Catching Mommy: A Shocking Secret


Catching Mommy: A Shocking Secret

Summary: 18-year-old daughter learns her Mom is a submissive lesbian.

Note 1: A great, big, super thanks goes to great Estragon for his dedicated copy-editing.

Note 2: Another thanks goes to Goamz86, LaRascasse and MAB7991 for plot suggestions.

Note 3: Lastly, a thank you to all my readers who vote, leave comments, make suggestions and request sequels or new stories. This story is an amalgam of many suggestions over the past year, and has been percolating since 2010.

Note 4: Because two of the characters are English I will sometimes use English or UK words, such as arse (for ass…it sounds so much dirtier in my opinion).

Note 5: Although part one does not have direct incest, future incest is implied (although we are a couple parts away from real incest).

Catching Mommy: A Shocking Secret

I love sex!

I mean I really love it!

And although I like the odd cock in me, I prefer women…always have.

For whatever reason, older women have also always taken a liking to me. I just seem to exude a sexual aura that has older women, straight or bi, falling all over themselves to be with me. Within three weeks of turning 18, I had slept with three older women: a neighbor, a friend of my Mom’s and the mother of one of my best friends. All three came onto me and all three ended up being personal play-things, always ready and willing, and ever so able.

But for now this is the story of how my mother became my personal sex slave.

It was early March of my graduating year, when I learned a secret about Mother that would change everything. Blackmailing her to become my personal slave had never occurred to me, even though she is a fucking knockout. She is pretty much me, but 25 years older. Her breasts were as large as mine and firm (she worked out every day), her legs were long like mine, her hair the same blonde and her eyes the same blue. We were truthfully often mistaken as sisters, something that my mother obviously reveled in.

It all started on a day when I decided to stay home from school. I slept till almost lunchtime. After the good sleep I was feeling better, but figured I would stay home and relax; why go to one more boring Chemistry class? I decided to play on the computer, but mine was being repaired so I logged onto Mom’s laptop. She never let me use it, but on my third guess I got her password. I checked my e-mail, downloaded some new tunes, surfed the net and so forth when I noticed my Mom’s email flashing on the bottom. I clicked on it and she had three new emails. I never planned to read them, but you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. I wouldn’t say that was the case, but curiosity definitely changed everything. I skipped the new ones because Mom would notice that they had been read, but then I saw a few from someone called Mistress Olivia. I clicked and read one:

From: Slut Sarah

To: Mistress Olivia

Time: 11:58 pm February 20, 2008

Subject: Mission Completed


I have fulfilled your demand as commanded. Your friend Katrina has a beautiful pussy. Her mother almost walked in on us. We heard her coming up the stairs and I had to hide under the bed. Her Mom came in and asked if something was wrong. Katrina asked why and her mother said she thought she heard some strange sounds. Katrina laughed and said no she was just studying for a test. The fear of getting caught was a major turn-on Mistress and after her Mom left again I finished pleasing Katrina.

Your obedient slut,


I was fucking flabbergasted. My Mom was a submissive slut? To whom? She was the most confident woman I have ever met. She was the reason I was so confident. When daddy dearest became abusive, she packed us up and moved us across the fucking ocean, from England to America. She took shit from nobody, which was what made her such a great prosecutor and why she was hired by the City of Boston. Yet, here she was being told what to do by some Olivia. I searched my mother’s emails and saw a folder called Olivia. The emails dated back to February 17th. I also looked at her msn friends’ folder. She had about 40 friends, all women, some from back home, and one was Olivia. I clicked on history and was floored. The first date was New Year’s Eve. I was in the UK visiting friends over the holiday break during that time. What the hell did Mommy dearest do while I was away?

I clicked on Kayaşehir Escort the first log:

December 31, 2007 22:30:11

Olivia: Hi, your profile picture is very flattering.

Sarah: Thanks.

Olivia: I will be honest with you. Your profile interested me. I am an 18 year old high school student. I like to dominate older women. I am looking for a new slut. British women turn me on. Are you looking for a mistress?

Sarah: I am not sure.

