Black Pansexual Associations


“Nothing wrong with embracing our sexuality as liberated black folks,” Pastor Jefferson Brown said, and the tall, dark-skinned, silver-haired and bespectacled black gentleman addressed these select members of his congregation with a kindly smile. At the Pastor’s southern Atlanta mansion, located a few blocks from the Holy Temple of Light Apostolic Church, things were most definitely heating up. The men and women in attendance, hand chosen by the preacher man himself, had no idea what they were in for.

“Truly the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it,” echoed First Lady Janice Wilford Brown, wife of Pastor Jefferson Brown. The six-foot-tall, curvy, chocolate-hued, short-haired and big-bottomed dame, more than a decade her husband’s junior, stood by his side, a mystifying smile on her lovely face. Most people would have been surprised that the whole thing was Janice’s idea. The feisty First Lady has always been in tune with her husband’s desires, and knows all about making them come true. About time some of their congregation got with the program.

When Pastor Jefferson Brown introduced Janice Wilford Brown as his wife to his congregation a few years ago, they didn’t know what to make of her. Many in the Holy Temple of Light Apostolic Church did not know what to make of the tall young black woman with the looks of a video vixen. Truly, the preacher had taken a leave of absence after losing his previous wife Ellen Jacobs to cancer, and he returned with a new, younger wife. Oh well, the marriage between Janice and Jefferson actually lasted, surprising many.

The Pastor and the First Lady looked at their guests, and smiled like wolves finding stray sheep miles from the shepherd’s lane. Mitchell Moor is a tall, handsome young black man with a shaved head and a slick goatee. He’s a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and a proud graduate of Morehouse College. He’s starting law school in the Fall. Next to Mitchell stood Sholonda Adilson, a tall, curvy, caramel-hued sister with a big ass who favors actress Jill Scott but with a much bigger ass. Sholonda is in grad school at Georgia State University. The two of them recently got engaged.

Rounding up the church-going quartet are real estate agent Luther Henderson, a muscular, dark-skinned brother originally from the island of Jamaica and his lady friend Estelle Beauchamp, a tall, light-skinned, sexy and big-bottomed newcomer to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Jacmel, Republic of Haiti. Pastor Jefferson Brown and his wife Janice Wilford Brown are smart people and they know the private lives of their congregants very well. That’s why these four were chosen to be invited to the Pastor’s mansion for a special encounter.

“Mitchell, my dude, I know that you like both females and males, and that your lady friend Sholonda here struggles with it, you don’t have to be alone, you can be part of a wonderful family that accepts you,” Pastor Jefferson Brown said, smiling at the nervous young man. Mitchell blushed and looked at Sholonda, who bit her lip. The First Lady walked up to the younger black couple, and hugged them both in a very warm, friendly manner.

“Sholonda, my sister, lots of black women are married to bisexual black men who hide what they are, at least your lover Mitchell is honest, and you two can make it work and have tons of fun along the way, like my hubby and I do,” Janice said firmly. She looked into Sholonda’s eyes and the younger black woman nodded hesitantly. Mitchell took Sholonda’s hand and brought it to his lips.

“Sholonda, babe, I didn’t choose to be bisexual, I tried to be straight for a long time, I love only you, but I do notice some fellas, and some women,” Mitchell said softly, and Sholonda nodded. She looked at her fiancé and then exchanged a smile with the First Lady. The Pastor and his wife always seemed happy and in love, so if they could make their mixed orientation marriage work, perhaps she and her man stood a chance. Honesty always helps things along, doesn’t it?

“Alright, Mitchell, I’m with you,” Sholonda said, and she gave her fiancé a peck on the lips. Pastor Jefferson Brown nodded in approval, then moved on to the next couple. As the bisexual leader of a deeply conservative and predominantly black church, the Pastor walks a fine line. Over a decade ago, when the Pastor announced his support for same-sex marriage, many in the congregation thought he’d lost his damn mind. Fortunately, those who remained actually supported him, and as it turns out, the Pastor istanbul travesti made the right call. American society evolves when it comes to sex, why can’t the black community?

