Cruising with Sex Ed Pt. 04


The next day was hot as hell and fabulous. I met Allison after breakfast and we had a great day lying in the sun chatting, swimming, kissing, and some affectionate touching — nothing serious just public displays of affection. I was in heaven and loving it! Allison’s dark skin gleamed with a sheen of sweat in the sun and she wore a small white bikini which offset her skin tone perfectly with her delicious belly button piercing shining bright.

I’d told Allison about Michelle’s thing with Stacey and was relieved that she was totally on board. So after a light lunch we found some seats under a shade cloth next to Stacey.

Stacey is a lean muscular blonde with short rough-cut hair and a boyish but pretty face. She had a colourful wrap around her waist and a loose cotton tank top that allowed me glimpses of breast when she leaned forward. Allison seemed to know her quite well already and they chatted away while I listened in and thought of how Michelle has the hots for Stacey. We hadn’t really discussed a plan and now I was doubting what we could do. Asking her out of the blue whether she liked girls would be a bit rich for me.

The opportunity came when I heard them discussing boys and Allison teased Stacey about not being hooked up — she had dumped her first night date. I decided to break into the conversation; ‘Maybe Stacey is more into girls though?’.

Allison looked a bit embarrassed and looked at Stacey questioning.

‘Ermmmm well maybe, I kinda am really – I’m errr not sure but I know I’m not really porno into boys at the moment.’

Allison was thrilled: ‘Stacey that’s great and please don’t think it’s a problem or any of that shit.’

‘Thanks you guys, I guess this whole heading off to a new place and new life has got me thinking and giving me an opportunity to try things — it didn’t feel right back home with all my old friends.’

‘Yes you’re right — it’s like we can try new things without judgment, I love it!’ I said.

‘Okay well we need to find you a girlfriend then! Anyone you fancy?’ Allison was reveling in this but Stacey was hesitant now.

‘No, not really, I don’t know, I’m just thinking about it I guess.’

I of course knew exactly who she could play with.

‘Hey Stacey, what if I knew someone who I know fancies you?’

‘What? Who? Oh shit I wish I said nothing now!’

‘Look it’s up to you but I’m not kidding. At least let me set up a meet — hey we could double date and go to the film tonight!’

Allison was all for it: ‘Oh yes! Come on Stacey — it’s just a film and it would be such fun — please…’

It took a bit more persuasion and I ended up insisting it would be a blind date so she didn’t stress about meeting Michelle before the film — you tend to bump into others a lot on a ship. But we agreed to meet at the mini theatre at 7 that night. I couldn’t wait to tell Michelle!

The day went quickly with lots of teasing and touching from Allison that was driving me crazy. She would brush my crutch porno and smile, kiss me deep and put my hand on her arse, but when I cupped her crutch she pulled back and said I was being naughty — yes I was!!

We split up around 5pm to refresh and clean up in our family cabins and I was pleased mine was empty when I got there so I turned off the lights and climbed into my bunk for a wank. This was an inside cabin — larger than the outer ones but with no porthole so it is truly dark in there.

I didn’t need to do much to have a raging hard on — a day of teasing had left me horny as hell. Naked on top of my bed with the curtain closed I imagined Allison climbing in and taking me by the hand and stroking my cock. I knew she was slim and lean and I could imagine her naked breasts without the bikini though I had only glimpsed her nipples, so that gave me plenty to dream about as I stroked my cock slowly and firmly. Allison would be gripping me hard teasing me — bringing me close to coming then squeezing, maybe Michelle was there telling her how I liked it and stroking Allison’s tits. Crickey my imagination is a great place to be. Now Allison’s lips were close to my cock and she was teasing out her tongue so it almost touched my head whilst it’s now Michelle’s hand stroking me. I just know that as soon as that tongue touches me I will explode. Then I feel a hand on mine and the world gets real.

It’s too dark to see but a hand has moved mine to one side and is now firmly gripping my swollen cock; ‘Michelle what are türk porno you doing?’

The hand now strokes me slowly and she answers with a moan of delight which is enough for me to lie back down and relax. Two hands now work me; one squeezing my balls and the other stroking my cock faster. Then the finger — oh my – the finger!

One finger pushes into my arse whilst her hand squeezes my balls and the other works my cock pulling my foreskin right down and teasing me with a moment of stillness. A tongue flicks my head and swirls in circles around the rim — and then a mouth swallows my head whilst the hand continues its stroking; ‘Fuck sis I’m going to come don’t stop — please don’t stop’. Her mouth now sucks my cock hard and I feel my body tense up, my back arching and my legs tensing whilst the finger pushes in to my arse and her mouth sucks my ready cock.

The climax seems to build from deep inside, my bum thrusts up and my explosion seems to come from somewhere else altogether – this is nuclear strength stuff but all this cum is being swallowed easily – again and again mouthfuls of cum are swallowed and my cock sucked a bit more.

It takes a while for it to stop and I feel totally spent after every last drop is licked and sucked out of me. After a while I hear the curtain draw open and assume Michelle has gone into the bathroom when I hear the shower start up. After a few minutes rest to gather myself I reckon I better shower to and get ready for the 7pm date, so I turn on a light on and sit on my bunk side waiting for Michelle to finish her shower and come out. But she doesn’t.

‘Oh hello Andy’ says my Mum when she eventually comes out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel.

Holy fuck! ‘Erm…hi Mum’.

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