Olivia: Ok, bye.

(Olivia has left chat)

Sarah: Hello?

Sarah: Hello?

Sarah: Um, sorry but it was a surprising question.

Sarah: I think I might be looking for a mistress.

Sarah: Hello…

Sarah: ?

January 1, 2008 11:23:14

Sarah: Hello.

January 1, 2008 13:44:11

Sarah: Hello.

January 1, 2008 16:00:31

Sarah: Olivia?

January 1, 2008 19:54:27

Sarah: Olivia?

Sarah: Hi.

January 1, 2008 21:39:23

Sarah: You there?

January 1, 2008 23:21:26

Sarah: I will try again tomorrow.

January 2, 2008 17:43:02

Sarah: Olivia, you there?

Sarah: Hello.

Sarah: I looked at your picture. You are beautiful. Your green eyes are hypnotic, your luscious lips are tantalizing and I have a weak spot for redheads.

Sarah: How can I please you?

Olivia: Tell me one secret about yourself.

Sarah: Thank you for responding.

Olivia: Don’t disappoint me again.

Sarah: Understood.

Olivia: Good, because I have many older woman very eager to be trained by me.

Sarah: I will obey.

Olivia: So let’s start by telling me one secret about yourself.

Sarah: I had a Mistress throughout college and have recently begun to crave that feeling of obedience and submission I long ago quit being a part of.

Olivia: So you have been dominated by a woman?

Sarah: Yes.

Olivia: When?

Sarah: In college.

Olivia: Tell me the story.

Sarah: My roommate in college was a year older than I and she seduced me the second month we were together.

Olivia: What was her name?

Sarah: Sarah.

Olivia: Thus the user name?

Sarah: Yes.

Olivia: What is your real name?

Sarah: Kate.

Olivia: Good girl. Go on with your story.

Sarah: Well, I came home upset after being dumped by some man because I wouldn’t put out and she consoled me. We drank a bit and eventually she kissed me. She then simply slipped out of her robe, slid off her knickers, and demanded I eat her pussy. I had never even considered doing such a thing, yet it never even occurred to me to disobey her command. From that night on, I was her submissive sex toy. I ate her pussy every day it seemed and she often fucked me with a variety of different toys. I also fucked her, but she never, not even once, ate my pussy. The situation was clear: I was the lesbian slave and she was in charge.

Olivia: It ended?

Sarah: Yes. This lifestyle existed all four years of college and then we went our separate ways.

Olivia: What happened after college?

Sarah: I got a job, met a guy, got knocked up, got married and lived happily ever after. Until he got abusive a couple of years ago and I moved to America to start over.

Olivia: You have not been with ANY other women since then?

Sarah: No.

Olivia: Interesting.

Sarah: I liked your profile too.

Olivia: What do you like about it?

Sarah: Well you’re gorgeous, I got wet just looking at you and imagining submitting to you in real life. But I am fascinated that you like Jane Austen. Your favorite band is Chicago (how many other teens could even name a song by them?) and you also like stockings.

Olivia: Stockings = power.

Sarah: I have pairs of knee high silk stockings to wear on my hands to masturbate myself. The feel of them touching me is orgasmic.

Olivia: I always wear stockings.

Sarah: I wear pantyhose to work every day.

Olivia: Actual pantyhose?

Sarah: Yes. But only sheer sandalfoot ones.

Olivia: Sheer-check. Sandalfoot-check. Pantyhose — no.


Olivia: My subs only wear stay-ups, thigh highs, or garter and stockings.

Sarah: Oh. I have a garter and stockings, but I haven’t worn them since who knows when.

Olivia: When was the last time you had sex?

Sarah: Over a year.

Olivia: Mission 1.


Olivia: I will give you missions to see if you are qualified Kayaşehir Escort Bayan to continue talking to me and maybe eventually qualify for complete submission to me.

Sarah: Um…Ok.

Olivia: Mission 1-Go and buy a variety of new stockings.

Sarah: Ok.

Olivia: Now.

