Fraternal Ties


“Bob give me one good reason why I should bail you an Jeanie out of the hole you have dug.”

“But Frank You won the lottery and I’m your my brother, it your family DUTY to help us out!”

“I have given you handouts before. Every time you blow the money on the ponies and NONE of it goes to cover your debts. Putting you more and more behind the eight ball. Yes I won the lottery Bob but I have to be very careful with my money. I’ve read horror stories about guys like me. Many lottery winners blow through the money in a few years.

One guy in Florida ended up buried under his crawlspace for not providing timely handouts to his “friends.” I’ll be damned if that is going to happen to me. I have hired two teams of accountants one team to invest the money and another team to keep tabs on the first team. I may be your brother but you are not a charity I’m likely to invest in.”

“Jeanie and I will do anything, sign any documents you want, repay you any way you want Frank.You CAN’T lose!”

“Bob, I’ve heard this story my entire life. As kids I let you talk me into giving you part of my allowance. You wasted it on candy or comic books, whereas I banked most of mine. When I turned sixteen I could buy my own car. You whined and made a fuss and, at last, Dad bought you a car, which you promptly wrapped around a tree. Once you discovered the track there was never any doubt that all of your money would go down that rat hole.

I’ve never spent more than fifty bucks a time at the track and I’ve been to Las Vegas exactly four times and two of those were for business trips. I’ve bailed you out before but no longer. The only thing good about you Bob is Jeanie. What she sees in you I will never understand. She must find reprobates and participants in dissipation “endearing.” Well I DON’T!”

“Frank, even if I concede that you are correct about me, and you aren’t, This is different Jeanie and I will do ANYTHING you ask.”

“Stop repeating that bullshit Bob. You have the impulse control of an infant. No matter what I ask of you you will find some way to weasel out of the deal. Once you get your hands on the money you can kiss it goodbye. You spend money likes it radioactive. If I help you out in six months the money will be gone and you will be back in debt and in the same boat you are in now. Then, just like clockwork, you will show up at my door and ask for more money to dig you out of your hole AGAIN!”

“But Frank, We’ll do ANYTHING!”

At this moment an idea crossed Frank’s mind. Despite his many shortcomings Bob WAS his brother. This time however he would teach Bob a lesson. Jeanie was indeed far better than Frank’s piss ant little brother deserved ….

“OK Bob. Be at my house on Wednesday at 8:00. Bring Jeanie. We will see how willing you two are to do ANYTHING. If you agree to the program I have in store for you I will retire all of your debts and set you and Jeanie up with three million dollars. It will be my only and final offer. If you choke on the terms that is NOT my fault.”

At that statement Bob’s face brightened and he said,

“I knew that I could count on you Frank!”

“Wait until you see the fine print.” Was the older brother’s only reply.

On Wednesday evening Bob sat slack jawed as he listened again to his brother Frank’s proposal.

“You CAN’T be serious Frank!”

“That’s the deal Bob. Take it or leave it,”

At this point Jeanie, Frank’s beautiful redheaded sister-in-law interjected.

“I’ve never thought of you in THAT way Francis.” (Jeanie, alone among all of the inhabitants of the world was the only one permitted to call Frank by his legal name.)

“That doesn’t matter Jeanie, all I ask is that you be obedient and happy. I will treat you to the best year you have ever had.”

“You can’t seriously be considering his offer Jeanie!” Exploded Bob.

“It IS an awful lot of money, dear and, if you don’t mind my saying so, you could use some discipline.”

“But Jeanie, Frank wants to …”

“Yes but after a year, we can have a nice house and start a family, Being with Francis for twelve months is not a bad trade off for something we both have wanted ever since we got married.”

“But Jeanie!… Frank, What’s this “chastity” nonsense?”

“Very simple bro, you earn the money through a year of chastity. All of you life you have sweet talked or wheedled people into giving you money. You have not worked for anything that you have. On top of that for every dollar you DO manage to earn, you gamble away three more. The only reason that you and Jeanie are not homeless is because both her parents and our own have been bailing you out. I know first hand that the primary marital problem between you and Jeanie is your wasting money by gambling or get rich quick schemes.

