Alicia at the Nudist Club


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Hello, Dear readers. I’m Alicia. I, and everyone in this story that I’m about to relate to you are over eighteen years old.


My Mom, Dad, girlfriend Shelly and I belong to a nudist club not too far from our home and we spend most weekends there. If you have read my previous stories you already know that Shelly and I are bisexual and have been having sex since December, two days after my eighteenth birthday. Shelly has also had sex with Mom and Dad, they even had a threesome one night until I joined them and made it a foursome. Yes, I have an incestuous relationship with Mom but if you have ever seen her, you’d understand why. She is a vary beautiful, sexy, thirty-seven year old young woman. She turned out to be bisexual one afternoon when she caught my friend Rose Marie and I fucking in my bedroom after school. Rosie then seduced her and I joined them. The threesome with Mom, Dad, and Shelly was to include Dad in our sex encounters. Yep, we are a very open-minded, uninhibited family but, no, I haven’t had sex with Dad, If you didn’t read my previous stories to know all that, you know it now because I just told you.

The nudist club is a two hour drive from our house because we usually stop for breakfast on the way. We arrived at the club at ten in the morning while the crowd was still light. We rented us a cabin as usual. Too cool for the pool, we all hit the volleyball court. We were doing a few practice shots when we were soon joined by two other couples. They wanted to play too so we split up and played four games with them. We all became instant old friends, It’s so easy to make new friends at a nudist club because when everyone is naked it’s hard to not be genuine and to put on airs. You just have to let it all hang out, pun intended, if you know what I mean.

The two couples who joined us at volleyball were husband and wife, Bill and Debbie and their son and daughter, Billy and Vicki. When we finished playing volleyball, Mom, Dad, Bill and Debbie went to play shuffleboard while Billy, Vicki, Shelly and I got in the hot tub. I love the hot tub with the warm water and air bubbles caressing your skin. I always try to get a seat where the water comes shooting in from a hole in the wall with such force you can’t miss it. If no one is looking I back up to it with my hands on my knees to let the shooting water flow against my pussy.

“Shelly, come sit by me and feel this.”

“What?” Shelly asked as she sat by my side.

I put her hand on the hole to feel the water shooting in, then raised up with my hands on my knees to show her what to do.

“Do like this and feel the water against your pussy.”

I moved over to allow Shelly to mimic my position.

“Oh, wow, too cool!” Shelly said. “It’s not enough to get you off but it does feel good.”

“Have you felt that water flowing against your pussy, Vicki?” I asked as I sat beside her.

“Yeah,” she giggled. “I guess all nudist kids have done stuff like that.”

“How long have you been nudists?” I asked.

“We’ve been nudists all our lives.”

“Oh, I guess you’ve seen and done it all then, huh?”

“I guess so,” she mused. “It all depends on what you mean.”

“Well, have you had sex with a lot of people?” I asked innocently enough.

“I’ve had sex with a few people, yes, – just like anyone else my age. Just because I’m a nudist doesn’t mean I’m an amoral person.”

“Hey, I’m sorry Vicki. I didn’t mean anything like that!”

“I know you didn’t mean to imply that, but it’s a popular misconception among non- nudists that nudists are a bunch of immoral sex perverts. The truth is we have just as many morals as they do, even more sometimes.”

“Yeah, most people look at a different idea in a very judgmental way, I suppose,” I said thoughtfully. – “Like Shelly and I are looked down upon because we’re bisexual. That doesn’t make us amoral or immoral, we just have a different set of moral rules than others do, that’s all.”

“You girls are bisexual?” Billy piped up. “I thought you were gay.”

“Yeah, Billy, we’re bisexual,” Shelly said. “The door’s not closed for you.”

“Well, that’s good to know,” Billy chuckled.

“Guys, if I stay in this hot tub much longer I’ll shrivel up like a prune,” I said. “Let’s go to our cabin and have lunch.”


The four of us crowded in around the small table in the cabin. I could tell Mom and Dad had already eaten but there was plenty for us.. I set sandwiches, chips and colas on the table for us and we ate contentedly.

I was sitting next to Vicki and Shelly was sitting next to Billy. A piece of Shelly’s sandwich broke off and fell into her naked lap. Shelly clung to her sandwich and giggled as I got up to help her. I retrieved the broken morsel, smearing salad dressing on her lower abdomen, and fed her the wayward food. I knelt down then and, like a real good friend, licked all the salad dressing off her lower abdomen and pussy lips.

Billy and Vicki watched amused as I sat back down.

“I didn’t embarrass anyone , did I?” I asked as I patted bursa escort bayan Vicki on the thigh.

