Chris , Denise (Denise’s Revenge)


“Oh Amy your ass is sooooo tight, my cock can barely get in there. Oh yeah, look at it go in,” Chris moaned as he took his big cock and shoved in Amy’s asshole.

Amy was beyond drunk and Chris had taken advantage of that and got her in bed. He slide his 8 inch cock right in her asshole as all Amy was doing was lying there and not really aware of what was going on.

She then woke up a bit. “Oh yeah Chris fuck me baby, fuck my ass,” Amy cried as Chris pulled out and shot a creamy load all over ass.

Chris jerked out the last few drops and let his dick free and moved away. He got a towel and wiped the sweat off his back.

“Oh Amy that was fantastic. Denise never lets me do her ass. And yours was so tight…so good” Chris leaned over and gave Amy a kiss before he picked up his clothes and left.

3 days later

Denise pulled into her driveway and got out of the car.

“So Denise how was your trip?” Amy asked as she opened the truck out and got Denise’s suitcase.

“It was ok. I mean I am so damn horny I was thinking of him the whole time I was out there. I bet he missed me a lot. At least he better have,” Denise said with a hearty laugh as they went into her house.

Denise put her bags down and kicked off her sandals and went in and poured herself a drink. She sat down on the couch and Amy followed her on it. She knew she had to tell Denise what went on between her and Chris; she just had too.

“Denise I got something to tell you…it is hard for me, but I want you to know…okay?” Amy gulped and bent her head down.

“Okay Amy what is it? Me and you have been friends for years. It can’t be anything bad,” Denise said as she sipped on her drink.

Amy tried for some way to say it peacefully…then, not knowing how to handle it, she just blurted it out, “CHRIS AND I SLEPT TOGETHER,” Amy yelled as she moved away.

Denise just sat there letting it sink in.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was only seconds, Denise growled, “Where…and when?”

“At my house. We were drinking and well I got a bit drunk and then next think I know he is fucking my ass and, oh Denise I am so sorry,” Amy purred almost in tears.

“That little cheating son of a bitch,” Denise growled, throwing down her drink.

She picked up the phone, and then had a better idea. She grabbed a book and flipped through it till she came to a number. Quickly dialing it, she explained what she wanted done. The party on the other line was more than happy to help Denise out.

“Amy I am not mad at you. It is Chris I am pissed at and I got a little surprise for him…and you are gonna help…okay?” Denise said and Amy nodded nervously. “Come on we are going out to get something.” Denise grabbed her keys and off they went.

Later that night

“Oh Chris I can’t wait to have sex with you tonight. Yes, come over right now okay?” Denise purred as she got up and hung the phone up and waited for Chris. She walked around checking, to make sure that everything was in place.

She was sure that this was going to be a night neither she nor Chris would ever forget. About 10 minutes later she heard Chris open the door.

“IÕm up here, Chris,” Denise cried out.

She heard him come up the steps and then he walked into her room. He looked at Denise, up and down, and he liked what he saw. She was clad only in a small black pair bikini bottoms and top and black high heels. ÔShe looks hot,Õ Chris said to himself as he went over to Denise and kissed her deeply.

“I missed you so much, Denise,” Chris purred in between kisses.

“So I heard,” Denise said as she moved her hands up his back and began to rub him.

Then she began to undress him as they kissed. She pulled his shirt up as she began to kiss his nipples and he shivered.

“IÕve got a surprise for you tonight Chris…a very special surprise just for you…cause you deserve it. I mean a whole week without Denise and sex…we can’t have that now can we?” Denise purred as she unbuckled his jeans and slid them down and began to rub his cock through his underwear.

She bahis firmaları quickly pulled the underwear down and began to suck his cock. She looked up as she deep throated the entire 8 inches as she took the cock all the way back to the base of her throat and then licked his balls. She then had him lie down on the bed. Then she turned him over and began to lick his ass. Little flicks with her tongue getting his ass nice and wet. She then went and got out some handcuffs and slowly spread Chris’s legs and put the handcuffs around his ankles, but not locking them as she continued to rub his balls and hard cock.

“Mmmmm nice and big the way I remember him,” Denise groaned. “Chris I’m so wet. Oh, that tongue…ohhhh that tongue of yours…I need it on my pussy,” Denise moaned as she slid up.

Then she whispered, “DonÕt move a muscle Chris,” as she slid into place and Chris began to kiss her crotch through the bikini panties.

“Ohhh yeah lick the fabric, lick my wet crotch through my bikini,” Denise moaned as she spread her legs wide.

“Mmmm, Chris, itÕs time for your surprise,” Denise moaned as she took a finger and motioned somebody forward. Amy came out from the shadows and kneeled down and quickly hooked both handcuffs on Chris’s ankles.

As he tried to turn around Denise snarled and grabbed his head, pushing it harder between her legs. “Don’t you stop licking my pussy, you fucker!”

Amy then stood up. She had on a strap-on dildo and was sliding some oil on it as she prepared to ram Chris with it.

