Bathroom Adventure Ch. 01


Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. It was a Friday night and the bar was packed. Sara was lucky she had been able to snag a seat on the end of the counter and it gave her a good view of the rest of the room. Sara had only moved to town a month ago and she came to this bar because it was halfway between her job and her apartment, and made perfect White Russians. She stopped in a few times a week to relax after work. She also stopped in because she wasn’t crazy about going home to an empty apartment. Sara hadn’t made any good friends yet, and she was lonely.

Sara hoped that some day someone might approach her. She didn’t think it would really happen but she hoped. She was plain looking and a little heavy. Sara wore a size 16 and was 5 foot 7. She had her hair cut in layers just past her shoulders and it was a rich chocolate brown color and she had bright blue eyes. The way she held herself made her seem unattractive and unapproachable. Her friends had often told her that if she tried harder she could be very pretty. Sara knew that she wasn’t fat, but she was large and men only wanted skinny girls. So every night Sara went home, alone, and fantasized. She hadn’t had a lover in over two years. She had been engaged before that but caught her fiancée with another lover the night before their wedding. To make it worse, his lover had been the best man. She thought this said it all about her relationships. She had very low self esteem and blamed herself for what went wrong. She had never had a lot of sex, but she liked it and missed it.

What Sara hadn’t noticed while observing the customers in the bar, was that every time she was there a man in the bar that watched her. He even followed her home a few times and watched her building. He knew the color of her eyes, what her usual drink was and the kind of perfume she wore. At night he would fantasize about her, putting her in different situations and positions. He wanted to make her come out of her shell. He had the feeling that if she could just let herself, she could be amazing.

On Saturday night Sara sat at home for a while before deciding to go out. She hated going out alone but sitting home by herself was even worse. She dressed up a little, in a nice skirt and shirt and then did her makeup. When she looked in the mirror she decided she was no where near stunning but she thought she looked ok. As Sara left her building she noticed a car parked across the street. The windows were tinted but it looked like there was someone inside. She shrugged to herself and thought maybe they were waiting for someone, but as she walked to her car she couldn’t help but think she had seen that car before though she couldn’t figure out where. As she drove to the bar, Sara forgot all about the car and never noticed that it followed her. She went inside and ordered her usual drink. Once again she sat at the end bar sipping her drink while she watched everyone around her. She envied the couples who were dancing close and could imagine them after they left the bar having drunken, wild sex. It seemed to Sara that she was obsessed with sex. She thought about it all the time, she could picture others doing it and she would get depressed over her lack of sex. It looked like there were a lot more couples in the bar than there usually was, in fact it seemed like everyone there was part of a couple. She began to get depressed and had almost decided to leave when she saw him.

He was tall, taller than most of the men in the bar. He had long brown hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail. He looked like a European business man to Sara. He had broad shoulders, and an athletic build. He looked as if he had muscles under his tailored suit. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She felt herself getting wet and her nipples hardening just from him looking at her.

His gaze never wavered and she began to blush. He found it enticing and was becoming uncomfortably hard. He could see her nipples pushing out through the thin fabric of her shirt. She looked so innocent and confused. He could feel the blood pulsing through his groin. He never took his eyes off her. She was wonderful to look at and in his mind he was imagining her naked under him.

She could not make herself look away from him. She could feel hot liquid beginning to drip slowly down the inside of her leg. She bahis firmaları had never been this aroused before and had never felt anything close to this even during the most amazing sex she ever had. Which she had to admit, once she thought about it, wasn’t really that great. The man who was watching her stood up and moved carefully across the room toward her. As he got near her, Sara’s pulse sped up. She sat up straighter and waited for him. Then he walked right past her. At first she was shocked and embarrassed, but then something registered in her mind. He had trailed his fingers along her arm as he went past. She looked after him and saw him entering the men’s room.

Before he was all the way in the man looked back at her. He was sure that she would be watching after she felt his touch. Her eyes were glazed and her skin was pink. He could only imagine what was going through her mind but he was well aware of what was going through his. She stood up as the door shut behind him and he knew she would follow him.

She reached the door and was almost afraid to open it. She knew he wanted her to go after him and she wanted anything he had to offer. She felt as if she would die if something didn’t happen soon. As she began to turn the knob she realized what she was about to do. She was actually going into a men’s room in a bar with a stranger who had been ogling her like she was naked. And at that point she didn’t care. She opened the door and quickly slid inside before she lost her nerve.

