Fantasy Sex Cruise 10


This is the tenth episode in a multi-part story. It is the third chapter of Linda’s cruise with Bradley. You should first read Chapter 01 up to where they get off the shuttle so you can see how these cruises started and get introduced to the characters then read Chapter 08 for the beginning of Linda’s cruise. I hope you enjoy the journey.



I awakened from one of the most restful nights of sleep I could ever remember. Yesterday had been an unusual day to say the least and the sex and the Ecstasy had combined to make me sleep very soundly. I could still feel the effects of the X but at a lower level of intensity. I was very relaxed both mentally and physically and wanted to cuddle with somebody. I looked for Bradley but he was not in the bed. I got up and headed for the bathroom where I found Bradley in the shower.

“How long have you been up?”

“Just long enough to pee and take a quick shower. I intended to come back so I could wake you up with some more cool sex.”

“You go back in the bedroom and keep thinking those thoughts. I’ll join you as soon as I pee and have a shower.”

Bradley got out of the shower and I used one of the plush towels to start drying him. When I had done his back I handed the towel to him and headed for the toilet. As I sat down I tried to remember the last time I had peed with somebody else in the room. I couldn’t recall when or even if I had done this before but it seemed perfectly natural to me now.

When I finished I headed over to the shower and got in. The warm water felt good on my skin. I poured some body wash in my hands and began to rub it on me. I massaged my tits until my nipples started to harden then moved one hand down and rubbed my naked pussy. I really liked not having any hair on it, it seemed much more sensitive to being touched. I quickly became aroused by my actions as my fingers tickled my clit and slid between the folds of my lips. I began to think of Ashley and soon felt what was becoming an increasingly familiar sensation. I rubbed my clit harder and faster until my climax hit me and spread all through me. I was so glad Bradley had pushed me to masturbate the first day. I was really surprised when I made myself cum but I was really getting into it now and was going to continue doing it.

I got out and dried off then headed back to the bedroom. Wen I got there I didn’t see Bradley so I went into the sitting room and saw him out on the veranda lying flat on his back on a lounge chair. I walked out and put my knees on the sides of his head and leaned forward to put my hands on either side of his hips. I lowered my pussy until I felt his tongue lick it then bent my head down and started licking his cock from the base to the tip.

“Your pussy smells great and tastes sweet too.”

“That may be more than the water from the shower you’re tasting. I got a little carried away in there and gave myself a nice orgasm. It made me want to have some more. OH yes, yes that feels so good. Just like that, keep doing that. OHH, Ummmh YES.”

Bradley’s tongue was deep inside my vagina, sucking and licking me while his hands spread my ass cheeks apart. I pressed my hips down on his mouth and felt his thumbs on my outer lips prying them open so he could get even deeper inside me. The more he sucked me the more my cunt seemed to soften and open to him. I loved how his saliva and my juice were making my pussy so wet.

I felt his finger on my puckered hole just before it pressed forward and crept inside my ass. “Bradley, after we get back from our shopping trip I want to spend the evening getting my ass fucked. I’m so ready for it now. The glass rod you used on me yesterday definitely changed my attitude about having something up my ass and I can’t wait until it’s your hot hard cock.”

He continued sucking my vagina and finger fucking my ass until I felt my climax approaching. “Unnnnh, Unnnnh, AAHHHHH, OH GOD BRADLEY. Yes baby you’re making me cummm!” My vagina pulsed around his tongue and my stomach and diaphragm began to spasm as I came on his mouth even harder than I had in the shower. “Jesus Bradley that felt incredible. Now I want to feel that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth. I got up and told him to stand up. I laid on my back on the lounge chair and let my head hang off one end so my mouth and throat were in a straight line.

“OK Bradley, I want you to kneel down at the end of the lounge and fuck my throat with your hard cock. I want to feel all of it deep in my throat. Keep fucking me until you shoot a big load of your sweet cream as deep in me as you can.”

He wrapped his hand around his semi-hard cock and pressed the tip against my lips. I opened my mouth to allow him access. His mushroom head slid through my lips and across my tongue pausing when about half of his cock was inside my mouth. He stroked the half that was in his hand and I felt him inflating against my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around the brown invader and began to suck on it. He pulled back and withdrew bahis firmaları all but the head and stroked it some more while I licked and sucked my tasty morsel. He slowly pushed it in and pulled it out, each time inserting a little more of his stiffening cock. Finally he let go of the shaft with his hand and pushed the entire length of his fully erect cock into my mouth.

