Butt Lovely Pt. 03 – Consummation


She’s got the shits I reckon. I don’t know what’s pissed her off, I thought the whole day was a ripper. But since we got in the limo, she hasn’t said a word. Just sits there with a half smug smile on her dial.

“Do you remember, lovely Davy?”

“What? Remember what, love?” We’re talking again at least. It’s been thirty minutes we’ve sat here in silence. Fuck’s sake, we’re almost at the hotel and I’d kinda hoped to tick ‘back of a limo’ off my sexual bucket list.

“The storm that night.”

“Oh, you mean the absolute best sexual experience of my entire life?”


“Nah. Don’t know what you’re on about, love.”

That was almost two years ago now. Every time I hear thunder, I remember that night.

“Pig.” She wrinkles her nose at me.

“I remember horse riding the next day too. Jesus, I felt like a wanker. Almost had me in tears just getting on the bloody old sook. Right fool.”

“That was to be expected darling and you handled it quite bravely.”

“I might have had some motivation.” I tell her and she giggles at the memory.

“One catches more flies with honey than vinegar.” She tells me pretend seriously.

She’d seen my trepidation and whispered to me so that Dudley couldn’t hear, “If you can stay on the old nag until we get out of sight of the house, I’ll throw in a gobby.”

I was cantering by the end of the driveway.

Now though… Now, she’s chewing her lip, which means she’s trying to come up with a good way to wheedle me into doing something.

“So, Davy. Last Friday night.” Oh god. I knew it would be one of those things that she brought up to punish me with in the future. It was bad enough that I fucked her mother in the arse but now it’s going to be used against me. It was her fucking idea for god’s sake.


“Well it was really unfair of me and you know how much I hate apologies?”

“You say that, but you make an artform of them, love.” It’s true. She hasn’t had too many occasions on which to apologise but when she does, they are sincere, involve an explanation, the words ‘I’m sorry’ and usually some act of contrition.

“The whole affair was poorly executed because I was tipsy. It was just important that you didn’t know who she was and ‘that’, really denied you the full experience. It was beautiful to watch and be part of for me, but for you it was mechanical, and you missed a lot of the emotion and sensation.”

“Bit dumb really, because I worked it out earlier anyway.”

“You never.”

“Yeah, I did. When she left, the vehicle’s fan belt was screeching. Then today your father’s rental got towed because its fan belt was fucked. One plus one equals?”

“So, you think you boinked my Mumsy?”

“Reckon so.”

She laughed at that. “If that doesn’t bother you then the truth won’t. You’re my husband now so you have to keep my secrets, don’t you?”

“Reckon so.”

“Well smarty pants, Mumsy got a lift with Jessie and Father came later to pick up Aunty M in the rental car.”

“Moll’s! Hahaha. Well there ya go.”

“You okay?”

“I guess. Not every day you punch your boss’s wife in the coight.”

“You make it sound so bloody crass. She’s had a crush on you for ever, you know. You could at least be civil about it. Especially if you’re ever interested in a repeat. Positively gagging for a do-over she is.”

“Sorry Jules.”

“So anyway. Tonight…” She draws a long deep breath. “Tonight, is special for both of us. I want you to experience everything and to feel everything. I also have a few things I want to experience.”

“As usual, I have no bloody idea what you’re up to and I’m just gonna have to trust you.”

“See? This is why I married you. Now be a good boy and play along for me, lovely Davy.”

“Ah Jules?”


“There’s not going to be any midgets or monkeys, is there?”

“Not this evening. Perhaps another time.” She says quite seriously. Then laughs and adds, “Eww”. It always makes me laugh. I say, ‘yew’ she says it more like, ‘ee-you’.

That seems to be the end of conversation, so I leave her smirking into her champagne and I poke through the photo’s the girls sent me earlier. Cheese and rice, they’re saucy. This one’s my favourite. Jules lifts up the back of her wedding dress and stands with one high heeled foot up on Jessie’s back. Jessie, Lar’s and Milly are on their hands and knees looking back over their shoulders with their dresses hitched up. Every one of them is flashing their naked bums and butt plugs.

“You’re looking at the pictures again, aren’t you?”

“If you scroll in….” I scroll, “you can make out-” Oh… Kaaay… I know that look, “Ah…”

“Put your phone down, you beastly pig. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to pore over them later. Tonight, is supposed to be all about us.”

