Boasting, Next Morning

Big Dick

Authors Note: It’s just a crazy fantasy. Any resemblance to reality means you need psychiatric help badly. Neurotics build castles in the sky. Psychotics live in them. Psychiatrists collect the rent. Have a great day, don’t forget to take your meds! Nobody under eighteen years old. Etc. Etc. Be kind in your comments please. I’m low on happy pills.


Barb and her friend Janice were sprawled out on the bed in an interesting way. Janice was splayed wide open, on her back with her head sorta hanging upside down, off the bed. There between her legs, Barb was face in to her cunt, apparently having passed out in mid cunilingus. Her legs were splayed as well, and she had a large vibrator in her rectum, the batteries were dead from running all night.

In the living room Allen was on his recliner, butt ass naked. For all intents and purposes, he was dead to the world. He was sporting a huge morning wood. There were clothes all over the rooms and trash from pizza and a few beer bottles here and there. The tequila bottle was no were to be seen. The place was a mess.

There was a turn in the lock of the front door, as Consuela, Al’s very nice cleaning lady let her self in. She look around and muttered several curses in Spanish while wringing her hands. She then noticed Al laying naked on the recliner. She was fascinated by his cock. She checked the bedroom and had a good laugh at the women on the bed. She closed the bedroom door and walked over to the recliner. She touched Al’s dick and it twitched. She jumped! She touched it again and it started to rise from his abdomen into a straight up position. She grabbed it. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. It held her gaze as a very naughty plan formed in her very horny brain. Her plump bee stung lips had a sly smile!

Consuela had a thing for Allen. She didn’t keep it a secret. She even told Barb that she wanted Al. Today she would not be denied. She quickly removed her clothes, her fifty year old body, a light brown shade becoming visible she took off her massive bra.

Her tits were huge. Her breasts were way bigger than big cantelopes, more like light brown honeydew mellons. Tit men, and quite a few women still oggled her. They had large areolas and very big and hard nipples. She loved to have them sucked. Playing with Al’s dick made her nipples very hard.

She pulled and twisted her nips. She was sorta fat, but most of that fat was in her tits and her ass. Her waist was actually kinda small. Her ass was not. It was big and rounded. She enjoyed having it spanked now and then. She loved having a man in her ass now and then too! It had been far too long since she felt so dirty. She needed a nice cock in her pussy and asshole. She wanted Al’s. She continued to stroke his big dick.

Men used to fawn over her when she was younger. Then she married that worthless piece of shit husband of hers, Philippe. She had not been touched by him in four long years! She had found several phone numbers in his clothes. They were MENS names. Why men’s phone numbers unless… He was gay. It didn’t matter. He stopped touching her a long time ago. They were no longer husband and wife, more like roommates with anger.

Today, she would have some fun. Today, she would have Al. She gingerly lifted his cock to her mouth. Oh how she had longed for this moment. She couldn’t get all of him in her mouth, he was too wide, but she stroked the rest of his meat with both delicate hands. She used gloves to maintain nice hands. She didn’t want them to get like her mothers did, showing the signs of age and hard work. She liked stroking his meat stick.

She sucked and licked to her hearts content. She could feel his heartbeat in his shaft and it pulsed in her mouth. If she was younger she would be a puta like the two girls in his bed. She wanted him inside her so bad. She was now soaking wet, she was so excited. She reached down to touch her hard, engorged clit. Her clitoris was hard as a little rock!

She jumped up on top of the sleeping man and directed his large manhood into her wet throbbing pussy. She felt wonderful as his dick entered her slick channel. She felt an orgasm coming on already! She was pumping up an down very fast now. Al opened his eyes and smiled.

“Connie why are you fucking me? Are you enjoying it? You do remember you’re married?” He knew she wanted him, and that her husband never, ever touched her. He just didn’t want to proceed without her clear acknowledgment.

“Alan ( she pronounced it a LAN, like a paan) I have never had the courage to tella you howa I feel. My husband, he’a no toucha me ahny moore. Nota for years an years. Mya hearta break fora heem. But he’a no fora me nomore! I staya becusa I hava nowhere elsa to’a go! I supporta his lazy assa!” She was grinding, shuddering, and coming, but she was so quiet. Al felt her come, but only the sharp intake of breath told him of her orgasm.

“Alan. Would you do’a some’a thing fora me? Por favor?”

“What can I do for you, my dear?”