You would be a much better husband if you learned a modicum of financial discipline. Under my proposal you earn money by forgoing something that you enjoy. For a year your dick gets locked away. You forgo sex Onwin an entire year and attend basic economic courses. You will have a small weekly allowance for your lunches and so forth. I’ll even spot you the occasional trip to the race track. But for any of this to have an lasting impact it has to hurt. If I go easy on you, you will learn nothing and with your new millions you will dig yourself a new and deeper hole.”

“But you getting to sleep with Jeanie, hardly seems fair!” Replied Bob angrily.

“Why should your wife have to share your sentence?” Stated Frank plainly. “You got the two of you into the financial hole. Jeanie works hard. In many ways she is supporting you. What kind of a man lets his wife field angry calls from creditors and bookies? She deserves a reward for putting up with your antics. I as your brother am the logical one to console her.”

“You just want to fuck her you pig!” Spat Bob.

“Bob, let’s not get vulgar. I’ve laid out the scenario. In a year you and Jeanie will have three million. I’ll even put up the down payment for a modest house after that time. You will have gone to school and learned the value of money. Once you get the money I will provide you both with a financial adviser who will help you maximize the investment potential of the money but you two will have to work for it, especially you Bob.”

“But Frank!”

“Look Bob, quit wasting my time,” Said the older brother impatiently. “The offer is non-alterable and expires tonight at midnight. I suggest that you and Jeanie take the time left to decide what you are going to do. I’ll give you both some privacy to discuss it.”

With that Frank strode confidently out of his den and out onto his patio. It was a warm June evening the brilliant star filled sky seemed like a remarkably promising omen. Frank realized again the depths his good fortune. He had bought the lottery ticket on a lark when the jackpot had become rather large. When Frank won he realized that he the perfect temperament and was perfectly placed in life to maximize the benefit of winning. He was just past thirty years old. He was single and already owned a nice home. He could enjoy the next few years as a single man and experience women from all over the world before he decided to settle down. But the year just ahead was proving to be best gift his newfound wealth had bestowed.

Frank Thought of Jeanie again and instantly felt himself hardening. Five foot five, long red hair, porcelain skin and green eyes with great tits and fantastic legs; she was the perfect woman. Frank knew that his brother Bob had won her because of his good looks and persuasive personality. Bob was much more handsome than Frank and aside from his wastrel nature when it came to money; he was a very endearing guy. Frank DID understand what Jeanie saw in Bob, but Jeanie deserved so much more than Bob was providing now. As corny as Frank knew it would sound if said it out loud, he really did want to make a better man out of his brother. He wanted to make Bob a better man for the sakes of all involved.

If Bob continued down the course he was on, he’d be rubbed out by some loan shark when he failed to repay his debts and the burden of his passing would fall to Jeanie. Frank realized that it was possible that he loved Jeanie more than Bob did. He did not want to break up her marriage to his brother but he did want to see her better taken care of. Frank really did want to turn Bob into the husband he should be. Maybe the knowledge that his brother was fucking his wife for an entire year while he was not even permitted to jerk off would knock some sense into Bob. Frank could tell by Jeanie’s body language and in how she phrased her answers that she was more than amenable to Frank’s plan. She wanted to teach Bob a lesson just as much as Frank himself did.

Inside the house Jeanie and Bob were engaged in the most serious conversation of their lives. Jeanie seemed to be in charge of the conversation,

“It is an awful lot of money honey, we can move out of our crappy apartment and into this nice house. I won’t be giving Frank anything like what I give to you. I’d stay celibate for a year if I had to to give you this wonderful new life. How can you not be willing to do the same for me?” opined Jeanie.

“But Jeanie dear you’ll be sharing my brother’s bed. Why do I have to be locked in a cage for a year?”

relied Bob sadly.

“Because your brother has the money and he makes the rules. You heard him yourself. It’s either this or we get no handout at all. I’m tired of the life we are living now. I love you like crazy Bob but your money habits are really driving me insane. We could have so many nice things if you weren’t flushing our money down the John. When I see you reading the “Racing Form” I want to scream. Don’t make me pull an ultimatum on you Bob. If I divorced you I’m sure that Frank would be willing to help me out. I DON’T want to do that but I am NOT going back to our old life. You have so many Onwin Giriş great aspects to your personality but your money wasting HAS to end or I walk out of your life.” As Jeanie said this she had a defiant look upon her face. She knew she had her husband exactly where she wanted him.

