Bent Over Her Desk


Kelly Crossman wasn’t usually the life of any party, with the chunky lady usually having a piece of cake and a cup of punch before retreating to the solitude of her office which housed the computer system that kept the company running.

But this year Kelly was acting differently, being very outgoing and friendly to one and all, even with the rather coarse bunch that manned the warehouse. Perhaps it was the fact that one of the bowls of punch had been spiked, and spiked again, but the middle-aged woman knew it and kept drinking it anyway.

The office party started to fizzle out, with most heading home to their families but Kelly remained, having gotten into a lively conversation with a couple of the black guys about basketball, of all topics, but at least Kelly remembered Magic and Bird from her era.

Ray and Prince kept her talking, not really listening to her and instead taking the opportunity to check out the woman they usually caught fleeting glimpses of in the hall, and when she said she had to go to the bathroom they watched her waddle out.

“Lot of woman under that plain blue wrapper,” Ray noted as they watched Kelly’s ample butt leave the room. “She might be packing close to 200 pounds on that 5’4″ or so.”

“More cushion for the pushin’,” Prince responded.

“I’d do her in a New York minute,” Ray offered.

“Get in line pal,” Prince retorted and he laughed when he asked, “What you figure? Maybe 40-30-50?”

“Could be. Looking at her ass made my dick hard though,” Ray told his friend. “I think she caught me rearranging my junk.”

“She wants it alright,” Prince assured his friend.

“You would probably get her if she wasn’t married,” Ray conceded, since Prince was not only younger but had a muscular build that made Ray’s slender frame look even scrawnier in comparison.

“Married don’t mean shit to these middle aged white women when they get jungle fever,” Prince howled, and as they exchanged high-fives he suggested, “Hell, we could both do her. Plenty enough there for two.”

“If only.”

“I bet she’s got a big bush too, one that grows right up to her asshole,” Prince suggested. “A whole lot of those white Jewish women are hairy, and I know how you like hair.”

“Don’t be going stereotyping the lady,” Ray cautioned. “But if anybody can pull this off you can.”

“Watch me,” Prince said as they watched the chunky brunette come back to the office.


“Where did everybody go?” Kelly said when she looked around at the mess and the otherwise empty office. “What time is it?”

“5:30,” Ray told her.

“Oh crap. We’re off the clock,” Kelly snorted.

“We don’t care,” Prince told her as he gave her more punch. “We like talking to you. Hardly ever see you and never get to talk. We ain’t so bad are we?”

“I didn’t say you were bad,” Kelly said.

“Some do,” Prince replied. “They think we’re all a bunch of smelly low-lifes because we work in the warehouse.”

“Fuck them,” Kelly replied and then laughed and covered her mouth in shock over what had come out. “Well, it’s true. Most of these office bimbos are jerks, and for the record you guys smell really nice. What is that you’re wearing?”

“Sean Jean Unforgivable,” Prince told Kelly as he moved closer to her as she sat on the edge of a desk. “Supposed to drive sexy women wild.”

“Well, I don’t know about that because if think they all left,” Kelly responded. “It is nice though.”

“You’re hotter than any of those girls,” Prince told her. “Mature women are sexier than kids.”

“Mature – that means old. That’s me,” Kelly giggled.

“No, you ain’t over the hill, you’re right on top of it,” Prince suggested. “You got a lot going for you but you just don’t like to show it off. Put you in something like the stuff Angel in here wears…”

“Me. I’m a fat old lady. I’d look silly.”

“I don’t think so Kelly. You’re a whole lot of woman,” Prince told her as he put his hand on her round shoulder and squeezed it through the fabric.

“Prince. I always wondered. Is that your real name?” Kelly slurred.

“Yeah, my older brothers are King and Earl,” Prince told her.

“Royalty. Well, you are smooth,” Kelly said as she sipped her drink.

“Your husband going to pick you up?” Price asked. “Don’t think you should drive.”

“You got that right,” Kelly said as she got to her feet and tried to stop the room from spinning, cracking wise as she said in a caustic voice, “No, my husband is out of town, visiting his Mommy.”

“So you’re a bachelorette?” Prince asked. “In that case the party doesn’t have to end.”

“The punch is gone,” Kelly noted sadly.

“We can go out clubbing,” Ray suggested.

“We? Gee Ray, I thought you dropped off or disappeared or something. You must be the strong silent type,” Kelly told the lanky man before she moved unsteadily towards her office.

