Free At Last Ch. 02


-Part 2- The Difference

Take my time getting my new girl to the bed, stopping every couple of feet to kiss her, always running my finger in and out of her. Lay her down, kiss and suck on her stocking covered feet and toes, then I get plenty of pictures. I eat her pussy until she has another decent orgasm, then unhook her front garters before having her roll over on her stomach. After a few snapshots I unhook the back garters.

Pull her cheeks apart and lick Janice’s rosebud, getting her to croon. Slip two, then three fingers in her pussy while working on her butt, getting my tongue as deep as I can in her bottom. Clutching the bedspread she starts bucking, trying to thrust my tongue deeper into her. Shaking she cries out, “I’m cumming again! Oh my fucking god!”

While she is coming down I massage her cheeks, running my hands down her thighs to where the stockings start, with her pussy making delicious sloppy sounds. I rub her shoulders. “Alright horny girl, lets roll you over, finish getting you undressed, then I’ll eat your pussy to a nice climax, before giving you some dick.”

“Another? Oh god, I don’t know if I can survive. Honey, I’m not used to this.”

Laughing I let her lay on her back, then massage her titties. “What are you talking about? You did great, and I promised you three.”

“And I’ve had ten, which broke my old nightly total by nine.” Janice closes her eyes and shakes her head. “No one has ever done anything to my bottom, or ate me like that either.”

“You’ve only had two orgasms,” I giggle, “those others were too wimpy and don’t count. Now I know about your virgin bottom, I’m taking that after making love to you and fucking you.” I kiss her. “We can stop if you want, horny girl.”

“No! Heavens no, don’t stop baby girl. I’ll risk permanent injury it I have to, but don’t stop.”

Snickering I slowly roll her stockings down, kissing and massaging her legs as they’re exposed, but going back up and working on her pussy enough to get her panting before this task is through. Once both stockings and her garter belt is off I concentrate on her pussy and clit, getting another loud screaming orgasm out of her.

Throughout the night I’ve been peeling my clothes off and only have my pants to go. I stand beside the bed and get three more pictures, then Janice watches with eager anticipation as I pull off my pants. My eight-incher springs out and she gasps, “Oh my, it’s long and thick. I’m not sure I can handle you.” I get a shot of her wide-eyed wonderment, knowing this is going to be a favorite.

Pick up my dick from the back and it’s only an inch and three quarters wide, and I give it a good shake. “Just the angle you’re at, sweetheart, you’ll do fine.” I crawl up on the bed, kiss her and run my hands across her body in light passes, alternating with heavier ones, ones just using my fingertips, some my mouth or tip of my tongue, and she is squirming all over. Get between her legs and run the cockhead up and down her sopping wet slit. “You ready, baby?”

“Yes, I want my fucking.”

I lean down, kiss her, then nibble on her earlobe. “We’re still making love, you cute sexy thing. You’re so hot I might just keep doing it all night long.”

She groans, and I slip my dick three inches in her getting a loud, “Christ, that’s good.” I pull out a couple inches, then go forward five. “Argh, so damn good.” Pull out three inches, then give her all of my dick. “Of fuck, that’s the fucking best.”

I like mom’s raunchy language, because she hardly swore any more. She used to a lot, when she was a teenager, even taught me all the dirty words and their meaning. But, we always blamed grandpa Jim when I got caught using them.

Give her a couple thrusts to make sure she can take it all, then I start my strokes, nice easy four inch ones, getting her to purr and clutch my back. I kiss her, then take a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, now giving her random strokes at different speeds and her legs start shaking. “Oh fuck, I’m going to do it again. Ah-h, Jesus, it’s unbelievable. Argh-h! Yes! Yes! Damn good!”

Jack rabbit her a bit and she squeals, biting my shoulder and clawing at my back. It’s so hot I climax, getting me to hump faster, setting her off even more. When she let go I raise up off her, leaving my dick deep in her, and lick the tips of her nipples, getting her to coo, “Goodness baby girl, everything you do is so magical, I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.”

“Know the feeling.” I kiss her, long and tenderly. “It’s easy to please someone so sensual, so passionate.” I kiss her, then start kissing my way down her body while giving her little thrusts, getting her to moan. By the time I get down to the middle of her belly my dick is out.

I slide down and take her clit in my mouth. She gets me by the ears. “I love you, baby girl, and you’re driving me crazy.”

Lick her pussy until she is breathing erratically I pull off, then sit up. I pat the side of her butt. “Alright cutie, lets get you on your side for a Onwin little spooning.” She rolls on to her side, and I slip my dick between her legs. “Just drape your top leg on me, cutie.” I snuggle up to her back, wiggle an arm under her so I can cup both of her breasts. I nibble on her ear, whispering how much I love her and how she turns me on, while thrusting up into her.