After more than an hour of conversing, Bob knew that he was beaten. In part Bob knew that he had a problem. Having heard the same arguments from all of his relatives and friends, even some of the bookies he dealt with, made Bob realize that he had to be getting the truth. Bob still did not like this plan one iota but the three million dollar payoff won over the gambler in him. Even as Bob thought that he realized it was the wrong analogy. He should be thinking Christmas present not casino payoff. A thoroughly beaten man, Bob summoned his brother Frank from his nighttime revelry.

“We’ll do it Frank,” said Bob, “But I will be one unhappy camper the whole time.”

“If you channel your unhappiness and apply it to your economic studies, you will learn a great deal. It may not be fun Bob but it can be a learning experience like no other.” The older brother wore a confident yet slightly condescending look upon his face. Then he moved on to other topics,

“We will start the program Sunday night at eight. You and Jeanie can move out of that fleabag apartment and into my place over the weekend. I’ll take care of your landlord and I have a storage area where you can put your furniture and so forth that is IF you want to keep it. Jeanie might want to buy all new stuff when you earn your prize.”

“So I get just three more nights to sleep with my wife before I lose my marital rights.” Stated Bob flatly

“If you want to look at it that way. You’ll STILL be Jeanie’s husband. Yes she moves into my bed on Sunday night but I have no intention of taking her away from you.”

Bob look at his wife Jeanie with a hurt look on his face, “I can’t believe that you are OK with this honey.”

“Bob, I don’t love Francis now and I won’t love him in a year. We are BOTH doing something that we dislike for the future good. I LOVE making love to you and I will miss your cock enormously. Choosing to sleep with your brother is a very difficult decision for me but I want a better life and yes I want a better husband. You really can learn from this honey if you let yourself. Being miserable, will only hurt both of us.”

Disgustedly Bob turned to his brother Frank “As soon as that money is in our hands I never want to see you again!”

“If that the way you feel in a year bro, I will respect your decision but let’s not make any hasty decisions for a while OK?” replied Frank.

Then Frank stepped over to his refrigerator and brought out a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and said, “This calls for a celebration. Let’s toast to the wonderful future ahead for you two. I also want to celebrate my investing in that future.”

Frank filled three glasses and offered a toast. Bob and Jeanie were not particularly enthusiastic but they did down their glasses. One the trio had finished drinking Frank said,

“Remember your role too Jeanie. I get to decide what you wear for the next year. I’m not too much of a pervert. I expect you to keep your job but don’t worry about cooking or cleaning, I have hired a maid and a chef. I want you to be compliant and to wear a smile. I think the two of us will have a lot of fun.”

“Francis, I will do as you ask, but please don’t be a sore winner.”

“I can agree to that.” said Frank wiping the grin off his face, and then the three downed another glass of champagne.

It was very late when Bob and Jeanie had returned to their small apartment on the bad side of town. Jeanie knew that she would not miss this place at all. Her brother-in-law had already shown her the empty dresser and half closet in his bedroom that would be hers. Inwardly she was steeling herself for Sunday when she would be breaking her marital vows. She really did love Bob but the future she imagined as her reward for a year of unpleasantness was too enticing to resist. She wasn’t crazy about Francis selecting her wardrobe but it was part of the deal and was certainly less onerous than what her husband would have to endure.

Despite it being one of the few times remaining for them to make love, Jeanie and Bob’s sex near dawn was emotionless and unsatisfying. Both of them were in too distracted states of mind to meet the others emotional need. It occurred to Bob that he should be savoring the moment but all he could think of was what he was about to lose. In the morning, a bit fresher, the two made love quickly as the alarm clock buzzed. It was much better but sex but certainly not an especially memorable session for either of them. Both Bob and Jeanie had jobs to get ready for.

Jeanie worked as a loan officer in a downtown bank. Bob had not been in his current job long; he worked on the loading dock of a local furniture store. The mediocre pay Onwin Güncel Giriş was better than being unemployed. Bob felt more like a man when he was contributing to the household budget. He recalled with embarrassment the many times that Jeanie had been the only breadwinner. He would work just about any job to avoid having that awful feeling again. He thought of the promised millions and realized that after a year he would never have to have that bad feeling ever again. That realization made him feel a bit better.

