Candy’s Adventures – 03


The long low cinder block building sits alone in a gravel parking lot off a rural highway. The red blinking neon sign flashes “ADULT VIDEOS” on and off. The 10 or so vehicles parked in the lot are mostly in shadow. The tires of my large rented SUV crunch on gravel as I pull in and park in the darkness on the side of the building.

I reach over and cup your chin lifting your eyes to mine. “Time to show you off” I say and let my hand drop to the swell of your breasts. My fingers find one of your nipples and pinch it playfully. “Be a good girl and do as your told, and maybe you will get what we both know you REALLY want”.

I walk around the SUV to open your door and you watch me in the rear view mirror. I have dressed up for tonight in a dark black fitted suit. The pants have been tailored specifically to show off the bulge of my crotch. I look confident and in control.

As you step from the vehicle I take your hand and slowly spin you around so I can admire the “outfit” you have chosen for tonight. As you step from the shadow of our parking spot, the light from the flood lights mounted on the building finally fall across your body. And its certainly worth it. I run my eyes down you and then slowly back up, approving of what I see.

The jet black “fuck me pumps” have a extreme heel which is clearly forcing your ass to stick out and your chest to thrust out in the front. The black fishnet stockings that you wear end mid thigh, exposing a strip of smooth white skin before the hem of you ridiculously short “dress” starts. This piece of thin stretchy fabric barely contains the curve of your round ass, and if you were to even think of bending over it would pull up and clearly expose the fact that you have no panties on. The neck line of drops almost to your naval, and the sides are cutaway. The result is that your huge heavy breast push against the fabric straining it and the round curve of each is visible on the sides. The swell of your big tits pushed together and the smooth white skin exposed makes my cock twitch. I follow the line of your throat which is broken by the thick leather band of your collar. The word “slut” visible in rhinestone against the black material.

You have pulled your hair into two pony tails, giving you a young girl look. But only if a young girl was wearing the slutty make up of a adult film star. Pink eye shadow, huge black lashes, dark eye make up. Bright red lipstick on your plump lips standing out against the paleness of your skin.

You can tell by the already growing bulge in my pants that I approve.

The door to the building is blacked out, and when I pull it open the light spills out across you standing there looking like the perfect fuck toy. As I guide you inside I can see your nipples begin to harden with anticipation.

There is a jingling noise from bells hung on the door as it closes behind us. Which cause the 8 or 9 men in the store to look your way. You instantly become the main focus of everyone in the stores attention. Hungry eyes follow your each step as we walk across the carpet. Eyes fixed on your bouncing tits, your big round ass, your smooth pale skin. Eyes already devouring you.

Taking your hand I slowly lead you through a few aisles of the store. I pretend to browse, but am really just giving each of the men a small preview of what you have to offer. In a row with shelves of DVDs two young black men pretend to look at a particular movie cover as we walk past. But their eyes can’t help but stay locked on all of your barely covered flesh. As I pass I notice the DVD is titled “White whores loving black cock”. I casually comment “nothing like a fine white slut taking a big black cock is there?”, they both eagerly nod their heads in agreement.

Moving out of the DVD section and to a wall covered in sex toys, I pause next to a fit looking middle aged man and check out some of the displayed items. You stand at my side silently. Your chest is now moving up and down as your breath quickens and your nipples are becoming more and more prominent against the fabric of your dress. With you standing so close to him he cannot help but stare down the opening of your dress where you large breasts push together. I ask him “If you were going to get a dildo for a naughty girl to choke on, which would you pick?”. Never lifting his eyes from your chest he reaches out to a massive rubber dildo out of its package on a shelf. He points with a trembling finger “Would this work?” he mumbles. Lifting it up I am impressed with its weight and thickness. It’s easily 12 inches long and thick. Black as night with a bulbous head and handle at the end. Glancing around to see if we have an audience, I am not let down. Five or six men have moved in closer, forming a loose semi circle around us. I slowly slide the monster dildo up your thigh, past your pussy and across your breasts. Raising it in front of your face I place the head against your red lips. “Open wide for daddy” I tell you. You immediately open your mouth wide. “Now suck”. Needing no other instruction you stretch your lips around the fat head and wrap both hands around the shaft. The circle of men around us gets closer as you push the black dildo deeper into escort izmir your mouth. I let you continue to swallow as much of it’s length as you can until I hear you gag as it hits your throat. “Good girl” I say as I take it from your mouth, it’s surface now slick with your spit.