“No, we working as a team tonight,” Prince said as he put his arm around Kelly. “I was just saying when you stepped out of the room that it might take two bahis firmaları men to handle a woman like you.”

“This some kind of a prank?” Kelly asked as she struggled to get the key in the hole of her locked door. “Put the moves on the fat woman and tell the crew all about it afterwards? I know you have a reputation with the women but I wasn’t born yesterday.”

“I don’t talk about anything regarding ladies,” Prince told her as he held her chubby hand to help her unlock the door. “Can’t stop them from talking but you don’t hear it from me.”

“Let yourself go,” Price said as he kissed the top of the shorter woman’s head. “The three of us… tell me you never thought about it. Never saw no movies with two men doing it girl and wishing she was you?”

“I dunno.”

“Tell us what we can give you that you don’t get at home,” Prince cooed as he put his arms around Kelly from behind as they entered the tiny office. “Something tells me you aren’t always the prim and proper computer geek you come off as. Tell us what you want.”

“Guys… please don’t play,” Kelly whined as her breasts got cupped by the two men, the black hands kneading the pendulous breasts through the layers of clothing.

“Tell me.”

“I don’t think you would be interested,” Kelly responded as she writhed by her desk, the mauling exciting her despite herself.

“Tell us. What you want that the Mamas boy of yours can’t give you?”

“Ass,” Kelly answered, and as the two men exchanged shocked looks behind her back she added, “I love it up the ass.”

“Mama’s boy don’t like that?” Prince asked.

“His dick can’t reach. He says it’s because my butt is too fat,” Kelly confessed.

“That won’t be a problem with us,” Ray said as he grabbed her hand and brought it back to the long bulge that reached towards his pocket.

“Geez,” Kelly hissed as she squeezed the stiff pole, and when her other hand was taken and pulled under the elastic of Prince’s casual pants it landed on something even bigger. “Omigod.”

“Got the lube right here too,” Prince said as he grabbed the bottle of Intensive Care from Kelly’s desk, and together they had the dress half off the dazed woman before she knew what was happening, her plain blue wrapper was down to her thick waist and exposing the heavy duty harness she wore.

“I can’t,” Kelly mumbled as her bra got unhooked and her bell-shaped tits eased down to her stomach, and as they worked the brassiere off of her Prince chuckled as he raised her arms.

“Got a furry lady here my man,” Prince announced as her upraised arms exposed that it had been more than a day or two since the spacious caverns had felt the sting of a razor.

“Oh no – wasn’t expecting anything like this,” Kelly mumbled, blushing when Prince’s thumbs stroked the dense stubble that filled the round hollows.

“Don’t be apologizing darling,” Ray said as he leaned forward. “This turns me on something fierce.”

“Omigod!” Kelly gasped when the older man scraped his tongue through the seedlings, making her shiver as he lapped her armpits and nibbled the sensitive grottos like a happy pup.

“Turns my man on,” Prince testified as his hands went to her pendulous breasts, cupping and kneading them as the two of them worked on the 48 year old woman together. “I love a gal with a little fur too, and I bet you got a lot more down below.”

Ray was busy pushing her dress down to the floor, and then he grabbed the top of her matronly panties that were up to her belly and yanked them all the way down to make her naked as a jaybird.

“Damn, check that bush out!” Prince chirped as he looked down at the full-figured woman who was just as voluptuous as he had suspected.

Prince pulled off his t-shirt, enjoying the look the dazed woman gave him when she saw his chiseled physique, but that was nothing compared to her reaction when he yanked his fancy sweats down and she saw his long curved cock swaying wildly in front of him.

“Don’t be shy,” Prince told Kelly as the two of them coaxed her to her knees, and when Ray yanked his boxers down too they waved their ebony spears in her face. “Make us real hard so we can get into that sweet ass of yours. Yes, I bet you seen something like this in a porn movie!”

Kelly knelt on the pile of her clothes and reached up and grabbed the two semi-turgid cock in her fists by the stumps, and after looking up at the leering men leaned over and took Ray’s slender sleek uncut cock into her mouth.

“That’s okay darling, I don’t mind,” Prince chortled after the woman went to his friend’s cock first. “Go for the little one first.”

“Little?” Kelly said as she took her mouth off the ebony spear, which was only small in comparison to the even longer and thicker cock in her other hand.