“Woulda you saya youa love mea? Please-ah?” She istanbul travesti had tears in her eyes, “Chou can lie! Ifa youa wanna.” Tears were in her eyes. She needed to hear it.

“I really do love you my dearest Consuela. I have for many years. But you were always too, Ah… Married!” He was humping up in her now. Building to a cum himself. She was close as well. She had dirty thoughts again. She knew what she wanted.

“Would you please’a fooka mya assa? Please’a? I wanna you to cum um ina mya recto? In a mya assa-holle? Ima beggin youa PLEASE!” She had pulled his dick out and was trying without success to put it in her ass. He was big and she was very tight, her asshole having not been used by her husband in years.

“Wait, wait, wait! You need lubrication.” He grabbed a tube of lube and greased his rod, and pushed a glob up her ass with two fingers, gently lining up her back door entry. He placed his dick squarely on her sphincter and pushed. She screamed with pain and passion. In mere moments she was crying out in pleasure. She really got off on being hard assfucked. She enjoyed a bit of pain, and she felt super slutty with a very hard dick up her asshole. He would give her a very hard anal cum. She loved it, getting hard buttfucked.

In several minutes, Allen was almost coming. She had a spectacular rectum and her sphincter grabbed his dick and refused to let go until he shot a giant load of cum directly up her ass. She came and came like dynamite. She loved the feeling of him INSIDE of her. She was so grateful, she even cleaned off his cock with her tongue when he was finished. She kissed him repeatedly and hugged him so tight, he thought she might squeeze him to death! He held her and kissed her back. She told him she loved him. He said the same to her. They kissed again and again.


Al wanted to get a shower. He smelled like hot wet pussy and ass. As he entered the bedroom to get to the shower, he could not help noticing the way the girls were splayed out on the bed. Barb was face down, ass up, her face embedded in Janice’s vagina. There was a large vibrator, perhaps ten inches long and seven or eight inches around, in her asshole. Barb enjoyed assfucking.

He then noticed another toy in her pussy. This was an expensive stainless steel vibrator, it had a power cord. It was a heavy duty sex appliance. He had purchased it for Barb. She loved it, even though it required a wall socket. A dirty thought crossed his mind. He found the little control unit, it was in the cord. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

He pulled out the big vibrator out of Barb’s ass. Surprisingly, she was still well lubed up. He made sure he was also lubed up. Barb’s asshole, which normally would snap closed after anal sex, was stretched wide open from the big vibrator being in there for hours. Her sphincter was gaping open. Al could look in to her colon. No surprises up there. He aimed his dick into her anus, and pushed his cock in deep with out the usual screaming and cuming. She didn’t even wake up as he sawed in and out of her magnificent rump. He was going to cum so hard. Connie had just got his masculine juices going. Barb would be the second recipient of his seed, shot straight up her ass. He came and came. Barb just moaned and shuddered. Had she just orgasmed in her sleep? He didn’t even know if that was possible with women. Men had wet dreams all the time, but this seemed very different. She shuddered one more time and stirred, but was snoring into Janice’s pussy and not awake at all.

He took several phone pics of the sleeping women and put a cover over each of them. Janice stirred a bit, she might wake up. He tried to be quiet as he did his morning rituals, shit, shave and shower. When he was in the shower, lathered up and enjoying the warm water, the door to the shower opened and in stepped a very naked Janice.

She kissed him hard on the lips. She rubbed his chest and her rubbed her huge milky tits. Her nipples were as big as thumbs, and very dark and hard. This was likely causing her horny attitude. She wanted his dick inside her again.

She also needed to be milked. The pressure in her bosoms was almost painful so she needed to be milked right away. Considering all the alcohol she had last night, she was not taking any chances with her paying customers babies. She would dump it or let Allen suck it out to his hearts content.

He was doing just that, sucking one huge tit, then the other. She was purring, she liked being a cow. She really liked that she could feed a hungry baby from her own body! Not to mention that it sometimes got her so hot, she would have to masturbate right away to alleviate the horniness.

Today she was going to fuck Allen into a coma if she could! She was bound and determined to make him hers, and vice versa. She didn’t care if her best girlfriend was his girlfriend. All’s fair in love and war.

Plus, it was Barb’s boasts that brought about the threesome that took place last night. There was no unringing that sexy bell! She had been invited to fuck him, and istanbul travestileri she was going to make the most of it.

He was suckling her lactating breasts like a starving man, and his dick was hard as steel. Sex with Allen did not look too tough to initiate. On the contrary, he seemed to want her as much as she wanted him.