I felt the head slide slowly into my throat. When his balls touched my nose I knew he was in me as deep as he could go. I relaxed and concentrated on breathing regularly and marveled at the feeling of his thick cock fully ensconced inside my throat. I reached one hand back and cupped his balls and began to caress them. I used my other hand to rub my clit. He held still while my mouth and hand made his cock even harder. After a minute of not moving he began to slowly withdraw and push forward so I could feel all of him entering and leaving my mouth with each stroke. I breathed in deeply when he withdrew and exhaled as he slid back inside. It felt wonderful.

We kept this up for several minutes until I could taste his precum leaking onto my tongue with each stroke. The speed of his motions increased but it was still a relaxed pace. My mouth was full of saliva, which facilitated his stroking. Each time he bottomed out in me I would squeeze his balls and massage them with my fingers.

“Linda I’m going to cum soon, do you still want me to cum deep in your throat?” All I could do to answer was moan UnnnHuhh. After a few more strokes he stopped when he was buried in me. I felt his shaft swell then pulse as the first jet of hot cum squirted directly into my esophagus. I squeezed his balls and was treated to another blast of his pearly discharge that was followed by five more big globs of semen joining the others in my stomach. He withdrew his still hard cock very slowly and his cum continued to trickle out into my mouth as it slid out. He stopped when only the head remained confined by my lips and I sucked on it until I was sure I had gotten all of his sweet cum. He pulled the tip free and I raised my head up and swallowed the last mouthful.

“Wow Linda that was incredible. You’ve become a very accomplished cocksucker in only two days. You’re going to spoil me.”

“I want to spoil you but I have a selfish motivation as well. I’ve really developed a fondness for it. Feeling your cum splash against all the parts of my mouth and throat is an extremely exciting sensation. I love how your shaft swells against my tongue and cheeks with each ejaculation. I can feel your hot cum spurting down my throat much more intensely than I can when you cum in my pussy. I can’t wait to feel it in my ass so I can compare how that feels.”

Ashley leaned around the partition between our balconies and said, “Hey you guys, I see you’re up and at already. Want some company?”

“Ashley, I was wondering where you were. You and Mark get over here now. Bradley and I were just getting started. I’ll meet you at the door.”

I got up from the lounge chair and headed for the door. When I opened it Mark and Ashley were standing there in their robes. “I see we’re overdressed” Ashley said as she walked in and immediately took off her robe then put her arms around me and kissed me. Mark closed the door behind him and took his robe off. I was getting very comfortable being naked and wanted to be that way as much as possible. This was another marked change in my behavior; I had always worn some form of clothes except when I was in the shower. Even then the first thing I did when I finished was reach for a towel to wrap around me when I turned the water off.

“Ashley, have you and Mark eaten yet?”

“No, but your mouth tastes like you have. Do you usually have a serving of semen before you have coffee in the morning?”

“Not usually but I’m trying to cultivate the habit. It’s eight o’clock now. Our makeover session is scheduled for ten until noon, after that we can have some lunch and then we can go ashore and do our shopping. The ship isn’t going to leave until midnight so we’ll have plenty of time on shore and still get back in time to get dressed for dinner. Tonight is a formal night remember.”

“I’d forgotten all about that. What are you going to wear?”

“Bradley is going to pick out some new clothes for me in San Juan. You can help with that so I can have a second opinion.”

Ashley looked at me and said, “I need to take a bath, Want to join me?.”

“Bradley would you order us in some breakfast from room service while we’re in the tub? Mark would you like to use the shower while we’re bathing?”

“Yes thank you I would.”

When we got in the bathroom I asked Ashley to give me an enema and told her I intended to have my ass thoroughly fucked today and wanted to be squeaky clean inside and out.

“I’ll give you one if you give me one. If you’re going to have your ass fucked then so am I.”

“That’s a deal, but I’ve got something else in mind for your sweet ass before it gets fucked.”

“Oooohhhh and what would kaçak iddaa that be?”