Our audience has grown. Eight men of different ages now stand very closely around us. Their eyes crawl across your body, lust filling their eyes. Off to one side there are the two young black guys, who are standing next to a clean cut very young jock looking kid in sweats. In front of us our a few guys who look to be in their twenties and have the look of college guys out on the town hitting the porn store for kicks. And there is a very large muscular black guy in his 40 standing behind them. The middle aged man still stands next to us and has been joined a short stocky man in his early 40’s.

Looking over at the clerk who has gotten up from his chair behind the counter and is leaning across it to admire your legs, I call out “Do you carry a good anal lube?” I know that will grab their attention. The black man answers for him. “On the shelf to your left” he says, as he blatantly runs his eyes from your perfect cock sucker mouth down your ripe body all the way to your fishnet clad legs. “The stuff in the blue tube on the lower shelf is high quality” he continues as his eyes rest on your now clearly visible nipples hard nipples pushing against the fabric of your dress.

I spot the tube he is referring to, which is aptly labeled “Ass grease” on a lower shelf a few feet away and decide to take the show up a level. I instruct you “Be a good girl and hand that to your daddy”. Slowly and submissively you turn to face the shelf, your round ass now facing the group of men, and just as slowly you bend to retrieve it for me. As I knew it would, your short skirt rides halfway up the round curve of your ass. Exposing your shaved bare pussy from behind for all to see. I place my hand on the flat of your back, holding you in this bent over exposed position. “Let me have it” I instruct you, still keeping you with your ass in the air. You meekly hand me the tube. Taking my hand from your back for a moment I unscrew the cap from the tube and squeeze a generous amount of the clear grease onto my index finger. Spreading your full ass checks I easily slid my greased finger into your tight pink asshole. I can almost hear the cocks behind us getting hard. I withdraw my finger from your little fuck hole and slap you on one pale smooth ass cheek. “Come on baby, daddy has plans for you”.

I retrieve the huge dildo and hang on to the tube of lube. The I guide you to the check out counter through the group of men. I’m happy to see several hands rubbing big bulges on the front of pants. And the jock kids cock is pushing out the front of his sweats his impressive size making it looks like a tent.

I set the items on the counter and drop several crisp hundred dollar bills next to them. Looking back over my shoulder I announce loudly “We would like some tokens for the video arcade good sir, and do you recommend any particular booth?”

The young clerk smiles, and makes the bills disappear. “I’ll turn the videos on so you won’t need tokens sir, and I would suggest booth 6, it’s the second to the end”

“Booth 6 it is” I announce over my shoulder and to the room in general, as we leave the counter with our items.

The video arcade booths are set along one side of a hall at the rear of the building. There are 7 in a row, with red painted doors all currently ajar. If anyone had been watching, they must have been made aware of the “show” happening up front and have left the booths empty. As the clerk turns on the booths to free play video, dirty movies begin to glow on small screens mounted in the back walls of the booths. With the glow of the videos come the sound of fucking from the movies. Moans and cries and gagging. Walking down the hallway I can see that they have the DVD cases of the different movies playing displayed in a glass case along the wall opposite the red doors. I am not let down with the selection. Movie titles like: Tiny Teens Love Huge Cock, Busty Bukkake Sluts, BBC Gangbang Adventures, Asian Schoolgirl All Anal, No Holes Barred, Feeding Frenzy Blowbangs and BBC Break in Bound & Fucked.

Stopping in front of the red door with a number 6 on it, I push the door all the way open, and look inside. I can see that it is not much wider than a closet, but shaped like a rectangle and is deeper than it looks from the hallway. It accommodates a stool mounted in front of a video screen on the rear wall and a folding chair closer to the door. The walls on each side are very close. I glance at booth walls until I see what I’m looking for. Round holes have been cut in various places on both side walls. The left wall has three at waist level spaced about 16 inches apart and the right wall has two, one at waist hight and a much larger hole at about shoulder height.

Slapping your ass, I smile and say “this is the one baby girl” and gently push you into the booth ahead of me.