The limo is slowing anyway. All of our luggage was delivered earlier; we fly out to Thailand tomorrow for the start of our six-week honeymoon. We’ve parked in the foyer and bahis firmaları are met by stewards who have nothing to help us with and shuffle awkwardly while directing us to reception.

A lift takes us for a brief ride to our suite which appears large enough for two or three couples, let alone honeymooners who most likely just require the bed and a bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, I’m a little concerned by the fact that steam already seems to be coming from that general direction as we put down the few small items we carry and inspect the room. I’m not so much concerned about the Asian beauty who struts wet-haired and bath-robed from that direction.

“Hi.” She tells us in a superb ‘back-of-Burke’ Australian drawl, “I’m Su-Lin.”

“Ah gidday, love.” I hold a hand out. She glances at it and giggles.

“Oh, we’ll introduce ourselves shortly, Davo. I’ve run you two a bath. There’s reading material in there as well. G’arn now you lovebirds. Scrub up.”

She’s at least an inch taller than Jules. Too skinny for my liking but perky beyond belief. She looks like she’ll karate chop my dick off if I stare too long at her lovely little breasts that only just peek out from the loosely tied robe.

“I’ve always found Asian women so tantalisingly exotic; don’t you think Davy?” Jules tickles my chin and draws my stare from the gorgeous creature back to her eyes. Come wash my back for me lover-hubby. We’re married now, you know. There have to be some perks don’t you think?”

Sheez… I’m not thinking at all. Why is there an Asian angel in our honeymoon suite? This smells like pure Jules shenanigans.

Oddly, the shared bath was strangely non-erotic. You’d think newlyweds would get up to some pretty wild scrubbing, but Jules insisted on doing my back and frowned at my precursory effort toward cleanliness.

“Davy… Do it properly. It’s part of the thing.” I have no idea what she means but happy spouse, happy house as they say. Dutifully, I scrub a bit more thoroughly and see her doing the same. It’s a great tub. Triangle shaped and has spa jets. I bet we could get up to some naughty business in here.

“I’ve already read this stuff. I’ve been communicating with Su-Lin all week.” She hands me a plastic folder with some printed material in plastic sleeves and reclines to watch my confusion and to sip at her champagne.

One of my eyebrows raises skyward as I open the folder. The first page is titled, “Contractual Arrangement — Su-Lin, hereinafter The Escort and Julia Stimpson, hereinafter The Client.”

I skim the documents; there are three pages. The first outlines a simple contract to provide ‘sexual services’ for a minimum period of three hours. The second outlines some simple safety and health rules. The third is a doctor’s certificate of health including STD screening results.

Jules is smiling at the facial reactions I’m having, I guess. “So, lovely Davy. I bought us a pretty Asian lady to share this evening. Kind of a wedding gift for you but also for me. You see, I’ve often wondered when we’re doing rude bottom things, how full I’d feel if you had two cocks.”

“Two dicks you reckon?” Ok, so I’m not the quickest to catch on.

“One in my bottom and one in my vadge. Imagine how outrageously full that would feel. Oh… Probably not something you think about, but it would be so deliciously stretched and oh lordy… I just. So, I want her to use some toys while we-“

“I get the picture Jules. You’re full of surprises. I guess from the ‘all penetration of the escort will require condoms’ right here.” I stab at the page. “I’m allowed to-“

“Of course, Davy. It was so hot watching you with Aunt Molly. I felt certain I would be terribly jealous, but it was… It was why I started thinking about all this. I’ve been wondering how you’ll feel watching me with a woman. Do you think you’ll be okay?”

“Most blokes like watching chicks together. Dunno but… It’s you… What if I get jealous?”

“Rule three on the front page.”

3. Services can be discontinued at any point in the proceedings by any party.

3.1 Consent and Desire. Any party can indicate their unwillingness to participate in any act by using the word “Orange”. All parties will cease activity and assess consent and desire.

3.2 Hard limits. At any time, a party can say the words, “Red Red Red” and all activity will cease immediately.

“Jeez sounds like a legal- You know, I never thought a pros-“

“Escort, Davy. If you have to use a word for it this evening please use the word ‘Escort’. Trust me hubby, she’s far too expensive to be a hooker. Far too pretty too if you hadn’t noticed.” She winks at me and sips her champers.

I give a little shrug. I imagine it’s good form not to be too enthusiastic about the hot little Asian chick. A glass of whiskey and ice sits unloved on the edge of the tub, so I sip a little of that and it strikes me how business-like this feels. Shouldn’t I have a boner or something?