“This will teach you to cheat on me…Amy give it to him,” Denise purred.

She watched as Amy got behind Chris and rubbed his hole and when she got to his hole she began to push.

“You cheating motherfucker take it baby,” Amy cried as the head disappeared. “Relax your ass Chris,” she added as she watched it go in.

Denise had a hold of his head so all he could do was continue to lick her pussy through the panties. Amy had to hold onto the dildo as Chris’s ass was tight and it wouldn’t go in.

“You little cheating bastard…you got Amy’s ass…well now she got yours!” Denise said as Amy raised up and in the dildo went.

“Ooooooohhhh Denise he is taking it…Oh yeah Chris, just like you got my ass I got yours…take it take it baby just like you gave it to me. I’m giving it to you,” Amy purred as she slipped the dildo out.

“You two-timing bastard! Give it to him, put it back in and fuck him, Amy!” Denise yelled as she watched Amy slide the dildo back in.

This time it went right back in. “Ohhhhh Denise his ass is taking it…oh just like mine,” Amy purred.

“Cheatin’ bastard deserves this doesn’t he Amy?” Denise snarled as she lifted Chris’s head up and nodded up and down for him.

Amy was thrusting the dildo back and forth. It was about half way in. When she began to go faster the ass opened more and then the dildo slid all the way in.

“Ohhhhh now this is neat. Now I know what it feels like to fuck, and Chris knows what it is like to receive,” Amy whispered in Chris’s ear as she began to fuck him with hard, mean thrusts.

The dildo went all the way in and all the way out as Chris was forced to continue to eat Denise out while Amy fucked him. Amy pulled the dildo out and rubbed her finger around the asshole a bit before plunging it right back in. It was a neat feeling for Amy. She didn’t think she was going to like doing this, but boy was this turning her on. In and out she fucked Chris as she just kept looking at Denise who had this huge smile on her face as she spread Chris’s cheeks with her hands as Amy continued to ram him good and hard, her plastic balls hitting Chris’s.

“Okay, that is enough pleasure for him!” Denise said, as Amy slide out of him.

Amy walked over to Denise and Denise grabbed the cock and slid it in Chris’s mouth.

“Clean it slaveboy,” Denise demanded as Chris opened his mouth and began to suck on it. “Oh yeah suck that cock as well as you take it,” Denise giggled as she watched Chris gag on it as he tried to take it all in his mouth. “Oh poor Chris. You can’t suck kaçak iddaa it, huh…Well, I can deep throat it, and Amy can too, and you sure got your cock in Amy’s ass okay…poor little man,” Denise teased as she pulled the dildo out of his mouth and then unhooked his handcuffs.

“Lets put him in the closet” Denise said as they walked him to the closet and locked the door. The door had a window so Chris could see as clear as day but he had no idea what was up. Denise left the room for a second as Amy stroked the plastic cock and when she came back she had her old ex boyfriend: Rich with her!!!!!!!

Denise walked over to Chris. “Oh damn these heels need to come off as she lifted a foot up so Chris could see and she took off the heel revealing a very dirty foot. Soon the other heel was off and Denise was barefoot.

“Shame youÕre in that closet..Otherwise you could clean my feet,” Denise teased as she walked away lifting a foot up as she laid on the edge of the bed and leaned over and began to suck Rich’s cock with her feet in the air showing off the dirty soles. Amy leaned over and pointed at them and began to rub her soles as Denise took Rich’s cock and began to suck on it hard as she took the entire shaft right in her mouth.

Chris just stood there with this unholy look as he was hard, horny and boy did he want those feet. Amy then began to kiss up Denise’s legs until she reached her butt. She looked over at Chris and pointed at Denise’s well-rounded ass, then spread the cheeks wide and began to rim his girlfriendÕs asshole.

Amy got her tongue in deep as she spit and licked at the hole getting it nice and wet. She unhooked her strap-on and kicked off her heels as well, revealing another pair of dirty feet as she wiggled her toes. She moved in and began to lick Denise deep. In and out her tongue jammed into Denise’s ass as Denise continued to suck Rich’s cock. Finally she pulled off of him and he went and spread her legs and began to eat her out. Chris watched as his girlfriendÕs legs were spread wide and some guy was licking her pussy like no tomorrow.

“Ohhhh Rich yeah lick my pussy…oh it feels soooo good!” Denise purred as Amy walked over to Chris.

“Denise told me how much you like bare feet so we took a walk today…can’t you tell?” Amy teased as she lifted up a foot and rubbed it up and down. “They hurt and they are dirty and need to be cleaned, huh Chris?” Amy said as she walked away laughing.

Amy got on the bed and rubbed Rich’s back as she leaned over and watched him lick Denise’s pussy like a man who just got out of jail.

“Now baby…gonna cum!” Denise screamed as she let loose with a wicked orgasm that flooded Rich’s face and mouth. “Oh baby,” Denise leaned up and kissed him. “You ate my pussy so well you deserve a reward,” she added as she turned around and offered Rich her asshole.