The lights were off and she couldn’t see anything. Sara felt an arm reach across her and heard the click of the lock. She opened her mouth to say something but didn’t know what to say, so she shut her mouth again. Her throat was dry and she doubted she would be able to say anything even if she knew what to say. Her eyes began adjusting to the darkness and she could make out the shape of the man in front of her. He moved closer to her and pressed his body against hers, pinning her against the door. Sara couldn’t breath. She heard him laugh quietly as he felt her reaction.

He couldn’t help himself. Her reaction was amusing. He could feel her heartbeat against his chest and could sense her muscles tightening. Her breath hitched, and then stopped altogether, as he leaned down as if to kiss her. He bypassed her mouth and began to kiss her neck, first lightly and then harder, until he was biting her neck and leaving marks. He tried to pay attention to how she was responding. He didn’t want to scare her off. He wanted her to enjoy it.

Sara had never liked being bitten, or even getting hickeys before but she found herself moaning as she felt the teeth in her neck. She arched her back to get even closer to the man in front of her. He was already pressed against her and she could feel his erection against her stomach. He was much taller than she had thought at first. He was slowly moving from her neck down toward her chest. He wasn’t touching her yet but she wished he would. Suddenly he bit down on her nipple through her clothes. Her breath caught in her throat again and she couldn’t think anymore. She began to run her hands over him pushing herself against him even more. Sara had never been like this with any man before.

He finally unbuttoned her shirt and she shivered at his touch. He pushed the shirt aside and her bra followed. She was now standing against the door with her chest bared and a stranger’s mouth on her. She couldn’t even feel embarrassed. Sara had never been comfortable with someone, anyone, seeing her without clothes, or something to cover herself with. Suddenly he pushed her skirt up to her waist and pushed his hand down her panties. She was dripping wet and the heat was intense. He could smell her scent in the small room and a surge of blood pumped through his cock.

Sara could feel him pulsing against her. She couldn’t even feel embarrassed. Sara had never been comfortable with someone, anyone, seeing her without clothes, or something to cover herself with. She pulled at his belt, impatient, trying to free him. As his cock sprung free she wrapped her hand around him and heard him sigh.

Her hands were warm and tight around him. She began to stroke him slowly, but with a firm grip and he almost came right there. Sara pushed him back, suprising him. He thought she was trying to get away from him at first. She then dropped to her knees in front of him kaçak iddaa and he groaned as he felt her mouth on his steel hard on. Sara’s mouth was wet and hot and knew how to suck. He gripped her head and pumped his cock into her mouth, forcing her to take him deeper. He loved the feel of her lips wrapped around him. It was better than he imagined. He stopped her before she could finish him and pulled her up.

Sara didn’t want to stop sucking his dick. She had never felt so alive or so horny in her life. As he forced himself down her throat she thought she might cum right there. She had never been big on blow jobs but she was loving this one. She took him deeper than she had taken anyone else. Then he pulled her away. Sara felt herself being pulled to her feet. He guided her over to the counter and boosted her up onto it. She suddenly had the vague thought about how dirty the counter probably was, but that made her even more excited. What she was doing was dirty and wrong, so it seemed fitting. Her legs opened as he ran his hands up her thighs. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. He hooked one finger on the edge of the panties and simply moved them to the side and lightly licked her. Sara’s head fell back and her breath quickened. She was so hot already that she could feel the orgasm building. He spread her lips and his tongue darted in and tasted her. She pushed her pussy closer to him and humped his face. She felt like she was about to explode. Sara wrapped her legs around his head and gripped the edge of the counter.

He thought he had never tasted anything so good in his life. He wanted to bury his face in her for the rest of his life. He licked and tasted her and wanted to suck all the juice out and then mine for more. He sucked on her clit and then bit it gently while he flicked it with his tongue. Suddenly her legs locked around his head and she shouted as she came. Dimly he thought that they were lucky that it was loud in the bar so no one would here them. The flood of liquid the erupted from her coated her face and he wasn’t sure if he could hold out much longer.

Sara’s head was spinning as the orgasm hit her. His mouth was amazing and she hoped he would never stop. When he stood up she was disappointed at first. He pulled her off the counter and turned her around, pushing her to lean on the counter. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. She was very wet, and very tight from the orgasm. She felt him push himself in. Sara called out again as he entered her. No one had ever filled her up as much as he did. She felt so full and he was so big it was on the verge of being painful. He pushed himself all the way in and then slowly withdrew. She felt as if he was pulling her insides out with him as he pulled out. Sara was so tight she thought he might get stuck in her. Then, when just the tip of his cock was inside her, he shoved back in and made her cried out. Though it was almost painful, even more so with each violent thrust, she enjoyed every moment of it. The pain was blurring with the intense pleasure she was feeling, that was building up to another orgasm.

