Cathy and Chris Ch. 06


The little grey square appeared at the bottom right of his screen. He clicked it. It was from a Hotmail account, named ‘The Girl Next Door’.

He looked and there was no attachment, so chances are it didn’t hold a virus. He clicked on it and it opened.

“Dear Sir, I was really taken with the results of our last meeting – so much so that I am authorised by this organisation to confirm that repeat projects (assuming your agreement on this position) will always be welcomed.

Your ability to grasp the situation and respond to a previously little used stratagem with such enthusiasm and drive was what we have come to expect. You are to be congratulated. With your assistance a new domain, one that we had never considered attractive, now holds some real interest for TGND, and we would like to consider options on exploring other openings that you may consider worthwhile with your greater knowledge and experience in the area.

Please reply soonest so a 121 can be arranged, I suggest the previous venue or if it’s more convenient the TGND base would be mutually advantageous.

Catherine, The Girl Next Door.’

He could not stop himself from grinning and set about his reply:

‘Dear Catherine, Thank you very much for you message, although as specialists we live by the maxim that the customer is always right, it is always gratifying when our best endeavours provide satisfaction for customers who are venturing into new territory. I am so pleased that you have chosen to continue and again I am glad that you were taken with the more aggressive marketing approach.

Yes, there is another opening that is available in this region that you may wish to consider in more depth. We have discussed this before and although it does hold some fears for the less imaginative, I am sure that TGND will find its exploration beneficial, and with our assistance I trust it will be mutually advantageous.

When one delves into virgin territory such as this, presentation is everything and I feel that TGND will benefit from our full package. Would you like us to arrange the location and the Agenda? Chris.’

He pressed ‘send’ and the message winged across the ether. He forwarded a copy of her message and the reply to his own private account, deleted both from his machine and went back to the mountain of paperwork on his desk.

Just as he managed to concentrate on his work, his screen flashed into life and the Hotmail address was there again.

“Chris So quick! If we had realised that you were so aware of the district we would have contacted you sooner.

As you say, this is virgin territory and TGND will be easier convinced of the benefits of this new opening if the way is fully prepared. Your personal capabilities are without question and TGND will be more than happy to arrange the venue and visual aids. With your agreement we would also like to cater – anything to ease the way after all. I will ensure that everything to make the event proceed smoothly will be provided. TGND is keen to see this take place as soon as possible. I believe that tomorrow, although short notice, would be ideal, please confirm. Cathy”

He felt his penis harden at just the imagery the doublespeak was creating and responded.

“Cathy, Tomorrow will be fine. Friday? Excellent idea, it’s well known that people are always at their most receptive on Fridays. Catering? You are spoiling me! Still ‘grease to the squeak’ I suppose!

Fine, will see you tomorrow, same time and same place. I will of course maintain confidentiality on this one. Might I suggest that you do not discuss this until the meeting?

This is still a sensitive area that remains unexplored by most and we need to maintain the air of normality until the last moment. I look forward to seeing what you do with the venue. Regards, Chris.”

He had Colleen and Karen in his car and they could talk of nothing but the swimming club and the badges they had earned.

At home, Danny was still in the kitchen doing the obligatory homework that he did as soon as he got home these days to leave the rest of his weekends free for whatever else he wanted to do, while Cathy and Robert loaded the dishwasher.

“Hi gang,” he said, smiling at the domesticity around him. This was followed by a crowd of hello’s from the huge kitchen.

The girls showed Cathy the badges, and Danny asked Chris about one of his Maths problems. Cathy beamed as Chris sat with him and they puzzled their way to the solution together, with Chris only occasionally nudging Danny in the right direction. Brian had never done that – he was more likely to grunt at Daniel’s shortcomings and his own lack of knowledge, while Chris helped him all of the time.

She reflected that Brian almost seemed to look forward to his son’s failure and always demanded to see the results in his maths book, gleefully descending on the red crosses and ignoring the ticks; these days though there were never that many crosses.

Chris encouraged Danny at every opportunity too, discussed bahis firmaları his homework, let him use his computer, printer, his small library of books, even going so far as to drive him into town one Saturday to buy a book that made the project easier to finish.