“No,” Vicki whispered.

We finished eating and cleaned up. I had noticed Billy’s cock wasn’t erect nor was it completely soft, it was somewhere in between.

A clap of thunder rolled not too far away from us promising a shower very soon.

“Lets play Truth, Dare or Consequences with cards,” I proposed.

“How do you play that?” Billy asked.

“It’s easy,” I said. We draw a card and the loser chooses the category for the winner who directs the dare or asks the question.”

“Alright, let’s go for it!” Billy said.

I got the card deck from the stuff we brought from home, shuffled them and placed them face down on the table. We drew cards, Vicki lost and I won.

“Truth,” Vicki smiled at me.

“Is there a dance tonight and are you going?” I asked.

“Yes and yes,” she said.

We drew again. Shelly won and Billy lost. Billy chose dare.

“I dare you to stand and kiss me on the lips for ten seconds,” Shelly dared.

They stood and kissed on the lips but Billy held Shelly at a safe distance. I noticed Billy go from half mast to three-quarters erect during the short kiss.

“I think he likes you, Shelly,” I joked.

Billy sat down quickly and grinned at me. The other girls giggled.

We drew again, I lost and Billy won. I thought, “Oh, shit I’d better not choose dare.”

“Truth,” I said.

“When was the last time you had sex and who with?” he asked.

“I had sex last night with Shelly who spent the night with me in preparation for today. Mom and Dad know we make love when we sleep together; they’re okay with that. I left my bedroom door open so we could hear them making love.”

“Wow, your parents are really cool.”

We drew again. Shelly won and Vicki lost. Vicki chose Truth.

“What is the most taboo sexual act you’ve ever done?” Shelly asked.

Vicki paused as if choosing her words carefully, or perhaps she was deciding if she could disclose such private information.

“It’s okay, Vicki. It won’t ever leave this room. We aren’t blabber mouths,” I said.

“The most taboo sexual act?” Vicki began. “Would be giving my brother some head while he masturbated me.”

“She walked in on me while I was spanking the monkey,” Billy volunteered. “I tried to hide but she asked if she could help me out so sweetly that I gave in. But we didn’t go all the way.”

“It’s okay, Billy,” I said. “You’d be surprised how many families have cases of incest in them. I bet it happens a lot.”

I shuffled the cards and we drew again. Shelly won and Billy lost. He chose Truth.

“Since that first time, have you done it again? If not, would you like to?”

“That was the only time but sometimes when I was whacking off I would wish Vicki was there to help me out but we have to be careful with Mom and Dad around. But, yes, I would definitely like it to happen again.”

Vicki and Billy looked at one another longingly like they both are open for a recurrence.

We drew again. Billy won and I lost. I chose Truth.

“Do acts of incest ever occur in your family?” Billy asked.

“Yes,” I answered. “Usually while partying with other people Mom and I get together sexually, but it’s not a one on one love relationship. At home I love my mom as my mom, but at parties she’s just one of the girls.”

Billy’s eyes flew wide open with surprise,

“Holy mackerel, your mom?!”

“You’ve seen her playing volleyball. Didn’t you think she was attractive? I’ll bet you’d do her if you got the chance, and don’t forget I like girls as much as you do!”

“Well, yeah, you have a point there.” he admitted. “You’re mom is a sexy lady.”

It was raining hard now so we drew again, not having much else to do. Vicki won and I lost. I decided to get a little spicy and chose Dare.

“Ah, – let’s see, dare – okay, I dare you to sit on Billy’s lap and kiss him for twenty seconds,” she said.

As I sat down on Billy’s lap I noticed he was about three-quarters up. He put his big hands on my waist and lifted his slightly parted lips, letting me close the distance for the kiss. I put my hands behind his neck and looked into his big brown eyes for a moment. I felt his warm, velvety cock gently touch my butt cheeks as it started to come to life.

I felt a hand on my thigh but knew it wasn’t Billy’s hand. I looked and saw Shelly’s hand sliding up and down my leg, heating me up

I brought my mouth in contact with Billy’s waiting lips, softly and tenderly at first, and slowly spread his lips further apart with my tongue, His tongue met up eagerly with mine as he increased the pressure of his kiss. His cock gradually rose to full erection and pressed across my ass cheeks. I spread my legs slightly apart and pushed my pussy down to make contact with his velvety shaft. ‘Oh, how I love nudism,’ I thought. Billy’s tongue was swirling around mine, caressing my tongue top and bottom. My pussy became hot and wet from the wonderful kiss as well has Shelly’s hot gorukle escort hand on my inner thigh. I wondered if Billy could feel my wet pussy lips against his warm cock when I felt it grow harder and seemingly hotter against me. I could actually feel his cock throbbing as it pressed upward against my ass cheeks and puffy pussy lips.

