Cockteasing Stepdaughter


My stepdaughter is a real cocktease. She must do it on purpose – I mean, she must, the things she does that get me so hot and hard, how could she not know what she does to me? And not just me. After she graduated from high school a couple of years ago she’s been working at the supermarket at the checkout line, and I’ve seen the way other men look at her, at her big, beautiful tits and pretty face, they really check out the checkout girl if you know what I mean! And you can see her little smile, she knows what she’s doing, oh yeah, she knows what she’s doing to their cocks. It’s like she wants to make sure they get a good look at what they can’t have and make them suffer thinking about what they’re missing. So you can imagine what it does to me having her still living at home, watching her traipse around in those little short skirts she likes to wear, teasing my cock so bad!

My wife Donna is so clueless. Sometimes Bethany runs around the house in just her underwear, giving me a constant hardon, and Donna doesn’t notice a thing, has no idea what that does to me, has no idea that I’ve actually tried to peek into the bathroom when Beth is in the shower or through her bedroom window. I’ve never been actually able to see anything, and I’m sure that Bethany did that on purpose, too – I manage to get just little peeks that get me even more hot and bothered, and jacking off later in frustration. And I bet she knows it. God, she drives me crazy!

Usually after dinner we watch television. Donna stretches out on the couch, and often falls asleep pretty quickly. I like to sit in the recliner chair in front of the TV. Bethany usually lies on the carpeted floor between me and the TV, sometimes with a book in front of her. If she’s wearing a skirt you can imagine what it does to me having those long, smooth legs and barely covered ass directly in my line of sight! She did it a few days ago, in fact. My eyes were glued to her, trying to see as far up her skirt as I could, and every once in a while she’d move a little, and the skirt would go a bit higher. She bent her knees and lifted her bare feet, slowly swaying them from side to side. As her skirt rose higher I could see more and more of her tight white panties and her firm, rounded ass, and I got so excited that I began to touch myself.

Then she suddenly reached around and pulled the skirt back down and straightened her legs, closing them tightly together. I had to suppress a groan of disappointment, and watched the TV program for a while. But then I noticed that her legs were moving apart slowly, bit by bit, so that once again I was able to see between them, more and more as her long legs spread wider apart. My cock was getting harder by the second as I strained to see further up her skirt. I glanced over at Donna to make sure she was asleep, then I slowly lowered the zipper on my pants and carefully pulled out my cock – it was fully erect, and I began to stroke it slowly. God, it felt so good, stroking my hard cock while looking up the skirt of that mouth-watering little tease! I kept myself on the edge of coming as I saw more of her panties become visible between her legs, just a narrow strip barely covering her sweet teenage pussy, hiding what I’ve needed to see so badly for so long, and frustrating the hell out of me as usual!

I was almost at the point of no return when she suddenly sat up on her knees and adjusted her skirt. I was just able to get my erection back in my pants and zipped back up as she got up and announced that she was going to bed. She smiled as she walked past me, and gave me a little pat on the shoulder. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know what she’s doing! God, I want to see more of this little cocktease, she drives me mad!

Later that night I masturbated in bed next to my sleeping wife, as I do so often these days. Oh, we do have sex now and then, Beylikdüzü Escort but even so it’s Bethany I’m thinking about when I’m sliding in and out, working up to orgasm, pretending it’s her sweet, tight, nineteen-year-old pussy that’s giving me this incredible pleasure as my cock bucks and writhes deep in her slippery warmth. This night I was desperate to come, but first I wanted to tease myself with the memory of looking up Bethany’s skirt. After I was sure that Donna was deeply asleep, I lowered the boxers I sleep in and reached down between my legs to lightly fondle and stroke my balls with my fingertips while I recalled staring between Bethany’s slowly opening legs. My cock began to swell, and soon it was hard and rising, aroused, needing attention. I allowed it to touch lightly against my forearm as I continued to fondle my testicles. I moaned as the ultra-sensitive underside of the head brushed against the smooth skin of my arm, but I allowed it only a brief wisp of pleasure before raising my arm just enough to be out of reach. I did this again and again, oh my God, teasing it so much, so good, so good, then the covers were down – carefully, can’t wake Donna – then both masturbating hands, one flicking and teasing all around the head, the other intensifying that wickedly seductive pleasure by gently scratching my balls, always teasing, tantalizing, holding orgasm just out of reach, making my excited cock need it so badly, tormenting it, taunting it, oh my God I love it so much!

