Discovering Jordan Pt. 04


On Sunday afternoon I bought Jordan lunch before delivering her back home. She directed me through a series of rural turns then down a long country lane. Before turning down the slushy gravel drive to her parent’s house I stopped on the side of the road, put my car in park and took Jordan’s left hand. I looked into her stunning eyes and said, “I want you to know how much this weekend has meant to me. Not just because of what we did, but because we spent it together. If this is too much please know that you can pull the plug without any hard feelings. If you never want to speak of this again I will understand but I want you to know that I’m not sorry and that your friendship means more to me than anything.”

I spat all of that out faster and more nervously than I intended to. By the end of it I was close to hyperventilating and I was staring at my hands. They seemed to have taken a death-grip on Jordan’s petite fingers.

Jordan looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Suzanne, I’ve never had a friend like you, and I’m not just talking about the sex. I feel like I can be real with you and I don’t want that to end. Having a friend ask me to her house is a special thing. I don’t want any part of this to complicate our work situation either. I know that I started all of the sexual stuff and I hope you don’t feel ambushed. If I took advantage of the situation it was not premeditated.”

The poor thing was scared that she had forced herself on me! This underscored the importance of our friendship to me. Her words were therapeutic and her maturity was showing again. A wave of affection for her washed over me. It was so vitally important for me to have her in my life.

“I don’t feel like I was ambushed, Jordan!” I said. “I feel like we shared a special experience and I was a willing participant – in case you didn’t notice. I enjoyed hanging out with you and the other stuff….neither one of us saw that coming. Honestly, you helped me discover something I have had in the back of my mind for a long time. As for our work relationship, I think we are both mature enough to handle things. I cherish the friendship we’ve built, Jordan. I’ve never had a close friend at work and I don’t want to give that up unless you think it’s absolutely necessary.”

She thought a minute and then said, “Suzanne, this was way out of character for me. Lest you think some rogue lesbian was on the prowl and hunted you down, you should know that I’ve been with only two people sexually in my entire life – three now. I was a virgin when my husband married me. After he divorced me I had sex with his little sister as an act of revenge – well, sort of. She came to my apartment to get some of her brother’s things and I recalled how she tried to drunk-kiss me at my bachelorette party. I shut her down pretty hard back then because that just wasn’t my thing but this particular day I was mad and horny, she was cute, and things just sort of happened. We met regularly for about a year after that and I will admit that I manipulated the situation so that my ex was able to ‘accidentally’ catch me sitting on his little sister’s face in his old bedroom at his parent’s house – something he never did. I seldom see her anymore but what we had is over and we are both OK with that.”

The shocked look on my face must have been funny because she giggled at me. “Suze, you are my best friend whether this continues or not. Of all the people in the world I should know better than to become involved with someone who has a mate – married or not. I kind of feel like the other woman now.”

“Hon, I can see why you would say that,” I said, “but I know Gary well enough to believe that he won’t have a problem with what we did. I would never have done this if I thought he would mind. He is important to me,” I said, looking her in the eye. “I believe he is the man I will stay married to for the rest of my life and I won’t mess that up.”

“You shouldn’t,” was her reply.

I then drove down her gravel drive in the tracks left by her dad on his way in and out of their long driveway. I put my car in park then leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Thanks for a wonderful görükle escort bayan weekend,” I said blushing.

She smiled broadly and replied, “See you tomorrow at work, Suzanne.”

Later that night Gary and I were talking on the phone near midnight as we did a couple of times each week due to his screwed-up schedule. Things were getting pretty naughty and we were both in the throes of masturbation when I once again verbalized my fantasy that a woman was eating me out while I was giving him a blow job. I described the sensations, sights and smells and both of us climaxed hard. As we slowly came down from our sexual high, we talked for another hour and I told him what had been heavy on my mind for a couple of days. I told him that Jordan spent the weekend due to the snow and that we had fooled around some.

He grew quiet and I felt like crap for springing this on him when he was 200 miles away. He asked only two questions of me. First, he asked if I had second thoughts about our long term relationship which we both thought of as exclusive and permanent. Even though he had never formally asked “the question” we both talked about the eventuality of marriage. My reply to him was that I was more determined than ever to be his mate for as long as I lived – married or not. I told him that my love for him was complete and permanent.