“Time is up,” Vickie called.

We groaned as we reluctantly broke our kiss. I stood up and handed him a towel to cover his erection with, but allowing Shelly and Vickie to get a good glimpse of it.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Billy, I’m just lucky everyone can’t see how excited I became by that kiss. God, but you made me wet!”

“I’m not embarrassed,” he said. “I just don’t want to offend you girls.”

“You know you won’t offend me, big brother. I love the sight of your stiff cock.”

“You won’t offend me either, I know I’m the one who gave you that hard-on,” I said.

“Ditto here,” Shelly said. “You can toss the towel aside for now for all I care.”

Without a word, Billy put the towel on the floor. Shelly and Vickie had a good view since they sat to the side of him. I was across the table from him so I couldn’t see anything but I made up for that by putting my foot between his legs and caressed his cock with my toes.

“Let’s draw again,” Shelly suggested.. “Things are getting too hot to stop now.”

We drew cards again. I won and Vickie lost. Vickie chose Truth.

“Have you ever made out with a girl or have you ever thought about doing it?” I asked.

“No, the only sex I’ve had was with a couple of boyfriends and that time with Billy,” she said. “I’ve never thought about doing it with girls until maybe today, being around you and Shelly.”

“Are you thinking about it now?” I asked her.

“I’m wondering what it would be like to be with another girl like that but – I don’t know if I could do it.” admitted Vickie. It’s both tantalizing and weird at the same time.”

“I understand what you’re saying, Vicki. Shelly and I kidded each other about being gay but we soon realized it was because we were attracted to each other. We were thrust into a situation where we had to make love because of that attraction. When we got past the weird feeling it turned into a beautiful thing. As you can see we didn’t turn gay, we just became bisexual.”

We drew again; Vickie won and Shelly lost. Shelly chose Dare.

“I dare you to sit on Billy’s lap and kiss him for twenty seconds just like Alicia did,” she said.

She really does like the sight of her older brother’s stiff cock, I thought. She is doing everything she can to keep him excited and hard.

We drew again; I won and Billy lost. Billy chose Dare.

“I dare you, Billy, to let Vicki sit on your lap and kiss you for thirty seconds.”

“Ooo, yeah!” Shelly applauded. “This I’ve got to see!”

“This will be a first,” Vicki said. “We’ve never kissed before, not like that.”

Vicki sat on Billy’s lap and kissed him passionately, more like boyfriend and girlfriend than brother and sister. Billy’s hands didn’t stay around her waist though; one hand caressed up and down her back to her butt cheeks while the other hand caressed her long, lovely legs. Vicki began squirming in Billy’s lap, I didn’t wonder why remembering what it felt like when I sat on his lap.

I made sign language to Shelly to masturbate and let Vicki get a glimpse of what she was doing. I know the effect it has on a girl to see another girl touch herself. As I watched Shelly, Vicki and Billy, I joined Shelly in a little self pleasure myself. BOY, was I ever wet! My fingers made little squishy noises as I worked them between my cunt lips.

Billy moved his hand from Vicki’s leg and cupped her luscious breast’

“Oh, yes! Billy, play with my titties like that!” Vicki yelped. “I love to feel your hands on me.”

I stood by Shelly’s side so I could see everything that was going on and placed my arm across her shoulders. Shelly put her free hand behind me and caressed my smooth ass cheeks while she masturbated.

I could see Vicki’s pussy lips swollen with desire and darker in color because of her urgent need. I could see Billy’s velvety shaft between her legs as it pressed against her ass cheeks when she moved her hips around, grinding against him.

“Touch me, Billy, make me cum, please,” Vicki pleaded.

Billy didn’t need to be asked twice. He put his hand down between her legs and deftly stroked her craving pussy. Vicki spread her legs wider and I could hear the squishy noises his fingers made as he moved his fingers in and out of her fuck hole, which spurred my fingers into action in my own pussy.

Vicki looked at Shelly and I, her eyes filled with passion as she watched our fingers moving rhythmically in our own needy pussies. She looked in our faces with wonder and with what appeared to be lust for us. I hugged Shelly to me warmly as she took one of my nipples into her mouth to suck on and nibble it softly.

“Do my clit now. I’m almost there,” she whispered to Billy.

Billy flicked bursa merkez escort bayan his finger ever so lightly and rapidly over the little bump at the top of her butterfly lips. His hand was pressed against her mound so he could stay in contact with her as she bucked her hips, climbing to the peak of Mount Orgasm.

