Brielle Gets A Big Surprise


The moment Brielle walked next to me, I could smell the strong aroma of her flowing pussy juices. She must’ve been really horny.

Brielle is a girl in my tennis class, and she is incredibly hot, with an amazing ass and nice tits as well, probably a D cup. I knew she was into me sexually, by her sex craving looks she gave me, and the fact she chewed her lower lip seductively when I looked at her.

In tennis class, Brielle had once rubbed my dick through my pants once, but nothing had gone farther than that. However, this afternoon, things were about to become heated between Brielle and I.

Brielle’s pussy aroma had gotten me very horny. I had to fuck her. Hard. It seemed that she was horny as well, judging by the dampness of her black leggings, and the obvious scent of her leaking pussy. Today, instead of chewing on her lip seductively, she licked her lips in a clockwise motion, indicating she wanted some action. I mouthed to her “Let’s fuck.”

Brielle then mouthed back, “Where?” , and I responded by saying out loud, “Behind the curtains, in a couple of minutes.” Of course no one understood what I meant by that, except for Brielle.

As soon as I got in my court for warmups, I thought about Brielle, and what we were going to do. I pictured her naked, with flowing tits and a wonderful pussy, and drank in the thought hungrily. I couldn’t get my mind off of her.

I absentmindedly played tennis for about 10 minutes while thinking of Brielle. I finally excused myself to go to the restroom, for this was an indoor tennis building, and walked happily to the blue curtains that billowed invitingly, with an obvious hard-on. All the girls in my court, Stephanie, Celia, Bridget, and Heather were staring at the huge pitched tent that I housed in my pants. They were all incredibly hot, of course, but not as hot as Brielle. I thought of all this as I stepped through the curtain, lifting it up as I walked under.

“Took you long enough, sexy.” Purred Brielle, in her sexy bahis firmaları voice.

I was enchanted by her words, and she could clearly tell she seduced me.

“Let’s get down to business.” Brielle stated.

Suddenly, Brielle stripped me of my pants and my boxers, all in one swift motion. Without warning, she took my already hard cock into her hand, and then engulfed its head with her mouth. Her warm, wet mouth had instantly made me groan in pleasure. She licked the tip of it while it was still in her mouth, and then swirled her tongue around it. I was in heaven. She dove in, deepthroating my cock, and then stayed there, contracting her throat muscles, almost driving me over the edge. She sucked dick like a pornstar. She was clearly an expert. She continued sucking my cock, and I was constantly moaning. I didn’t need to hold her head or control her. She was perfect, hungrily engulfing my cock, and she was clearly enjoying having my girth in her mouth, jamming deep into her overused throat.

“Brielle, stop, you’re gonna make me cum!” I said. I wanted to cum in her pussy. I had to.

Brielle got the message, and pulled away from my cock, making a popping noise as she slid my swollen head out of her mouth.

She got off of her knees, and bent over, exposing her perfectly shaved pussy. I pointed my dick towards her pussy, and poked it with the tip of my dick. She was incredibly wet!

I entered her tight pussy, thrusting in and out. Soon I was about to cum, and I could tell she was, too.

“Oh no, mister, you’re not finishing there.” Brielle said, with a mischievous grin on her face.

She grabbed my sensitive member, and pulled it out of her pussy, and rubbed my swollen head with her thumb playfully. However, Brielle liked to get down to business. She bent over, raising her ass in the air, pointing her puckered hole at my dick. I was harder than I thought possible. I place both of my hands on her hips, and pounded away at her ass. She was incredibly kaçak iddaa tight, and her walls were soft, warm, and wet, but not ribbed like her pussy, but still equally pleasurable, if not more. I rhythmically thrusted in and out of her ass for about ten minutes, stopping my orgasm several times, feeling a huge load coming up.

“I’m coming!” Brielle shrieked, almost loud enough so the others on the outside of the curtains can hear.

Suddenly, her sphincters contracted and loosened rapidly, indicating her climax, and warm juices from her pussy spewed on my balls. This drove me a mile over the edge, and my balls spasmed, and I exploded, shooting thick rope after rope deep into her ass, filling it up quickly. The ropes of cum that shot from my dick didn’t seem to end. Her ass was completely filled with my hot cum, and my cum started to leak out of her asshole, and immense pressure started to build up in her overstuffed asshole.

I groaned loudly, and pulled out, and shot the rest of my load onto her ass. My cum was dripping from her asshole, and her pussy juices were, too. She got off her hands and knees, turned around, and started sexily licking my cum and her juices straight off the floor.

“Your cum is so sweet!” Brielle exclaimed, and she reached to her stretched asshole, and stuck three fingers in there, and scooped out a large puddle of cum, cupping in with her hand, and she drank it up like the slut she is.

“You like my cum, don’t you, you slut?” I asked, spanking her right buttcheek and squeezing it.

“Yeah,” Brielle replied, smacking her lips, “and it was such a huge load, too.” She stated.

“But I still don’t think you’re ready for another round.” I teased.

“I’m always ready for more.” She said, licking her lips.

That pushed me over the top. I grabbed her waist, and forcefully turned her around, so she was on her back now. I climbed on top of her, and shoved my cock deep into her pussy without any warning. It just slid right in! Her kaçak bahis pussy was so wet and slippery, it felt like she lubed her pussy up. I stayed there, embedded all the way in her pussy, almost poking at her cervix, and paused. I took a moment to drink in her sexy body, and I then grabbed her magnificent boobs. I sat her up by pulling her boobs up, and positioned her so she was sitting on my cock, facing her back to me. “Ready?” I asked her?

“I’m always ready.” Brielle replied a-matter-of-factly.

I raised her up, almost completely off my cock, and then pounded her down, thrusting up to meet her. I grabbed her waist and ass, and pulled her up and pushed her down repeatedly and quickly. She crashed down while loosening her pussy, and pulled back up quickly while squeezing her kegel muscles as tight as possible, milking me. I was near climax, and she was pretty close as well. I grabbed her waist, holding her up, and thrusted hard into her at supersonic speed. She moaned and gasped constantly, and had numerous orgasms, each more louder and more powerful than the previous. After about ten minutes more of superhuman thrusting, i sped up even more, and held myself, buried to the shaft in her tight pussy, and collided her cervix. She let out a gasp of pain, and I exploded, with the very end of my dick embedded in her cervix. I shot thick ropes of cum straight into her womb. She would certainly be knocked up, but I would give her a morning after pill.

Brielle got up, and mounted my face. She shoved her mound to my mouth, and I nibbled her clit and licked her pussy walls. I tasted her sweet juices mixed with my cum, and it was divine. I was so intrigued by eating her pussy I didn’t realize she was sucking my dick, until I shot six hot strands of cum into her mouth. It all splashed at the back of her throat. I was exhausted. My balls were throbbing.

“I’ll take what she’s having.” Said a familiar voice. It was Heather, the second hottest girl from tennis. However, she was known to have a tight ass, tighter than Brielle. I suddenly gained a whole new burst of energy, instantly hard, and grabbed her naked body by the legs and mounted her pussy on my face. I would be having a feast tonight.

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