Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 07


The morning breeze wafted into the three occupied bedrooms in their suite. Aleka was wrapped around Rashad’s hard body while Diane and Michelle nuzzled Chris’ spectacular frame. Both women were becoming addicted to the monstrous pipe between his legs.

Lori was lovingly bringing Jamal to life with the softest and sweetest of blowjobs. Her lips smiled around Jamal’s hard cock as she thought of all the high priced contracts she had negotiated without once betraying her desire to be under the conference table instead of sitting at it.

Well, that wasn’t quite true; there was one man who knew. Gary Edwards from D’Orgasmic Lingerie knew of her craving and he fed her desire every time they were together. She had no idea when she met Mark that they were best of friends. She loved to fuck almost as much as she loved to suck cock. She could not help but wonder how two men could be so perfect in bed. Mark and Gary were almost identical men and lovers.

Jamal was beginning to rise as her tender mouth crawled along his lovely cock. She felt the ridges and the large veins as they traversed her tender lips. His cock stretched her mouth to the limit and she loved it. His hands held her face tenderly as he began to move in and out of her lovely wet mouth. She gripped his ass and felt her throat being filled completely. Her throat and tongue began to milk his cock on this lovely tropical morning.

Morning control always plagued Jamal and with Lori’s obvious talents and he knew he was about to blow very soon. Her wet, hot mouth soaked his shaft lovingly and she began to quiver. Her desire increased as she felt it begin. She sucked furiously and he rewarded her with a truly spectacular load of delicious, hot cum. She sucked and swallowed every drop. Her breakfast was particularly tasty this morning. She licked her lips and then his cock, insuring she had not missed a single drop. She kissed him deeply and crawled from the bed dragging him with her.

They woke everyone up and the realization hit them. The women woke up in the wrong suite. They had partied hard last night and thoroughly enjoyed each other repeatedly.

They looked at each other and headed next door. They walked into Mark’s bedroom and circled the bed. Cherry’s naked body curled sweetly in Mark’s arm. Her head rested on his broad chest. There was the hint of a smile on her pretty face.

Michelle smiled broadly and started to clap. They all began and the noise in the room woke the two immediately. Cherry looked up and saw Aleka’s smiling face and she actually blushed. The girl who was never embarrassed turned beet red. Rashad, Chris and Jamal started high-fiving each other and hooting and hollering.

“It’s fucking well about time,” Chris boomed. “This is a good fucking day.”

“You can say that again,” Diane smiled.

“Mark, I was starting to worry about you man,” Rashad laughed. “I’ve always trusted your judgment but this never made sense to any of us. Thank God, you’re back.”

Mark looked at Cherry and they both began to laugh. She buried her face in his chest and then looked up at his smiling face and kissed him deeply.

There was a knock on the door and Michelle went to let room service in. “Breakfast is here. Give the lovebirds a few minutes. Who needs coffee?”

“Good morning darling,” Cherry purred as she kissed him softly.

“Good morning to you. Last night was…”

Cherry put her finger to his lip. “Last night was simply the beginning Mr. Banner. Just the most wonderful and sweet beginning.”

They threw on their robes and made a beeline for the coffee pot.

The next few days were going to be rather busy.

Aleka had arranged several tours including the Kilauea Volcano, the Atlantis Submarine Oahu tour, Waimea Bay with some of the world’s biggest waves and world-class surfers.

They visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial.

They saw sandy beaches, beautiful bays, unspoiled forest trails, and quaint Hawaiian towns. They walked on black lava beaches, and took a helicopter to see Mauna Kea, the tallest snow capped mountain in the Pacific.

They swam in the lush lagoons and made love under tropical waterfalls. Overall, it was a lovely vacation but one that had to end.

Everyone packed and headed to the limos. Mark decided that he’d fly everyone home. Aleka was beginning a new film so they would drop her off in LA on the way through. Lori was heading to Las Vegas, as was Cherry. Diane was going through to New York to do a photo shoot. Rashad, Jamal and Chris had different destinations and they had no rush to get home.

Cherry and Mark had been inseparable since that wonderful evening. They walked hand in hand, arm in arm and thoroughly enjoyed every minute they had together.

Jack and Tom had the plane ready and waiting for boarding as they arrived at the airport. When the luggage was stowed, the plane hit the taxiway heading back to the mainland. Cherry smiled and couldn’t help but think that this truly was the only way to fly. Take off was fast Onwin and smooth.