Amy got underneath and began to eat Denise out. Chris watched as Rich got his cock and slid it right in Denise’s ass. An ass she would never let him fuck, but here he was watching his girlfriend get fucked in the ass by another guy!!!!

Amy began to eat Denise and she saw Denise’s ass open as the cock went into it. It was a tight fit, but the cock was in.

“Oh yeah Rich fuck my ass…fill me up fuck me make it hurt baby,” Denise cried as the cock reached the depths.

When it was in all the way he then began to fuck her. She felt like she was getting split in two as he rammed his big cock into her small asshole. Amy found Denise’s clit and she locked on it with her mouth. The combo was too much for Denise to handle and she let loose with another orgasm, this time flooding Amy’s mouth as her cum dripped on the bed and within her friendÕs mouth.

Amy licked her lips as she slid out from under Denise and got behind Rich who was pumping Denise pretty damn good. Amy rubbed his balls as she went under and flicked on his asshole.

“Oh I’m gonna cum” Rich cried as Amy quickly pulled the cock out of the asshole and opened her mouth just in time to receive the first blast of cum as it hit her throat. She reached up and jerked the cock fiercely kaçak bahis as the cum continued to fill her mouth with white-hot sticky stuff. Rich looked down as Amy continued to suck up his jizz as she jerked the last few drops as it dripped in her mouth. She deep throated the cock one last time and then finally, pushed him away.

Amy kept her mouth shut as Denise thanked Rich and kissed him while he got dressed and then left. Amy walked over near Chris as Denise laid down right in front of the closet and opened her mouth. Amy got on her knees and opened her mouth and the cum fell from Amy’s mouth right into Denise’s mouth and tongue.

She quickly gulped down the cum and swallowed it right down as her and Amy kissed and played swap with the cum. Denise licked the rest of the cum off Amy’s lips and then they finally opened the door and let Chris out.

“You learn your lesson Chris…don’t ever cheat on me again or else you will never see me again…you understand?” Denise said as she grabbed Chris by the hair and he nodded yes.

“Good. Now get out your cock and jerk him…I know you need to cum…Me and Amy will help,” Denise said as she and Amy laid down on the bed, stomachs first. “Chris now you stay right there, if you can shoot on my feet or Amy’s you can clean them. Otherwise, we use the bathtub to clean them,” Denise laughed as she wiggled her toes.

Chris began to jerk his hard cock, as four very dirty feet were just about two feet from him. Denise rubbed her soles and in between her toes as Chris buckled and let loose with a stream of cum that missed her feet and landed all over her floor. Chris tried in vain to hit the girlÕs feet to no luck. Denise and Amy turned around and inspected the damage.

“Ooohhhh poor Chris, No cum on our feet that means you don’t get to lick them,” Denise said as she leaned over and slipped back on her heels and Amy went over and put her heels on as well. “Well my stomach, as well as Amy’s, is full so it looks like youÕre cleaning this shit up slaveboy.”

As Denise strutted over in her five-inch heels she had Chris down on his knees. “Now lick up your mess…NOW SLAVEBOY…LICK UP YOUR CUM CHRIS!” Denise screamed, as he had no choice but to lick it up.

She and Amy, inches from him, watched open mouthed in disbelief as he sucked up his cum and swallowed it.

“Oooooooo god look at him go…keep going slaveboy…lick up every drop,” Denise purred.

She and Amy could not believe he was really licking up his own cum. Amy scooped some on her finger and put her finger in his mouth and he licked it right off. Denise then decided Chris had enough.

“Finish licking it up and we are all even, and I forgive you Chris,” Denise said as she watched the last few drops go down his throat. “MMMMMM you looked so hot licking up your cum Chris…turned me and Amy on,” she added, as Amy stood up in her heels.

Denise pushed Chris down. “You know we are even, but I owe you so…” she said as Amy squatted over Chris and pissed all over his legs and penis.

“You little cheater…you ever do it again I will cut this off,” Denise said as she jerked on his cock. “Do we understand each other?” Denise screamed at Chris.

“Yes,” he said weakly.

“Good and now this will seal the deal so to speak,” Denise said as she squatted right over Chris’s lips and Amy pinched his nose as he was forced to open his mouth and Denise placed her pussy lips right over his mouth and then moved up one inch so Amy could watch. She looked down as well. A few seconds later a warm, hot stream of piss exited Denise’s pussy and into Chris’s mouth.

“Swallow my piss you cheatin’ bastard,” Denise giggled as the warm spray filled Chris’s mouth and he gulped it down. Wave after wave of hot piss flowed into his mouth, lips and down the throat as Amy looked on.

Amy was fascinated by Chris’s foot fetish, but this was taking the cake. Finally the piss came out in spurts.

“Mmmmmmmm now we are even,” Denise said as she had Chris kiss her and Amy’s high heels one last time before they walked in the bathroom, stepped in the tub and both winked at Chris as they took the nozzle and cleaned off all the dirt off their feet. Chris looked on in agony.

Chris was sent home and the subject of him cheating was never brought up again.

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