“Oh baby girl, this is so good. We’re so naughty.” She turns her head so we can kiss, and I slide one hand down her belly to her clit. She doesn’t break and clutches my head, continuing our kiss through her climax. Panting Janice giggles. “Honey, I’d never call you a liar, but in my book I’ve just been fucked, for the first time in my life.”

“Actually,” I lick her chin, “you’re about to be, hot stuff, soon as I go pee.”

She shakes her head. “Might get more of the same, but it can’t be better.”

Laughing I run into the front bathroom with my dick swinging wildly about, getting mom to giggle. I take off my eight-incher and put on my ten-incher. It has no head, just tapered at the end and is two and a quarter inches in diameter.

No way can I run with this pecker between my legs and as soon as Janice sees me she squeals, “Oh shit, no way baby, I can’t take that. Your’s had me maxed. That thing is longer and wider.”

Pissed I didn’t take my camera, because her expression is fantastic, and no way can it be faked. “Don’t know til we try.” I clap my hands. “Come on sexy, on all fours, head down, your hot little pussy up. I’m going to fuck you.”

She sighs, then gets on all fours, head down, but keeps a constant eye on my new dick. Take some pictures before I crawl up on the bed, then over to Janice, dragging my dick between my legs, getting her to giggle. Lick her pussy before settling in between her legs. Tapered as it is the first five inches went in before it started slowing down. Again three strokes and I’m up to my rubber balls in Janice’s pussy.

With me fully in her I use both hands, deeply rubbing the full length of her back, massaging her shoulders. “How you feel, cutie?”

“Um-m, good,” she giggles, “good and stuffed. I can’t believe it.”

“Okay sexy, head on the bed. You want them fast and furious? Get a hold of your clitty.” Run my thumb up and down her butt crack. “I don’t want to hurt you cutie, so if it gets too much wave your hand behind your back. Ready?”

Janice wiggles her butt and thrusts back into me. “Yes, please fuck me.”

With my left hand I put pressure on the small of her back to keep her from thrashing about while giving her two and three inch strokes. With the thumb of my right hand I massage her rosebud, until she starts rocking and panting. Grab her by the hips and start giving her four or five inch thrusts, which immediately set her off squealing. Pick up my speed and I’m giving her strokes up to nine inches and she is howling.

She must’ve came half a dozen times, and I slow so I can only use one hand to hold her and stick a finger in her butt. She starts screaming while I pump her pussy and butt. It goes on ten maybe fifteen minutes, then Janice waves behind her back. I pull out immediately and she falls over on her side. Poor Janice lay there panting and trembling.

Lay down face to face, rubbing her side and kiss her forehead, then her eyes, before giving her a kiss on the lips. “How are you doing, sexy girl?”

Smiling she nods. “I stand corrected, now I’ve been fucked. Baby girl, it’s indescribable, and I’m exhausted.” She giggles. “And I thought I was going to bed, or should I say going to sleep early tonight, guess that ship sailed.”

“Oh, not only the ship, but the night.” I massage her titties and kiss her. “We’ve been at it for over three hours, it’s almost two in the morning.”

“Three hours?” She snorts. “So, it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun.” She giggles. “Or is that fucking time flies when you’re having fun? Pun intended.”

I laugh with her and cup her pussy. “Oh it was more than fun, you little hotie.” I was afraid she would come to her senses tomorrow and I didn’t want this to end. “So cutie, you want me to take care of your virgin bottom, or get some sleep?” She looks down at the big boy. “No, it’s the other.”

“Oh well, that makes a huge difference, pun intended.” She giggles. “So far it’s definitely been worth every second of lost sleep. It’s up to you baby,” she hangs her head, “you really want to do my butt?”

“What a silly question. I love you, and will do anything you want.” With a finger under her chin I raise her head, until I’m looking in her eyes. “I’d love to take your bottom, and will be gentle. I promise it won’t hurt. Nothing but pure pleasure, or pure butt pleasure, pun intended.”

She giggles. “You can do anything you want to me, I know you’d never hurt me.” She kisses me. “Take that thing off, please.” She keeps kissing me, while I take off my dick, once off she pushes me on to my back. She massages my titties, then slides her hand down my belly and sucks Onwin Giriş my nipples. I spread my legs, as her hand goes between my thighs and her middle finger enters my pussy. “I want you to take care of my virgin bottom, after I eat your pussy.”