Finally I explode helplessly into the tissue I’ve brought to bed for the purpose. The pleasure is so voluptuous, so exquisite, that I have to bury my face in my pillow to muffle my cries of ecstasy and release. And then I sleep, but I know that the torment will start all over again the next day.

Thinking of the things she’s done to me I find it impossible to believe that she’s not worrying my cock on purpose. Once when Donna was out shopping and I was reading in the living room Bethany came out of the bathroom after a shower with only a towel wrapped around her. The towel just barely covered her – it extended from about a quarter inch above the nipples of her full breasts down to an inch below her crotch. She walked into the living room where I was and chattered away about nothing in particular. I just looked at her, not knowing what to say; I knew my lips were trembling as I stared at her, but I couldn’t help it. Then the towel started to fall, and she held it up by cupping and squeezing her breasts with both hands, and kept talking as if nothing had happened. Then she walked down the hall to her bedroom, and I could see the creases of the globes of her delicious bottom just below the towel, flexing and wiggling as she walked. Just as she went into her room she whipped off the towel, so I got a very brief view of her naked body from the rear. You can guess what was going on between my legs after that!

But even if she was deliberately trying to get me excited, she would never let me see her totally naked, except for that little flash after her shower. I’d sometimes get close to seeing her tits and pussy, but it always ended with my being frustrated. It got so bad that I began trying to see her undress through her bedroom window. I’d go into her room during the day and make sure the shade was up a couple of inches so I’d be able to see her later at night. When I tried to peek she always pulled the shade all the way down – but never before she’d stripped down completely to her underwear, surely to be certain I’d suffer if I happened to be outside the window. She’d walk around for a while in her skimpy bra and tight bikini panties, and then slowly pull down the shade before she took them off.

So now here I am tonight, up late reading, waiting for Bethany to come home from a date. I heard her pull up in Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her boyfriend’s car at midnight, and they’ve been out there for about an hour. I’m trying to pay attention to my book, but I can’t concentrate – I keep thinking about what she’s doing out there with him; I’ll bet her tongue is swirling around the head of his cock, driving him wild with what I wish I could have!

She’s come in now; she looks tired, I guess it was a dance date. Must have been, since she wore what she calls her “fancy stuff”, a red dress, low-cut, tight at the waist and hips but flaring out to give her room to move around. She looks incredibly sexy in it.

She’s gone into the kitchen for a glass of milk, and now she’s back, sitting in the chair across from me with her legs crossed, licking the milk from her lips and humming to herself, probably the dance music. Now she’s putting her legs up on the ottoman – oh! – she just bent a knee, and I have a clear view up under her dress! She’s looking up at the ceiling, so I can look up her dress between her legs without her seeing where I’m looking – ohhh God, so good! Apparently the “fancy stuff” involves more than just the dress – she’s also got fancy black stockings on and a garter belt holding them up, and tight, sheer panties, like the slutty girls I used to see in old girly magazines when I was a kid. I wonder if her date got to see that, got to have his hands all over and under it – bet he did!

She got up and stretched just now, said she’s going to bed. “Would you please, Daddy?” she said as she walked up to me and turned around, and I realize that she wants help with the zipper at the back of her dress. I pull down the zipper all the way to her waist, exposing the back of her lacy brassiere. “‘Night,” she says as she goes into her bedroom.

This is the night! It just has to be! I’ve already got the shade just where I want it, and maybe she’ll be too tired to worry about it.

“Okay, I’m going to bed,” I say now, loudly enough for her to hear me. She won’t know I’ve quietly opened the front door and run around the house to her window; I’m right outside it now, and the shade is still where I set it.

She’s been walking around her room for a while, and now she’s starting to take off her clothes – mmmm, yes! – she’s just slowly pushed down her dress, and is stepping out of it. She took it over to her dresser and put it down, and now she’s walking back, still in her lacy half-bra, the sexy garter belt and black stockings, sheer panties and her heels. God, what this is doing to me! It’s driving me nuts! I need to get my cock out, I need to stroke it…

She’s walked over to the door – what’s she doing now? Oh! She’s looking at herself in the full-length mirror on the door – she’s posing! Standing sideways and lifting her breasts with her hands, squeezing them while she licks her lips into the mirror, bending over and spreading her legs, doing everything that goes along with the sexy, slutty magazines that her underwear suggests! I’ve got some of those old mags hidden in the garage – could she have seen them? Mmm, I can see her front and back, because of the mirror! Oh God, this is so good, so good to jerk off to a show she doesn’t even know she’s putting on for me!