Danny had started to loose the sullen teenager thing he’d had when Brian was around, and even the new school had said what a huge improvement he had made in his work and application and found it hard to believe the report that came from the last school.

Cathy had that day ‘found’ the receipt for the MP3 player that Chris had given Danny a month back. Allegedly a freebie promotional item from a supplier and ‘discovered in the drawer at work’, it had hardly left Danny’s side these days, Chris even downloaded the music for him.

“Finished Aunty Cath!” announced Robert.

“Oh Darling!” she said bending down to hug him, “Give you Auntie Cath a big kiss.” He did so with a giggle.

Tea done, the younger children were levered towards the various bathrooms and hustled into their rooms. Danny, allowed a later staying up time by virtue of his age and increasing maturity, took one of Chris’ many CD’s and wished everyone a goodnight an hour later.

Cathy had gone up and Chris was packing away the clean crockery from the dishwasher, when his mobile phone rang.


“Hello, this is The Girl Next Door here.” Cathy had affected a squeaky ‘office girl’ voice, but it was plainly her, “your presentation is booked for nine thirty?” He looked at his watch it was nine fifteen.

“OK,” he said.

“The presentation is at our place,” said the voice.

“I’ll be there.” He said and switched off the call and his phone.

The last of the mugs were left on the side for the morning, and he locked the front door and switched of the last of the lights before walking upstairs.

He went into the ‘adults’ bathroom to find it lit by three scented candles, a towel and a new black towelling bathrobe lay draped over the vanity unit. His razor, aftershave and shower gel was all in place and he guessed they were required. He dried himself wiping around the erection that hadn’t gone down since she had phoned him. Finally he put on the robe. It was black and he found to his surprise that it was past his knees and had a large hood. He put it on and belted it before finally applying the aftershave she had picked for him.

He extinguished the candles and took them to his room, and opened the door to find this room similarly lit, He walked to his dressing table and put down the candles, when their was a faint knock at the door.

Damn! Probably one of the kids.

He opened it with a smile to find that there was no one there. He did notice a piece of paper stuck on the wall though opposite and down a bit, it was a very well produced piece of notepaper headed ‘TGND’ in coloured letters across the top and he read it; “Please go into the conference room and take a seat,”

He heard his own door shut behind him and lock. He moved to her door and pushed it open. Her bedroom looked like a shrine, with candles all over the place, black satin sheets on the bed and the dressing table covered in a white cloth. There was even music playing.

By the door was a bottle of wine on the occasional table, opened, next to two glasses. He poured himself a glass and sipped, wondering how she had managed to put all of this together when he saw a chair covered in another white sheet before the foot of the bed. He took the bottle and glass and sat down. The flickering of the candles and the darkness of the room added to the air of tension. A slightly muffled but well-spoken female voice came through the music,

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” it said, “Our latest convert is about to be deflowered, please cover your heads and stand as she enters.”

He stood and flipped up the hood of the robe. For good dramatic measure he tucked his hands into the baggy sleeves. The music came to a crescendo and the wardrobe door to his right opened,

“Bring forth the virgin!” said the voice triumphantly.

A figure stepped through the wardrobe – It was Cathy, head bowed and looking meekly to the ground, her old dressing gown he’d seen so many times sparkly white in the darkness. She walked in to stand with her back to him before the bed.

“You come here of you own free will?” said the voice, she nodded, “You are to be deflowered in the rite and custom you have been prepared for, do you accept this gift?” She nodded again.

Chris listened to the voice, it was plainly Cathy, but in deeper louder harsher tones he hadn’t heard before.

“Deflowerer,” said the voice, are you prepared to receive her gift?”

Chris guessed this was his cue, “Yes,” he said in deep tones, “I receive her gift.” If she had given him a script to follow he would not have been able to keep a straight face but it just flowed naturally.

“Virgin, uncover the instrument of your defloration,” said the voice. Keeping her head kaçak iddaa bowed she turned around and knelt before him, her head tilted down. She undid the belt on his robe and laid soft hands on his penis. He was hard as a rock. “Prepare the instrument,” said the voice. She closed her eyes and taking him by the base of his penis licked it all over careful to avoid the sensitive helmet.