“Look, preacher man, I might feel attracted to both sexes but I don’t act on it, I’m not on the down low, and I’m not bisexual, I stick to being straight in practice,” Luther said in that deep Jamaican accent of his. The burly Jamaican realtor looked at his new lady friend Estelle, and sighed. Born and raised in the Jacmel region of the island of Haiti, Estelle is a fairly conservative woman. Prior to getting into a relationship with Luther, Estelle investigated him and found out about his repressed bisexual tendencies. As they embarked on a new relationship, Estelle demanded Luther’s absolute loyalty, lest she leave him.

“Luther, it’s alright, we are among friends,” Estelle said gently, laying her hand on his arm. Luther looked at Estelle and his heart skipped a beat. The closeted bisexual Jamaican definitely loves his Haitian MILF. Estelle smiled at her boo, and Luther calmed down and stopped being so damn defensive. In the year and a half since they met, Luther had been absolutely faithful to Estelle and their relationship. Luther shunned his former acquaintances in the men-seeking-men community, focusing exclusively on making Estelle happy. What more could a woman ask for?

If only Estelle understood where Luther was coming from. While black Americans are conservative when it comes to different aspects of sexuality, they are raging liberals compared to folks from the island of Jamaica. Black male bisexuality is frowned upon by many in the United States of America, but for the most part, brothers who swing both ways are left alone unless they’re too blatant about it. In Jamaica, brothers who swing both ways are in serious danger of getting hurt or killed. Simple facts, ladies and gentlemen.

“Let us begin,” Janice said, and the First Lady winked at her husband before ushering everyone into the mansion’s vast living room. Tables full of liquor, sex toys, condoms and lubrication awaited. The guests marveled at the opulence of the Pastor’s home, and how well-prepared he and his wife were to receive and entertain them. This is going to be lit, Estelle thought as she and Luther joined Mitchell, Sholonda, plus the Pastor and First Lady. Let the festivities begin…

“Make yourselves at home, the only sin is not enjoying yourselves,” Pastor Jefferson said, and he kicked off the festivities by undressing along with his gorgeous wife Janice. Ditching her evening gown, Janice revealed a curvy, sexy body that porn stars would envy. With her perky tits and big round ass, Janice looked like she ought to be in a porn video or a Rap music video rather than being the First Lady of a black church in the southern United States. Life can be full of surprises, sometimes in a good way.

“Hmm, hubby, give a sista some love,” Janice said as she kissed Pastor Jefferson, then proceeded to grab his ass. The Pastor grinned, thrilled by his vivacious wife’s freakiness. Janice went straight for Pastor Jefferson’s dick and began stroking him. As the attendees watched, some with discomfort, others with rapt interest, Janice took the Pastor’s dick into her mouth and began sucking him off. The tall, bespectacled black gentleman sighed happily as the sexy black MILF sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow…

“Wow,” Sholonda said, and she admired Janice’s technique as the First Lady sucked the hell out of Pastor Jefferson’s dick. Finding herself turned on by this, Sholonda rubbed her erect nipples and slipped her hand between her thighs, fingering her already wet pussy. Seeing this, Mitchell kissed Sholonda and then drew her to a nearby couch. The freaky, curvy sister was evidently horny and Mitchell was just what she needed to get her rocks off.

“Open a little wider babe,” Mitchell told Sholonda as he spread her thick thighs, and inhaled the fragrance of her pussy. Without further ado, Mitchell began eating Sholonda’s pussy. The sexy, pleasantly plump Sholonda let out her breath as Mitchell ate her pussy greedily. Sliding his fingers into her snatch, he stimulated her quite nicely. Sholonda relaxed and enjoyed what Mitchell was doing to her. Sensing someone’s eyes on her, Sholonda looked across the room and saw that Estelle the Haitian MILF was looking at her and Mitchell with interest. The old bat is a freak, Sholonda thought, laughing.

“I’m tired of watching everyone having fun, istanbul travestileri let’s do this,” Estelle told a delighted Luther, and just like that, they began doing their thing. Luther slipped out of his clothes and lay on the carpeted floor. Estelle took off her evening gown, revealing a tall, slim yet thick, curvy body. The light-skinned Haitian MILF stood there, hands on her hips, looking at the muscular, thirsty Jamaican switch-hitter who lay at her feet. Grinning, Estelle proceeded to sit on Luther’s face, smothering him with her big ass. For most Jamaican men, Haitian female booty is a rare treat. Luther was one lucky brother.