As I pull the door shut and click the lock in place the room darkens, but a dim bulb and the glow from izmir escort bayan the screen provide plenty of light to see. I remove my jacket and hang it over the back of the folding chair. I place the huge black dildo and lube on shelf on the wall. I gently put my hands around your waist and guide you to the stool. Holding the hem of your skirt I push you down with one hand to sit facing the video screen. This causes your dress to lift above you waist as you sit on the cool steel surface of the stool. My hands now on your shoulders keeping you facing the screen.

The video screw is lit up and playing. The current scene from the shows a flat chested Asian teen in a schoolgirl uniform. Her white blouse is unbuttoned exposing her hard small nipples and her plaid pleated skirt is lifted up over her thighs. She has her small hand wrapped around a stiff cock, and is trying to fit the enormous thing into her tight and clearly greased up asshole. She is straddle a man in a business suit as she lowers herself onto his lap.

There is a forward and back button dimly lit next to the screen. I click forward.

In the next scene a plump big breasted blonde is gagging on what must be at least 10 inches of black cock. Saliva is leaking from her lips. Her big tits bounce rhythmically as a large man pounds her from behind. The small video booth fills with the sound of her gagging on the big dick and the slap of skin on skin as she is spit roasted.

Not surprised at all, I can now hear movement in the booths to either side as they become occupied. I slip my hands from your shoulders to the straps of your dress and slid them off. Moving my palms down the front of your chest I slide the thin fabric over the swell of your huge boobs. Your nipples are hard against my palms. Once your tits are fully exposed I cup one, feeling its weight and fullness. My fingers gently pinch the nipple.

I lean over and click forward again.

Two teens with small perky breasts squat back to back on a tiled floor. Each has a cock filling their mouth while they jack off two others. There must be eight massive cocks on the screen waiting for their turn with a slutty teen mouth. A man grabs one of the teens by her pig tails and holds her face before his pulsing member. Her mouth open, eyes staring at the camera. His cock jerks as he begins to shoot thick ropes of sticky cum into her open mouth and across her lips and face. I move up against you. My hand beginning to handle your breast a little rougher now, and you can feel my cock through my pants pushed against your back becoming harder and harder.

The soft glow that had been coming through the holes in the wall from the adjacent booths is gone from several now. I can see people peeking in through the holes. I just make out the sound of zippers being undone and pants dropping to the floor. The booth to left sounds like there are people inside whispering to each other.

Once again I click forward.

The screen is filled with a large pale, round, smooth skinned white ass. The tiny rosebud asshole is a pale pink and tightly closed. The camera pulls back and you can see that the woman is straddling a muscular black man wearing a ski mask, and black tight fitting gloves. Her hands are bound behind her back with a zip tie, and the man is holding her in place with a hand around her pale throat. Her thick dark red hair is cut into a short A Line haircut. She is extremely full figured and even though her back is to the camera you can see her full breasts hanging heavily in the masked mans face. The mans other hand is wrapped around a incredibly large and swollen cock that appears slick with spit or oil, that he is slowly sliding up and down between her full round ass cheeks. You can see her trying to squirm away from it, but his hand choking her holds her locked in place.

I retrieve the dildo from the shelf behind me and say ‘Now this looks interesting, dont you think? Be a good girl and show daddy what you like to do with big black cock”. I hand you the heavy shaft. You immediately lift it to your red plump lips and begin licking the fat head and slowly sliding the tip in and out of your mouth, lips stretching wide to accommodate its size.

The shuffling noises from the booths to both sides become more prominent and you can clearly hear the sounds of cocks being taken into fists and pumped.

On the screen you can now see that there are three other masked and gloved men in the room, their outfits clearly identifying them as home invasion robbers. One holds a gun to the womans head as the other two are quickly removing their pants. Thick black dicks dangling between their legs. The one with the gun hisses ‘you dirty little white slut, sleeping naked with your pussy shaved and ready. we were just going to take your jewelry but now we are going to give you all this black cock.”. The woman on the screen begins to protest and to beg. “Fill her mouth with something to shut that bitch up” he responds as he undoes his belt buckle. One of the now half naked men positions himself in front of her face and pushes his quickly hardening cock against her lips. “suck it slut” he commands. She stops begging, opens her mouth and immediately izmir escortlar he pushes himself between her lips and deep into her throat.

