Class Reunion


My hand is firm on the back of your neck. The chilly fall rain licks against the panes, as your hard nipples press into the glass of the elevator wall.

Your head turns to the side and your ear picks up the sounds of the party below. Your breath fogs the glass as you pant.

You try to turn to look back, but I press you forward. This is my show, and the puppet dances only when her string is pulled.

“Ass out.”

You widen our stance, thrusting your hips backward. Your hands reach behind you to hike up your skirt.

“Show me the plug.”

You pull your lacy panties aside to reveal the black rubber nub protruding from your asshole.

With a low growl I grab the panties and rip them, the material biting cruelly into your tender cleft before the cloth tears.

You close your eyes, your pulse quickening as you hear someone pressing the elevator button repeatedly. The EMERGENCY STOP button is depressed. The doors won’t open unless I want them to. Yet you shudder as you wonder whether this show is just for me, or I’m going to let your secret out.

After all, what would people think? You can imagine the comments the bitchy ex-cheerleaders would make to their ex-athlete never-will-be husbands, “Guess who I saw at the class reunion? You remember her… kinda quiet. Always sat in middle of class. She was in a club or something. Anyway…we caught her naked in the elevator and some guy was fucking her!”

You’re not sure if it’s that thought or my fingers tapping on the plug in your ass that makes you moan slightly.

We’ve played with your ass before, mostly with fingers and slim toys. It isn’t like this is the first time I’ve taken your ass…tonight however I wanted to test your limits, so following my instructions you slid a black rubberized plug in, with a small screw cap on the end. You were curious about its function — perhaps you could fill it with hot water? Or cold — the mere bahis firmaları thought of an ice dildo in your ass making you shiver uneasily.

The small cap makes a loud echo as it drops to the floor of the elevator. My jacket rustles and you watch my ghost in the mirror remove a small hose. It looks like vaguely like a blood pressure cuff.

A moment later your eyes widen as you realize what is inside you.

“Sir…?” you begin to inquire as the plug in your ass wiggles as I fasten the nozzle.

“Yes, slut?”

“Are you…” you falter.

“…are you going to make that plug inflate in my ass?”

“No…” I chuckle dryly and you breathe a sigh of relief.

“YOU are.”

Your legs tremble and your eyes pinch shut. You let out a soft whimper and clap your fingers to your palm with your free hand.

“Give it to me…”

When I don’t respond, you correct yourself.

“Please. Sirrr.” you request with a tinge of sarcasm.

I drop place the rubber bulb in your hand and wrap your fingers around it, noting how beautifully you’ve manicured your nails. No detail left unattended — trimmed pussy, perfect fingers and toes, prim prom dress on the outside, three-beer slut panties underneath. You always seem to know just the right balance of submission and defiance to make me sated yet hungry for more.

My throbbing cock finds the entrance to your pussy. I rest the tip against your lips where it throbs hotly. A rivulet of pre-cum trickles from the tip to join with your wetness… the river of my lust running to your sea.

My hand is firm against the back of your neck as my fingers curl into your hip. I ease forward, sliding deep into you, gliding through your rippling core until I feel your soft lips gently touch the base of my shaft.

Your fingers twitch and the glass fogs with your breath. I hold you still, enjoying the feeling of my cock floating free inside you.

Knocking kaçak iddaa on the elevator door brings me back to the moment.

“You sure love my pussy, don’t you?” you whisper, knowing the answer.

“It’s not just your pussy.” I smirk, giving the bulb in your hand a squeeze.

You gasp and swat at me with your hand.

“Very funny. Now are you going to fuck me or what?” You taunt.

I growl my response, and grab your hair.

Pistoning my hips I slam into you hard, yanking your head back with each stroke. Each time I slide home, I squeeze the ball inflating the plug a fraction. By the third stroke you need no coaching. You begin to pump in time with my thrusts.

You groan with each thrust, your wetness beginning to overflow as your nipples bang and flatten against the glass walls. The plug in your ass is starting to feel large now. Originally it felt like just a finger. Then two fingers. Then four.

Your breathing quickens as you feel warmth spreading down from your stomach. Blood flowing from your torso to your abdomen, your body diverting resources to where they are most wanted. Your thighs tremble and your hips begin to roll.

You can feel your orgasm building…

Each pump stretching your asshole a bit wider…

Each stroke of my cock plowing your pussy a little deeper…

Climbing the rungs frantically to the top of the ladder before you…


Your legs give out as you squeeze the pump hard, your ass burning as your pussy contracts. You wail against the glass and pound it with your fist… your stretched ass and roiling cunt the epicenter of your quaking body.

My strong arms wrap around your waist catching you, holding you as you ride the lightning.

Leaning back heavily, you turn to look at me with bleary eyes.

I unscrew the cap on the plug, causing it to deflate with a soft sigh. It sounds disappointed, reluctant to give kaçak bahis up the task of gaping your ass.

My hand covers your pussy, squeezing it possessively. I slide my middle and ring fingers inside, wiggling them slowly to feel your wetness.

You sigh contently before biting your lip as my cock slides into your poor, abused hole. You spread your legs wide to accommodate the intrusion. I tug your hips upward and kick your feet together, growling as I feel your ass tighten.

My free hand wraps around your throat, restricting your air. You gasp and shudder as I use your cunt as a handle to pull you back and forth, impaling you on my steely shaft. My pace increases again as your ass struggles to accommodate my thrusts. The coarse friction rubs your dainty clit against my fingers.

Fireflies dance at the edge of your vision as I explode into you… hot jets of cum spraying deep inside. You gasp and claw at my wrist, trying to loosen my hold. I relax my grip enough to turn your head so my tongue can stab at yours as my seed fills you. You pant heavily as our tongues wrestle, squeezing your ass to compliment the pulse of my throbbing cock.

Reluctantly I release you. You straighten your body, stooping to place the plug and pump in your purse. Glancing at your reflection in the mirror, you straighten your dress and adjust your makeup nonchalantly.

I zip up then glance us over satisfied that we look acceptable before releasing the emergency stop.

The door slides open to reveal a ring of clustered guests startled to see us. The bitchy ex-cheerleader leads the pack.

You smile sweetly at them, then step forward. I cough to catch your attention, glancing downward and nodding subtly to draw your attention to the cum that is starting to drip down the back of one graceful thigh.

You shake your head and smirk.

“Can’t leave a mess…” you advise the cheerleader, pausing next to her to scoop the errant seed from your leg and into your mouth before strutting past.

You’ll savor her look of shock and disgust for years… but the delicious look of hunger on her husband’s face will last forever.

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