“As a proof of your willingness, you will receive the oils of your defloration, uncover them,” she stood and turned to her right and bowed to the table, then lifted the white cover off of the dressing table, to reveal a box of tissues, some moist wipes and in the middle a bottle of lube. She picked up the bottle in both hands and stepped forward then turned ninety degrees to stand before him.

“Kneel,” said the voice. She dipped to her knees still looking down at the floor, “Declare your obeisance…”

“Brother, I bow to you and ask that you bless these oils, and ask that you allow me to prepare you for the honour you do me.” He placed a hand on the bottle of lube and nodded. She took the lube and squeezed some onto the end of his penis wiping it all over. She stood, stepped back and placed the lube back on the tray on the dressing table, and turned to face the bed again.

“Virgin, Your time has come, Uncover her…” she dropped her hands to her sides and the gown slipped from her shoulders to the floor, accompanied by a rush from the accompanying music. “Make your declaration virgin…” She turned to face him and stood beautifully naked with her head bowed.

“Brother, I am ready to be taken, I ask that you prepare my body with oils in readiness for my defloration, to ease my way into the new world.” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

“Bow…” said the voice solemnly. Cathy turned back to the bed and put her feet further apart and bent at the waist and touched her toes, then at a change in the music she reached behind her and pulled her buttocks apart exposing her anus and the slit of her swollen vagina.

“Is she clean?” said the recorded voice.

“She is clean mistress,” he said running a finger along the crack of her arse causing her to shudder slightly.

“Oil her,” said the voice. He took the lube and poured some onto his finger. He put a hand on the on the base of her spine and held her. Next he held the tip of his finger and toyed with her entrance. Once he thought she could take no more teasing he pushed the finger past her ring and she sighed as he massaged her insides.

“Is she oiled?”

“She is oiled mistress.” He could hear Cathy panting now.

“She is a virgin and must be stretched, take up the stretching rod,” On the tray was a white plastic vibrator he recognised. Could only be that, he thought and picked it up – with the oil in her anus this shiny plastic wouldn’t need any extra. “Insert the stretching rod,” said the voice, and added almost with a hint of triumph, “to the second mark!”

He stepped up to the bent over figure, “Please,” she whispered, “Be gentle…”

“Silence!” said the tape, “The third mark!” He looked and couldn’t see any marks, the thing was really slim anyway and wouldn’t cause any discomfort.

He took the vibe and pushed it gently against her anus,

“Aah,” she gasped, and a gently weeping moan came out of her mouth as he slid the toy in. “One more groan will deem you unworthy, Virgin!” came the voice.

“Sorry mistress, I will take it deeper,” she moaned and looked back at Chris.

He pushed the vibe about six inches in, so that there was as much of it in her as there would be of him. She groaned, and he continued pumping for a moment.

“Withdraw the stretching rod,” said the voice, and he did so, “On the altar…” she straightened up and turned and bowed to him, then stepped forward to the bed and knelt on the mattress and crouched down on the edge of the bed with her elbows slightly bent and her bottom well raised. She still kept her head down in submission.

“Virgin, adopt the position.” Cathy fell forward so her shoulders rested on the bed and put her arms out to her side and with her hands flat. “Knees further apart,” it growled and Cathy moved slightly “The virgin is prepared and in entry position,” said the voice, “step forward and do your duty.”

While this had been going on he’d taken the opportunity to add more lube to his already slippery penis, and now he stepped up to the black satin covered bed with his knees resting against the mattress and placed hands on her buttocks, “Virgin, you are to receive the gift, prepare yourself.” The music stopped, she grasped the satin sheets with both hands, while he levelled himself at the tiny pinky brown ring awaiting him. He pushed slowly and gently, waiting for the moment.

“I am ready, take me and make me whole… aaahhh,” she sighed as he pushed past the restriction of her muscular ring. He paused for as long as he could to let her get used to it. The pace of the music increased. He thrust in and out a few times,

“She is one kaçak bahis of us!” said the other Cathy from a distance, “She needs only to be anointed with his seed to be fulfilled!” He shafted her, enjoying the tightness of the orifice and remembering the feeling of buggery again after so long. “Fulfil me Brother,” gasped the real Cathy before him. She kept her arms out to her sides and rocked gently as he fucked her, “Please,” she begged, “I’m so close!”