Then he asked what my future relationship with Jordan was going to be. I told him that Jordan was my best female friend and I hoped this would not change things too drastically. I also told him with all honesty that his opinion on the matter would determine whether I brought Jordan to our bed or if I needed to sever all ties with her – or anything in between.

That might sound odd to most people but I was (and still am) a very old-fashioned girl with strong ideas about the give-and-take of relationships. Gary was the center of my universe and my relationship with him was my main concern. I would do anything for him and I needed to know whether I had gone too far. Was he hurt by me being intimate with a woman outside of our fantasies. I assumed that he would be OK with this since it was a recurring theme of our fantasy life, but now that we stood at this crossroad I wasn’t completely sure. Gary loved me more than anyone ever had and I would have severed my intimate relationship with Jordan if Gary had wanted that. He is very discerning about social and relationship issues.

His next words spoke volumes about his love for me. “I can’t expect the two of us to fantasize about this so frequently without your curiosity being aroused enough for you to want to take that step. Our fantasies are an important part of our sex life. Suzanne, I want you to marry me and be my wife in every way for the rest of our lives. If you promise yourself to me then we’ll figure out the rest.”

“Babe, I want to marry you more than anything,” was my reply. “I have never loved a man like I love you.”

Gary said, “I know that you like the idea of bringing another woman to our bed and I may eventually consent to that if the situation is perfect but you are the only woman I ever want to be intimate with, Suzanne. I want to say that I really don’t care what you do sexually with Jordan but I worry about whether it will change our relationship. Just promise me that you won’t hide anything from me.”

I made that promise to him and just like that it was settled. I lie awake for another hour after Gary hung up thinking that my marriage proposal from him happened while we were 200 miles apart and with our own hands covered in self-pleasuring goo. Talk about old fashioned romance!

In the ensuing weeks my relationship with Gary became stronger than ever – maybe it was the heightened level of openness and trust. He was in town more frequently now and had moved much of his clothing here. I didn’t know if he was deliberately trying to be more visible to protect what he thought of as his but I did know something was different and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He treated me, as always, like a precious China doll but there was something on his mind – I knew bursa otele gelen escort it.

Gary and Jordan were at my place at the same time frequently now. Jordan slept over in the guest room a few times when Gary was in town and it was just too late for her to make the long drive home.

Gary’s protective side included Jordan, just as it did me, and it seemed like she was a little sister to him in many ways. He took to calling her “JoJo” and she had even coaxed a couple of foot rubs from him in the evenings when we were all together. He and Jordan seemed to genuinely like each other and their comfort level grew independently of that of Jordan and myself. Jordan consulted him a few times for advice on things like her car. It was Gary that suggested that Jordan be allowed to keep a wardrobe and toiletries at my townhouse for convenience. This gave me a great excuse to buy pretty clothes for her and I did quite regularly since I knew her sizes and her tastes.

One evening Jordan had consumed way too much alcohol and fell asleep in the living room while the three of us were watching a movie. I asked Gary for help putting her to bed so he picked her up and carried her to “her” room with me following closely behind. I turned down the bed and he laid her on the sheets. He kissed her on the head, kissed me on the lips so tenderly that my nipples hardened, and then left me to tuck her in. I removed everything except for her panties and brushed her messy hair from her forehead. I couldn’t resist cupping one of her breasts and giving it a gentle squeeze before covering her up, turning out the light and closing the door.

I straightened up the house while Gary locked things up then I walked into my bedroom just as Gary was turning down our bed. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me sensually, causing my crotch to throb. The bulge in the front of his jeans made it clear that he was excited about bedtime. Our kisses deepened and soon we were both standing naked, clothes strewn about, as Gary turned my back to the bed and pushed me down gently. My legs went up into the air signalling that I was more than ready and I reached between us to grasp his hard cock and guide it into me. He entered me in a single motion until he bottomed out against my cervix. I moaned loudly. God, I loved it when he filled me up!

We experienced sex Gary’s way with passionate kisses and long, powerful strokes that made my beasts bounce each time he trust himself into me. It took him about 20 minutes to work me into a powerful climax and I screamed a little louder than I intended to when it hit me. He kept going at his pace until a few minutes later when he suddenly pulled out and spewed out one of the largest loads he had ever given me. The first spurt splashed across my left nipple onto my shoulder and the rest ended up all over my abdomen and matted in my light brown landing strip.