(Olivia has left chat)

I click on my Mom’s profile and was surprised. At least she didn’t use her real name, but she had offered up her real name to Olivia already.


Name: Sarah

Age: 43

Nationality: UK (Now with dual UK-USA citizenship)

Location: Boston

Weight: Average

Height: Tall

Interests: Reading, movies, work

Books: Anything by Jane Austen

Bands: Chicago, Duran Duran, U2

Orientation: Gay Curious

Sexual Preference: Younger girls

Perversions: Submission, stockings, domination

I clicked on Olivia’s profile and almost shit myself. Olivia, the girl who appeared to be my Mom’s mistress, was a student at my school. Not just any student either. She was the head cheerleader, a rich bitch and my nemesis. Since my arrival, we had been at war. I clearly threatened her spot on the top of the popularity chain, what with my amazing good looks, great fashion and perfect body, and modesty.


Name: Olivia

Age: 18

Location: Boston

Weight: Skinny

Height: Average

Interests: Reading, writing, dancing

Books: Pride and Prejudice

Bands: Chicago

Orientation: Bi

Sexual Preference: Girls, Girls, Girls (A decent song too)

Perversions: Cheerleaders, teachers, submissive girls, stockings, power, I AM A DOMME LOOKING FOR OLDER SLUTS TO TRAIN!!!

I went to my Mom’s drawer and found her knee high stockings. I sniffed them. Yep, she still masturbated with them. I put one on my hand and, after sliding off my knickers, I started touching myself ever so gently, while I continued to read about my Mom’s sexual debauchery.

January 2, 2008 22:38:38

Sarah: Olivia?

Sarah: You there?

Sarah: I bought some stockings as instructed.

January 2, 2008 23:59:37

Sarah: Olivia?

Sarah: I am wearing a pair right now.

Sarah: A black pair with matching knickers and a nightie.

Sarah: Goodnight.

January 3, 2008 08:33:12

Sarah: I have to go to work for a few hours. I should be back by 4.

January 3, 2008 16:12:48

Sarah: I’m back.

Olivia: Hi, slut. Tell me what you bought.

Sarah: I bought stay-ups or thigh highs, whatever you call them in mocha (3 pairs), beige (2 pairs), black (3 pairs), red (1 pair), white (2 pairs). I also bought a pair of black, white and tan stockings for my garter-belt.

Olivia: What are you wearing right now?

Sarah: Mocha thigh highs, a black business skirt and blazer and a white blouse.

Olivia: I see. Just a minute.

Olivia: Sorry, I am also online with another slave. One that has completed her training.

Sarah: ?

Olivia: Play your cards right and you too can be my slave too.

Sarah: ?

Olivia: What kind of toys do you own?

Sarah: One vibrator.

Olivia: Really? I guess we know what your next mission is.

Sarah: Get more toys?

Olivia: Of course. You will need a couple more vibrators, a strap-on for me to fuck you with if the time comes, a butt plug and some sort of vibrating toy to wear in your pussy while you are at work.

Sarah: OK.

Olivia: Later. And for now on I expect you naked except for stockings and heels. Is that understood, slut?

Sarah: Yes.

Olivia: Good, you just may be worth my time. Goodnight, I have to go and train another slave.

(Olivia has left chat)

I immediately went searching for the toys. It took a bit of searching, but hidden in the back of her closet in a box marked taxes was a variety of toys. It was substantially above the list in the chat. She had a strap-on, a few vibes, a couple of butt plugs (one way too big for any normal person), anal beads, a double-ended dildo, handcuffs, and a variety of lotions and lubes.

I went back to the laptop, my Escort Kayaşehir stocking-covered hand slowly teasing my cunt, while I continued reading.

January 10,2008, 20:00:12

Sarah: Hi.

Sarah: Dressed as expected.

Olivia: How would that be?

Sarah: Naked, except in my thigh highs and heels.

Olivia: Good slut.

Sarah: Thank you.

Olivia: Did you buy a vibrating egg as expected?

Sarah: Yes.

Olivia: Good. Tomorrow I expect you to take the egg you purchased and wear it in your cunt all day tomorrow at work.