“I’m going to return the favor of what you did to me yesterday. I’m going to lick your pretty little butt until you scream.”

“Oh God Linda, that shouldn’t take long. I’m still feeling the effects of the X and I don’t seem to be able to get enough sex.”

“Then let’s get started with the enemas.”

Mark walked in to the bathroom and saw what we were getting ready to do. “Would you two like me to do that for you?”

“You might as well because you’re going to be doing something else to my ass in a little while.”

“And what would that be?”

“Take a wild guess.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.

“And while you’re doing it I’m going to see how far I can get my tongue up your lovely wife’s ass so you better clean us out real good.”

“I’ll give both of you my undivided attention Linda.”

Mark had fun doing our cleansing. He pulled the nozzle off the end of the tube and stuck the tube itself in our asses to insert it far up our rectums before flicking the clamp open to let the warm water flow into me. He filled me really full and made me hold it in until I couldn’t keep it inside anymore then I ran to the toilet to discharge the water. While I was on the pot he refilled the bag and started doing the same thing to Ashley. She was moaning and wiggling the entire time. You would have thought Mark was using a vibrator on her instead of an enema tube.

While Ashley was on the toilet I started filling the tub. Mark was cleaning up the enema equipment and then headed to the shower. I called out to Ashley, “Watch the tub and turn the water off when it fills. I’m going to play with Mark for a minute.” I got in with him and put my arms around him. I looked up at him and he lowered his head to kiss me. I could feel his cock begin to stiffen against my pussy.

I moved my hand down to wrap around his shaft and squeezed it as it continued to expand. “Ooohhh Mark I can’t wait to feel this in my ass. Now behave yourself in here. I want your first morning load of hot cum in my rectum not running down the drain of this shower. I kissed him again then got out of the shower and headed for the tub. Ashley was already lying in it as I got in at the other end.

“I hope you don’t mind my being in love with your husband.”

“Do I look like I mind? I honestly think that both of us loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to us. If anything happens to one of us it will be a great comfort to the other that you will be there for them. Until then I hope we get to spend a lot of time together because your love strengthens our love and I’m sure that when we meet Ed he will make us feel the same way. We’ve never had friends like this before where we feel so comfortable sharing ourselves with you. I know it’s only been a couple of days but I love you Linda. I love you as much as I love Mark. You and I are lovers in every sense of the word and I couldn’t have imagined ever saying that to a woman.”

“I wouldn’t have believed it myself Ashley. It totally doesn’t matter to me that you’re a woman. I love you the same way I love Mark or Ed. You just don’t happen to have a dick between your legs but I really love what you do have. I never really thought about pussy before, not even my own. It was just what I was born with and as long as it worked I just sort of took it for granted. But now that I’ve fallen in love with yours I’m much more aware of pussies including my own. I feel like my pussy has been way too underutilized for the past few years and it wants to be used and appreciated more. Am I making any sense?”

“Maybe not to anybody else that might hear this conversation but it makes perfect sense to me. I know exactly what you mean. Your pussy is beautiful and it’s made me feel the same way about mine. Just the idea of you kissing me and licking me would have been abhorrent to me a few days ago and now it’s one of the great joys of my life to feel your mouth on my pussy. I can feel how much you love it and that excites me more than I can say.”

We were lying facing each other with our legs side by side. I put my hand on her left foot and lifted her leg then slid my left leg under it and moved forward so our pussies were touching in a scissor position. I pressed my hips forward to grind my pussy against hers and felt our lips slide against each other. She pushed back and moaned as we continued our pussy kiss.

After a few minutes I slid back and reached for the body wash. I crossed my legs and told her to scoot her hips on top so they were out of the water. I poured some of the body wash in my hand then reached forward to spread it all over her mound and vulva. I washed her pussy as though it were a priceless object of art, running my fingers over it and then through her slit so I could pull on her labia with my finger and thumb. My fingers teased her opening and slid down to her anus so I could insert one into her ass. I sawed it back and forth while my thumb caressed her clit.

“This kaçak bahis is what you meant. Nobody has ever loved my pussy this much or shown it such affection. Every place you touch you fill with love. My pussy wants you to play with it. It hungers for you to caress it and stroke it tenderly. Put your fingers in my pussy Linda. Make me cum for you. Let me show you how much my pussy loves you.”

