touch his cock and he moved away a little, she looked at him with questionable eyes and he smiled at her and said “not yet, I need to explore you first”. She relaxed some more as his hands explored her. His touches were burning and meaningful and she wanted more. She wanted him to keep teasing and brushing her pussy, his light touches were making her so wet. He never stopped looking at her, he held her eyes as if he was hypnotizing her and that is what he was doing.

The only light in the room was the base of her hurricane lamp. The shadows of him as he moved around her were thrilling. He moved so gracefully as his hands discovered her. Then he pulled back the sheets and got up on his knees, he leaned down and took her breasts to his mouth, she closed her eyes for a minute as she felt his mouth and the tickle of his mustache on her nipple. She gasped under his mouth and he looked at her, this is what he wanted to do for such a long time and finally for real she was under his touches, under his tongue as his mouth gently clamped down on her. He felt so moved as he sucked her gently. He felt so overwhelmed with love and just like her; he too couldn’t believe he finally was with her. My god he thought, if these tears of joy fall down my face, I’m going to be so embarrassed. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned under his licks, his sucks and his touches. He was so magnificent, he knew what to do to make her squirm and she hoped that when it was her turn she won’t disappoint him.

Her mind kept running in different directions, they didn’t talk, they didn’t plan and he’s been here an hour and they were in bed! She knew this is what she wanted so damn much, but was he disappointed, no candles, no conversation, no plans, how long would he be here? Stop she said to herself, don’t think about any of this, it’s going to be perfect, it’s going to be wonderful!

As if he were reading her mind, he stopped and crawled on top of her for a few minutes and said “look at me Baby, look deep in my eyes and don’t think about another thing, this is our time, this is our moment, and we are going to be wonderful together.” “We are going to fit and no one is ever going to separate us for the rest of our lives” he smiled at her so warmly and everything went away.

They got lost in one another for the next few hours, the touches, the giggles, the tickles, the gasps, the licks and sucks. She had one orgasm after another and he went so slow, so gentle and guided her along. He told her what he wanted her to do, she told him as well. He played with her pussy for a very long time, he put a pillow up under her ass and her pussy glistened as he opened her up, he put his finger inside and moved it, then another inside and she exploded again. He massaged her pussy lips, he used oil that he had and spread it all over her. He was so gentle and his touches were soft, yet hard to keep her orgasms powerful. She remembered how he could make her cum over the net, but the real thing was more than she could have imagined and he tended her every want. It’s been so long and never had she been touched like this before. And this was what making love felt like, this was what was missing.

Then after a while, she stopped him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him so gently and then harder. He responded with moans as her tongue explored inside his mouth, she couldn’t get close or deep enough inside. She had him lie down and she started to kiss him all over, finding his ear lobes, nibbling on them. She moved to his neck as his arms folded around her. She moved to his nipples and worked her way down his trail…his sighs were enough to tell her she was doing the right thing, the way he liked.

As she moved towards his cock, she could see how hard it was and although she wanted to just take it right away; she took her time. Her hands and fingers loved the softness of his skin, god she thought he is just so beautiful. Her heart was beating so quickly and she could feel the tingle again in her pussy. She could still feel his mouth on her pussy as his tongue plunged inside and even when he “hummed” on her pussy lips! She smiled up at him and his hand was lingering on her ass…she faced downwards towards his cock and lifted her ass high; he fingered her pussy the whole time she discovered his cock.

His pre-cum was wonderful as she took his cock in her mouth. The ridge of his cock, the pictures didn’t do half the justice of what it looked like for real. It excited her so much she took his cock further to get his ridge in her mouth and made circles around it with her tongue. He gasped and moved his hand to her head and pushed down for her to take more of him. His cock just fit so wonderfully in her mouth and she started to suck and suck, pulling up and then down again, up again and released it for a few minutes to blow on it…his cock throbbed for her mouth again and she took it to the very end…her nose hitting the bottom of his belly. His cock just lied inside and responded to every single, suck; lick and movement of her mouth and tongue.

She came back up releasing his cock and moved to his balls, she sucked on them so gently and lifting them up she found that soft part of skin right there before his ass and licked it so gently for him.

He moaned again and said “woman, take me back your mouth” – she smiled up at him and took him back, this time even deeper than before and he knew if she kept this up; his explosion would be more than she or even himself expected. He just tasted so good, so smooth, and so hard, she couldn’t get enough.

She slowly sucked and when she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore; she mounted his cock, her pussy slipped down over his cock like a glove and my god she thought, we do fit, he was right.

As she pumped up and down on him, they joined hands; her breasts were moving to the rhythm of their movements and bounced playfully above his body. He released her hands and pulled her down to kiss her mouth, so deeply they kissed. She was so happy and excited and so in love, he felt her tears as they flowed down her face. He wiped them and told her not to cry, this is love he said to her, this is what it means and no one can take this away from us.

He flipped her gently and entered her again, this time with him consuming her body; he plunged inside of her, in and out, faster and faster – he got her mesmerized with his eyes and they both held each other in sight. “Keep your eyes open Baby” he told her, “don’t look away from me” – “now” he shouted as he exploded “do you feel my love?”

He moved so fast and his hot cum exploded deep in her pussy. Her orgasm was so hard and felt so damn good! He pumped her more and each movement more of his juices entered her. God they both were moving together and moaning out loud. He slowed down and looked at her, “you felt that, didn’t you” he asked. Oh yes was all she could say and smiling at him, she could feel those tears again.

She was so happy and felt so safe in this man’s arms – this man, she thought, he is really mine. “I love you, Bear” she told him – he told her “Oh, I love you too, so very much.”

He stayed inside her for a little bit and when he rolled off of her, he captured her body into his and held her so close. Both their hearts were beating fast. They both were breathing heavy and as they started to relax more, she could actually feel his juices flowing through her body.

He put his finger under her chin to raise her face to his, he kissed her so tenderly and using his tongue he explored her more. Her tongue met his and they just kept kissing one another. Holding her, he stroked her hair and then his fingers traced her breast. He found her nipple and played with it, listening to her sighs; he lifted the nipple to his mouth and sucked her. She loved his mouth on her and relaxed as he continued to suck.

He pulled the covers back up over them and facing her, he told her again, that he loved her so very much. He held her close. They fell asleep for a few hours holding each other, knowing that soon one was going to wake the other for another chance to make the love that they just created – all over again.

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