Caught by My Sister in Law – Day 03


Monday through Wednesday was pretty quiet, other than a few times that Laura would spend any alone moments either grabbing my shorts, searching for my cock, or flashing her boobs in my direction giving me a sly grin. There were some close calls when Amy or Bob would be in the next room. But we got lucky.

As Thursday came around, our sexual tension was really starting to heat up. Again, Bob went out on a fishing charter early at dawn, and Amy said she wanted to spend the morning on the beach. Laura & I decided to stay behind. Laura said she wasn’t feeling so well & I just wanted to stay out of the sun for the day. We both knew that Amy would spend several hours on the sand, so this was a break we could take advantage of.

After I finished my coffee, I decided to go upstairs and take my morning shower. I spent a little extra time to lather up & shave my legs and crouch as smooth as possible. While I was drying my body, I could hear the sound of the shower coming from Laura’s room. I stepped out of the bathroom and noticed a pair of black sheer-to-waist Legg’s pantyhose sitting on the bed. Without hesitation, I sat on the side of the bed & slowly worked my left leg into the hose, then placed my right foot into the other leg of the hose. I pulled up the pantyhose, carefully paying attention so not to put a run in them. I ran my hands up and down my legs to smooth them out. The feeling of the nylon against my freshly shaven skin made me light headed.

I made my way to Laura’s room. She was still in the bathroom. I climbed into her bed and pulled up the sheet to cover me. My head laid back on the pillows. I heard the shower turn off, and Laura Sefaköy Escort was taking her good old time finishing cleaning up. After about 5 minutes, which seemed like an eternity, Laura opened the bathroom door. The shine of her black pantyhose caught my eye. Her legs were supported by 3″ black high heels. I could make out the trimmed pussy through the hose. Her breasts we perkier than I’ve seen before. Her nipples were standing straight out, hard enough to hang a Christmas ornament on. She looked fabulous.

“You look amazing! Come join me under the covers.” I said.

Laura came closer to the bed. “No, I really want to get a better look at you.” She said as she reached up and pulled the sheet down to expose my encased legs. My cock was extremely hard and straining against the seam of the pantyhose by my waist. “My, my, what do we have here?” She caressed my dick with her left hand. At times feeling her way between my thighs and all over my legs.

“I want to taste you.” I said.

Laura climbed on the bed, placing her legs on each side of my head facing the foot of the bed. She lowered her pussy on to my mouth. I started pleasuring her with my tongue. My hands explored her body. Reaching up and fondling her tits, gently pinching her nipples. She grinded her crouch harder onto my face. I had to grab her hips and save myself from being suffocated. Laura bent forward. She licked her way down my stomach, hit the waistband of the pantyhose, and continued over my cock. She started sucking on my balls through the hose. She took her right hand and gripped my hose covered dick to give me a blowjob through the nylon. I just about Sefaköy Escort Bayan came. The only thing that kept me from shooting my load was my concentration on her moist pussy.

We stayed in the 69 position for almost 20 minutes. Her crouch was soaking wet. My cock was practically numb from her handling it. But it felt so good. Laura’s body was shaking. I could tell she was close to reaching orgasm, as was I. We increased the intensity of our mouths. We both came at the same time. Her juices flowed through the gusset. My load squirted through the nylon. She licked up every drop. I enjoyed the taste of her. She collapsed on top of me.

“Oh that was fantastic!” She whispered.

“We’re not done yet.” I responded. “I want to be inside you.”

Laura turned around and repositioned herself on my legs. Sitting just below my cock, still covered by the pantyhose. She came up to me. Our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. I could taste my cum on her lips. I’m sure she could taste herself from me. I couldn’t keep my hands off her ass and legs. I couldn’t believe how nice this was. She searched for my shaft with her left hand & started to massage me, attempting to bring me back to life. Between the kissing, her breasts pressed against my chest & our legs brushing together, I was beginning to harden again. Her hand, moving up and down my cock. The thin material was stretching while my shaft grew in size. Laura slid up and rode my cock. Even with both of us wearing pantyhose, I could feel the moisture between her legs. Her gusset was soaking wet. Her groin was pulsating against mine. She sat upright and bounced up & down, Escort Sefaköy increasing the speed of her movements. I sat upright to get a good look at her huge bouncing tits. I squeezed each one while licking & sucking on her nipples.

“Take me now!” She moaned.

I wanted to feel her sweet pussy around my cock. I reached down to slide my pantyhose just below my balls. As I was doing that, Laura took her fingers and ripped a large hole in her hose exposing her freshly shaved smooth mound. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and steered it into her extremely wet hole. Since I just came about 5 minutes earlier, I was able to maintain an erection much longer this time. She slowly bobbed up & down. Her rhythm was making me harder & harder. I could’ve chopped a piece of wood in half with how stiff I became. I increased the tempo, my cock got deeper & deeper into her vagina. Our bodies slapping together. I bit down more on her nipple, simultaneously pinching the other one.

She came first. “Oh my god! Ooohhhh!” She screamed.

I continued to pound her for more. I could feel the juices running down my shaft. She tried to grip her pussy lips around my cock. She came again. Her body shivering, her hips circulating on me.

“Here I come!” I felt my load shoot inside her. Our bodies covered in sweat, collapsed on the bed.

“We better get cleaned up.” I said, looking over to the clock. “Amy will be back soon.”

I got up from the bed and looked down at Laura. I don’t remember ever seeing her look so relaxed. I removed my pantyhose, laying them beside her. I asked her to wash them and save the hose for later. I bent down and gave her one more soft kiss before walking out of the room. I looked back to see her staring up at the ceiling. Her back arched. Her hands caressing her breasts and legs. She tilted her head towards me. A smile was on her face. I could tell this week wasn’t over yet.

And I was right…

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