There’s a tapping at the door to kaçak iddaa the bathroom and without waiting for an invitation, Su-Lin pokes her smiling face through the gap.

“All set up, Julia. When you’re ready, okay?” Her voice is laden with naughtiness, “Not nervous, Davo?”

“Wasn’t till you asked. Do I have to wear a gimp suit or something? Why?”

“You said he was fun, Julia.” She laughs. “Now come on, you’ve been in here far too long. At least act a little keen. I have feelings you know.”

So, splashing noisily out of the tub with my dick flinging bubbles this way and that, I hurriedly dry myself.

“Well you heard the lady.” I tell my laughing bride and down my whiskey in a single gulp.

“That’s the spirit, Davo.” Su-Lin laughs and steadies Jules as she climbs from the tub. “Oh my. You have beautiful breasts, Julia.”

“Oh. Thank you. Davy seems to like them, but they do get frightfully heavy to drag around. Yours, however, look absolutely edible, Su-Lin.”

“Well now, we’ll get to that shortly, but first some I’ve prepared tea.”

Su-Lin brushes Julia’s hair as she towels dry and I run my fingers quickly through my short mop. Drawing the robe closed around me, I wonder should I put some undies on. The easy familiarity with which Su-Lin touches my wife causes a moment of dissonance. I’m not aware I’m frowning while I watch until she speaks.

“You’re a very lucky man, Davo. Your wife is beautiful. You’re clearly punching outside your weight division mate.”

It’s cleverly done. The moment of humour acknowledges my possessive feelings and offers a little deference to me. There’s a very clever mind inside that pretty head with its deep almond shaped brown eyes and sharp features.

“Shh, Su-Lin. I’ve got her convinced I’m a bit of a catch.” I tell her.

She helps Jules arms into her hotel robe and I forget my search for undies as Jules’ continued nudity apart from the robe seems to dictate protocol. It’s only then, as I relax that I notice Su-Lin’s clothes.

She wears high heels and a kimono which is odd. I’ve only ever seen flats worn with traditional dress. Her legs, where they peek out underneath, are stockinged. She is quite the picture of a courtesan. Her hair is held back in a bun secured with bamboo sticks and her face perfectly made up. Her teeth are perfect when she smiles, too. Ivory white, long and even. Her lips and tongue when she speaks are hypnotic.

“So, Mr and Mrs Stimpson, please…” She bows and gestures to the door.

As we walk back out to the living room area of the unit, I see the coffee table has been set with a pot and a cup and things. Some couch cushions have been placed on the floor beside it.

“Please…” She gestures at the cushions and I feel a bit oafish as I watch Julia nod politely and kneel gracefully in front of the little table and I try to copy. Su-Lin moves to the kitchen area where she takes some coals from a little box and drops them in a censer. The smell of Frankincense pervades our unit and the evening takes on a ritualistic vibe.

Julia is staring at me, smiling. Her sky-blue mischievous eyes twinkle at me and I’m suddenly feeling quite nervous. Is this where they tell me that I’m the virgin sacrifice? There’s gonna be a few problems with that scenario.

When she returns, she bows deeply and smiles reassuring eyes at me. “Relax please David. This is my wedding gift to you and Julia. It wasn’t something we discussed Julia; I hope you enjoy my version of a traditional tea ceremony. It should help focus you deeply into the present moment.”

She places a teapot with a steaming spout on the table before continuing, “Davo, Julia explained your addiction to me. I want to assure you that this tea contains only natural ingredients selected for their aphrodisiacal and stamina boosting agents. You may feel a little unsettled by the effects but please know it is not pharmaceutical nor addictive. It will metabolise quickly and leave your body no worse for it. May I serve you tea?”

I look to Julia for approval. She knows of my struggle with painkillers and my continued recovery. Her nod assures me. Probably just ginseng and dandelion or some such thing, I’m sure.

“Thanks, Su-Lin. Thanks for the gift and for understanding my, err…”

Her warm smile cuts me off and she bows again. Now, I’ve travelled to Japan with Dudley for work and I’ve endured countless bloody tea ceremonies but none quite like the one that followed.

Silently, Su-Lin took up a small red cloth. I’ve seen this part a million times. In a serious of slow, deliberate and infinitely graceful gestures and movements, she cleans the implements on the table and the small earthen cup. This act alone drags infinitely slowly and for the first time I actually feel myself drawn into the ceremony.

At this point, having purified all of the utensils, she should be folding the little red cloth and tucking it into the broad obi that ties around her waist. But she stands and turns her back to us kaçak bahis and equally deliberately and gracefully removes, folds, and offers us her obi.