Sarah: But I have a trial.

Olivia: That’s no excuse.

(Olivia has left chat)

January 10, 2008, 20:03:19

Sarah: I am so sorry…I will wear the egg as you requested.

Sarah: Please forgive your slut.

Sarah: U own me.

January 11, 2008, 18:23:41

Sarah: I am home…

Sarah: Mistress?

Sarah: Please Mistress? I will do anything u command!

Olivia: Mistress, I like that. But that is twice now you have questioned my instructions.

Sarah: Twice?

Olivia: Yes, when I asked if you were looking for a Mistress and when you hesitated over putting the egg in your olds cunt.

Sarah: Oh, I am so sorry.

Olivia: U need to be punished.

Sarah: Yes Mistress.

Olivia: Is your daughter home?

Sarah: No.

Olivia: Good. Go into her room and grab her pillow.

Sarah: OK.

Sarah: Back.

Olivia: Are you dressed as asked?

Sarah: Yes, Mistress.

Olivia: Fuck yourself to an orgasm.

Olivia: Imagine u r on your knees pleasing my young, ripe, shaved cunt.

Olivia: Imagine I have just exploded my juices all over ur slut face.

Olivia: Imagine me fucking ur sloppy cunt with my strap-on, ur daughter in the room beside us.

Sarah: I just came.

Olivia: Rub ur whore cunt all over your daughter’s pillow case.

Sarah: OMG!

Olivia: NOW!!!

Sarah: Yes, Mistress.

Olivia: Dry yourself completely!

Sarah: Done.

Olivia: Go return the pillow to ur daughter’s bed.

Sarah: Yes, Mistress.

Sarah: I did it.

Olivia: Good slut. U just may be worthy yet of being my sub slut.

Sarah: Understood.

Olivia: I won’t be online for a couple of weeks. I have finals and then my family and I are going skiing up in Canada.

Sarah: ?

Olivia: While I am gone, I expect u to continue wearing only thigh highs and stop wearing panties. Understood?

Sarah: Yes, Mistress.

Olivia: Good, I also expect u to have a butt plug in ur ass whenever ur daughter is home.

Sarah: Understood.

Olivia: Talk 2 u in a couple of weeks.

(Olivia has left chat)

I couldn’t believe it. Olivia somehow knew that she was my mother and was using her against me. I couldn’t believe my mother would use my pillow to clean her pussy, but apparently she did. I tried to recall anything out of the ordinary with my pillow back then, but nothing came to mind. I did recall commenting to my Mother quite a while ago that she was walking funny. Now I know why.

Although my pussy was on fire as I read the sordid adventures of my mother, my anger was also bubbling at the thought of that bitch Olivia using my mother.

The next few e-mails in late January and early February were all trivial things but my Mother was slowly submitting to the bitch. She had fucked herself at work, she had apparently worn my panties, came in them and put them back in my drawer and she had attempted to fist herself. Then in mid-February came this one.

February 11, 2008 17:22:34

Olivia: You are ready for the final stage of your submission. I have created a new e-mail for you to communicate with me. It is submissivesarah. I will now start sending your missions via e-mail.

Sarah: Yes Mistress. Thank you very much.

Olivia: Be sure to check it often, as missions may turn up at any Moment. Pass these final tests and you will become my sub slave.

Sarah: I eagerly obey.

Olivia: Now go fuck your ass with one of your toys, thinking of me fucking not only you, but your daughter.

Sarah: Thank you Mistress.

What the fuck? Fucking me too? This was getting past the point of ridiculous. I could feel my cheeks getting red with anger; how dare that bitch use my mother to get to me! That was the last chat. I went back to her e-mails and the first one was dated a couple of days later.

From: Mistress Olivia

To: Slut Sarah

Time: 7:14 pm Wednesday February 13, 2008.

Subject: Valentine’s Day present!

Your mission is to be at my house at exactly 6:00PM tomorrow. My parents will be out for Valentine’s Day till 10 or so. Wear all red.

Mistress Olivia


From: Slut Sarah

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