Wait – what’s she doing now? She’s just gone back to the dresser and come back with a book – oh, it’s her photo album. She’s brought it back to her bed right next to the window, and she’s kicked off her shoes and is lying on the bed looking through it. My God, the way she’s lying there, her legs and ass toward me, so close – ohhh her panties are totally transparent in the rear, I can see her whole gorgeous ass, those sexy black stockings with the seams down the back, God, so slutty! I’m stroking hard now, so good, sooooooo fucking good! I need this so much…

Is Escort Beylikdüzü she really … touching herself? Yes, she is! She’s on her side now, with a knee bent, her legs spread apart – when she turns a page she’s caressing the insides of her thighs, sometimes tracing little circles on her pussy with a fingertip, oh you sexy little nymph, does that feel good, as good as my cock feels now being jerked as I watch a little cocktease in her own private bedroom?

She’s put the album aside now, and is sitting looking at her stockings. She must be about to take them off – yes, she’s running her hands up and down them now, feeling how smooth they are – as smooth as the warm shaft in my stroking hand! – now she’s unhooked the garters and is pushing the stockings off her legs, and the garter belt too, she takes them back to the dresser. She’s now wearing only the flimsy little half-bra that barely manages to hold her full breasts, and the sheer black panties.

She’s back at the window now, standing right in front of it, only a foot from me! The shade is raised only about six inches, so I have a clear, ultra close-up view of her below the waist but she can’t look down to see me. Her panties are so transparent, I can just make out the shape of her pretty little pussy through them, looks like she keeps herself shaved smooth, ohhhh God … damn, I hope she’s not going to pull the shade down the way she always does, please, no!

What? Is she? Yes! She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and she’s starting to pull them down, sloooooowly, one side at a time, inch by inch – mmmmm I’m ready to come, when I finally see her panties come off I won’t be able to stop from…

She just turned around and is walking away! She’s turning toward me, I can see her from head to toe now – she’s reaching behind her … I think to unhook her bra … yes, that’s it! She’s frowning, having a little trouble with the clasp, her breasts are bouncing and straining as she keeps trying, she’s almost spilling out of the bra.

Okay, she’s got it unhooked now, but she’s left the straps over her shoulders, so the bra is still loosely hanging in front of her. Ahh, she’s pulling them down her arms now, taking off the bra … but she turned around! She tossed the bra aside but her back is to me – damn! Wait … ohhhh yes, she’s pushing down her panties over her hips now, slowly swaying her ass from side to side, she’s bending down to take them off her feet and I’m almost sure that was a flash of her pussy I saw from behind between her legs. Oh God, that luscious ass!

She’s back at the mirror now, and she’s putting on a little show for herself – she’s gyrating like a little striptease whore, wiggling and caressing her hips, squeezing and massaging her breasts and ass, and rubbing her hands between her legs. Oh my God, I’m so close, so close, please, please let me see more, just a little more, your body’s blocking my view in the mirror, just turn toward me, just once … please turn around and come back to the bed, Bethany, then I’ll be able to see your naked tits and pussy, I’ll make myself come then, my cock needs it so much!

Wait – she’s, she’s standing straight, stretching her arms out and yawning, now she’s got her right arm raised and behind her head and she’s starting to turn toward me, nothing’s covering her … there, there! I’m starting to see …

What happened to the light?! No! She didn’t! Yes, she did, she flipped the wall switch with her left hand and turned out the lights! You little bitch, you little cockteasing bitch! I’ve got to get away from the window now, she might see me, got to run back inside with my cock in my hand!

All right – I’m in bed now, calmed down. Donna is asleep, totally oblivious. My erection is in my hand, inflamed, on the edge, frustrated and aching to come – one stroke is all it would take. But I don’t stroke it, not yet.

I’m outside Bethany’s bedroom now. She’s such a deep sleeper; she could sleep through a tornado. Surely gentle hands wouldn’t be enough to disturb her. Two gentle hands, for her delicious breasts and pussy, and for my patient, grateful cock.

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