The intercom chimed and tom was heard, “Welcome and thank you for flying Climax Airways. We will be flying at 32,000 feet at a speed of 600 miles per hour. No one, I repeat, no one will get off this jet until every one of us gets off at least once. If you are not a member of the Mile High Club, you will be by the time we get back to the mainland. I repeat, each of us. That includes the two cocksuckers flying this piece of tin. Sit back, get naked and enjoy your flight.”

The entire plane erupted in laughter.

“They let those two fly fighter jets?” Rashad yelled to Mark.

“So they tell me. I’m just not too sure which Air Force they flew for.”

The intercom chimed again, “We’ll have you know, we flew for the Royal Botswana Reserve Air Farce…oh I meant Air Force. That is where we learned to love big black cock too. Sorry ladies, you aren’t the only ones on this flight who loves chocolate. So get up here and feed your pilots.”

Chris took his shoe off and threw it at the cabin door. “In your fucking dreams white boys!”

“I’ve never had so much fun in my entire life Mark, I mean that. This has been the best of the best. Thank you so much,” Cherry said as she kissed him deeply.

The intercom chimed in once more, “Attention you horny fucks, they’re at it again.”

“How the hell…?” Cherry laughed.

“In-flight video of the cabin. They can see what is happening back here. They do make long flights interesting,” Mark smiled.

The intercom chimed one more time. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we heard that. Someone has to get this show on the road.” The cabin stereo came on full blast and Baditude began to blare.

Cherry just couldn’t help herself. She kissed Mark and began to dance. It didn’t take long before she had everyone naked and she headed into the cockpit.

Michelle looked at Mark and he was laughing hard and nodding his head. Michelle walked over and hit a switch and a wall panel slid away. She flipped a switch inside and the cockpit came up on the flat screen TV’s in the cabin.

“They have no idea Mark had this installed. This should be good,” Michelle laughed.

Cherry danced into the cockpit, grabbed Jack’s face, and shoved it between her breasts. There was loud hollering from the cabin as she wiggled her ass onto Tom’s shoulder. He flipped a switch and put the plane on autopilot. He turned in his seat and began to kiss her ass while Cherry was stripping Jack’s uniform from his body. She stood him up and dropped his slacks. Jack kicked off his shoes, socks and slacks. He stood naked in front of Cherry’s sculptured tits as they caressed his quickly standing cock.

Tom stood and lost his uniform quickly. Cherry’s tits were caressing Jack’s hard cock. She held them tight and he began to tit-fuck her. Tom’s cock slid between her cheeks; he entered her, thrusting wildly. Little did they know they were being broadcast throughout the entire cabin?

Cherry took Jack’s cock and began to lick the head wetly. Her mouth closed over him and she swallowed him completely. He drove his cock into her wet mouth and she began to suck him noisily. Tom was fucking her hard and fast. She felt her body give way and she began to cum. Tom was pounding her pussy and Jack was deep in her throat. Cherry was cumming and soon, both pilots began to feel the deep sensations that were boiling up in their balls.

Tom dug his hands onto her hips and started fiercely slamming his cock into her clenched, wet cunt. His legs began to shake and he felt the cum begin to flow. His hips became a blur and his balls rose. His cock spit spurt after spurt of his hot sweet cum that flooded her spasming pussy deeply.

Jack’s cock loved her sweet, wet mouth and as he began to cum, Cherry sucked him hard, pulling every drop of cum from his strong loins. He tasted fresh, sweet and salty as she swallowed every drop.

Cherry kissed both and danced back into the cabin. There were hoots and hollers as she returned. Everyone was pointing at the TV and saw Jack take Tom in his mouth and lick his cock clean. Cherry looked at Mark who, by this time, had lost his cock somewhere in Diane’s sweet dark face. Cherry saw the laughter in his eyes and she leaned over and kissed him.

“Suck him good darling. Just leave some of him for me, it is a long flight home,” she cooed to Diane. She looked around and everyone was doing everyone.

Aleka was riding Jamal’s heavy cock and she shouted to Cherry, “I just joined the club. I can finally say I am a member, yippee.”

Cherry sat down and kissed Mark deeply while Diane continued to slide his long, white cock past her deep brown lips. Her angelic face atop her drop-dead gorgeous body looked as perfect as possible while she took him into her mouth. Mark’s cock appeared and disappeared quickly as Diane loved him fully and deeply.