He could not control himself after he entered her. The heat enveloped him and he began thrusting as hard as he could, trying to get as far in as possible before pulling out. Her cries with each stroke just drove him on even more. She was tight but very wet and fit around him perfectly. He thought it must hurt at least a little bit but he couldn’t stop himself, and she made no move to stop him. In fact she pushed back against him as he thrust in her. As she tightened around him and screamed with her second orgasm he had to fight himself not to let go. He didn’t want it to end yet. He pulled out, with her pussy contacting around him as if milking him, to calm himself enough to continue. She pushed her hips back against him as he left her and rubbed against him. She was making whimpering sounds as she ground her hips into his groin. He had to bit his lip to distract himself.

She wanted more. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. She could feel his erection against her ass and knew he wasn’t finished. Her pussy ached and she could feel herself moaning and making helpless noises. His fingers pushed inside her and she groaned in contentment. kaçak bahis His thumb circles her engorged clit and his long fingers slowly stroked at her g-spot, which she hadn’t even known really existed. Already she could feel the tightening in her groin from the building orgasm. As she got closer to coming she felt him roughly pinching her nipples with his other hand. The pain was exquisite. The orgasm hit her in waves and she would have fallen if it wasn’t for his arm around her.

As she went stiff as the orgasm hit her he lined his cock up with the puckered hole of her ass and pushed in. She was so wet, and so relaxed, that he could slide right in. He went slowly and felt her stiffen as he pushed in but she relaxed and he took that as permission to continue. One of his hands kept tweaking her hard nipples and the other stroked her pussy. He went slowly at first but soon began to build up rhythm and speed. She was bucking against him as he fucked her; moaning and crying out wordlessly.

Sara had never had anal sex before and she’d had no idea it would feel so good. If she had known what she was missing, Sara would have tried it long ago. Her legs were weak from the earlier orgasms but she still wanted more. Her body felt used the best way possible. As he fucked her she couldn’t control herself. She felt wild and pushed back to meet him and force him deeper inside her. She had never been like this. Sara had always been conservative during sex before; she had always been afraid that she would do something wrong and the person would not want to sleep with her again. She felt his movements become erratic and then he thrust into her deeper and harder than before and exploded. She could feel the hot jets of his cum inside her, as if it were liquid fire. His fingers kept their rhythm on her clit until she came one last time, with him still inside her. The contractions milked the last of his cum from his spent member. She could feel him softening inside her. He pulled out with a wet sucking sound. She dropped her head to the counter and tried to catch her breath. Sara was glad the counter was there to support her since she wasn’t sure she could stand unaided. Her legs felt like rubber and were shaking. Her whole body was shaking.

He felt as if he was turned inside out. He had never cum that hard before. Sara felt amazing and was so responsive. She was an amazing lover and he was already planning what to do next time. She was limp and breathing heavy as she rested her forehead on the counter. Even in the dark, even after this tryst she was still the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He looked at the lines of her body, the way her hips curved out. She looked like Greek statue almost. She was plump and curved in all the right places. Her skin glistened with sweat and looked soft and inviting. When he had touched her he had relished the way his fingers sank in just a bit, giving him something to hold. He pulled his pants back up and fixed his shirt and smoothed back his hair. He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on her ass and then unlocked the door and left.

Sara felt him moving around behind her and then felt his lips on her ass. She didn’t realize he was leaving until she heard the door open. Sara stood up and quickly yanked her clothes back into place. She switched on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was slightly messed up and her skin was flushed and damp. She decided she looked as if she had just had amazing sex; which she had. She tried to fix her hair and splashed some cool water on her face. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice. She was walking funny too. Her legs didn’t seem to work very well and she was afraid they might give out on her before she could make it to her car. She opened the door a crack and peeked out. There was nobody in the hallway so she slid out of the room and casually into the main bar, through the crowd of people, and out the front door. When she had made it to her car and sat down she took a deep breath and the thoughts started popping up in her head. She had just had sex in a bar bathroom with a complete stranger. She had no idea who he was or anything about him. Neither of them had said anything the whole time. She was surprised at the thought that they had not been interrupted. A glance at her watch showed they were in there for at least forty five minutes. Also she realized she had been screaming and was mortified that someone might have heard her. Sara started her car and drove home slowly. She couldn’t concentrate on the road and almost got in an accident a few times.

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