I slid two fingers inside her and felt her juices flowing. I curled them up and tickled her spot. Her hand moved down and her fingers began rubbing her clit in a slow circular motion. Her eyes were locked on mine; her smile was warm and gentle, as we played with her pussy together in childlike innocence.

“Ooohhhhh Linda yes. I’m going to cum for you. Feel what your love does to me.”

Her head slowly tilted back and her eyes half closed as her vagina began to throb around my fingers and her juices streamed out of her into my hand. Her stomach flexed as the orgasm intensified. I saw a light pink flush on her neck and her nipples were extended as little aftershocks caused her hips to flinch.

She raised her head up and looked at me. She didn’t have to say a word. We had both shared what we did to her. I had given her an orgasm and she had given it right back to me. Neither of us had even noticed that Mark had gotten out of the shower and stood a few feet away watching what we had just done.

“I’ve never seen anything so wonderful in my life as you two. You’re beautiful. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to love both of you.”

“You’re going to get your chance to show us how much you love us real soon. Ashley let’s get out of this tub and see if Bradley has managed to get breakfast ready.”

We got out and dried each other off then all three of us walked out to the living room. Breakfast had been set up and Bradley was waiting for us.

“Did you have a nice bath?”

“Yes it was… refreshing and I see you have a lovely feast arranged for us.”

“It’s mostly fruit and juice but there’s a nice assortment of muffins and pastries along with coffee.”

We sat down to eat and discuss the rest of the day. Bradley said that as soon as he finished eating he was heading for the upper deck to run around the ship then he was going to the gym to work out. He told us he’d meet us back here at noon so we could get ready to get some lunch and go ashore. Mark told him he would meet him in the gym when the ladies left for their appointment. When we finished eating I told Mark and Ashley to go out on the veranda. I went in the bathroom and got towels, sunscreen, wet washcloths and lube then joined them on the veranda.

“Ashley you lie down on your tummy on the lounge chair.” When she was in position I put a cushion on the deck at the end of the chair where her feet were and knelt down on it. “Scoot back and spread your legs.” She was right where she needed to be so I could lean over and get my head on her ass. I put another cushion behind me for Mark to kneel on and put a pillow on the end of the chair for my stomach.

“OK Mark, before we get started, rub some of that sunscreen all over my back and I’ll put some on Ashley.” When we were coated with the sunscreen I told him, “Now kneel down behind me and use the lube to get my ass nice and slippery for your cock while I do the same thing to Ashley’s ass with my tongue.”

“Linda, would you mind if I used my tongue on you to start with?”

“Oooohhhhh Mark, I wouldn’t mind in the least.”

“You have such a pretty pussy tucked between your thighs and that sexy ass that I must have a little taste of it first.”

“Mark you say the sweetest things, please, help yourself.” I wiggled my hips at him to encourage him and felt his hands cover my ass cheeks. He spread them apart and I could feel his warm breath as his mouth neared my pussy. When his lips made contact with mine I shuddered from the thrill of what we were about to do. He kissed my lips then I felt his tongue as it extended until it found my clit then moved slowly upward to my vagina. “Ohhhh God Mark, yessss. You can do that as much as you want to.”

While he continued his oral exploration of my slit I put my hands on Ashley’s ass cheeks and spread them apart. I knew what Mark meant about seeing bald pussy lips framed by her ass and thighs. It was an extremely erotic sight. Her inner labia protruded slightly between her puffy outer lips and glistened with a slight sheen of moisture. This caused butterflies in my stomach. My tongue couldn’t wait to taste her. I put it right on her opening and pursed my lips so I could suck in while I penetrated her pink hole. Her hips flinched and she moaned her approval of my tongue’s invasion of her.

I continued to mimic what Mark was doing to me as Ashley and I received oral love until both our twats were slick with saliva and pussy juice. “Ashley, move one of your arms so you can reach down and play with your clit with your fingers.” When her hand was in place I moved my mouth up her crack and put my lips over her puckered anus. My tongue barely touched the little hole as I licked over and around it. Her ass cheeks tightened in my hands. I continued to tease her hole until her cheeks finally relaxed and I spread them farther apart.

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