You are now working the dildo deeper and deeper into your own slutty mouth and one hand has dropped between your thighs and has begun fingering your shaved little pussy. You can feel my cock now fully erect straining against my slacks.

The third black man now has his thick cock positioned along side his buddys in the womans face and she is taking one after the other into her mouth, her eyes are squeezed shut and there are tears running down her face, but she is managing to get each 10″ cocks most of the way into her mouth and clearly into her throat. You hear me unzip my pants behind you. As your pussy begins to drip and your nipples harden, you push the big dildo deeper and deeper into your mouth, gagging and choking. The man being straddled has finally stopped using his cock to play with the womans pussy and with a shove he buries himself all the way into her wet slit. She tries to cry out but the dick filling her mouth muffles it to a moan. My hard cock is now resting against your cheek. You can feel its heat against your face and feel it pulse. You have now managed to get half of the rubber cock down your throat and you tits are heaving, I can see you have three fingers shoved inside your pussy. On the screen the man with the gun against the womans head steps forward. a monster swollen black cock jutting out of his fist and places the fat round head against her puckered asshole. Slowly he pushes his big hard cock inch by inch inside of her. The cock in her pussy pounding in and out. As they both fill her you can see just how stretched and filled she is. Her round ass is being slammed back and forth as they each thrust inside of her in rhythm. She is fighting and trying to pull away but both men at her head hold her in place as they try to fit both of their cocks into her mouth at the same time.

“I think its time to see how much your slutty little pussy can handle” I say as I take the dildo from you and lean over you. My now pulsing cock like a hot iron rod against you. Pulling your fingers to the side I spread your thighs wide on the stool so your sopping wet pussy is exposed. I firmly place the head of the dildo against your wet slit and begin to push. Your lips spread but can barely fit the huge girth. I begin to push back and forth as the tip finally forces itself inside you as you gasp. “Now fuck yourself slut, so we can all see if you really are a fuck toy” I command as I let go of the dildo, which is now a quarter buried inside of you. “yes daddy” you whisper as your hands grasp the huge dildo and begin to slid it in and out of yourself.

Stepping back, my cock huge and throbbing sticking straight out in front of me I announce to all that I know are listening through the thin walls and stroking their own hard cocks. “Well gentlemen, is she a worthy little fuck toy? How about you show us if you approve?”

Within seconds cocks stick out of the glory holes on both walls. Three well formed white cocks to the left and one enormous black cock to the right. They are positioned around the area of the stool and they point right at you. Hard and swollen and pulsing.

“Well it certainly looks like you are going to have your hands full, dont you think? Now lets see if you really are a good little slut.” I lean over you again and take the dildo from you. “I’ve got other plans for this, for now I think youve got some cocks that need your attention. Dont you?”

Looking back over your shoulder at me you reach your hands out to either side and grasp two firm cocks and begin slowly pumping back and forth. “Which on first daddy” you timidly ask.

I point to the much larger of the four cocks displayed for you, which is the massive black one to your left. “I want you to swallow that one for daddy”. You turn you body and you attention to that wall, your big breasts swaying as you do so.

You are able to wrap both hands around the shaft with a plenty of cock left exposed. Staying on the stool but leaning forward you open your red lipped sluts mouth and wrap it around the large black head. You twirl your tongue around the head and slid your hands back and forth. As you bob your head up and down the massive member immediately fills your mouth and begins gagging you. As you choke and slurp my cock gets harder and harder. Taking your hands off the thick cock and placing them to either side of the gloryhole you are able to lean your body forward, heavy full breasts now swaying under you, and force your head down on this huge black dick. Spit begins to leak from your mouth and I can see you lips stretched completely around the size of it. You push you your head up and down harder and harder, slamming this cock into you mouth and against the back of your throat. Tears begin to leak from your eyes. Pulling your head back you look at me as I whisper ” now all of it baby girl”. Once again you open your mouth wide, your tongue flattened and sticking out across your lower lip and you slowly push your head down as inch after inch of this pulsing throbbing black dick slides in between your lips and into your throat. As you relax your gag reflex I can see your throat bulge as more than 10 inches of hard black cock slides into your throat. You hold him there for a second. A beautiful fuck toy with her mouth and throat crammed full of cock.

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