Anne’s Anal Adventure


This work of fiction was intended for the entertainment and enjoyment by its readers. If the subject of anal stimulation and penetration is unpleasant or offensive, please read no further. If you are curious to know some of the bountiful pleasures of this form of intercourse, continue to indulge your imagination.I>


It was late in the evening when Anne’s boyfriend, Jake, asked her if she would like to try ‘back door’ sex. The had been together for quite some time and had experimented with almost every part of each other’s body. The occasional ‘rimming’ of either of their anal openings had always increased the intensity of the ensuing cums, but they had never taken the final plunge into that dark tunnel.

“Well, I don’t know, Jake. I mean, it feels okay when you lick my butt hole, or stick a finger in a little bit, but you are so big! I … I think it might hurt too much in my little hole.”

“C’mon, Anne. It won’t be bad. I won’t hurt you.” He promised.

“I dunno. I’ll think about it.”

“Okay. You think while I do this.” He replied as he pulled her towards him and kissed her hot. His tongue seemed to travel halfway down her throat, filling her mouth with the soft, rough texture. Anne’s’ own tongue found its way into Jake’s mouth and the two exchanged explorations of the familiar orifices.

Anne felt Jake’s fingers slipping under her short top to find her swollen nipples. He pinched them softly, making her moan. Her hands were not idle, quickly finding his growing erection hidden in his blue jeans. He pulled his waist away from them, allowing Anne to open the pants and free the object of her desire.

A little over seven and a half inches long and almost two inches wide, Jake had a magnificent penis. Anne loved to feel the soft/hard flesh in her hand, in her mouth, and especially in her tight little kitty. Thinking about being impaled by it made her start creaming. She was getting so wet between her thighs; her pants had a growing dark spot below her mound.

Jake felt the cool air on his swollen penis, followed by Anne’s soft touch. Her small fingers barely circled the thick, throbbing flesh. The warmth of arousal flushed through Jake, as he knew what her next move would be. As he had thought, she broke the long kiss and moved her body so that her head was in Jake’s lap. Her mouth was a fraction of an inch away from the purple colored crown. She could smell his musk scent, a combination of man smell, sweat, and the heat of arousal.

Anne’s tongue darted out of her mouth to capture the gleaming drop of clear pre-cum from the tiny hole. She almost giggled at the thought that at least girls had a different hole for each bodily function, boys didn’t. It made her think more of Jake’s request to try anal sex. They had fooled around ‘back there’ in the shower and hot tub. One time, each of them had two fingers in the other’s anus at the same time!

A sudden thrust of his hips brought Anne back to here-and-now. The swollen crown pushed up into her mouth, and she instinctively opened wider and bobbed her head down to begin swallowing Jake’s penis. Her kitty tightened and she felt the butterflies in her belly as the hot flesh slipped past her tongue and began to enter her throat. She swallowed rapidly to avoid gagging, and once more succeeded in taking that beautiful cock all the way down her throat.

Jake felt her throat contract, then loosen up as the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth. The tight, warm feeling that followed as her throat gripped his full length made him groan. He held her head lightly, letting her concentrate on what she was doing, rather than holding up her head. He never understood how she could do it, but even with her mouth full of him, she still managed to swab around the base of his penis with her tongue.

Anne’s lips were touching the soft hair on Jake’s belly and her fingers cradled the heavy balls that hung loosely below her prize. She drew back and gripped his length with her fingers, then plunged back down. She began to work loose her own pants, just enough to slip her hand inside. She thrust two fingers into her wet kitty, coating them with her lubricating nectar. Then, she fondled Jake’s balls and the tender spot just between them and his butt hole.

Once more she thought about anal penetration. Without thinking, she lubed his ass with her fingers and slid them in quickly, just as she took his cock to the hilt and swallowed hard. Jake’s reaction was instant, and surprising. She felt his sphincter tighten at first, then loosen up rapidly to admit her probing fingers. The wet, hot channel felt surprisingly like her vaginal canal. Soft, velvety, wrinkled flesh, moist and warm around her fingers. She felt the small, hard bulge of his prostate gland and rolled it with her fingers. She felt the small organ pulse, and the muscles around her fingers tighten in rhythmic pulses, as the penis in her mouth swelled and pushed out the thick, hot fluid from his belly into hers.