Thursday moved at a glacial rate. Bob and Jeanie made love when they could but it always seemed a bit rushed, as though they were making love out of necessity rather than desire. Before Bob and Jeanie knew it, it was Friday night and a moving van arrived to cart away their furniture. Bob made an angry phone call to his brother accusing him of jumping the gun. Frank replied that it could not be helped the moving company was booked for Saturday and Sunday. To make amends Frank sent over an air mattress for his brother and sister-in-law to sleep on Friday and Saturday. The movers also took most of the clothing in the house. Bob and Jeanie were allowed one suitcase each of their current wardrobes.

When Jeanie saw her empty apartment she realized how forlorn it looked. Had she really spent the last three years in such a crappy hole in the wall? With a start Jeanie realized that she must truly love Bob to put up with such substandard living conditions. And then she thought about the tens of thousands that her husband had flushed away in that time. Jeanie realized that had Bob been the man he should have been the two of them would most likely already be owners of a nice house and they would not be postponing children for yet another year. In a sudden revelation Jeanie realized that this truly was Bob’s last chance. If the year ahead did not reform him Jeanie would exit the marriage and find a man who was a decent provider.

Jeanie and Bob spent Saturday snuggling on the air mattress and making love. Jeanie decided to give Bob everything he asked for, even anal which she ordinarily allowed him only on his birthday and the anniversary of their first date. To Jeanie, Bob seemed surprisingly tender in their lovemaking as if he finally realized what a wonderful thing he had. He behaved like a condemned man savoring his last meal, lovingly masticating every morsel and inhaling every aroma. The only time the two left the apartment was to eat in a fine restaurant. It was expensive but both Jeanie and Bob felt that they were entitled to it. They left a very generous tip for the waitress and returned to their air mattress.

When Sunday dawned, neither Bob nor Jeanie saw the point in hanging around the apartment. They gathered the few possessions which the movers had left behind, picked up their suitcases, loaded them in their aging used car and drove over to Frank’s lovely home. Delaying the inevitable as long as they could, Bob and Jeanie arrived at Frank’s house at 6:00 P.M. The grin he greeted them with at the door was positively insufferable.

Frank treated his visitors to a gourmet dinner prepared by his chef. As they ate Frank announced, “We start the program at 8:00 sharp. Jeanie, you will perform the actual task of locking your husband in his cage. Bob, you will also be getting your own room, it is a rather nice, with your own door to the back yard and a nice full bathroom. If I were a true bastard Bob, I would have you sleep at the foot of the bed in my room that Jeanie and I will be sharing. Speaking of which, Jeanie most of your new wardrobe has arrived. I will be dressing you in flashy but conservative attire for work and a lot simpler and far sexier when you are at home.”

Neither Jeanie nor Bob was happy with the scenario Frank had laid out but both of them were too committed to the project to back out now. Bob was at least grateful that he would not have to watch his wife fuck his brother. As tormented as he would be alone in his room, it would be far more tolerable with several doors between him and the actual violation.

At 7:30 the trio was in the bathroom. Bob was in the tub receiving a hand job from Jeanie.

“Enjoy your last orgasm for a year Bob.” said Frank.

Jeanie and Bob tried to ignore Frank’s presence and enjoy their last intimacy. Bob savored every gentle tug of his wife’s soft hands as she worked. Despite all the sex he and Jeanie had engaged in over the last few days, Bob came in a torrent. Jeanie kissed him deeply as his penis rapidly returned to a flaccid state.

Bob soaked for a few more moments before stepping out of the tub and drying off. Frank handed Jeanie Bob’s chastity cage and instructed her on how to properly adjust and close it. As the titanium cage met the ring about Bob’s penis, a definite click could be heard in the bathroom. Bob stared morosely at his captive manhood.

“You see Bob, “said Frank, “it’s completely painless. You may want to sit down the first few times you take a piss until you get the hang of it. There are two keys, one is locked away in my safe deposit box at the bank the other I will hide someplace nearby (not in the house) in case some emergency arises and we have to get you out of there. But I do not expect that to occur.”

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