Mark held Cherry and their lips felt wonderful as they kissed softly. He held her, touched her and kissed her passionately. Onwin Giriş Diane climbed on Mark’s lap and slid him into her screaming hot twat. Diane turned and kissed Cherry and then Mark. Cherry leaned over, took her breast in her mouth, and began to lick her nipple softly. Mark took the other in his mouth and did the same thing. Diane began to ride Mark’s cock wildly. Cherry dropped her hand onto Diane’s hard clit and began to flick it as she fucked Mark passionately.

The sound of Lori gurgling an undetermined load of cum down her throat spiked Diane’s hungry pussy into a rhythm that was insanely intense. Her slender hips began to grind onto Mark furiously. Her perfect ass was circling his cock and her moans became loud. Cherry bit her nipple and apparently, so did Mark.

Diane started to flood Mark’s cock with an lovely flow of passion. She pushed her tits into their lips and came again. Her pussy felt like an inferno. Mark grabbed her hips with his strong hands. He arched his back and licked her nipple as he came into this gorgeous ebony woman. Her pussy grabbed his spurting cock and she held him tight. Every spurt flooded her womb with his desire. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Her body was coming and her spasms were milking him totally. She kissed him, she kissed Cherry and she sat on him while he softened inside her.

“You have one fucking hell of a man Cherry. Ohmigod girl, you are so lucky.” Her pussy came one last time and she gripped his firm but softening cock greedily, not wanting to let it go.

She lifted herself from his cock and Cherry turned her around and sat her on the seat. She knelt and lifted her legs wide. Cherry wanted that prize and she began to lick Mark’s cum from Diane’s hot pussy. Mark had delivered a lovely load and Cherry’s tongue began to lick every part of her pussy and deep into her suede shaft.

Diane was kissing Mark while he caressed her beautiful breasts. Cherry’s tongue dug deeply, licking and sucking Mark’s cream from Diane’s precious pussy. Cherry began to lick her lovely clit and Diane began to cum. Cherry dropped her lips and sucked his cum from her pussy. She licked her clit again causing Diane to begin to cum repeatedly. Cherry loved it and she licked and sucked until Diane was devoid of Mark’s sweet cum.

The intercom chimed and singing was heard, “Da da, da da dat, dat, Ohhhhhh, I’m flying in the nude, being blown by a dude, yippee, yippee, yippee, kai, eh.”

“Did we ever drug test those two Bozos,” Mark tried to yell but he was laughing too hard.

“You told me to get pilots, you never said one fucking thing about them being sane,” Michelle burst out laughing.

Mark picked up the intercom phone. “Get your naked butts out her right now.”

The cockpit door opened and two grinning men sporting hardons walked out of the cabin. Mark waved them over. He turned them around and hit the remote control. Their antics had been recorded and he replayed the entire scenes for them.

Everyone was laughing and giggling including Cherry, even though her antics were on that screen as well.

“Hey boss, were on vacation too. What can we tell you?”

“White cock, I want more white cock!” yelled Lori.

“Me too,” giggled Diane.

“Good, go for it girls, I want all the black cock I can get,” smirked Michelle.

Mark grabbed Cherry by the hand and walked her into the cockpit. He sat down and motioned for her to sit in the other pilots’ chair. He grabbed the yoke and took the plane off autopilot.

“Do you know how to fly this thing?” Cherry asked.

“I sure do. I’ve been flying almost as long as I have been driving. Do you want to fly the plane dear?”

“You’re insane Mr. Banner. You’re fucking insane. You want to die?”

“It’s not hard hon, this is a Gulfstream. Just take the yoke and hold it level.” He pointed to the horizon bubble and explained that she had to keep the wings level by keeping them on the horizon line.

Cherry did and was in awe of the fact that she was flying the plane and not only that; she was flying the plane in the nude. Mark saw that she was doing fine and he stood up and walked out of the cockpit and into the cabin. The plane lurched as she turned to see where the hell he was going.

He walked into the cabin and the shocked looks on both pilots faces was priceless. They knew they were not on autopilot. They also knew Cherry was flying the plane.

Mark walked to the bar, poured two Snakebites and walked back into the cockpit. Michelle turned up the cockpit audio quickly.

“You ever do that to me again and I’ll bite your dick right off. What were you thinking? I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Mark bent over and kissed her. The plane lurched again. He handed her the drink and started to lick her nipple. The plane was lurching. Cherry was over correcting the plane almost losing control.

The cabin intercom came on in the cockpit and Rashad’s voice was heard over the intercom. “We apologize for the turbulence Onwin Güncel Giriş but that is what you get when three huge black cocks come in Michelle’s pussy, ass and throat at once! If we promise to take it easy on her, do you think it will be a smoother flight?”