“Yeah, Billy, I’m cumming now, – cumming – cum, – cum -aaaaahhhh!”

Billy plunged two of his big, long fingers into her love canal as she came on his hand Her hips shuddered and twitched in pure ecstasy as she enjoyed the lasting sensations of her orgasm. She kissed Billy again in satisfaction.

Shelly was getting close to her destination and I wasn’t far behind her.

“Oooo, yeah, – I’m cumming too!” she squealed. “Aaaahhhh!”

“Yeah, cum, Shelly. That-a-girl, you look so beautiful when you cum,” I said.

Vicki and Billy watched us intently as we masturbated to orgasm.

“Oh, I’m cumming now, here I go, cumming, – Aaaggghhhhh!” I moaned.

“Everyone came but Billy,” Shelly said. “Don’t you want to get him off now, Vicki, while you have the chance?”

Vicki knelt between Billy’s legs and smiled up at him. She took hold of his throbbing cock and put the head of it into her mouth. Billy watched her with adoration.

“Can I have a taste, please?” Shelly asked.

Vicki pointed the cock at Shelly. Shelly knelt and slowly slid the cock into her mouth as far as it would go, then bobbed her head a few times before releasing the wet shaft from her mouth. She sat back down with a big smile.

Vicki took Billy’s cock into her mouth once again and bobbed her head up and down to fuck it with her mouth. I knelt beside her and put an arm across her shoulders.

“Would you share some of that cock with me?” I asked.

She took it out of her mouth and, together, we licked the shaft up and down, our tongues touching often. I swirled the velvety head with my tongue and tasted some pre-cum from the pee hole, then let Vicki have it. The way Billy was moaning I knew he was getting close. He began to buck his hips, thrusting his cock deep into Vicki’s mouth. I could see the muscles of the shaft constrict and expand as Billy pumped his cum into his sister’s waiting mouth. Vicki began to swallow.

“Oh, shit, oh, um, ah,” Billy moaned as he pumped his cum into her mouth.

Vicki stood and wiped her lips of any spillage that might be on them.

“Kiss me, Vicki,” I said.

“But, – Billy just came in my mouth though,” she replied.

“That’s why I want to kiss you,” I said. “I want to get a taste if I can.”

At least she didn’t recoil in horror at the idea. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pulled her to me. She let me kiss her lips lightly a couple of times, then opened her mouth for a real kiss. We swirled our tongues around in her mouth so I could get a taste of Billy’s cum. She was passive at first and then put her hands on my back to return my kisses

“I like kissing you, Vicki,” I said. “Do you like kissing me?”

“Yes. It really was very nice, – I liked it,” she said.

I ran my hands up and down her sides from her breasts to the sides of her hips while looking deeply into her eyes.

“I want to do so much more than that,” I groaned.

“I – I don’t know,” Vicki stammered.

“Later then?” I asked.

“Maybe later,” she replied.

“The storm has passed,” I said. “Maybe we should do something else now. We need to save some energy for tonight.”

“Let’s get in the pool now,” Billy suggested. “I’m ready for a swim

Shelly and I followed Billy and Vicki to the pool area. People were just starting to come out now after the rain. We had to dry off some chairs to sit on then spread our towels out to dry in the warm afternoon sun.

I dove into the pool at the deep end. The sensation of the cool pool water around my totally naked body felt absolutely fantastic! Swimming naked without a soggy suit on, no matter how skimpy it may be, is such a totally free feeling I just can’t describe it. There are no soggy bottoms to thwart the feeling of the water against your skin and no straps to make you feel uncomfortable. My nipples could feel the water swirling around them which made me totally aware of my nakedness.

When I emerged from my brief underwater swim I stood and wiped the water from my eyes and looked around. There were about twenty people in the pool with me, all of them naked of course. The club rules say that clothing is not allowed in the pool. Clothing is optional everywhere else but not in the water; they say it’s more sanitary that way.

It was a large pool, not the back yard type but almost an Olympic sized pool. I was practicing my different swimming strokes for a few lengths when I saw Nancy and Hal sitting in lounges at the poolside. I waved to them in greeting then got out of the pool to talk to them.

“Is your friend Shelly here today?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah, she’s in the pool with Billy and Vicki,” I said, pointing them out.

Mom and Dad walked up at that time and greeted them. I got my towel and spread it out on a lounge near them to sunbathe while they talked. I laid on my back and spread my legs a bit, knowing my hairless pussy was in full view for everyone to see, but no one was looking anyway. That is unless you consider a quick glance at you as looking, and I got plenty of those as people carried on conversations around me.

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