She bahis firmaları had not remembered getting that much cum so quickly. It poured out of Jake, and filled her throat, jet after hot jet of the salty cream, straight into her stomach. His ass was still clenching her fingers as the spasm subsided. Jake was lying back in the chair, groaning and panting. His whole body was trembling through the release. Slowly removing her fingers from the back, and her mouth from the front, she crawled up next to him and kissed his mouth. Her own mouth held the last drops of his cum, which she pushed into his mouth with her tongue.

“Holy Shit! Anne! What did you do? OMG! That was intense!” Jake finally gasped out.

“I was just… you know .. Down there and I started thinking about what you said…. and … um well …. I just wet my fingers and stuck them in.” She looked into his eyes for a reaction. “It …. it was okay, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah! … It was REAL okay!”

Jake started to remove the rest of Anne’s clothes, and soon they were totally naked. Anne’s thin body was really hot. She had small A-cup breasts with dark areola. Tight little nipples that grew quite long when she was aroused. A long torso and thin waist, a slight bulge in her lower belly, and the soft mound between her tight thighs was a little puffy slit. It was truly all Jake could do to keep from diving into that sweet treasure every time he saw it.

Anne sidled up to Jake and rubbed her naked body against his. Her mouth found his and the kissing got hotter and hotter. Hands roamed over backs and butts, between thighs and genitals. Jake’s fingers slipped into her wet kitty and pulled out soaking wet with her aroused nectar. Slowly moving rearward, he rubbed around the tight puckered opening of Anne’s anus. She jumped away at first touch, but Jake’s soothing voice and soft touch let her relax and enjoy the stimulation.

Anne felt her anus give way, and loosen up as Jake fingered her in small circles. The pressure he exerted grew with each passing moment, until the tip of one finger pushed inside Anne’s back door. She instinctively tightened her muscles, trapping his finger where it was.

“It’s okay, Anne. Relax. I promise it will be alright.”

“But … but … what if it … you know … starts to hurt?” she asked with a worried whine.

“It may feel a little different, but we won’t let it hurt. We must do this very slowly, and with a lot of lubrication. Don’t worry, when you are ready, you will know it.” Jake appeased her.

He continued to transfer her natural lubrication from her vagina to her anus, until the point that he was penetrating past her sphincter. He did not want to exchange the bacteria that lived in her colon to her vagina. That could be very bad for her health. As it was, Anne was curled up with her knees up against her chest, one leg very high and spread wide. Jake had Anne roll on to her knees with her butt high in the air. He spread her cheeks apart and admired the little star of her rear entrance. He also noticed that her kitty was dripping with nectar. He scooped up the excess that ran down her thighs and applied the slick fluid to her anus. He saw the tender opening begin to dilate as her touched the outer rim.

Anne heard herself moan softly as Jake manipulated her anal orifice. It was as though it was happening to someone else, but she was feeling it all. Her belly was on fire, the heat of arousal coursed through her whole body. Every place he touched jumped with electric tingles. She felt his warm breath at the division of her thighs, and his extended tongue lightly touch her wet vulva. She rolled her hips back to encourage his oral attentions, and opened her rear even wider.

Jake tasted her sweet kitty, then targeted the little bulls-eye just above it. His stiffened tongue slid into her relaxed anal passage, but only a little. He continued to press the tip against the resistance of her virgin hole. He thought of how he relaxed his own anus to accept Anne’s fingers earlier. He stopped kissing on her anus, and gently slid his first finger where his tongue had been.

“Push a little, Anne. Push from the inside … like … um … like you do when you have a bowel movement.” He explained.

“What if I …. it might …. OH! I don’t know if I can!” Came her worried reply.

“Don’t push hard, just a little bit to open the inner muscles that usually keep things in. We want them to let something in from the outside, but they work the same way.” He maintained the steady pressure with his slippery finger, and reached around her slim waist to press on her tummy. He felt the tightness begin, just below her navel, then the loosening of the tight back entrance as his finger easily slid in to the second knuckle.

“OHHHH! Jake! It .. it went in so easy!” Anne gasped. “That doesn’t hurt at all!”

He worked the finger around in circles, stretching her back door before he added the second finger. This time Anne pushed as she kaçak iddaa felt the extra pressure, and instantly received the gratifying fullness. She pushed back against Jake’s hand and moaned.