As she kneels bowing with the obi outstretched in offering, her kimono falls open and I see her pert small breasts and a hint of underpants and stockings. I turn apologetically to Jules and find her equally rapt with the visual feast.

Su-Lin places the obi under the table and returns to the usual tea ceremony routine but now with her kimono open, offering glimpses of her beautiful pale skin with every premeditated gesture. We watch entranced as she washes a small bowl and I find my breathing becoming heavy; laden with a full body arousal that seems more ethereal than physical.

Jules feels it too, I believe. Her robe moves with her heavy breaths and her eyes flit all over our host with a hunger that is usually reserved for me.

When she’s washed the bowl, Su-Lin takes a small implement and ladles spicy smelling leaves into the bowl. She then pours water from the pot into the bowl and the aroma released overpowers the faint incense from the kitchen. It’s heady and exotic and hints at what’s to come. I’m totally intrigued as she whisks the tea into a frothy headed, pungent broth.

Jules’ eyes are fixed firmly on Su-Lin’s small breasts as they wiggle with the whisking. My own are fascinated by the beautiful woman’s serene face and intense eyes. Then placing the whisk down steadily and surely, she stands again and turns away from us.

Beguiled, I stare as she carefully removes her kimono in a series of precise, rehearsed movements and folds it; again turning to bow and offer it to us. Her body holds me in thrall. She’s lean and long and artisanal in her build. Stretching from her left shoulder down over her hip and her entire left leg, a dragon tattoo that highlights every curve along its way mesmerises me with its intricate detail and colour.

I realise I’m holding my breath as she lifts from her bow and smiles deliberately at each of us in turn and returns to pour the tea.

Finally, she speaks.

“Welcome… Let us share. All that is good and bad about ourselves, and all that we have in our worlds.” And she offers me the cup. God, I wish I knew what to do with it. There’s a level of ritual and artistry to this choreographed moment that I’m afraid I’ll disgrace.

So, I take it with both hands. I learned that lesson at least. And I bow. And then I sip. And then I’m humbled.

This chai like tea is laced with the intent of the ceremony and swirls on my taste buds with its complex heady blend of spices and tea. It’s not the simple green tea I’m accustomed to politely sipping and wishing it was something a little more full-bodied. This is profound.

One mouthful of it has me spellbound.

I bow and return the cup with both hands, marvelling at the aggrandised repair to it. Someone has glued it back together and put gold glitter in the glue that fills the places where it was broken. Someone loves this cup.

She passes it to Jules and bows. “Julia, I acknowledge the gravity of your invitation to share in the reality of your union with this man and your openness to share the truth of your desires.”

I watch as Julia stares at the lovely girl’s tits and sips the frothy brew. Something is occurring. There is an itching nag to my thoughts and a warmth in my limbs. I watch too, as Su-Lin sups. Her eyes flit hungrily from mine to Jules’ and then she hands me the cup again.

As I sip, she stands and equally deliberately as the rest of the ceremony, she strips her underpants away over the top of the belt and stockings. Then she folds them carefully and adds them to the pile of clothes under the coffee table and smiles directly at Julia’s entranced eyes.

She takes the cup from me after my second drink and refills it gracefully. Gently rolling it around with one hand to swish the tea in it, I see her hand snake down between her legs and a finger sneaks into her denuded, glistening folds, curling inside her and returns to stir the cup.

Smiling briefly at me and winking, she bows and offers the cup to Jules who looks a bit like she’s gonna eat the poor girl any second. I’m hard. It surprises me. I was just observing, kind of just in the moment and now I realise I throb almost painfully. My skin bristles with something like pins and needles and I worry I am drugged.

“Shh…” She speaks again. “Let it be. It’s okay. Don’t panic. It’s not like that. You’re just experiencing increased circulation and heightened sensory awareness. Shh, Davo. Let it flow.”

And flow it does. I can feel myself settle and my fingers tingle. My vision feels sharper. My skin feels her proximity in shadows of warmth on my arms as I watch Jules tip the cup to her lips and find my eyes with those laser beam blue beacons of hers that bore into mine.

I can smell her.

Her arousal is a scent I’ve learned well and one that calls primally to me. I smell it now. Perhaps this tea business works. Or perhaps it’s simply the theatre of it all and the hot naked Asian chick. In any case I can smell her wetness as she hands the cup back to Su-Lin.

Who fills it again in a slow motion dance of limbs and serenity.

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