Cherry picked up the microphone, “Bitch, that’s my job!”

“Not anymore my lovely, I’m claiming them for myself. I love black cock…Oh I definitely do! More boys, Michelle wants more!”

“Guess you’re stuck with me, huh?” Mark smiled at the sexiest butt naked pilot he had ever seen.

Cherry’s eyes were bright, her smile wide and her heart was pounding as she looked at this wonderful man. “Only if you’re happy being stuck with me.”

Jack and Tom came back into the cockpit. Jack looked at their coordinates and said, “We have two hours before we land in LA boss.”

Mark took Cherry’s hand, left the cockpit, and headed to the bedroom. On the way, he refreshed their drinks and smiled at the naked sexual Olympics going on in the cabin.

It was like a scene from Airplane as they walked past Michelle who was wide-eyed and grinning, “Cock, black cock, Oh fuck! I’m addicted, I am definitely addicted.”

Mark and Cherry burst out laughing and closed the door.

Cherry turned into Mark’s arms as the door closed. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She pushed him against the wall and sank to her knees. Her tiny hand took his strong cock and held it tight to his stomach and she began to lick and suck his substantial balls. Her wet mouth worked magic and she rolled his ball in her tongue. Cherry used one slender finger and softly caressed the underside of his cock as her lips and tongue teased his balls.

Her tongue began to travel and she rose along that soft highway slowly and sensuously. Her hot, wet lips loved the velvet smoothness as she traveled to the top of the road. She licked the ridge at the top and swirled her tongue deliciously around the crown. The crown jewel, large, clear and so slippery sat atop and Cherry would not be denied. Her lips closed over that precious gem and the sweet taste coated her lips and tongue completely.

She released her finger from the tip and looked into Mark’s blue eyes. He went to move and she shoved him back into the bulkhead hard once again. She wanted him to do nothing but enjoy. Her eyes were locked with his and he watched as her tender lips curled over the broad tip of his cock. He felt the wonderful love as he slid into her warm mouth.

Cherry wanted to please her man completely. Her face slid onto his hard shaft and she licked and sucked him with abandon. She felt every bit of his wonderful cock and it thrilled her beyond comprehension. Her tongue teased him and she wanted to taste every drop of his being as her motions increased. She filled her mouth with his meat and felt him at the entrance to her throat. She pushed forward and he filled her completely. She loved the sensations as she moved him in and out of her tight throat.

Her pussy was flowing freely as she looked up into his smiling face. She began to suck and he began to quake. His stomach flattened tightly and his legs began to quiver. His balls began to rise and she felt him swell in her mouth. Her lips felt him fill and he fought the flow but she was relentless.

Mark sighed and the rushing torrent of his hot, sweet cum began to scream through his shaft and into her mouth. He was pumping her mouth and she was licking and swallowing him completely. Her fingers traveled up his body. She began to tweak his nipples as his cock unloaded his cum into her sweet lips. She coaxed more cum, sucking furiously and relishing the sweet taste and power of his massive orgasm. Her tongue stroked him, teased him and loved him completely.

Cherry cleaned him and dragged his gasping body to the bed. She threw him down and climbed on top. His hard shaft stood tall as she lowered her body onto him. Mark felt her sweet wet walls as her pussy inhaled his cock. He watched as her magnificent body began to grind deliciously. She felt so warm and surprisingly tight considering the sexual antics she had participated in over the last ten days. Her perfect breasts rose and fell and her long black hair brushed her jeweled nipples perfectly. Mark ran his hands along the sides of her tender body. He felt himself tear up at the vision of perfection he saw before him. Cherry was perfect, lovely and the best thing to come into his life.

She leaned forward and he felt her breasts on his flesh. Her hands held his face while she kissed him tenderly. Her body craved him and commanded him to love her and to own her heart. Her face nestled against his cheek. Her hips rode him sweetly and lovingly. She felt his hands holding her ass as he filled her lovingly. Cherry kissed Mark’s neck; her breath was warm and tantalizing. He stroked into her deeper and she moaned loudly. His pace quickened and he felt her grip him stronger. She held onto his cock with each successive thrust never wanting to let it go.

Their lips met as his strokes became harder and faster. He slid deeper and quicker. She inhaled as her body began to tense. His hips rose to meet hers and their burning passions exploded as wave after wave of total bliss washed over them.

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