“You taste wonderful,” Luther paused to say as he slid his tongue into Estelle’s booty hole while fingering her wet, hairy pussy. Meanwhile, around the living room, everyone was getting busy. After putting on a condom, Mitchell had Sholonda on all fours, face down and big beautiful ass up. The Morehouse stud gripped his fiancée by those wide hips of hers and slammed his thick dark dick into her pussy. Sholonda squealed in delight and began grinding her big ass against Mitchell’s groin, driving him deeper inside of her. Passion is as passion does, and the fun was just beginning for these two…

“Damn, Mitch, look at these two,” Sholonda paused to say, and Mitchell looked up to see Pastor Jefferson and Janice engaging in some truly freaky stuff. The Pastor was on all fours, and the First Lady was fucking him up the ass with a thick ebony strap-on dildo. Mitchell grinned and continued fucking Sholonda even as the Pastor and his wife continued to do their thing. Janice smacked Pastor Jefferson’s ass and rammed the dildo up his ass mercilessly, causing the older black preacher to scream. Anything goes in the Brown household, apparently…

“This is hot, Janice,” Estelle hollered at the First Lady, before she and Luther switched things up. Estelle got on all fours, face down and ass up, while Luther grabbed some condoms and lubricant. Luther admired Estelle big beautiful ass as she spread her cheeks for him. After lubricating Estelle’s asshole, Luther eased his hard dick into her backdoor. Luther has fucked many women and a few men, but Estelle is the only female to let him fuck her in the ass. This is one of the many reasons why he can’t get enough of her…

“Sweet ass,” Luther told Estelle as he gripped her slender hips and began fucking her in the ass. The Haitian MILF grimaced as her favorite Jamaican switch-hitter worked his thick dark dick into her asshole. Long before Estelle met Luther, she’d always been an anal sex enthusiast. Even back in her hometown of Jacmel, in deeply conservative Haiti, Estelle used to get butt fucked by lots of virile, well-endowed black men. The Haitian gal loves it up the ass and makes no apologies about it. Isn’t that frigging awesome? Luther certainly seems to think so, judging by the way he plowed Estelle’s ass.

“My turn,” Pastor Jefferson told Janice, after she’d really wrecked his ass with her ebony strap-on dildo. Janice smiled and got on all fours, and the good preacher proceeded to spread her thick ass cheeks before sliding his tongue into her asshole. Pastor Jefferson loves female butts and male butts, but the only ass he will eat belongs to his wife. The bisexual preacher is picky like that and it’s his right as an American. Janice giggled as her husband began eating her booty. This was getting better and better by the minute…

“Got room for two more?” Sholonda asked the Pastor and his wife, and Janice and Pastor Jefferson looked up to see Mitchell and his fiancée grinning at them. The Pastor and First Lady were a bit busy with their ass eating fun, but they happily welcomed the newcomers. Mitchell stroked his dick as Sholonda put a condom on him, and then he positioned himself behind Pastor Jefferson. Without further ado, Mitchell pushed his hard dick into Pastor Jefferson’s ass and began fucking the preacher man. Things were getting real, and everyone loved it.

“Come here girlfriend,” Janice told Sholonda, and the curvy gal smiled at the preacher’s wife before kissing her. The two sexy black women watched as their men fucked each other. Mitchell gripped the Pastor’s hips and slammed his dick up his ass, causing the older man to moan. Turned on by the spectacle, Sholonda and Janice continued to kiss and caress each other. Janice slipped her hand between Sholonda’s thighs and began fingering her wet, hairy pussy. Janice loves men but some woman-to-woman fun once travesti istanbul in a while is something she really enjoys. Sholonda was just what the doctor ordered as far Janice was concerned…