“Don’t listen to him honey,” Ray said as he directed her attention back to business, and after her lips spread her saliva down about half of his 8″ erection for a minute or so, she turned to Prince’s circumcised weapon.

“Watch the teeth girl,” Prince cautioned the kaçak iddaa woman as she stretched her mouth wide to accommodate the bulbous knob of his cinnamon-hued manhood, and while it had looked as big as a plum before, in her mouth the glans felt like an apple.

Kelly had all she could do to get much more than the head of Prince’s monster cock in her mouth, her lips rubbing on the fat ridge as they went up and down, and her mouth was already aching when after she went back and forth between the two men she was brought to her feet.

“What? Where?” Kelly asked as she saw her desk being cleared, and then she was placed over it, bent over face first as one of the men spread her ass wide.

“Look at that furry balloon knot,” Ray cackled as the lotion was squirted generously into the crevice, and then Kelly felt a finger being pushed into her ass, and then another.

“Omigod. You’re really going to do it,” Kelly mumbled as her big bottom was digitally probed hard.

“You go first, but if you cum I’ll fucking kill you,” Prince warned his friend as he came around to the other side of the desk where Kelly’s face was and explained. “My man’s going to prime you up and then I’m going to send you to heaven.”

“Prince! No way. I won’t be able to take your,” was all that Kelly got out before Prince stuck the end of his cock in her mouth just as the middle-aged woman let out a squeal through her nose.

“Damn she is tight!” Ray exclaimed as he leaned into the chunky ass he held in his hands, pushing as hard as he could to force his slender shaft into her steamy orifice.

“Work it good. Loosen her up nice for me,” Prince instructed as the force of Ray’s thrusting did all the work, making the woman’s cherubic face move up and down the jawbreaker in her mouth as the desk lurched along too.

“Don’t think I can hold it much longer man,” Ray declared after a couple of minutes of energetic thrusting had Ray sweating like a pig, and with a nod they changed places.

“Don’t be using the lady’s mouth as an ATM,” Prince said as he lathered his cock with lotion, fearing Ray was going to make her suck his cock, but what he was doing was reaching into his pants pocket for his phone.

“You crazy,” Prince told his friend as Ray took a picture out of Kelly’s sight line while he moved up between the woman’s spread thighs, the light marks from Ray’s fingers still on the pale fleshy cheeks as he moved in close.

“Now you just relax girl,” Prince declared as he pushed the fat bulb into the center of the knot. “Let it be.”

“AW!” Kelly cried out, and then as the burly black man lurched forward she let out a scream that made them all happy the building was empty, and a second scream was even louder after Prince worked the ridge into her anus.

“Look at her eyes,” Ray whispered to Prince as Kelly clung to the end of the desk as the monster cock kept getting inched in further.

Prince said nothing but chuckled through his gleaming white teeth when Ray showed him the picture of the red-faced woman with only the whites of her eyes visible and her mouth open, the shot taken right as he was pushing in.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” came the grunts from the woman spreadeagled over her desk as Prince started using the half of his cock he had pushed in, working it in and out while Ray took pictures of Kelly’s backside and slowly masturbated to stay hard.

“You liking it ain’t you Kelly?”

“Don’t cum yet motherfucker!” Kelly shrieked, causing the two men to cackle wildly and when Prince started drilling her harder and faster she started wailing.

“She cumming,” Ray muttered as he watched the plump lady practically having a seizure while his friend relentlessly nailed her into the wood, and only then did Prince straightened up and moan, spurting his seed deep into her bowels before pulling out.

“Go for it my man,” Prince said as he moved aside as that Ray’s swaying erection could fill the void, but the older man laughed as he looked at Kelly’s ass.

“She ain’t even gonna feel me,” Ray said of the gaping hole that he took many pictures of before slipping his cock in, but her knot settled in around him nicely so when he came into the cavity it was good for all.

The two men got their clothes on while Kelly stayed sprawled over the table like a beached whale, and when Prince said they were going to leave and asked if she needed help or anything, the middle-aged woman came to life.

“That’s it?” Kelly asked as she got up somewhat unsteadily. “I thought we were going to party. What’s with the one and done?”

“We thought you was…”

“The night is young. Besides, I don’t think I can become any more of a pig than I am right now.”

“Then let’s go!” Prince said as they helped the woman get dressed before they headed outside.