“OH, yes, Jake. That does feel good.”

He pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his tongue, again. This time, he was able to fully insert his tongue the way he did when kissing on her kitty. The rich, earthy aroma and taste was different than the front, although he could still smell her nectar rich vulva as well. He managed to introduce a large quantity of saliva into the beginning of Anne’s colon. He once more traded his tongue for fingers, but added a third this time.

Anne’s groans and gyrations increased as the three fingers slowly pushed her anus wider and suppler. She pushed steadily with her belly muscles and the sudden release of her sphincter practically sucked Jake’s fingers in. She was actually bucking back against Jake’s hand, fucking her own butt on the wet fingers.

“Jake! Oh, Jake! It … it..Ohmigod .. It feels so different!” She panted. “Do it more! OH, Jake, yessssss.” She gasped as she thrust very hard and took all his fingers to the palm.

Jake had prepared some additional lubricant, but wasn’t sure it would be needed. He pulled Anne up by the chest, and pressed her back against his chest. He kissed her neck and nipped her ears, his hands gripping her tiny breasts and pinching her nipples. She turned quickly and faced him, knocking him backward on the couch. She kissed him hot and tried to get his penis into her kitty.

“Slow down, Anne! We have plenty of time.” He cautioned her.

“I’m so horny! I want your cock in me! I want to feel you inside me! OH! Jake! FUCK ME!” She cried out.

Anne raised up on her knees and took Jake’s penis in hand. No sooner than the tip grazed the swollen opening, she let herself fall straight down on it. She was so wet and excited; her vagina accepted the entire throbbing penis easily. Her belly slapped Jake’s as she impaled herself fully.

“Ohmigod! Yes! OHHHHH, do it … do me…. Ohhhh! Fuuuuckkk Mmmmmeeee!” She wailed as her body rocked and swayed on the stiff pole. Her engorged clitoris rubbed hard on his belly and she started cumming very soon.

“C …C…. Cuummmminnngggg!” She announced, breathlessly. Her body shook and her eyes went back in her head. Her mouth was open, but silent with the intense orgasm. She felt her belly roll and tighten, her vagina clamped tightly around Jake’s penis in rhythmic contractions. Several final thrusts of her hips ended the cum, “UH..UH ..OHHH!” she grunted and collapsed on Jake’s chest.

Anne had never cum that fast with him. Jake was surprised that she had released so quickly. He barely felt her hot labia on his crown when her mound slid forcefully against his lower belly. He enjoyed the warm, wet glove of her kitty gripping his shaft. No sooner did he think that, her vaginal muscles drew tight and he felt the gush of her girl-cum flooding his groin.

He felt her heart racing, pounding through her chest to his. Her breathing was ragged and hoarse. She whispered at him, “Oh Jake, so good. Ohmigod, so fine!”

As she recovered from her vaginal penetration, Jake worked his hand around her butt and started massaging her anus once more. She purred and thrust her butt upwards, inviting him to continue. Her cum soaked her whole slit, all the way to her anus. He used her natural lube to aid in the invasion of her back door. Her body started the lover’s dance, her hips rolling, pulling his fingers into her colon.

“Mmm. Yes, Jake! … I. I want you there. I want your hard cock in my ass!” She blurted out. She kissed him deep and hot, repeating her request.

“Are you sure?” he asked in return.

“Uh-huh. I … I’m ready, now.”

Jake moved her off of him and they got on the soft carpet floor. Anne was on her back, and Jake placed her knees up high against her chest. Her feet were almost touching the floor near her head. Her vulva and anal opening were spread wide and available. Her nectar coated all of her swollen, red slit. The labia were puffed and open, like butterfly wings.

Jake knelt between her thighs and pulled her body on to his thighs. His erection pointed upwards in front of the glistening treasure box. Anne pressed it against her slit and rubbed her juices all over it and Jake took a few short strokes in her vagina, before placing his thick, hot penis near the virgin hole.

He pushed the swollen crown against the small star and watched it begin to open. The crown popped in and Anne gasped. Jake continued to push, and Anne’s eyes widened.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

She was biting her lower lip, and merely nodded. She had put a few small toys back there; her favorite was a thin vibrator about three inches long. Never could she remember anything this big near her anus. She started having second thoughts as she listened to Jake tell her to relax, get used to the feeling. She remembered kaçak bahis to push down, and combined with the steady pressing of Jake’s penis, her colon suddenly opened.