“Al, I need a small favor from you.”

“What do you need?”

“It’s actually two parts”

“Ok, what is it?”

“Feel my asshole first” Janice asked him to do.

Al reached around and felt a hard object in her sphincter. It was a buttplug. It was in there tight.

“I need you to gently, but firmly remove my buttplug, and then replace it with your meat plug. I want you to fuck me in my ass and no being kind. I want you to be rough, and fuck me hard and slap my slutty ass. Can you do that to me? I mean for me.”

“Ok” he withdrew the plug from her asshole, gently but firmly. He turned her around and aimed his tube steak into her brown eye and pushed. It caused her to scream.

There was discomfort to be sure, but after a while she was sure she was going to have the biggest and most intense orgasm of her life. She felt it in her asshole, and her G spot, and with Allen rubbing directly on her clitoris, all throughout her groin and even her pelvis. She screamed like she was dying, as she orgasmed and her rectum spasmed on Al’s dick really hard. He came like a rocket himself, shooting sperm way up Janice’s anal cavity. He didn’t yell, he just kind of growled and grunted very hard.

He finished fucking her ass and he flipped her over and said, “I really love your ass and your asshole!”. He started spanking her beautiful hemispheres, ten smacks on each cheek. He flipped her over again and her sex was like a waterfall, she was panting. He lined up his dick with her tight pussy.

“No, I’ll get pregnant! You need to wear a rubber!”

“I’m going to make you a baby. It’s going to be our child. You want it, I want it. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong and I’ll stop.”

“No … I do want a baby with you. But I’m afraid of what Barb will say. I love her too! You know. I’m bisexual and she is so very important to me.”

“So what? We can’t live our lives on maybe this or that. We have loved her, both of us, and I have not complained, but I am through walking on eggshells. I love both of you! I’m gonna put a baby in you right now, and later on Barb is getting the same treatment. I want both of you with my children! NOW.”

“You are right Allen. Give it to me, fuck my pussy hard. Make me yours and give me a baby.”

She orgasmed the same time as he did, a fortuitous thing for making babies. They didn’t pull apart, but stayed deeply connected through the fun parts. She kissed his face and he kissed her lips and eyes. He held her tight.

“Are you gonna be mine? If you fuck around on me, I’ll kill you.” He said. He kissed her.

“I was just about to say the same thing! You better be true to me. Now what about Barb?”

“This whole thing was Barb’s idea. You know she talks in her sleep, you know she’s not lying when she tells you what she feels in her soul. She loves us both, and she dosen’t know how to pick either one of us. I’m gonna tell her, she will never have to choose. I want you there too. You ok with all that? I worry she will dump me and try to have you all to herself, or find my replacement guy, someone better than me.”

“There is no one better than you Al. You are the best there is without a doubt. Let’s go fuck her, I want to see her O face!” She had an evil grin on her face.

This whole time, they had been fucking in the spare bedroom, but now they went in to the master bedroom. Barb was looking at both of them with concerns in her eyes. They both jumped in bed with her, Al on the left and Jan on the right. Al immediately started sucking on her right tit. Jan took her left nipple. Barb moaned. She liked this turn of events.

“Oh yeah! Double sucking. You guys are going to make me come.”

“I’m going to do more than that! I’m going to knock you up.” Al said.

“Really? Don’t I get a say in the matter?”

“Ok. Say it.” He said.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Make me a mommy. I do want your child. But, I want both of you! How is that going to work?”

“Well Barb, you are going to be our sex slave. You are going to make us come every day till we die. I’m going to nurse all the children, because I’m a cow, and I’ve got lot’s of milk. This idiot is going to work and fuck us both every day, and worship our behinds till he dies. Any questions?”

“Just one. To both of you. Do you love me? I need to hear it.”

“I love you” he said

“I love you, too. You know I love him, and he loves me?”

“No secrets Barb. If you start to feel unhappy or not getting enough love, you must say something right away. I don’t want you girls going out chasing strange dick either. Girls night out means instant divorce. Am I enough for you?”

“I worry you will find someone else. You are so handsome, you are packing travesti istanbul a big dick. Some slut will try to make a play for you. Even with Connie fucking you, you might not get enough. You fucked both of us unconscious. Are you going to stay with us? Do we need another woman?”

“You want me NOT to fuck you till you pass out? I thought you liked that. I always try to give you maximum pleasure. One more thing.” He pushed his cock into her dripping snatch. “I’m going to breed you now. Do you want a boy, or a girl?”