“Just fuck me,” Sholonda told Janice as she handed the First Lady the same strap-on dildo she’d used to fuck Pastor Jefferson with. Janice grinned and donned the dildo, rolling a new condom on it while Sholonda got on all fours. Sholonda shook her big ass at Janice, and the First Lady laughed and smacked the younger black woman’s ass before pushing the dildo into her. Sholonda sighed happily as Janice gripped her hips and began fucking her with the strap-on dildo. Things were definitely heating up at the mansion, and the ladies were just getting started…

“Look at them,” Estelle told Luther, after they took a breather, following some truly stupendous butt fucking. Sholonda was screaming passionately as Janice fucked her with a strap-on dildo and pulled on her long hair. Meanwhile, Mitchell was drilling his dick into Pastor Jefferson’s ass like a miner drilling for gold. Turned on by the bisexual activities, Luther and Estelle decided to rejoin the party. They went over to Mitchell and Pastor Jefferson, to offer their services.

“Fellas, can my lady and I play or is this a sausage fest?” Luther asked Mitchell and Pastor Jefferson, while a horny Estelle looked on. Mitchell and Pastor Jefferson grinned, and welcomed the new arrivals. Estelle found herself at the center of this group of handsome, well-endowed bisexual black men as they donned new condoms and tried new things. Pastor Jefferson lay flat on the carpet as Estelle climbed on top of him, impaling her pussy on his stiff dick. Meanwhile, Estelle stroked both Mitchell and Luther’s dicks while riding Pastor Jefferson’s fuck stick. The fun was just beginning for the horny black quartet…

As the night rolled on, the action continued on all fronts. Estelle found herself sandwiched between Mitchell and Pastor Jefferson. The preacher wedged his dick in Estelle’s pussy while Mitchell worked his dick into her asshole. Luther, a lover of ass regardless of gender, came up behind Mitchell. The burly Jamaican took a condom and lube, and eased his hard dick into Mitchell’s asshole even as Mitchell fucked Estelle in the ass with his thick dick. Turnabout is most definitely fair play, wouldn’t you say?

“The harder you fuck my ass, Luther, the harder I’ll fuck Estelle’s ass,” Mitchell grunted, burying his dick inside Estelle’s asshole and causing the Haitian MILF to cry out. Luther grinned and wedged his dick up Mitchell’s ass, loving the feel of the younger black man’s ass on his dick. Mitchell screamed as Luther fucked him, and Estelle screamed even more as Mitchell fucked her. Meanwhile, Pastor Jefferson continued to fuck Estelle’s sweet pussy even as he winced in sympathy while watching Mitchell’s dick slide in and out of her asshole. The preacher knew all too well how hard Mitchell could fuck an ass, so he felt Estelle’s pain…and pleasure.

“Seems everyone is getting ass fucked,” Janice told Sholonda, as she pulled the strap-on dildo out of her pussy. The curvy younger black woman sighed in relief and then took a look around. Sholonda was shocked to see her fiancé Mitchell with Luther’s dick up his ass, even as he fucked Estelle up her big ass while Pastor Jefferson fucked Estelle right in the pussy. Sholonda was turned on and disturbed by what she saw. More turned on than disturbed, though, which is definitely a good thing.

“Just fuck my ass,” Sholonda turned around and told a smiling Janice. Reaching for some lubricant, Janice lubricated Sholonda’s asshole as the curvy gal got on all fours and spread her thick cheeks wide open. Janice pushed the dildo into Sholonda’s asshole and began fucking her with deep, passionate strokes. This was woman-to-woman anal sex and it doesn’t get any hotter than a freaky black woman butt fucking another freaky black woman. Janice fucked Sholonda’s ass with vigorous thrusts, causing the younger woman to squeal in pleasure and pain. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, at all…

“This party was off the chain, preacher man,” Mitchell told Pastor Jefferson and Janice. After all was said and done, everyone showered and got dressed. Luther, Estelle, Mitchell and Sholonda thanked Janice and Pastor Jefferson for a wonderful, life-changing evening before departing. It was a warm night in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, and the sexually liberated black folks of Holy Temple of Light Apostolic Church felt giddy with excitement and happier than ever. Life is good for black men and black women who are sexually adventurous, yet honest, non-judgemental and practice safe sex. Why can’t the rest of the black community get with the program?

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