“Um-m, I’d like that.”

Janice had to search a bit and was off the mark a time or two, but she got the job done and I enjoy an orgasm. Grinning she slides up my body. “How did I do, baby girl?”

“Great, especially for being a virgin, you sexy lady.” I pull her up to kiss her, then lick my cream off her chin. “How did you like it?”

“A lot better than dick.” She giggles. “I wasn’t very good at blow jobs, and didn’t want to practice much.” She shrugs. “You know me, I have to gag a little pill down.” She runs her hand through my hair and gives each of my nipples a kiss. “I might not be very good with a pussy either, but I certainly want to practice.”

“Hell, I’ll sacrifice a lot of my free time and volunteer.” I laugh, and wiggling her eyebrows a wicked smile spreads across her face. She doesn’t accept, but doesn’t say no. I kiss her. “I’m going to go get the other guy, and you a glass of water. We don’t need you getting dehydrated.”

With the eight-incher back on I bring her some water and a small bowl of ice cream. Her eyes are closed, and she is in a great pose. I take a few pictures, then my girl stirs, and holds out her arms. “Feel like I’m in a dream, a wonderful sexy dream. Hug me please, and kiss me, baby girl.”

One more quick picture, then I’m in her arms. I break and run a finger over her lips. “Best dream I’ve ever had. Brought you your favorite, rocky road, drenched in chocolate syrup. Just lay there, I’m going to feed my sexy girl.”

“Um-m, that–” Janice breaks into a giggle, as chocolate syrup dribbles all over her chest. “You’re making a mess.”

I run the spoon up her chin before sliding it between her lips. “Really, I’ll clean it up in a bit.” Dish up another spoonful, then lay the spoon on a nipple, getting her to shiver. “Sorry, have no where else to put it, and need a picture.” Get up and hold the camera, then try to sound stern, “Can you stop giggling sexy lady, just for a sec? I need a decent shot of your hot little body making this ice cream boil.”

Get two before she starts giggling. I give her another spoonful. “How is it?”

“Great,” she runs her hands down my chest, “best night of my life.”

“Meant the ice cream.” I bend over and lick her syrup coated nipple. “Um-m, it’s great too.” I dribble more on her other nipple, then she gets a bite. By the time the bowl is empty she is covered in ice cream and chocolate syrup, titties, tummy and plenty running down between her legs. “My girl has made a mess, can I get a shot or two before cleaning you up, sexy?”

“Yes, it feels so good, but I want your tongue, your fantastically wonderful tongue.” She wiggles her butt and giggles. “It’s running into my pussy.”

“Well, I better get busy.” After getting my pictures I put my tongue to work, giving her two orgasms before I lick up all the syrup. I kiss her before giving her the glass of water.

She drinks it and grins. “So, back on all fours, or what?”

“Whatever you like, cutie. Takes some prep time, so on your stomach is more comfortable to start. For penetration you have more control on all fours. Some like to lie on a pillow or two. We can do it on your side, or back, on my back, even standing on your head, but those are usually advanced positions.”

“Goodness,” mom giggles, “you’ve done all this, baby girl?”

“No, not all of them, yet. But, there is plenty of time to, when you want.” I laugh as her eyes grow big, then I kiss her. “I have books on sexuality, the female body and sexual positions. They’re what made the bag so heavy you were complaining about.”

She sighs. “Looks like this is going to have to be done a few times before a definitive answer can be found.” We both laugh, and I feel great about our future. She lays flat on her stomach and pats her butt. “I’ll start like this.”

“Sounds great, and definitely looks great.” Rubbing her back I kiss her, then kiss my way down to her rosebud. She raises her butt up, trying to get more contact, and I give it to her, burying my tongue in her butt. A shiver runs through her body, as humping the bed she moans, and getting louder as I keep tonguing her rosebud.

Run two fingers in her pussy, and Janice raises up enough to snake a hand down to her clit. With her help she has a nice orgasm, then I back off and pat her on the butt. “On all fours, cutie. Head down, sexy bottom up.”

She gets in position and I give her a slow full lick, starting as low as I can reach and ending with my tongue in her rosebud. She wiggles her butt. “You make me so hot, I could cry.”

Run three fingers in her pussy, and two in her butt. “I’ve felt that way before, you ready for me to take your bottom?”

“Yes, please baby, I want you to have me every way you can.” She humps against my Onwin Güncel Giriş hands. “Jamie, I’m yours always, whenever you want.”