He pumped his hips as fast as he could pulling backwards and forward on her hips, “You… are… anointed!” he gasped as he pushed hard inside her and felt his release, then thinking fast he pulled out and squirted the last of his come in long white streaks across her buttocks and to the small of her back.

“Oh Christ,” she gasped as she lay on the bed feeling him gently rub his tool between her cheeks, “That was fantastic,” she said sliding down and lying flat on the bed. She lay hands on her wet buttocks and massaged his semen into them as the music slowed and finally stopped. He lay next to her and relaxed as well. “Fucking right,” he said, “and besides a great shag, you are now one of the chosen.” She giggled. “How the bloody hell did you come up with all of this in a day?”

She snuggled closer, still face down, “Well, the candles, the wine and the sheets we had, the lube and the bathrobes I had to buy of course.”

“But the recording…”

“Took the afternoon off. I wrote a script this morning and recorded it this afternoon on one of the office dictation recorders I nicked for the occasion. You have to admit it was better than a simple ‘Come on Chris, fuck me up the arse’ don’t you.”

“Bloody hell yes!” he said. He sat up and recovered the wipes and the tissues. “Here,” he said, “let me help a new member. There are some stains that are a bastard to get off of satin sheets.”

He took a cool wipe and wiped across her back and buttocks and she cooed. Taking another he wiped along the crease of her buttocks removing the last traces of semen and the lube. She giggled.

“You’re the first person to do that since I wore a nappy,” she said. Freeing her of the fluids, he wiped himself to.

“Come on then,” he said, “Lets go through to my room and finish the wine.”

Lying in his bed, naked, cosy and warm, they chatted comfortably.

“It came to me this morning,” she said, “It turned me on so much I had to go to the toilet twice to masturbate, just as I was writing the words down on the computer. Had to do it on the laptop of course, God forbid anyone would have seen what I was doing. I couldn’t concentrate at all once I’d finished it so I took the afternoon off and went shopping for robes and lubrication.”


“Well,” she almost whined, “That book you lent me, you bastard! You knew didn’t you!” “Of course…”

“Oh shit, it was so horny, all I could do not to rape you that night. The book also went on about fantasies, dressing up and everything.”

“So that’s what the spanking was about,” he smiled.

“Yeah, hadn’t planned it for that night but circumstances, you know?”

“Yeah, no substitute for good make up sex.”

“Took your fucking time though didn’t you?”

“Sorry, won’t happen again.”

“Well, I was talking about the book in work with my best mate Carole, she was discussing that very bit, and…” he looked at her and smiled, “Stop it!” she warned him, “Or you wont do it again! Anyway, in my head it just led from you fucking me so beautifully from behind when we were half asleep, and then the dressing up when you spanked me a few days later.”

“Yeah,” he growled.

“It was the whole… oh I don’t know… letting you be in charge,”


“Yes… no… sort of… not like the whole bondage and beating thing, it was…”

“It was letting go, letting some else take charge, letting your guard down.”

“Yes” she sipped again, “Yes it was.”

“Thank you,” he said, “that is a real compliment.” He touched his glass to hers.


“That takes trust, what we did tonight. It’s all about trust in the end. Trust that I wasn’t going to laugh at you, trust that I wasn’t going to beat you black and blue the other night, trust that I would take it easy and be gentle.”

“I knew you would Chris,” she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, he turned his face and kissed her on the mouth, their tongues clashing. They glasses were quickly and unceremoniously dumped on the bedside table, while she climbed over him.

She pushed his hands over his head against the headboard.

“Do you trust me, Chris?”

He nodded and interlocked his fingers leaving them over his head. She had no need to make him hard as he had long since recovered. She reached the bedside table for more lube, pouring a measure onto his cock. Siding forward over his erection, she reached behind her and manipulated him and wriggled until she had the effect she wanted and she lowered herself down on him, her anus opening to allow him in as her leg muscles relaxed. He watched her face going through various stages and had no doubt that she was impressed with anal. He fought hard not to come, it was her turn now, her turn to make the moves and the decisions.

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