Barb was convulsing, in the throws of a hard cum.

“I want…both!”

“Ok, here goes!” He shot a huge load into her pussy. She shuddered again and again.

“Ohmygod, you make me come so fuckin’ hard Allen. Ok, I’ll be your permanent cum bucket.”

“No, no. I’m the cum bucket!”

“Why do you girls fight over my cum? You know I’ll fill you both up and fill Connie too. And I’ll still have enough to paint the faces of my favorite sluts.”

“Who would that be?” Asked Jan.

He pulled out of Barb and shot a big glob of man glue on Jan’s face. She smiled.

“How the fuck do you do that?” Asked Barb.

“You mean this?” He shot a smaller blob of male cream across Barb’s nose and lips.

“Oh yeah! You are a porn God honey. I can’t believe you do that shit. I think you are half pony.” Barb said, smiling as Jan licked the sperm from her face.

“No, you are wrong Barb. He is a fuckin’ stallion. Are you happy my darlings?” Jan said.

“Oh yes. I am so very happy right now. I’m so satisfied. You?”

“Oh yes, very much so. He fucked me senseless. I’ve never cum so many times, or so hard. Al, why is your dick hard? Are you STILL FUCKIN’ HORNY? You are a sex god. I’m a little sore.”

“I’m done too. I’ll suck you off honey. I …wait. I forgot. Umm. Honey? I kinda pimped you out. I hope you don’t mind. My mom is coming over today, in fact she’s a little late. Would you please fuck her? For me. Look at your dick twitch. It’s like a pussy radar. Will you do it?”

“Nope. I’m being true to you, remember? Like five minutes ago? The only way I do it is if ALL of us are in the bed.”

“Al, I trust you. I need to shower and rest. Please excuse me, and make us proud. You ok with that?” Jan said.

“Me too Honey. I’m way tired. It’s like someone fucked me silly. Oh wait, you just did! May I please be excused. We’ll be right next door, if you need a fluffer or something!” huge giggles from both women ensued. They both headed for the shower. Al loved watching their behinds. His dick twitched watching them walk away.

He got up to get a coffee.

Maybe he could fuck Connie again, he thought. As he was passing the front door, the bell rang. He didn’t think and he just opened the door. He was naked of course, with a semi hard-on.

“Meredith, how good to see you again!” She saw he was stark naked with a semi-erection pointed at her.

“Allen, you are naked!” She stared at his penis. Her eyes got big. “Holy shit, that is a nice dick!” Without thinking her hand shot out and grabbed his member. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it.

“Meredith, we usually shake hands, but I’m ok with you shaking my cock.” He closed the distance between them, and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She reluctantly released his growing erection. She liked his dick. It looked so thick and juicy to her.

She was dressed nicely in a pencil skirt, a white semi transparent silk blouse and black bra, and a cashmere jacket that must have cost a weeks salary. Her tits were fuckin’ huge, almost as big as Connie’s big whopper tits. She was rightly proud of her juggs. Her big nipples were sensitive too.

He gave her a little hug as well. She hugged him back and gave him a cheek kiss. Her hands traveled down his muscular back to his ass, which she cupped and squeezed with both hands. Meredith was smiling. He was an absolute hunk. She was wet just thinking about him.

“So why are you naked holding me with a huge erection?”

“Your daughter pimped me out to you, so it’s gonna cost you!”

“Ok, how much?”

“A quarter to fuck, thirty cents if you want cunniligus. But I give you credit if you suck my meat pole and anal is still free.”

“Wow, you have good prices.”

“Don’t be surprised if you wind up owing twenty dollars at the end of the day.”

“Now you’re just boasting!”

“I never boast.” He said. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. His dick was about half hard and she had it in her right hand. She stroked him. He kissed her roughly. He lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom.

“Wait, shouldn’t we say hi to my daughter?”

“She begged off. She wanted to get more sleep. I’m afraid I may have worn her out today.”

“Oh. Ok. Let’s fuck.” He was removing her stilettos and unzipping her expensive dress. She had on a black push up bra holding her massive mams, and a thong. He just ripped of the thong, but he paused to smell it’s fragrance. He popped the clasp of her bra and the big beauties came out to play. Her big nipples were carbon copies of her daughter’s but her tits were bigger. He sucked one and twisted the other. She purred. He pulled her legs apart and put his face on her hairless cunt. She was soaking wet. He loved her smell and taste.

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