She felt the ripples of his hard organ passing the tight opening, filling her back door with hot flesh. Before she realised it, she felt Jake’s belly against her vulva, and the most incredible fullness she had ever experienced. It felt as though she had to “go”, but the surrounding pressure and sensations made it different. She heard herself groan.

“Anne! Are you all right?” Jake asked.

“Don’t move.” She replied. “I’m so full!.. It …it’s so strange! It doesn’t hurt, but there is a lot of pressure back there.”

Jake smiled and tried to think of anything else, because the tightness and heat of her colon was causing his own inner heat to build, very fast. It had been a long time since he had done anal sex with a girl. Most looked at his massive penis and simply refused to try. Anne” body had accepted him smoothly and without pain. Their foreplay and earlier intercourse had relaxed and lubricated her just fine. This was the way it should be.

Unconsciously, Jake started moving slowly, pulling about halfway out. Anne grabbed at his hips, “NO! Don’t pull out!”

“It’s okay! Just relax and when you feel me push, you do the same, inside.”

The slow rhythm took a while to syncronise, but soon they were ‘Back door dancing’ as though they had done it many times before. Jake could not stand much of the new sensations, though.

“Anne! I’m … I. OHGOD! …. I can’t…. OHHH gonnacummmm!” He cried out, and instantly filled Anne’s rear with his hot seed. He thrust deep into her and emptied his essence into her dark tunnel. The pulsing, throbbing penis spread her wide, and filled her to what seemed to be her belly.

She felt him thicken, and get longer at the same time he called out his fears. She wanted this delicious feeling to go on, but knew she could not stop his cum. The sudden release surprised her, and she felt his hot seed wash her colon in thick, pulsing jets. This first time of receiving something in her rear was truly amazing. Not just the full feeling, but the pressure it placed elsewhere in her belly, the sensitivity of her genitals and the surprising heat of his fluid. It seemed hotter than when he filled her vagina.

About the time she thought he would have to pull out, she felt him touch her exposed clitoris and penetrate her vagina with some fingers. Her body went crazy! Her clitoris exploded, her vagina contracted, and she could feel her anus clamping the semi-rigid penis still lodged back there. The same contractions she had felt in Jake’s anus, earlier were right there in hers! So intense, she cried out her second cum of the past few minutes, humping her body up to meet Jake’s. So intense were her movements, that she did, indeed dislodge Jake from the back door. She lay panting, her legs splayed, and cum running from both holes on to the carpet.

Breathless, himself, Jake took the opportunity to dive between those swollen, red thighs and devour the essence of their love sharing. He cleaned his cum from her anus, her cum from her vagina, and he licked the rest of her vulva clean and dry.

After he kissed Anne and she had a taste of all of that, she went to get drinks. When she came back, Jake was on his back, and he could see her walking a little spread legged, with residual cums running down her inner thighs. She handed him a cool drink and sat opposite on the floor. She could feel Jake’s eyes concentrating on her crotch, and followed his gaze to inspect herself, too.

Her kitty was dripping wet; the fluids ran thickly down her slit, and into the crack of her butt. She raised her knees and bent forwards, to find her anus slightly open and covered with cum. The normally tight hole was distended and loose, red and slightly puffy from the recent invasion. Gingerly touching the swollen orifice, her finger slipped in easily. She thought she detected something firm, just inside the opening. The additional stimulation triggered the feeling she got when she had to relieve her bowels. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to check, just in case.

Sure enough, when she sat on the toilet, a light push produced what she had expected. Anne emptied her bowels quickly, then had concerns about cleanliness, should she want to repeat the activities of a little while ago. The best she could come up with was her douching equipment, normally used in her vagina. She filled the soft rubber bag with very warm water, squatted down and placed the wand in her anal opening. It felt very small compared to Jake’s penis. She wondered if her anus would even hold back the water.

Anne moved to the toilet, and put her feet up high. She released the clip and felt the warm water filling her colon. It was a full, comfortable feeling, unlike other times she had to clean out her intestines. She watched her belly swell as the container deposited all of its contents inside her. She removed the wand and clenched her anus, holding the warm, fullness as long as she could. Her body finally could retain the pressure no longer, and the water rushed from her anus explosively.

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