I reached between us and grasped his cock again as it slowly deflated, loving the feel of his hot, slimy organ. I pulled gently a few times to milk the last of him and started to spin myself around to clean him properly with my mouth. I was anticipating the taste of his cum mixed with my own juices but when I started to turn around I noticed that the bedroom door was wide open. I started to giggle so Gary looked over his shoulder and noticed it too. The hallway was dark….and empty.

Gary exhaled and then collapsed on me and he made a face as he realized that he was now coated with the mess he left on me. “Oops,” I said, trying not to laugh. “Let’s go shower, babe.” He kissed me tenderly again and then wiggled himself against me, playfully smearing the goo all over both of us then we got up.

I pushed the door to the bedroom closed and heard the shower start. I climbed in behind Gary just as the water was heating up and I wrapped my arms around him, sloshing the water around on his chest and abdomen to help rinse his spent seed down the drain. After a few minutes I turned him around and sank to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth. I loved the feel of his soft cock on my tongue and I bursa escort bayan sucked a few drops out of him before standing and hugging him tightly.

He placed his right hand between my legs, cupping my sex. I knew what he wanted but it took a few seconds for me to start dribbling. Then I was able to release everything in my bladder, overflowing his hand and turning the shower floor yellow. When I finished he kissed me deeply as he squeezed my firm ass cheeks. We finished our shower by slowly soaping each other up and making sure we were thoroughly rinsed. It was somewhat sensual but mostly loving. These are the memories that last a lifetime.

I slept until almost 9am when the smell of breakfast woke me. I emptied my bladder (without help this time), ran a brush through my tangled hair and brushed my teeth before throwing on a short silk robe and making my way to the kitchen. Jordan was sitting at the counter talking to Gary and the smell of strong coffee and bacon filled the air. Jordan looked hungover but she perked up when I walked into the room with my hoo-ha barely covered.

Gary said, “Holy cow!”

Jordan quipped, “Yeah, what he said!” She seemed both shocked and embarrassed by her words and put her face in her hands. I was embarrassed for her since this was the first time any of us had acknowledged the elephant in the room. It wasn’t like we had danced around it, but physical affection or attraction between Jordan and I hadn’t been spoken of.

To lighten the mood I took a bow forward allowing my barely-contained breasts to make their presence known, then I turned around to take another bow – knowing that this short robe would not be able to cover my bare treasure underneath. In unison they both whispered, “Damn.” I knew my ass was nice but seeing my shaved honeypot on such shameless display was bound to get a reaction. The moment passed and we somehow managed to regain our composure and get on with our day.

Though Jordan didn’t live at my house permanently (she was given a key by Gary) she cooked and cleaned regularly – usually singing off-key at the top of her lungs. She was a unique spirit and I valued her company a great deal, especially those weeks when Gary was working so far away. We spent a lot more time between each other’s legs but that was not the focus of our relationship. Gary seemed happy that I had finally found a close friend, telling me that I was too much of a loner before she came along.

Despite my frequent nudging Gary made it clear more than once that he would not have sex with her under any circumstances but that my physical relationship with her was not a threat to our love. He began encouraging her to join us for dinners out on the town more often which I took as a good sign. We went to movies and on a few short day trips as a threesome. It was directly attributable to him that the three of us grew in our comfort level together.

I still longed for a threesome with the two of them but Gary stood firm. One evening when Jordan was driving me to an intense orgasm I told her that I wanted to see Gary behind her fucking her hard while she was eating me. That made me cum harder than I had in a long time. Yet another time I talked about Gary jacking himself on my breasts while she ate me and, again, I had a great orgasm. Jordan played along and even admitted that she wanted to be a part of our lovemaking someday. She didn’t know to what extent that was wanted – or even possible. Honestly, I didn’t think she was as turned on as I was over the prospect.

For the preceding two years Gary and I had rented a small house in the mountains for our end-of-summer vacation and Gary surprised me by suggested we bring Jordan with us this year. The house was owned by one of his clients and, even though it was way too large for us with 4 bedrooms and a pool, the rate we got was so good that it seemed a shame to spend more money for some tiny condo with barely enough room to move around.

About a month before the scheduled departure date Jordan and I were at lunch on a particularly slow day I asked her if she would consider vacationing with us. The surprise on her face was priceless and she must have asked a hundred times if Gary and I were sure about the invitation. I assured her that, if she wanted to go, I would work out our vacation schedules at the bank to make sure we both had the same week off work. I had the feeling that Gary had an announcement to make but honestly didn’t know what it could be.

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