When Kelly woke up, she had a moment where she wasn’t sure where she was or what she had done, but when she saw the over-sized flaccid cock hanging over the muscular young guy’s hip nearby, it all came back to her.

The dumpy kaçak bahis apartment wasn’t completely dark, but that was because the sun looked like it was coming up soon. Kelly struggled to get off the grossly stained sheets, much of which came from her, and after she got to her feet on the cold wood floor she tried to make sense of it all.

She had been drugged. That was the easy answer because what else would possess a woman happily married for over twenty years – well at least married if not happy – to engage in a night and morning of the most vulgar and depraved acts imaginable with two men who were practically strangers to her?

She wasn’t drugged. She drank too much and did it on her own, the pressure of a loveless and childless marriage finally becoming too much for her. Maybe it was recently learning that the reason they never had children wasn’t really her fault like her husband had claimed. Maybe it was seeing too many hints of infidelity – the phone numbers and the condom wrappers – that finally pushed her to do things she had only fantasized about, and some she had no idea were even done.

They had wanted her, both the young one she was old enough to be mother to and the older man who was of her generation. Maybe they didn’t give a damn about her but they wanted her. She wasn’t too fat, too complaining, too hairy or too anything for them.

“Last one standing,” whispered Kelly as she stood up, her thighs bowed out and aching from stem to stern, because she was up and Prince was out on the bed and Ray was barely in a chair slumped in the corner.

There were empty malt liquor bottles all over the place and a few remnants of joints they had smoked – pot! At her age! Kelly had to shake her head at that while trying to remember where the bathroom was.

She had been in there showering – the 3 of them crammed in the tub with her in the middle of the soapy sandwich – after they came here from some dive bar, and she vaguely recalled them being tossed out of that place because she had kept grabbing Prince’s cock through his pants. Waddling across the bedroom, she made it into the bathroom and sat down just in time to expel an ungodly amount of pee and cum.

After she wiped very tenderly, she staggered to the sink and turned on the warm water, and while she waited for it to get hot she looked up at her reflection.

“Good grief,” she moaned when she saw her face, all puffy and stained with semen.

There was cum everywhere, she noted. Her scalp was caked with white, and her pubic hair was so loaded with dried semen it looked like a grotesque stiff sculpture. There was a white stain between her breasts too, courtesy of Prince, and when she tried to splash water on her face her arm was stuck for a second.

“Ray,” Kelly chuckled when she looked at the white crust under her arm that was like glue, left there by Ray when he asked her to try and bagpipe him. Bagpipe! Who knew? Hey, it was fun.

How many times and how ways had she been used over the course of 8 or so hours? More times that she had probably had sex with her husband over the last 3 or 4 years combined, and it was like she had turned into some kind of maniac. They weren’t coaxing and forcing her, if anything it was the other way around, and it didn’t take much persuading. They seemed to be always hard and she couldn’t get enough of their attention and affection.

All Kelly knew that while it was Saturday morning and she didn’t have work and the house she would go home to would be empty for the weekend except for her and the cat, she couldn’t stay here. It would be light soon so she got dressed and headed for the door, even though she wasn’t quite sure where in the city she was.

Kelly had tiptoed so as not to wake the men and almost made it out but as she was closing the door Prince caught up with her. He stepped out into the hall of the apartment building even though he was naked. Then again, since the guy was built like a Greek statue he had no reason to hide, and the thought that a kid with this kind of body had wanted her still amazed her.

“You know where you’re going Kelly?” Prince asked.

“Not really. Don’t know where I am,” she admitted.

“Work is two blocks over if your car is there, on the other side of the underpass. Want me to walk you over?”

“No, that’s fine. I need the air and the exercise”

“You sure you’re okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Kelly sniffed but then she felt herself getting weak so he reached out and hugged Prince. “Last night. I can’t…”

“It was fun right?” he interjected. “I know I had fun. Didn’t even know you before – not really. You’re an alright lady.”

“That wasn’t me last night. I don’t know who that was.”

“Sure it was you. Not the real you but we all got some crazy in us, some wilder than others. You had it inside for a long time, and maybe it just burst out,” Prince suggested. “Whatever, I’m glad I was there to see it.”

“I know how things things become public knowledge,” Kelly started to say but Prince brought a finger to her lips.

“Not from me – or Ray,” Prince said. “Who we gonna tell? A bunch of white folk that probably don’t like us anyway and would hold it all against you for the rest of your life for messin’ with the brothers? Screw that.”

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