There is nothing I want to hear more than those words, it almost makes me cum. I’m so happy and want to do such a great job I take my time slipping just the head past her tight sphincter. Once in I run my finger all around my dick, massaging her bottom, then I massage her cheeks before pushing slightly forward. Janice groans as I slide in another inch, then I wait, but on her own she backs up, putting another inch in her.

After I get five inches in her I pull out and tongue her now open butthole, getting her to hum and wiggle her bottom. She is so wet her thighs are slick, and I run my hand up her slit gathering her moisture, then spread it on my shaft. My cockhead easily penetrates her bottom, but I take it slow, giving her one inch at a time.

Soon as my rubber balls makes contact Janice wiggles her butt. “God this feels so much better than I thought it would.” She reaches between my legs and runs a finger down my slit, sending a delightful shiver up my spine. “So good, um-m, and never hurt.”

I lay on her back, massaging her titties, kissing her shoulders, then nibble on her ears. “You ready sexy? Same signal as last time, wave behind your back.”

“Okay, I’m ready honey. Please fuck me.”

She gets it nice and slow, with me massaging her back and butt. Janice has a nice long build up ending in a great, extended orgasm. When through I pull out, and she pats me on the leg. “Oh god, m-more, please baby girl.”

“Sure sexy, but only one, you’ll get too sore.” I lick her, and wiggling her bottom she purrs.

This time I put my dick in her butt in two strokes, and she immediately starts humping back into me. I give her faster and longer strokes, but it takes her about the same time to build up, however the climax is twice as powerful, and my sexy girl falls to the side, pulling my dick out of her. She lay on her side, body trembling with a rivulet of cum running out of her pussy.

Bend down and suck her pussy, getting her to scream and flood my mouth with cum. I roll her on to her back, spread her legs and go to town on her pussy. Her legs are kicking and she gets me by the head, humping my face. “Yes, oh yes, eat me. God, yes eat my pussy! Argh, I’m cumming again, baby girl.” Her thighs clamp down on my head. “Oh yes, my precious girl, god damn! Fuck me!”

Gives me two more squirts, then Janice collapses, arms and legs laying flat on the bed and she is gasping for breath. I move up and kiss her, nearly sliding off her face. “You’re the definition of hot mama.” I brush the hair off her sweat covered face, then give her a far better kiss. “I love you, my sexy beautiful lady.”

“Jesus, that was intense.” She giggles. “Baby girl, I think you fucked me into paralysis.”

“You squirted, twice at least, maybe three times.” She wrinkles her nose, and I run my finger from the middle of her lower lip to the middle of her titties, then do a figure eight around her titties. “Female ejaculation, some say it’s just loss of bladder control, but it’s a woman’s cum. It’s in several of the books.”

“See,” Janice is able to shake her head, “there’s so much I don’t know about my own body.” She giggles. “Guess, I’ll be spending some time with your library, and studying up. Suppose you’ll help me with my homework?”

“Definitely.” Now just running little circles around her nipples I kiss her. “Have to warn you, there are a lot of tests, and you’ve got to keep taking them til you get a hundred percent on them.”

“Okay, I can hang.” Snickering she runs a hand over her crotch, then brings it to her mouth. “Don’t think it’s pee, but I wouldn’t doubt it, since you knocked the piss out of me with that one. God, how can I expect you to do this again if I just wind up peeing on you.”

I laugh, and lightly brush my palms across her hard nipples. “It was cum, and if you want, you can pee on me. All I want to do is make you happy, always.”

“Really? How nice, and naughty. Baby girl, I’m so way past happy.” She snuggles up on my shoulder, cups my far breast, kisses me long and tenderly, then sucks on my nearest breast. “I mean it baby girl, I’d love for you to be here always.” I’m so happy I start to cry, something I rarely do. Mom kisses me, then again and again. “I’m sorry baby, was it something I said? I don’t want to see you sad, or–”

“Mom, I’m not sad, I’m happy, no ecstatic.” Our lips meet, and I give her the best kiss I’ve ever given, enough to get her panting. “I love you, sexy lady, and will stay with you forever.”

“Um-m,” she hugs me, “me too. I love you, baby girl, and will stay with you forever and a day. How did I do on my first lesson?”

“Well, do you know the difference?”

“You mean besides a sore pussy?”

I cup her pussy and kiss her. “Hope you’re not too sore. I should’ve stopped at–”

“Honey, I’m not that sore.” She giggles, tweaks my nose and kisses me on the cheek. “Stop worrying, it was fantastic, and absolutely nothing I didn’t want or need. You’re an extraordinary daughter, and beautiful young lady to do this for me. Thank you, I love you, baby girl, and having sex with you has made me fucking ecstatic, pun intended.”

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